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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Prom Date Ch. 05

fetish Kellog 2018-01-08

"Dana," Cindy said matter of factly, "Do you really think that someone who downloaded all my videos, and who bid $18,000, for one date, with me and my sexy sister -- Sara looked up at her, and even though she knew that Cindy was exaggerating to make a point, she blushed -- wouldn't want a permanent record of him popping my cherry? Now all we gotta do is sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in." The three girls laughed and high-fived each other, then Cindy and Sara walked Dana downstairs, ushering her out the front door before their mother came home.

beckys diary

fetish wsgy411 2018-01-08

I told Kimmy and she said that I like it when guys look at me and that it turns me on. Wow, I saw one where this girl took big cocks into her cunt, ass and mouth at the same time. I went sunning again today and made sure to look as sexy as possible for my dad. Kimmy was so great and soon we were looking at porn sites and giggling and getting so damn horny together. Her pussy was so wet that as soon as she started to play with herself she began to squirt all over the place. She leaned in and kissed me so hard and at first I was shocked, but as soon as she slid her tongue inside my mouth I came like crazy.

duties i love to do

fetish leo11169 2018-01-08

Without a word, Brad's mom lashed out with her sneakered feet, hooked the back of his head, and mashed his face into the dripping sweat-snatch, lacing her iron thighs around his ears and scissoring him deeply into her wet cunny, locking up her socked feet and resting them on his back. "Now shut up and give mommy her morning cream!" Brad shut his eyes and felt his mother's hot mouth envelop his throbbing cock, starting with sucking the plum-sized knob and then gobbling it slowly down, her tongue lashing the thick prick like a velvet whip, until all nine gloriously hard inches were lodged in her sucking face, the tip in her throat where her amazing gullet muscles worked the sensitive head, milking it, chewing it.

My trip to grocery store prt 2

fetish 2018-01-08

Chris had both of his hands on my hips entering my pussy in and out, I looked back at him and I could see on his face that he was enjoying it too, he pulled his cock out of my pussy and said to Rudy < its your turn to dip yours in man> Rudy laughed and said - I guess its my turn- he layed on the edge of the bed with his legs hanging off the edge I sat on him facing him making eye contact as I slide my pussy on his hard cock his hands were w****d around me holding on to me letting me know I was safe , I lowered my self down fucking my wet hot pussy with his cock, enjoying every minute of it, Chris stood behind me ready and eager to fuck my ass, Rudy put his hands on my bouncy booty, spreading my butt open for Chris

Virgin Aunt's Used Panties

fetish sniffpanties 2018-01-08

Finally, upon reaching home after dinner, my aunt went to take a shower and dumped her whole pile of clothes into the laundry basket upstairs. I would have loved to dive into that basket rightaway, however my wife and parents kept loitering around upstairs and I didn't get a chance for at least an hour after the panties were off her cunt. My shorts dropped to the floor immediately and I started rubbing my rock hard cock while sniffing the crotch. I love shooting sperm into panty crotches and watching my sperm mix with pussy juices. I rejoined my family in the drinking session and snickered quietly to myself while watching my aunt as I ran over the memories of sniffing her panties in my mind.

Creampie Cabin

fetish rick_oh 2018-01-08

She tried to imagine Jessica, naked on the bed, eyes wide with excitement, legs spread, with male cum oozing from her womanhood. When Rina had let Ted enter her a week later, she knew he was pumping a copious amount into her pussy when he repeatedly groaned and panted during his lengthy ejaculation. When she imagined Ted's mouth coming up to her cum-soaked pussy, she tried to banish the perversely kinky thought at the same time she felt an erotic stirring within her. Rina knew that Ted was not going to jump at the idea of pumping a massive ejaculation inside her and then orally servicing her cum-filled pussy.

Out with Aunt Jo Ch. 01

fetish Parthenokinesis 2018-01-08

"Good boy, Jimmy." She pulled the bandannas from my back pocket and gently pushed me back a few steps. It felt like it had a pretty good knot in it, it forced my jaw open a bit. The air felt good, and I noticed my hair had got a bit sweaty. Her hands slid down my sides and she reached under and took hold of my cock and balls. "Take it Jimmy, take it for your Aunt Jo. We're not going anywhere until you get this whole plug in your delicious little ass. Pissing myself in Aunt Jo's car is a sure way to get her to pull out the middle name, and the punishments that come along with it.

Sexual Depravity

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-01-08

She groaned deeply, and I watched her asshole pulse with pleasure as my cock started spreading the tiny opening of her pussy. Once I was completely inside and I could feel her hard cervix against my cock, she leaned forward and slowly pushed me almost all the way out of the vise grip that was her pussy until only the knob of my cock remained inside. Not knowing what to expect, I watched with fascination and horror as her asshole cracked open and I felt something move next to my imbedded cock as she grunted and pushed and started to release the waste that was hidden inside her bowels. With my cock deep and hard inside her, and her shit covering our genitals, she spun around to face me.

My First Time Dressed as a Girl (PT 3) (Consequenc

fetish sbobbi66 2018-01-08

Gunther replied that he was fine and his date was presently enjoying her dessert (I certainly was!) while gently bucking his hips a few times to make my head collide with the bottom of the table making it shake and rattle, ensuring that the waiter knew what was going on… Moments later I felt his cock spasm between my lips as he blew his load down my throat. I gasped at the pain and Gunther chuckled "Oh ya!, That reminds me the walls on this apartment are a little thin" with that he yanked the panties out of my mouth and grabbed the ball gag off the top of the dresser and held it near my face.

A Day at the Museum

fetish nopjans 2018-01-08

This elegant beauty, believing herself to be completely alone, deliberately urinated on the floor of the institution, in a gallery filled with priceless paintings and antiquities. Over the next few hours, I led her on a guided tour of our galleries, showing her the highlights that everyone who visits wants to see, as well as some lesser-known but quite interesting pieces. Once we arrived, we beheld a vast storeroom full of great artistic and cultural treasures, although you wouldn't necessarily know it by looking at it. Though she expertly targeted her steadily forceful stream between the panels, as the piss impacted with the unyielding concrete floor, it formed spatters that splashed against a painting mounted near the floor.

My wife's sexy friend

fetish playmkr2787 2018-01-08

She was just barely shorter than my wife but had blondish red hair and beautiful blue eyes. The ride home was already interesting as she was wearing a sexy little sun dress. I was not sure if she was making it ride up her leg but she kept brushing it back in a sort of flirty, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that keeps happening,” sort of way. I feel really safe with you here.” She steps closer in a seductive way and says, “I noticed you and Marie don’t seem close right now. “I was hoping you noticed at your house.” “Well,” I said, “I figured a thong.” She started to kiss me more vigorously and parted her lips.

Under the Library Table

fetish BigBalls6969 2018-01-08

As I was studying, I was distracted by my thoughts of that tall redhead and her beautiful friend I meet earlier that day at the beach. We were talking about the new changes on campus, how nice the water looks and feels here at the beach. She pulled my cock out and started licking on my head. She slowly licks all the way down one side of my cock and starts sucking my balls gently in her warm mouth. She keeps on sliding her nice, warm wet lips up and down the full length of my cock with one hand cupping my ball sac and a finger massaging the spot between my cock and my ass and her other hand in her pussy fingering her clit.

I Love Women in Panties Ch. 07

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-01-08

"Jesus Mike what are you going to do with that?" Sally asked, "I need a shower right now not to be skewered by your dick!" She was laughing as she said this, but this did not stop her taking hold of it giving a quick stroke. "We've had our moment Mike," Sally said looking me in the eyes and taking my cock in her hand started soaping it. I put a t-shirt and trackie bottoms on while Sally pulled on a pretty pair of white cotton panties and a longish t-shirt although not so long as to hide her ass cheeks as she walked in front of me as we went out to find Diane and Julie.

On Her Terms Ch. 04: The Party

fetish econut 2018-01-08

Often Sam would order Laura to tease Dale by tying him to a chair, unlocking his chastity cage and sucking his cock until he was on the verge of an orgasm. Every day, while he was sucking one of her strap-ons for hours on end, or while she was fucking his ass with a giant dildo, she would tell him that she was going to find a real man, or several men, to turn him into a real slut. As Sam went in to shower, Dale ate Laura to multiple orgasms and then turned his attention to her ass, lavishing it with kisses and caressing it with his tongue.

another surprise

fetish 2018-01-08

She says "daddy just like that I always want you you" Isherwood moaning louder & louder "oooooo daddy right there don't stop" my tongue was the best she ever had "oh my gosh daddy I'm bout to I'm bout OOOOOO SHIT!!!!!" She came all in my mouth I dnt stop keep going she pushes my away I pin her hands down "baby wait stop please" I keep going I chase her moments later "OOOOOO BABY FUCK!!!" She squirts in my mouth her body and legs shaking "I never squirted before why my legs wont shaking " I look at her & laugh. All on my body she starts suck multiple dick againg damn baby yo mouth is good dnt stop ahhhhh baby I'm bout to baby baby baby ahhhhhh shit I nut all in her mouth she swallowed it & I kiss her right after we then cuddle up & she says "your finally mines.

Sexy Mandy Busts a Young Black Nut

fetish BAD BOY BILL 2018-01-08

The teenagers appraised our sweet Mandy exiting the luxury car, their eyes riveted to her long legs in red nylons, her demure feet snug in 6 inch Ostrich skin cum fuck me spikes. "Don't touch your cock, darling." purred Mandy, a stream of cigarette smoke flooding the big melons of her tits." No touching, That's Mrs Collin's job." her finger's worked the nub of her clitoris. A long thread of pre-cum looping from her lip to the cumslit, Taking a long drag off her black cigarette, Mandy exhaled a ball of smoke toward the advancing, disgruntled nurse. The big balls that Mrs Collins was squeezing between her long sharp fingernails and the nurse was smoking Mandy's black cigarette in a no smoking hospital room.

Enjoy The Moment

fetish seadawg4200 2018-01-08

I continue my massage further up your thighs, and part them to allow for the glorious exercise that will soon be taking place. I begin using both hands on each leg now, one at a time. I use my fingers to separate your lips even further now, as I push my face down an into you. With one hand, I knead your swollen, throbbibg clit with my thumb and forefinger; with the other, I use my thumb to massage the little known erogenous zone between your anus and the opening of your tunnel, while I suck harder at your flowing pussy. You wrap your legs around my head and smother my face into your pounding vagina with your hands.

Elevator Encounter

fetish lilninja76 2018-01-08

Sarah responded in her own typical way, batting her eyes shyfully and looking away, lowering her head to once again stare at the floor. His left hand parted her knees and trembled with excitement as she let out a small scream. She let out a breath of excitement and fear combined as he parted her and inserted a hardened plastic, fur lined finger inside her. Using his right hand, he released her head and ripped at the front of her shirt, exposing her breasts to him. In amazement to herself, Sarah reached up with both hands around the back of his neck and squeezed, arched her back and wrapped her right leg around his waist.

Leak Ch. 06

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-08

Thelma's cleaned hand pulled out of the teenager's mouth with a soft 'pop,' leaving Laura's mouth, cheeks and chin noticeably sticky and as damp as her thighs. Thelma finally allowed her finger to slip from the warm tight confines and Laura's little aperture to close tight once more. She stretched herself out over the woman's lap as tightly as possible, her hands flat on the floor, fingers extended, toes bent, tense and ready, or so she thought. Laura tensed, she went up on fingers and toes and her head came back in a long gasp as Thelma took possession of the clit. Again Thelma's arm went up, and again her hand landed with a loud 'SWAT!' Again on the other cheek, and again Laura sputtered out another incoherent message.

The Headmaster's Room Ch. 01

fetish Mag58 2018-01-08

After a short silence he bellowed, "Bend over!" I edged nearer the door and soon heard the 'swish-swish' of his cane; each stroke followed by a 'crack' as the stick struck teenage flesh then there would be a grunt or a cry from the recipient as Mr. Skinner dealt out our Grammar School's ritual punishment. Still red-faced from caning the boys, the Headmaster shook his head in despair; "Lisa Simpson; why am I not surprised that you're back to see me?" he sighed as I sauntered into his study. "Now, it wouldn't be fare if your punishment was less severe than the boys; would it Miss Simpson?" He whispered as he slowly ran the cane along my quivering buttocks.

Susan and the Shoe Salesman

fetish klagatoman 2018-01-08

Susan let him take off her shoe and rested her foot in Mark's hands, a smile flickering over her face as she looked at his face. Mark felt sexual excitement run over his body as he looked into the innocent face of this sexy girl with pretty feet. Susan squirmed in the chair as Mark kissed and licked her lips, then felt a rush as he shoved his tongue between them and into her hot, wet, excited vagina. He closed his eyes and let his mind focus only on his tongue inside this hot pussy and the feel of her hands on his head, holding him to her sex.

Under the Mistle-Toe

fetish lovecraft68 2018-01-08

Grabbing her ankle I brought her foot to my lips and sucked her toes into my mouth while I watched her shoe slide along my cock. But feet, they were right out in the open, leaving me as much time as I wanted to envision sucking and licking those pretty little toes, or better yet, sliding my hard cock between a pair of soft pedicured feet. "Trust me, a few drinks and a good time is exactly what you need." Sheila gave me a huge smile, and deliberately I'm sure, leaned further over the desk affording me an even better view of her ample chest.

Stinky, Sweaty, Strap-On Fun

fetish regularjohn2112 2018-01-08

"Smell my stinky cunt." And with that, she moved her hand to cover Clarke's mouth and slowly began to push the head of her thick cock into his asshole. Here you fucking loser, smell that foot stink." Janet pressed her right foot to Clarke's face as he breathed in her foot odor. "What kind of loser would you have to be to get off on sweaty, dirty, stinky feet?" Janet pulled her foot away from Clarke's face and began to kneel onto his face in the reverse cowgirl position. "Now you're going to cum in your own mouth." As Clarke began to jerk his cock harder, Janet pushed two fingers down into his asshole. Smell that dirty, sweaty, stinky cunt hole while you cum." Janet leaned back a little and placed her feet over Clarke's mouth.

Muddy English Delights Ch. 01

fetish DrWhoInLove 2018-01-08

We passed a bridge and something made Kathy stop and tug my arm pulling me off the path and down the embankment towards the river bank. But my animal self felt a terrible pull from the sight of the hot woman enjoying herself in the sucking mud. Kathy grabbed me and pulled me to her with a bubbling slurping noise of mud and lust. I felt myself start at the fantastic sensation of Kathy's cunt grabbing and sucking on my member. We thrashed like mad animals in heat as the mud sucked at our bodies. I was getting even hotter thinking about what Kathy must be feeling as she thrust herself on me and felt the sliding gripping wetness suck on her clit.