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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A birthday blow job for daddy

fetish 2018-01-08

But don"t worry, I like men, too." I shamelessly stroked my cock as Joan sucked her daughters beautiful tits. Joan continued fondling Karen"s breasts as she fucked her pussy with her long tongue. As she pushed her mother"s knees apart and mounted her, she said, "You"re going to love my big, hard cock in your pussy, Mommy." Joan squealed as her daughter"s thick cock spread her vagina wider than it had been since *****birth. My conscience held me back for a moment, then my lust took control and I lined my cock up with the wet mouth of my daughter"s pussy and speared it with one perfect thrust.

Panty Wank Obsession Pt. 01

fetish stroker00 2018-01-08

I put on a pair of sexy lacy panties & loose clothes (to hide my hard-on) & wonder around nearby malls counting the number of hot women it see. I keep an eye on them and when a tenant who is hot puts her laundry in I wait for the cycle to finish and steal a pair panties. It is so exciting to open a girls draw for the first time & bury my face in her lingerie & inhale deeply & know that I'm going to stroke my cock with them. Well that night I took a Cialis, put on some of my sexiest lingerie (crotchless panties, stockings, garter, padded bra) and moved a big mirror around so I could watch myself as well as the porn on my laptop.

Rachel and the Movers

fetish thefootprint 2018-01-08

Rachel really enjoyed the attention he paid to her feet and soon she realized the power she had over foot guys. Still a little shy about really using her newfound power, Rachel nevertheless took advantage of the opportunity to "have a little fun" with guys whom she knew wanted her feet. It wasn't until the night she and her coworkers went out to shoot pool and drink, that she found another foot guy other than Jim. Rachel had chosen to wear a sexy little tank top with blue jeans and of course her favorite Keds without socks on. They had even managed to find a few local guys who had foot fetishes in the area to come by and enjoy Rachel's bare feet.

Standing O

fetish The5th 2018-01-08

Audible frustration in the local crowd were expressed in groans but I felt her hand taking mine from my leg to hers, allowing my fingers to feel the smooth flesh of her thigh. A curling smile grew on my lips as our gazes met, those hazel lasers burning into my brain, sending a coded message as she guided my hand higher on her thigh, pushing her dress up under the table. Above the table, her hand grabbed the pint glass with remarkable steadiness and brought it to her lips for a quick gulp. I offered my hand to assist her over the bench and followed her silhouette swaying down the hall, imagining her thighs glistening with her sweet juices.

The Helper

fetish cuckytoher 2018-01-08

I felt her lovers huge cock grow inside my mouth as I sucked him hard. I sucked him as Debbie licked his balls and fed his cock into my mouth. I felt him bucking harder and harder, Debbie pulled my head off his cock again and mounted him. As I ran the washcloth between her legs, I felt Kevin's cock growing hard again. I followed his direction and began licking Debbie's back side, cleaning the cum off her. I took his cock in my mouth and licked him clean as he fucked my face he was becoming hard again. Debbie smiled at me and began to lick the cum off my face as she kissed me wildly.

The Therapist Ch. 05

fetish sm8100 2018-01-08

It's like everything I imagined and anticipated was anything but the reality of the situation as Julia wore a button down long sleeve blouse, loose fitting charcoal gray business type slacks, almost man- like in appearance, plain brown loafer type shoes with dark dress socks, and to finish this absurd change of venue a sports type jacket, something similar to what a college prof might wear to class. I no longer cared about the shoes or the outfit as it was Goddess Julia towering over me and I could think of no one anyplace more beautiful and sexy as this woman right now in this room. "It's coming, James, but first one of your familiar Julia fetish's is about to happen because we want to make sure you're in the right mood, don't we?

Aunt Mildred's Secret

fetish SpankerSam 2018-01-08

I couldn’t help thinking about Aunt Mildred as I stroked my hard dick to two fantastic climaxes. When I washed her cunt, Aunt Mildred opened her thighs wider and pushed her hips forward. And I could feel Aunt Mildred pushing her tits against my hand. I walked over to Aunt Mildred and starting at her shoulders began to oil her body. They’re old clothes and the oil should wash out.” Aunt Mildred laid her head on the pillow facing away from me. Aunt Mildred reached down and her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart. Well now you’re sick and it’s my turn.” Aunt Mildred didn’t stop sucking my dick; she just opened her eyes and looked up at me.

Headmaster's Life

fetish FayeBaye95 2018-01-08

Looking at the mascara running down her face and her large eyes I felt like a fucking king; I increased the speed of my thrusts and watched as her eyes got bigger, I watched as she chocked on my fat cock. Pulling my dick out of her mouth, I gave her a minute to cough and gag before grabbing her hair again, holding her still and slapping Alice's face with my cock. Opposite my desk was a floor length mirror- I could see Alice's big tits acting as pillows, she was staring back at me- her mouth open, she was panting like a bitch in heat.

Waiting in the Darkness

fetish jdallison 2018-01-08

I pulled into the garage, hit the button again to close the door, and sat in the car for a moment, letting the stress of the day ease away as I listened to the end of "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith. Covered from head to toe in shiny latex, her boobs accentuated by the clingy material, her gloved hands resting on the table in front of her, she was my wildest fantasy come true. I could feel the soft, warm rubber of her dress enfolding around the tip of my cock and I almost came right then. I roared with release, the pent-up sexual tension of fucking a rubber-clad stranger in the dark coming out in a long, hard orgasm.

First time being cuckolded

fetish whatitdo22 2018-01-08

She told me that was earlier in the day, and that she had made sure he fucked her right before she came over to see me so she would have some fresh cum inside her for her "trick". She looked at me and said that she did still love me, and that she still wanted to be with me, but that she couldn't stop fucking other guys and needed to experience new things. But then she turned on me again, and said that she really liked watching me eat cum out of her pussy and having me fuck her after she had been used.

College Misery Ch. 01

fetish newauthor19 2018-01-08

Phillip grabbed James's hair locks and pulled his head to bring it just an inch away from his flaccid dick so that if the cock throbs it will brush against the sissy boy's lips. Feeling James has stopped Phillip let out a small grunt grabbing onto the boy's head to slide it up and down along the cock, "I didn't tell you stop. The frightened boy slowly raised his left hand to get a proper grip of Mark's eager and hard dick while getting face-fucked by Phillip. As the three of them headed out to attend the lectures for the day Phillip slapped the poor boy's ass hard and Mark joked, "Walked in a sissy walked out a whore" and the two tormentors simply burst out laughing.

Ever have sex with a woman with hair on her ass?

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-01-08

At the time, I was reminded of my college days because I was once at a bar and despite the relative darkness I was able to look down the back of a girl's - Natalie was her name - jeans and notice small black hairs dotting the small of her back and from what I could see of them, her ass cheeks too! I almost think she sensed how close I was to orgasm from her gorgeous, hairy and musky pussy and admirable fellatio because she hopped off and said something really funny: "Since you can find my hole in all that hair we might as well fuck." I was so turned on by this line that I cast aside any notions of using a condom (I know, stupid) and started plowing away missionary.

Her Toy Ch. 1

fetish Alex Valentine 2018-01-08

Leaving the stockings by the chair she crossed over to the bed picked up, her bra, my T-shirt, and a pair of pants as well as her panties that I had cum all over. "There better not be any cum on those when you are done or you will regret it." She went back to the bed sat down and turned the panties on with the remote. She stood up and crossed over telling me to keep sucking my cum out of her underwear, and didn't it feel good to have my mothers vibrator on my cock. I am going to put these panties on your head inside out so this neat little cock here points out and then you are going to fuck me with it while I make it vibrate.

More Panties For Him in Vegas

fetish jennycnnn 2018-01-08

I pulled the waistband of his panties down below the cheeks of his ass without waking him and with my free hand I reached under the sheets and began rubbing his cock ever so lightly. I wanted and needed to open him up a little more if I was going to get the dildo inside of him so I asked, "Do you think that you are ready for another finger?" I looked at the mirror and had a good view of Steve's face, his eyes were closed his babydoll had risen up around his shoulders and he was still rubbing his panty covered cock with his new pair of panties, then it happened.

Princess of the Endless Oasis

fetish solitarycafe 2018-01-07

The traveling girl bit her lip as she lowered her eyes to the ebony woman's cock; it was so long that it was nearly touching the ground, and it's tip was pointed directly into the canal. Yelvette stood and turned, and the traveler tried to hold in a gasp of surprise as she saw that the woman was completely erect. The princess of the endless oasis held up a large, hand carved cup in her left hand as she lowered her right, "My girls get to indulge themselves as often as they need to, but I myself like to refrain most days, in order to serve the one's like you that need me the most." She closed her sultry fingers around her impossibly thick girlmeat and began to stroke herself slowly.


What wicked ways.....Part 1

fetish raider2000 2018-01-07

I brought the bag up to my room and poured out the contents panties, bras, slips..........and pantyhose......oops a few toys. Next came my bra front opening which I prefer and it felt great rubbing my nipples and cock at the same time. I was watching a hot shemale pouring it on to some guy and between stroking my cock/rubbing my nipples it was lost. I lubed up my smallest toy got on my knees and worked my ass slow rubbing my nipples as I did. This time I got on the floor watching the movie doggie style ass towards my door so I could watch the poor cock was wet.

part time work for summer

fetish vinney 2018-01-07

Even inside her room, thinking about them made her fantasize about putting her hands through Sarah’s long hair, burying her face in Mary’s cleavage, and helping Dani slowly run Olivia’s belly. She said it was her first time feeling a pregnant belly,” Olivia said, giving another deep breath, showing that she enjoyed the job Karen was doing now as much as she did last night. You can really feel the growing and the life within you.” Without being asked, Karen began rubbing Olivia’s belly enthusiastically as she explained it. Olivia and Mary were tied for biggest, as far as Karen could tell, with Sarah second and Dani third (although this was mainly due to Dani’s height, and her skin, eyes, and sexual imagination more than made up for it).

My BBW Encounter Ch. 01

fetish rpfs 2018-01-07

I said I wanted a MILF, a cougar, someone into all sorts of kinky shit without being specific. Most of the time I was disappointed, either gay guys looking for a quick fuck or scammers looking to add an email address to their collection. When I glanced down at my phone to see who had emailed me, I felt myself stiffen immediately. Repulsed at the thought of fucking a whale, I read the rest, positive I wasn't going to respond. I closed the email and went back to work, disappointed that my fantasy girl hadn't messaged me. My mind immediately went back to the email. Melissa: "So tell me what sort of kinky things you're in to, Ryan."

Teacher's Own Punishment

fetish Debtor42 2018-01-07

Each girl fulfilled her part, Kwan had swiped a bottle of vodka from her parents heavily filled liquor cabinet, Emma had gotten her brother to get her a packet of 20 Marlborough lights (to avoid any suspicion that she would be using them out for weed later on) and Caity had scored some weed from the local pot head in town, each of the contraband was hidden in the confines of their school bags. Emma was next in line, this time though, she was told to lift her skirt slowly herself, then put her hands back, with a few sharp breaths she started to pull it up but stopped short of her thighs.

Gay Cross Dresing Sex

fetish Gaycrossdresser 2018-01-07

If I wear a full, long sleeve sheer nylon body suit the lining of the PVC dress rubbing against my nylon under garment feel so sexy and makes my cock hard for so long it starts to ache! I knelt between his legs and worked his hard on out through the slit in the front of his suit (I don't like stiff zippers interrupting the smooth stretch of latex over my cock and balls so I make an overlapping jockey short type fly there). Going crazy with excitement, butterflies in my stomach and my body literally quivering, I reach between my legs, grab his rock hard slippery cock in my rubber gloves hand and guide the tip against my exposed lubed hole through the slit in my suit.

A Conference Legacy Ch. 07

fetish barelegs 2018-01-07

"I want you to meet Caroline," she said after a half a minute pause, pointing out the girl with the spectacular long legs who I had noticed earlier. Caroline smiled, winked transparently at Louise, and returned quietly to her sun bed, making sure to give me a full-length view of those beautiful brown legs as she re-established her sun bathing position. Debbie waited for a few moments before getting up to leave, during which time she moved closer to me, and, taking my hand, encouraged me to explore both her beautiful long bare legs. Debbie lifted her pelmet skirt above her waist, showing me the entire length of her extremely beautiful long smooth bare legs, and an incredibly brief pair of white cotton panties.

Preeti's Corporate Restructure

fetish Alucarda 2018-01-07

It was a muggy hot June afternoon and the lack of air conditioning or even a fucking hand-fan had resulted in Preeti being flopped out stoned on her single bed wearing nothing but a frayed red satin thong and a pair of white nylon ankle socks emblazoned with pictures of Batman. With a decimated mop of destroyed hair, a puffy face bereft of make-up and moistened by tears, a mouthful of ordinarily hidden crooked teeth, a torn lilac shirt that looked suddenly oversized, a silly loose white tie, a tiny white thong, a pair of foolish little Batman nylon socks with one single remaining high-heeled stiletto boot, Preeti looked like some hungover skank who'd awoken stripped and bewildered in a strangers room.


SchoolRoom Escapade

fetish Grmln 2018-01-07

Gazing slowly up her back he watched as her little hands unsnapped her bra strap, letting it drop to the floor and turning at the same time, allowing him to see her erect nipples, tassels swinging like a strippers. As she braced herself on the desk with one hand, the other began to unbuckle his pants, she intended to take his cock in her mouth right here in the classroom, and if she had her way, his tool would enter her every hot hole... Slowly standing up, careful not to let his cock slide from the tight little hole, he bent his knees as his feet felt the slick coldness of the desktop.

Personal Services

fetish ldlarry52 2018-01-07

Carolyn was taking control by rubbing her feet over his face ordering him to take her toes into his mouth, asking him in a humiliating tone of voice if he liked the way they smelled and tasted. Linda watched as her husband lined his cock up with Carolyn's fuck hole, and with a smooth forceful thrust he mounted this cold bitch of a business woman like a stud takes a bitch in heat. Mean while Larry took a firm grip onto Carolyn's hips and began thrusting as hard and fast as he could till he reached that point of release where he exploded in pleasure from his orgasm flooding Carolyn with sperm; sperm that would provide Linda with a fresh hot cream pie to tongue out from her cunt.