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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 05

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-01-07

All you have to do, in order to change the bet to 40 seconds, ensuring a 3 some with Lindsay and myself for a whole night, and receive a mind blowing blowjob from me right now is...suck Mr. Macs dick for 3 minutes," Cindy told him as she opened up his robe, revealing what looked to be a 9 inch penis. I will be right here waiting to suck your cock once the 3 minutes are up," Cindy said as she continued to expertly manipulate Jason's tiny penis. Lindsay took off Jason's cage and teased his dick for 15 minutes, getting it good and ready to shoot off in less then 40 seconds.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 06

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-07

I tried looking past the smiles, as Ms. Rocksand moved me about in clever designs that amused the crowd and brought me discomfort. Adding insults to injury, most women stayed long enough to watch Ms. Rocksand make me stand, turn around and bend over again. These women liked nothing better than to watch and listen to a big boy struggling under the primordial sounds of the, 'whap, smack, whap, smack', of a hand against bun flesh. Ms. Rocksand then made me stand and face the women while she readjusted my panties and the crowd looked on. I looked back over my shoulder at her, like the hurt little boy I was and she let me fall from her lap.

Moving In

fetish aishagrey 2018-01-07

I guess it a great positions for him to also push the boxes and stuff up, but my worries weren't over since I was using both hands and we were too busy thinking what to keep everything from falling and breaking I realized that my shorts had fallen partially off me ass. I guess this position looked like a wonderful opportunity as my neighbor, still at my back, my shorts were half off, his dick was poking into the crack of my ass and he was now commenting on my hair and how good it smelled and how funny it was that these boxes were in danger of falling.

An Orally Fixated Girl Speaks

fetish JamieLikesToWrite 2018-01-07

He took me every which way he could think of, as long as he could get his fingers deep in my mouth. Then he started a new game: He would blindfold me, and then put something in my mouth, and it would be my job to tell what it was, or what flavor if it was just something he put on his cock. Just as suddenly I felt arms wrap around me and a body press me from behind, holding me securely in place, and this time Brian's voice talking right in my ear, "Yeah, that's right... I knew what was coming next, and I felt Brian's cock press against me, and slide easily into my dripping wet pussy and start to fuck me.

Madison Turns a New Leaf Ch. 02

fetish GusBus77 2018-01-07

In my immediate imagination I wanted to jump up pull off her sports bra and suckle her titties, pick her up and fuck her in the same bed Madison and I were to sleep in. Madison's eyes rested closed again as I ate and then I looked towards the direction of Megan who was smiling and watching me. I wanted to reach a hand over but then Madison broke her own concentration and asked "Megan would you be interested in trying my milk?" Madison reached around both of our heads which were now touching and held them close to her breasts, and very slyly I slipped my left arm over to Megan and slowly and softly began caressing her back and stomach.

Deepest, Darkest.

fetish LoveMeForMyThorns 2018-01-07

"Yeah, like some cheesy music playing in the background of your mind every time you deliver those lines." She raised her brows at him and cocked her hip. The head twisted and pushed, trying to burrow inside the clenched opening, until the sphincter gave way. She could feel Jaden straining to feed his dick in her ass, but she couldn't bring herself to help him, instead clamping harder and harder on his length. "I want to see your face as you cum with my cock in your shitty hole," he confessed, his eyes gleaming almost inhumanly with arousal. "Fuck!" Kate screamed, arching her spine towards the ceiling and flinching away when that impaled her ass even harder on Jaden' s cock.


fetish CND 2018-01-07

My cock was standing straight out in front of me, and I pushed her panties into my face as I took my cock in my hand and quickly started to stroke it. "Yes, that's right, you want to place your cock in my hands just to get to know what it's like to be liberated from your sticky cum by a real woman. My entire body moved in waves, pumping cum in her talented and demanding hand, and it was so intense I simply couldn't keep my eyes open. "Yes pervert, I love to hold your cock in my hand, to guide it back and forth and jerk you off like the little pervert you are.

The Colony Party Ch. 01

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-01-07

When Priya came to party most of them couldn't help but notice Priya's long beautiful hair. Good food and alcohol was arranged and all the men were sitting in two three small groups and drinking, chatting and laughing. There was one group of men, her classmates from school who had just moved into the colony, were left who were drinking and still having a good party. Unassumingly, Priya took it as the men continued playing with her hair and she also had failed to notice the women group which had returned just in time to watch her shearing. One of the men combed Priya's beautiful long hair. he slowly cut off 2 inches from Priya's beautiful long hair.

Impregnation Pt. 01

fetish first2learn 2018-01-07

I've never had a dick that big and I wanted to feel it in my tight pussy" she said as she slid her huge 8.5 month pregnant belly into the chair across from Susan. But don't come in me, I'm ovulating and I don't want to get pregnant." He smiled and started to slide his 12" dick into her waiting pussy. Don't stop give me more, I want more!" Her vagina stretched as he slid his pulsing cock deeper into her, she thought he was going to split her in half. Finally, his dick was all the way in her pulsing pussy and he started pumping.


fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-01-07

She continues to hold my hand and stroke the fingers as we place our orders and watch the waitress walk away. "I hope I can wait that long," she muses, holding the glass of ice tea just in front of her luscious lips for a moment then gently sips. "I love the way you taste," she mumbles into the folds of skin, her hands gripping my ass cheeks tightly as she moves me over her mouth. "Jesus Juliet, you're good," I offer as I switch position with her and move my face directly opposite her stump to give it the inspection I've been dreaming about all day, or possibly since first seeing Miss Collins.


fetish Badhansel 2018-01-07

"I was working so hard at getting you gain weight and you just kept exercising after my asking you to stop for only six weeks. When he was full of the solid foods, she made him drink several large glasses of the weight gain shake until he was completely gorged at which point she rewarded him with a volcanic orgasm. She teased him about his appetite and weight gain as he ate: how big his belly was getting, his now round face and double chin, about how difficult it was getting to reach him under his stomach and between his thighs. "Besides, tomorrow you are having a little procedure to help you gain more weight faster." Reaching under his belly she cradled his balls in her hand.

Melissa Learns to Dress Properly

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-01-07

Stacey admired her for a while, asking her to turn this way and that, and finally instructing Melissa to bend over all the way. The maid told Melissa to step into the bathtub, brimming with hot water and bath soap. And when Melissa showed that she could not contain herself any more, Stacey asked the maid, ever so crisply, to lead Melissa, enema bag and all, to the toilet to relieve herself. When she finally overcame her surprise, Melissa could feel that her erection was harder than she had ever felt it before. Melissa, dressed as the most beautiful woman, her ass still throbbing with the after-glow of her near-orgasm felt happy. Melissa admired her, wanting to be like Stacey tonight and every night!

Anal sex with the neighbor

fetish dirtydog1021 2018-01-07

Tee laughed and said it might be since being pregnant has got me horny as all fuck and Frank doesn’t want to. I looked her in the eyes and said well he’s a jerk because I would be every night and I put my hand on her belly and started to rub it. Tee started moaning Oh god John that feels so good. Go ahead Tee I said and she slid her wet pussy onto my cock. She started milking my cock with her pussy and said aren’t you going to cum for me. Relax baby I said and I started moving my finger around in her ass. I went slow for a couple of minutes until Tee turned around and said fuck my ass hard.

Specific Preferences

fetish 2018-01-07

"I think you can go in," said Leah, standing and knocking lightly on Ms. Dailey's door. I supposed that was a good question and I felt a little too much like any guy paying attention to me would not only get me thinking but would make me start wondering what was wrong with him. "You like the thought of touching a guy's ass?" It wasn't getting better and I must have blushed all the more. "Yes," said Ms. Dailey, sounding almost like she herself were experiencing physical relief. When Ms. Dailey said nothing more, as if waiting, I found myself looking at Leah for real. "It would be a good idea if you exchanged a little kiss," said Ms. Dailey.

Fuck my dirty asshole

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-01-07

Suck all my hot, nasty assjuice from my tight, dirty ass. Eat my fucking dirty ass you son of a bitch, lick it, taste all my nasty ass flavors. Yeah, that’s it, get nasty you fucking pig, tell me how much you love digging in my hot, brown hole. What sort of fucking pervert gets off on eating a woman’s nasty, hot, dirty, sweaty, filthy shithole? You want me to tell you how much I love big, long, hard, thick dicks fucking deep in my ass? I can ride your fucking dick with my tight wet asshole until you are begging me to stop because I’ve drained every drop of hot cum from your big hairy nuts and still can’t get enough.

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 05

fetish JimAner 2018-01-07

Ms. White introduced herself as Janice and then said, "Ladies, I don't want to spend terribly much time talking through the orientation; I would rather be taking you places and demonstrating the pleasures you have waiting for you." At this moment women were coming onto the tram with boys on leashes, so Janice said to one of those women, "May I speak to your slut please?" The woman nodded. "I am going to pull back his skin," the woman said, "at least at first so you can see him better, then I will let it go back to normal." Jane thought, this doesn't arouse me sexually, but it sure is interesting.

Exchange Ch. 04

fetish Soft_Mike 2018-01-07

Do you think I would miss my share for one second?", she said, as she stroke her big hands over her gigantic, fuzzy breasts, which from below, seemed even bigger than Elaine's monster melons. It will be absolutely great", she smiled and wound her big fuzzy arms around his neck and dragged his white wrapped-in face into the deep of her enormously bosom. Elaine and Maria undressed but the blindfolded Michael could not view the naked sisters and their exceptionally bodies; large rounded shoulders, voluminous and powerful arms, muscular buttocks and legs and their gigantic breasts dangling when they together lathered, washed and thoroughly shaved the defenseless whole of him; armpits, chest, arms, legs, upper body and finally his head and genitals.

Driving home naked: True story by erotic7...

fetish erotic7 2018-01-07

Now bear in mind this is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but always thought better not, its a bit naughty and I could get into a lot of trouble if caught. So there I was driving along wanking my cock and getting quite wet and excited, fuck me I thought this is sooooo kinky and I loved it. Now I thought to be on the safe side I wont go directly home naked, I better find a quiet location, finnish off and dress.... I slipped the piece of shirt off and sat there completely exposed loving it, wanting more.... Oh fuck it I thought, lets open the door, so I did and as the interior light came on I swung my legs out and put my bare feet onto the damp road.

A Grim Northern Fairy Tale

fetish abroadsword 2018-01-07

"There's only one bog at Saddleworth Midland." she explained, "Only one sit down Gents bog any road, so they'll tart it up for Prince, and right above it there's a hatch up into loft," she said almost proudly, "And Ted Hepplethwaite said as he would give me a leg up so as I can hide up there until Prince needs a crap and then come down and give him the best blow job he's ever had!" "Cook," he explained, "If you must know, so here is what I propose, first you go to the station as planned, hide in the loft and give prince a blow job then of his doesn't marry you on the spot you come to the ball all tarted up like some fairy tale whore, do we have a deal?"

The Fountain Ch. 2

fetish Hullo_nurse 2018-01-07

After all the beads are in the cameraman gives us a close up of all the blonde's parts: the string hanging out of her butt into the brunette's hand; the dildo moving in & out of her pussy; her clit being lick & sucked; & then a close up of her face, awash with pleasure with her mouth open & her eyes closed. I stare deep into my own eyes & think 'what harm could it do to let him live out a simple fantasy, as long as it doesn't hurt me or humiliate me in public.' I figure I am going to tell Paul that I will be his slave like that if he promises to respect when I say no or enough.

Tempting Tresses

fetish scifivxn 2018-01-07

Finally, when he was making low inarticulate sounds of begging and lustful torture, she'd wrap loose handfuls of it around his cock and stroke him until he came in glistening jeweled droplets all over the black strands. He watched her face as she finished the last table, half-locked the door so he could leave but no one else could enter, and turned the sign on the window behind the shuttered blinds to "CLOSED." As she returned the boxes of salt and pepper to the shelf behind the counter, she looked at him and smiled, tilting her head. She unbuttoned his shirt and leaned forward to kiss his chest and his fantasies became wonderfully real as he felt her hair on his chest and stomach.

The Piercing

fetish lemmethink 2018-01-07

Your head is rolling back and forth, your hips and bucking up and down, your legs begin to tense and I start the feel your hot, wet, throbbing cunt begin to grip my fingers and suddenly as your pussy juice flows from your convulsing pussy, he pulls the trigger and suddenly the ring goes through one side of your nipple all the way to the other causing you to scream "OH FUCK, OH GOD, OOOOOHHHHHH" and your pussy begins to spray a continuous amount of juice from around my fingers and all over the floor. His other hand guided your head to his throbbing shaft and the feeling of my cock pumping in and out of you, his fingers rubbing your clit (and moving down and around massaging your open pussy all around my thrusting cock), and the smooth shaft that was in your mouth, made you groan in desire.

Examinations Pt. 01

fetish owengreybeard 2018-01-07

Shelly was settled into a clinic bed in my living room when I closed the Heavy wooden door behind me. When I walked through the door from the clinic into my apartment about a week later, Shelly was asleep on the living room couch/bed she'd adopted since we'd moved her bed back to the clinic. The woman on the pad looked out at the world with fierce eyes that bore into me with shattering intensity, a hint of a smile on her full lips, as if to say 'I'm the queen of this world, and I don't give a rat's ass what you think about me.' Her corded muscles stood out in animal-like relief against her naked skin. I pulled the last gauze pad off, and Shelly looked at her stump with intense interest.

Ashca - Going Home

fetish Idyut 2018-01-07

Stretching his arm, he plunged his hand completely under the skirt gliding his hands along the silky fabric as he guided it deep between my legs and over my mound.. His finger quickly warmed up and he would stop, rubs some more ice, followed by returning to give my man in the canoe the cold shoulder. It felt like he was going to finger fuck me but somehow he flicked an ice cube into me, sliding deep into my womb, stabbing cold and so erotic. After my climax subsided, his fingers flicked what was left of the last ice cube into my pussy as it was still trying hard to give all the cubes a warm welcome.