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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Up Roxanne's Sleeve

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-07

"Then he must have also done this," I concluded, lowering my face and letting my tongue press against the soft moist skin down at the bottom of the gentle slope of Roxanne's armpit before letting my tongue make a slow and serpentine trip all the way through her underarm, licking the tiny nest of hairs and continuing until I was licking the inside of her bicep. "Wasn't sure," Roxanne said, leaning away and using gentle pressure to just let the tip of my dick graze the wisp of hair as she used my cock like it was a roll-on deodorant, sweeping up and down her armpit with long strokes.

Menstrual Love Doubled

fetish hotpup 2018-01-07

Carol seemed to get a new burst of energy just from the idea, as when I agreed to try it she dropped her pants and said, "Fuck me up the ass, right now, you God Damn sexy bastard." I sniffed it then gave it a lick and said, "Brenda, your fucking flow smells and tastes fantastic! As I moved down the bed I watched as Carol pulled the tampon out of the blonde's woman's twat and placed it in the middle of Brenda's chest right between her boobs. Brenda had let the pad fall away when she sat up to be eaten but I was surprised when she picked up Carol's tampon and rubbed it all over her boobs and stunned when she began sucking on it.


fetish KrystalLWatson 2018-01-07

You felt hands slide around your middle gently caressing your white skin & breasts, running around to your back & down over your phat ass, a finger occasionally teasing your pink puckered asshole. Miranda's hands returned to moving around Krystall's body, alternating between pleasure & pain, drawing out your need to orgasm & ensuring when release finally came, it would be the most powerful you'd ever experienced. Miranda had moved to fully fingering your phat ass & tugging on the nipple clamps when ever she felt the orgasm draw close.

Black Fucking

fetish 425olds 2018-01-07

Dee felt Vic's hands push her blonde hair off of her shoulder and trace down the inside of her neckline. Dee heard her breathing stop as Vic slipped his hand into her bra and squeezed her tits. Dee's small white hand encircled the base of the black man's cock. Dee started to gag when Vic's cock moved in too deep. Dee's senses could feel the white hot black man jism squirt twice over her tongue. Do you want the black cock to fuck your married white cunt?" He continued until Dee felt Vic tense up and thrust his cock deep. You are going to take it all." Vic pushed, and Dee felt the cock slide down her throat.

Extra Classes With Priyanka Madam

fetish coolguy2020 2018-01-07

She was obviously aware of her sexiness because whenever I looked into her eye she would pass on a naughty smile. When I came back to the class after doing my job, she told me that today she will be revising a chapter in which I had a lot of difficulties and had been asking her to revise the same for a few days now. I had no issues with that so I called up home and said that I will come back late because of the class. Then she said something I could never forget in my life time "Want to have a closer look at them?" I was still fondling with her boobs over the cloth and she was rubbing my cock from over my school trousers.

I think I might be the dirtiest girl on x-Hamster

fetish Fridagirl 2018-01-07

So what makes a normal healthy girl turn into a cock hungry female adult, who has no compunction about showing her tits to a stranger who wants to jack off on them, well, that might be a poor example, as I was always told when my nipples started to swell, that rubbing sperm into them would make them bigger, I would tease my poor father to ejaculate and let my watch, then gather this tit growing serum and rub it in until it was completely absorbed, while my poor father sat mesmerized, watching his ten year old daughter being so sexual. When the stranger left, she called both of us out into the living room, she was still naked and she grabbed my b*****r and pulled him over her lap, and began to violently spank him, really hard smacks, but my b*****r said nothing as her smacks increased until double digits, then he moaned out loud, and mother stopped.

Acting out a DVD

fetish lauren003 2018-01-07

One Saturday morning shortly after getting married, my husband and I decided to act out a sex scene from a porn dvd. We watched the dvd together, it was a bathroom scene, where the woman gets home from work and catches her butler jerking off in her shower. I took his hard cock and started sucking on it. He was rather horny, he started moaning and soon told me he was about to cum. He kneeled down lifting my right leg over his shoulder and started sucking my clit. Once he was done I sucked his cock a few times before getting back into the shower to clean up.

Breaking a Bitch Ch. 01

fetish TheUrgesOfASinfulSeductress 2018-01-07

My asshole sister and I have been invited to a special occasion -one of my close friends from high school, Abby, is having a baby shower in celebration of her unborn child. Get the fuck down here before I come up there and kick your ass!" I practically scream at her, my face red with anger. And as I continue to stare at her form, so lovely in every way, I feel myself becoming as hard as titanium, my blood pressure shooting to levels I never knew, pre-cum staining my rented dress pants. Suddenly, the door to her bedroom opens and there stands our father with a pepsi and a container of pringles in each hand, his face quickly changing from jovial greeting to absolute horror as he sees the scene before him.

Saturday Afternoon At Claire's

fetish curious_writer 2018-01-07

I suspected she wanted me to know what it felt like to dress up like a woman, and that this would somehow help me to write the character... I felt as though I had already come this far, and at this point had little to loose by going along with Claire's plans. "I was going to put you in stay-ups or stockings and a garter-belt, but I wanted you to feel just like a woman coming home from work on any ordinary day. This seemed to spur Claire on and she started tickling both feet a the same time, running her long nails over my soles again and again. The dripping stopped long enough for Claire to slip one ice cube into each cup of the black bra.

Darla Seduces Tim

fetish maleseeks 2018-01-07

Tim quickly and easily said good night to everyone, taking one last look at Dave before he turns his back and left the bar. Tim leaned heavily against the wall of the motel room, sighing and moaning-his words unintelligible but definitely approving (!) as her tongue and sexy lips found their way to his lower chest and then to his stomach. Darla's hands reached the waistband, easing the underwear down slowly, putting his now exposed cock tip to her totally excited and wet lips. Not wanting to rush this moment because she was thoroughly enjoying the taste of his cock and the feel of his thick tool in her mouth, Darla slowly, almost painfully-to Tim, eased his underwear down, taking his shaft inside her mouth one-quarter inch at a time.

Alexander Ch. 02

fetish collegecavewriter20 2018-01-07

When Kyle first saw his girlfriend taking it from Alexander that night, he felt tears forming in his eyes. Allison maintained her long distance relationship with Kyle, while spending her leisure time with Alexander. Now she had one desire, and that was to make love to Alexander and make Kyle suffer for writing what he had written. If you want us to let you out of your little cage tonight you'd better show some respect," Kyle said. Kyle stood up and did as Alexander said, until only the cage remained on his exposed body. Allison and Alexander watched from the end of the bed, amused and revolted, as Kyle tipped up the condom and spilled the salty mess into the back of his throat.

The Interview

fetish 2018-01-07

I feel like a schoolboy staring down the front of her dress and my hand caressing her ass. I pull up her dress, wrap my arms around her legs and bury my face between her legs; licking, kissing and savoring her juices that have soaked her crotch. I poke my fingers through the crotch and kiss her very wet pussy like it was her mouth sliding my tongue inside. She starts grinding hard and I feel the rush of her orgasm cover my face. The feel of her nylons wrapped around my waist and my hands caressing her thighs is absolutely incredible. She takes one hand and slides her fingers in her pussy and is fucking her pussy and my cock wildly.

Madison Turns a New Leaf

fetish GusBus77 2018-01-07

I was lost for words and for a second I just wanted to slide my palms past her low collar and into her bra, but snapped back and answered "yeah, why?" "Breast milk is also a secret new way that guys can use as a supplement to gain muscle and some body builders use it too. We looked into each other's eyes as she reached over with her left hand and placed it around her breast and her areola forming a "V" and offered it to my lips. Three weeks had gone by since I let go of Sally, Madison's breasts had grown another cup as she produced as much milk as I demanded, and her waist was thinning down.

Neighborly Fun 1

fetish 2018-01-07

She shrugged my off, so I put on some pajama pants and a tee and walked out into the hall where the smell was stronger. Her perfectly round C cup breasts pushed gently on the silk as her hardened nipples shot forward erect. She must have saw me looking as her leg moved just enough forward to make the silk material fall aside revealing her nude tan leg. I saw her sexy body and she saw mine as she bit her lip asking what I "needed". thirty minutes later when my wife asked what happen an where I was; I shrugged her off and said talking to the new neighbors.

High School Scat Loves Ch. 01

fetish JLitM 2018-01-07

About an hour later, once Stephanie's tears had finally stopped, she asked Jimmy "So, did you think it's really gross?" Crap and piss exited Stephanie's respective holes and began to splatter all over Jimmy's face and body. Stephanie than ran up to Jimmy and began to passionately hug and kiss him. They began with oral sex; they got into a 69 position, and she began to suck his cock while he licked her pussy; both were covered in Stephanie's feces. Stephanie began to move out of the 69 position, and position herself onto Jimmy's cock. Jimmy positioned his cock in front of Stephanie's ass, and began to slowly ease himself in and out, in and out... Afterwords, Stephanie squatted right over Jimmy's face and let out a huge fart.

A Muddy Adventure

fetish messykate 2018-01-07

Aaron, dressed in bright yellow wellies, skin-tight jeans, and a crisp white tee clutched her face between his hands and gave Lilly a lingering kiss. Lilly broke away quickly and took John's face in her hands. His eyes turned to Aaron, where the other man was leisurely massaging his own legs and groin with handfuls of black mud. Pulling away from Lilly, John kept his gaze locked with Aaron as he crept slowly towards the pit on all fours. John broke the kiss and put a messy hand to Aaron's chest, keeping him away. All three took a moment, listening to the sound of each other's panting breaths and the squelch of mud underneath John and Aaron's shifting bodies.

Fetish Mad

fetish Fetishwriter1 2018-01-07

She looked at me and said "If I can do you in the butt with this, I'll let you do me in mine." I immediately took it off the rack and went to the counter and purchased it. She put the wig on me and said "Oh my God baby you're beautiful!" I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She pulled the dick out of my pussy and went and sat in a chair and told me she wanted a lap dance. The next night during sex she told me how much it turned her on when I sucked the cum out of the panties the previous night and asked me if tonight I would lick up the mess I make.

dominant female wanted mechanical knowledge is a m

fetish 2018-01-07

we started the vacuum and he let his massive cock get sucked back and forth into the hose as he worked his cock back and forth with our creation I bent him over and selected an 8 inch dildo to fuck him with, we spent hours getting to the point of cumming and then easing up just enough to be able to go a little longer, the battery on our camera died but we didn't care, my skin glistened and tingled in the moonlit room out in the country, my body vibrated with pleasure from head to toe as I watched him get closer and closer to release,

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 24

fetish Thorilla 2018-01-07

"Mr. Tom, we have no longer any toilet paper left and we need to dry ourselves," the doll-faced Japanese girl said laughing hysterically, "and you will have to lick us dry or we will tell Miss Wiff-Naseford," she exclaimed once again smiling and sniggering with glee. I heard the toilet flush and she suddenly appeared over me with her buttocks in my face and her nightdress pulled up to her waist. Another moon-faced girl in a lime green gingham nightdress slipped her leg over me and sat astride my head, and dropped her hem over me. I felt as If my face was being slowly eroded down to bone as her huge damp stinking knicker gusset slid over my nose for the millionth time, or so it felt.

On Her Terms Ch. 02: The Reward

fetish econut 2018-01-07

"What excited you more, the thought of feeling your boytoy's warm cock for the first time in 2 years, or the sight of me fucking him like a cheap slut?" Laura just moaned and rolled her head back as Sam's probing fingers found her sensitive clitoris. "Yes, Sir." said Dale, as he obediently leaned forward and took Laura's foot into his hands, rubbing it and kissing it. "See Dale, this little slut loves my fat cock," said Sam. She reached down and ran her fingers through Laura's hair and looked her in the eyes. Dale could only watch as Sam did all the work setting the pace, and Laura threw her head back and began to scream as the intense orgasm hit her with full force.

Angie Makes Me a Pie

fetish DiggerDave 2018-01-06

I felt her vaginal muscles spasm around my hard cock almost pulling the sperm out from me, depositing it deep inside her juicy wet hairy pussy. I had spent the week fantasizing about watching Angie make love with John, then tasting the juicy cream pie afterwards. John was clearly enjoying the attentions of Angie's mouth and tongue as he told her "that feels great, suck my cock baby." I watched as John leaned forward and firmly thrust his tongue between the smooth folds of Angie's hairless pussy. John rubbed his thick erect cock between Angie's long wet pussy lips covering the purple head in her slippery juices. I watched with some feelings of jealously as Angie enthusiastically sucked John's hard cock free of her juices.

Mistress on a Mission

fetish anonymous3 2018-01-06

At the end of that day, the blonde object of my attention had stopped at my table and asked me to join her at her place to talk and get to know each other a little better. But when I started there, I learned a lot about the common fetishes, and while I dealt with only one guy, I researched the golden shower thing and discovered it's more common than people will admit," Tasha said. Given that the ladies have missed out with someone I realize now is a smart, easygoing guy, I'd like to keep it casual and let you enjoy yourself, at the same time you get a little experience under your belt," Tasha explained.

Kitty Cat

fetish bobbyjohnford 2018-01-06

This time he was here for business, and he had a few short hours to explore, have a few drinks and then head back to the hotel to catch some sleep before his 5am flight. Feeling unsure and very ready for a nightcap Bobby headed towards a fluorescent blinking blue sign with the words "The Kitty Cat Bar" blaring out into the street. Bobby spread open her thick legs, exposing her pussy and Bobby grabbed his cock in his hand moving it over her clit and feeling the wetness of her on the head of his swollen cock. "Bobby..." she said trying to catch her breath, "I think you missed your fucking flight..."

My Panty Slave

fetish EzRyeter 2018-01-06

His mouth finds the soft spot on my inner thigh, right below the leg opening of my panties. "Kiss my panties." They may be his most favorite words in all the world's languages, and I can barely complete the sentence before his mouth is pressed to the crotch of my silky under things, kissing and caressing my wonton vagina through my sexy underwear. "Thank you." James says, again, he is very polite when he's wearing girl panties. At some point I remember to move my stocking covered foot between his legs and caress his cock and balls through his panties. Once he finds the spot between my legs that he likes, he is required to spend the next several minutes kissing my ass all over my panties.