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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Return Visit Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2018-10-04

Lovely Carla was essentially passed-out and moaning softly, her ass was moving on its own, my shaft drawn inside her so deep, I barely felt her rectal walls, still incredibly stretched beyond form, but after only a few passive thrusts, I couldn't help myself, her gut was doing all the work; she pushed out instinctively, bearing her weight down, trying to crunch outward into my penetration; she was trying to shit onto my cock as I gently inched inward. As I tried to lean over and kiss her shit-smeared mouth with mine, her rectum became an unforgiving machine, swallowing and pumping and milking the purple-headed teat of my cock until it exploded in a fiery gush deep into her pummeled bowels, spraying its furious lava across her organs, filling her cavities, every nook, every fisted corner.

Not Quite a Regular Guy

fetish owengreybeard 2018-10-04

Sarah's eyes looked calmly into mine as she asked the question. The anesthetic took effect very quickly, and Sarah's face relaxed as her leg went numb. We loaded Sarah and a cooler with the remains of her leg into Dr. Garson's SUV, and as I was propping her up with a sleeping bag, she gathered me into a hug and whispered, "Thank you so much for your help today, Dr. Owen. During the trip to the hospital in Bend, he looked back to check on Sarah, and she had one hand on the top of her propped-up stump, and the other down her shorts. As I turned to face her, Sarah was standing in the shallow end of the pool, hopping gently to keep her balance.

Red or Black?

fetish bawdybloke 2018-10-04

Even when she travelled to my house for the New Year celebrations at my family's modest abode and we spent the night naked in my double bed, curled up together and holding each other tight as we drifted away into slumber, we could be nothing more than a rich girl with a poor friend. I wasn't allowed to use their swimming pool until I removed my swimming trunks and then Katherine's stepmother openly admired my package, drawing attention to it's "cute hang." My friend giggled, rubbing her hand over my shaft and openly jerking my cock into an erection to flirt.

Financial Domination--HS Crush Part 2

fetish beg4ignore 2018-10-04

I wasn't sure if I should approach, so I sat in a booth nearby, watching...they were talking, and then touching hands, and finally I saw Jaime kiss him. She responded by sharing with me that she enjoyed it, but also that it was a bit hard on her, because she really, genuinely, liked me and wanted me to be happy and feel loved. She told me that even though she would be ignoring me, she would be thinking of me with love, affection and gratitude, and her smile and words were so sincere at that moment, that there was little doubt in my soul and in my heart that she was telling me the absolute truth.

Angel, Stripped Ch. 03

fetish gradprof 2018-10-04

"Angel and I," Erika asked her voice now tentative, "were hopin' you could jaunt over to our place for supper tonight. Adding fuel to the fire, Angel gave me a hug and a gentle tug on my crotch before she and Erika drove away. "Well last night I reckon Angel was in one'a her moods," Erika said. Erika chuckled and then said, "Unless I ask y'all a direct question, I don't wanna' hear ya' talkin'. "Last Sunday ya helped Angel fulfill a fantasy she'd been dreamin' on for an awfully long time," Erika said, looking at me. Erika continued the story, "Last night, Angel knew she'd a hankerin' for y'all to come over. I gave Erika a bemused expression and then lifted Angel's left foot.

My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife

fetish wastedaway 2018-10-04

Jeff's fingers reached their destination, "She doesn't have any on, she's wet and sticky, and, if you can believe it, I think she shaves her pussy." With that Shelly said, "I took them off in the lady's room, I thought you'd want me bare down there, and yes sir, I do shave, in fact I shaved smooth this morning." Jeff asked where they were going...a motel perhaps? You may want to sample her ass before you come." He liked the idea and started to pull out of Shelly's pussy, but he was too far gone, as he was maneuvering his dick towards her tight pink rosebud the thought of what he was about to do was too much for him and he shot his sticky cum all over my wife's ass -- a huge load considering he'd come down her throat within the hour.

Our First Night

fetish luvinlicker 2018-10-04

Then, your thighs lock around my head and you push your pelvis down to my lips, your body melting from the inside out, yours eyes widen, your hands grasp at your breasts and you cum for the first time in your life. My cock begins to get harder, thicker and pushes deeper as your pussy gets wetter, tighter and feels as though it's trying to suck every drop of cum possible from my body. My body falls down, still between your legs, still deep inside you, your pussy still not have released it's grip, your hands holding me, on running it's fingers through my hair as you whisper "Sleep, my love.

Hot Mama

fetish Svenskaflicka 2018-10-04

Here, my love, come here, let me kiss your sweet lips, your swelling tits, your belly, oh!, let me kiss this life-bearing, sexy belly! I stick my tongue inside your pussy, I clear the way for our child, I know that you like this, because I hear you moan. I fuck you with my fingers and I lick your nub, and I feel you coming, I hear your moans grow louder, and I feel your lovely pussy cramping around my fingers. A sexy, pregnant Mother Goddess is playing peek-a-bo with my dick! You pull me closer, and I enter Paradise when your sweet, wet mouth takes my dick in and suck on it. My dick feels like its being sucked into your sexy belly.

Rockin' With The Rhythm Still

fetish BrokenDragon79 2018-10-04

"Mmmm...that's it girl...That's just how I like it...your pussy is so tight around my dick baby." My moans so loud they could have been mistaken for screams, I matched his thrusts as I pulled my feet up under me and bounced up and down on his cock. Leaning over so that my knees were next to my head and his mouth right next to my ear he slammed his cock deeply within me then whispered "So scream lover...don't hold back baby me that you like what I am doing." Then still holding my knees next to my head with his hands and raising himself up so he could continue his abrasive assault on my very senses he slowly penetrated me sliding every inch of his thick meat inside my wet quivering depths.

Two Islands: Day 1

fetish blu3rthanu 2018-10-04

My aunt's friend rented two islands for us to spend our vacation for the whole weekend. I was kinda excited for this trip coz I thought my best friend would join me diving and fishing; but he got sick and had to stay at home. Leaving the shower curtain open for me to watch the video as I jack off. "I heard the sound of your laptop and I thought you were chocking so I came to see." Her words made it official that she saw me right from the sex scene. Before I could stick my finger into her vagina, I saw her staring at my stiff and hard cock like a k** asking for a balloon from someone he just met.

Casting Call

fetish budnging2000 2018-10-04

The girl who walked in left, the slut she played at alone at night kissed their egos, the whore of Amanda's minds eye was a porn star. A divan was waiting, another woman on her hands and knees, sucking men already, their eyes now fixed on Amanda as she entered. That girl wanted to feel cocks sliding inside her pussy, her mouth. She felt hair on her lower back, wondered if one of the girls who had been sucking the men before she came in was the owner of the snake in her ass, almost making her scream around the cock in her mouth. Amanda dialed the numbers, mouth watering at what the voice would give to her this time, would it dull the need forever or open it wider.

3 Evil s****rs-Part 4

fetish steved0825 2018-10-04

After I dried myself off I opened the door only to have Gene grab onto my hand and drag me through more dark hallways and into a small room that looked like it hadn’t been touched in ten years. Ashley was in her soccer uniform but she wasn’t drenched in sweat as usual, in fact if I had to guess it looked like she didn’t even get to play. “Me,” I answered walking away coolly, “Because how else are you going to explain why Ashley kept disappearing from her room and Izzy suddenly being nice to me.” With a final glance behind me, Riley’s eyes locked onto mine, “You know I’m right.”

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 06

fetish NancyPan 2018-10-04

Lost in the scent of Kelli's fragrant panties and the erotic thrill of being spanked by Ms. Panington in front of Ms. Jensen, the bounce of my breast forms as I lay across her lap, and when my cock had rubbed against the silkiness of her nylon stockings, all I could think of was relief. "Yes, a towel would be good, and please summon Ms. Sweeney to bring me a fresh pair of pantyhose," Ms. Panington responded, then continued, "What shall we do with this sissy? After a pause Ms. Panington says, "I'm thinking that since he is so aroused by wearing feminine clothing, that perhaps he is not able to handle the stimulation of panties, bras, stockings, heels, and such until he has learned strict ejaculation control.

neighbourhood obedience

fetish 2018-10-04

Cheryl grabs my wife to go sit with her and Mike while Daryl and I start talking about our jobs. Cheryl comes and grabs me and tells me to sit down next to her while Daryl and Mike continue to rub their cocks on my wife's face. Cheryl instructs me to do all of the things to the dildo she's holding in front of me as my wife does to Mike's cock. Cheryl is now face fucking me with the dildo and I try to move my hand towards my cock to stroke it but she slaps it away and tells me I'm not cumming until her husband does. "You like watching your pretty wife get pounded by two big black cocks, Little Boy?" Cheryl says to me on film.

It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet

fetish A Cracker Slut 2018-10-04

A slightly odd look passed over Sara's face for a second, Nicola noticed it but put it down to the Gin and satisfied she knew all she needed to about Lady Fontshall steered the conversation onto other stable boys she fancied. Nicola couldn't help wishing that she was owned, a piece of property to be looked after and cared for by a loving owner, she wanted to be used for other peoples pleasure, a sex slave something to be toyed with and then put away for another time. The thought of horses returns her mind to the pictures, Nicola feels as though her appetite has been wetted, she wants to see more, understand more about how this bizarre form of submission came about.

Schoolgirl and teacher

fetish Jane36 2018-10-04

He rubbed his dick which was throbbing inbetween my bum cheeks and reached around this time to undue the buttons on my blouse and through my blouse expertedly undid my bra and then put his hands into my white bra saying that my bra was well filled and what size my titties were and I replied that they were 34D and as sir could feel my nipples were all stiff and aroused. "Right Jane I need to clear this up" and then got hold of my white panties and wiped his dick clean and rubbed all his spunk off my bum and then told me to put them back on if I really liked sir.

The first night out

fetish whipfish 2018-10-04

As Jim and Carla walked in the room Steve and Susie stood there quacking with excitement. Susie, Steve’s going to need some lube on his dick.” Susie threw the dildo beside Steve and squirted lube on her hand. “His cock’s going in your arse.” Susie smiled, bent over the bed, her head on Steve’s thigh and shoed the middle two fingers of her slipper hand into her arse. “Finger in my arse, now!” Susie smiled and inserted her still lubed finger and grabbed his cock with the other hand. Carla looked up at Jim and shrugged, “Not my first choice but a very pleasant way to get cleaned up.” She had one of her sweet little smiles on her face.

Milk and Cookies Ch. 04

fetish Lady Silverrose 2018-10-04

When I asked why, she said that they had found that the treatments worked best when the pussy was stretched very wide and opened as deep as possible. She dipped her hand in the jar again and inserted three fingers into my pussy and worked the lube well into its walls. "And," she said, moving back to my breasts, "you produced a little bit of fluid." She held the mirror so I could see the milky droplets on each nipple. Sandi hit the switch on the pump and my nipples felt like they were going to be sucked through the tubes. As we were finishing up my treatment, Sandi's muscle man walked in, this time wearing a robe, to hand Dorian a message.

The Phonesex Blowjob

fetish wild_at_heart 2018-10-04

When she heard my voice and knew it was me on the line, I could hear a little intake of breath followed by "Hi Pete, did you want to do a call?" Of course I said I did; my cock was actually out of my pants and my office door locked to surprise visitors. Cristina, my phone sex lady/roleplay partner/"co-worker", then proceeded to slowly lick up and down my cock, popping the head in her mouth and popping it out "like a lollipop, Pete" and asking me if it felt good. All my daily worries were somewhere else, all I could think about and focus on was what it would feel like to have my balls in Cristina's hands, as she gripped them tight, and slowly, steadily sucked my cock.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 07

fetish Carnevil9 2018-10-04

"That's it!" He put his hands on top of his head and started to rock in place, in time with Nancy's lubricated foot-stroking on his long thin shaft. When you let me devote my life to loving and stroking your cock, to coaxing out your semen, to letting you make me feel like a woman!" Nancy nearly choked on the bullshit, but she knew that Angel got off on it. "Your throbbing cock in my hand makes me complete, makes me a woman!" Angel's short stubby dick never felt more huge, more alive, than when Nancy was stroking it, loving it, letting it know that it was the most wonderful cock in the entire world.

Eroticum 101

fetish Many Feathers 2018-10-04

After two hours of sitting there with an erection in the first place, and now this...I was once again very hard, walking next to her, realizing we were headed back to her place, where I was actually going to come for her, though I of course had other hopes at the time too. Seeing it, Jessie came scrambling over, sitting inches away from us herself now, and began sketching that as furiously as she ever had before the string of girl cum finally parted actually dripping down into my waiting open mouth. "I'm asking...because I feel like you of all people know what I'm going for here," Jessie began once more, this time speaking in less animated tones, softer in speech, questioning, not quite pleading with our instructor.

My Jungle Paradise

fetish sakura_inverse 2018-10-04

I tried a half hearted attempt to wriggle out but something deep down inside of me knew I wasn't getting out any time soon. When I was permitted to open my eyes, I ceased to be sinking in a jungle mud pit. As soon as I recovered enough, I opened my eyes to find that the tongues had gone and in their place came the natural settings of the jungle. I could only look dreamily at her as I slowly oozed deeper to the point where the mud was kissing my lower lip. As she carefully stepped into the mud, I worked my left arm back up to the surface, causing me to sink to my nose.

Peter's College Swim Class Ch. 01

fetish Peter93 2018-10-04

Today, one of my assistants, Josh, will go with you all to the locker room and hand out your swim suits for you to get changed into. If you could form a quick line and come up and tell me your waist size, I can hand them out to you." He reached into a box and pulled our swim suits out. I understand it might be more revealing than what you're used to, but this is a swimming class." Josh stated as he handed Matthew his speedo. Can you help this guy out and check the tag on his underwear and tell me his waist size." Josh asked me. Matthew was already shirtless and it looked like he was getting ready to drop his pants to put on the speedo.

Making a Maid Ch. 01

fetish garamel 2018-10-04

"The legs I want shaved daily, a garter, hose and panties after your morning shower, then your uniform with the and hair piece on with barrettes to hold it in place and finally you can wear your sandals to complete your look." "This attire will be worn at all times!" "Understood?" I then quickly agreed to her terms "Yes ma'am." Looking at her pussy as another drop of semen began to gather, "The last thing you need to know is that if you disobey or break any of these simple guidelines lines you will be punished, the first time and again for two more transgressions, after the third time I will end the game.