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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Bet Ch. 03

fetish jomar 2018-01-06

Breathing a little heavier when we broke, Lilla said, "Baby, you know how I love your mouth. With a practiced move I tucked my dazzling deep purple hair behind my ear, felt and heard the sexy whisper of nylon as I shifted, saw the flared lace sleeve and my long light burgundy nails as my hand held her cock. I lay there, on my knees, head down with my cheek on the mattress, dazzling purple hair now covering my face, holding myself open for Lilla with long light burgundy nails. Using her wetness I worked a finger into her rear and she hissed, "Yes." With one hand twisting a nipple Lilla reached behind my head, pulled me into her hard and I heard her growing moan crescendo and felt her spasms on my tongue.

The Morning After

fetish Kitten772 2018-01-06

I can feel your erect prick against my swollen cunt lips and I arch my back slightly against your weight. "And what is it my greedy American consort wants this morning?" You wriggle your hips slightly and the head of your cock parts my lips and I'm left whimpering and speechless. As I bend to adjust the temperature before turning on the shower, I feel your arms wind around my waist and your cock against my ass. "Try," I whisper, feeling lightheaded and feverish suddenly, taking your cock in my hand and pushing it downward. I cry out as I feel another stream splashing at my cunt lips and down my legs, my hand going to my clit, feeling your piss soaking my fingers as I stroke myself.


fetish MungoParkIII 2018-01-06

The waiting area was just across from a small treatment room that was, for the time being, empty. When a young man in a white coat came down the hall and called her name she backed out of the treatment rooms and said, "Yes, here I am." Stepping through the door the doctor looked at her and said, "Okay Ms. Arls..." She felt his cock begin to harden as he started to pull back away from her, but then stopped as she began gently stroking him until he came fully erect. The female nurses really have to fight off the patients." He then took her blood pressure and pulse, carefully put the instruments away and then said, "Okay, are you ready to go?"

Wife: A Typical Saturday Morning

fetish soupy_sub_hub 2018-01-06

I think about her lovely smile, ruddy cheeks, puffy lips and soft pale skin, her silky hair draped over my thighs and pelvis as she pushes her ass to my face and sucks my rigid cock-head. I take my time and imagine what it's like to be my wife, to be in her hot lusty body, to have such voluptuous boobs and curves, ass and hips, silky stomach and hot creamy cunt to be rubbed and sucked and tongued and fucked. In and out of my ass, she's sucking my aching cock harder and fast, the tension builds, I feel the warmth spreading through my loins, I hump, up and back, fucking her face, she strokes my wet cock, as she blows me, now thrusting the vibrating cock in and out of my asshole.

Milk, Sex, Milk, Milk, Sex

fetish tevyus 2018-01-06

"Now, Don," said my wife, shakily, "Jill tells me that she HAS to pump milk or her breasts get terribly sore. And Lana, when her turn came, tried jilling off (pardon the expression) on the divan, and couldn't say enough good things about it - she'd never masturbated in front of other people before, but with us glued to her wonderful breasts, she got a lot out of it. I wasn't jealous of how Lana and Jill grew expert at eating each other's pussies or masturbating each other - I (if I say so myself) have a really good touch, and they agreed that I was the best of us at manually bringing an orgasm to bloom in them.

my aunt made me a transvestite

fetish momandboys 2018-01-06

Even though I was young and didn't really know about sex, I loved looking at her breast and pussy through the sheerness. Now that I'm grown and an older man now, I look back and think about how my aunt surely knew we were wearing her lingerie, nylons and heels while made up. I've been dressing in lingerie, garter belts, nylons and high heels for over 50 years now and still love it. I wore her panties, lingerie, high heels and had a wonderful time at her mirrored vanity making myself into the whore I know she would love to have seen. I shall never forget my aunt having such a good time turning two little boys into a pair of the hottest little girls you would want to see.

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 03

fetish dominantwomenrule 2018-01-06

As much as I enjoy the excitement, satisfaction and incredible sense of dominance taking my husband's rectal temperature provides, I unmistakably achieved a higher degree of turn on the times I witnessed another female, whether it was his doctor or her nurse, performing the deed. When I do I need you to remove everything from the waist down." And then turning to me she said, "I don't know if you want to step out for this portion of his exam." I quickly snapped back, "Thanks for asking but if it is o.k. with you I will stay." She indicated that was fine.

Craig's List - Cross Dresser Part 2

fetish MassMan669 2018-01-06

My dick is only half hard but I rub it into the cum on your face and feed it to you with the head of my dick. Then I rub my balls all over your face before leaving them for you to tongue and suck them into your mouth. I put my hard dick in the crack of your ass and slide up and down like I'm fucking a girls titties except this is sliding across your satin panties. Then I start rubbing my dick up and down your ass cheeks again. When my entire seven inches is inside of you and you feel my pelvis on your ass cheeks, you let out a long moan.

Chris Grffin pt 1

fetish wsgy411 2018-01-06

Sure, my dad may be a fat, inconsiderate retard, mymother a slutty, mean, self - absorbed bitch, mys****r a suicidal social outcast and myb*****r a homosexual megalomaniac, but whenit comes down to it, they're myf****y, and I love them. Matty is a fellow artist who wants to animate for Pixar one day, TJ, at six foot four, could be the school's basketball star if he wasn't so clumsy, and Clio is an aspiring actress who is quite gothic and sometimes downright terrifying. Infact, I actually wonder why everyone picks on Meg for being "ugly" and "fat", whenshe's probably the most attractive out of us three Griffin c***dren. This is the storyof me, Christopher Cross Griffin, middle c***d, artist, high school student.

Road Trip

fetish Anothersideofme 2018-01-06

His tongue so strong in my mouth, I just had to suck it; and I teased him by sucking it like a cock as I knew he enjoyed that. Half laying on my side adjacent to his butt, I lean over and lightly run my hands over his ass; slowly exposing his tight little rosebud to view. His balls and cock shaved bare for me, the way he knows I like it, I lick, then suck, at his smooth sack. I pull out my finger and run my tongue down from his balls into his ass. His hand shakes a little as he holds it out to me, and I take it with a smile when I pull my mouth from his ass.


The Hitchhiker

fetish mad hatter31 2018-01-06

Carrie and Darcy headed out of the diner and got back into the van, and as Carrie pulled out of the parking lot, she looked over and asked, “What is the problem, and can I help.” Darcy cut Carrie off by reaching over and twisting the chiffon scarf tightly around her neck, while pulling out a small knife and pushing it towards her breast. As Carrie navigated the van off the road in the direction of the gas pump, Darcy took money out of her purse for payment and warned her, “Do not make any funny moves or try to tip off the gas attendant.” Carrie responded by giving Darcy an incredibly warm reassuring smile through the scarf that gagged her, and her hazel coloured eyes were like large bright saucers.

Cut-Uncut Swingers

fetish ucsjm38 2018-01-06

Allen held his foreskin all the way back off his glans with one hand and began to message the natural lubricant all around the head of his cock. As Rich began to cum, Allen pulled his foreskin all the way back, and quickly jacked the skin up just past the corona, and then back down. Often we would role play when I was in the mood for circumcised cock and would hold back his foreskin and suck him off the same way I did with my past boyfriends. I knew I was making Rich jealous by telling Allen how much I loved his cut cock, but deep inside me I learned to get use to sucking and playing with Rich's long loose foreskin.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 02

fetish NancyPan 2018-01-06

I want you to apologize also to Ms. Jensen who had to witness your selfishness, and Ms. Sweeney who cleaned up your mess," Ms. Panington instructed. Thank you," Ms. Panington turned to me, "Look up, Tom, and I don't want to have to tell you this again. At the end of a long hall, Ms. Jensen pushed open a set of double doors and motioned for me to follow. As I began stroking Nurse Pyre began unbuttoning her dress, eventually letting it drop to the floor displaying the full-cut white lace bra that projected her triple D's to within inches of my face. Here are the things you'll need," Ms. Sweeney turned to leave, then stopped, "Oh yes, she said to tell you that she will resume his sexual history interview in the morning."

Three Hole Roulette

fetish peebudy 2018-01-06

Wiggling on the butt plug that she had inserted before she sat down to read his story, she brought her buzzing vibrator to her engorged clit, as she slowly poured the hot piss from the cup over her face, letting it run down over her nose and mouth, dripping onto her aching nipples and down to her bare pussy, pooling on the towel in between her legs. As the characters in the story reached climax, the young secretary's ass and pussy were being filled with cum, as the janitor pissed in her mouth, Kirsty Mia let out a long, loud moan, as her pussy clenched around the vibrator and she came in another mind blowing orgasm, provided once again by her favorite Literotica author, Peebudy, aka John.

Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 07

fetish ChristopherMoon 2018-01-06

Zoe nestled herself belly down on her bed and studied the text that explained how women should be able to pee over their selves. After about ten minutes, Zoe closed the book and started unfolding the towels on the bedroom floor. She opened the book one last time at page 36 and studied the illustrations showing how to position the fingers on the labia majora's. Zoe lifted up her bottom from the ground, resulting in an arc that splashed all over her black shirt. The last jet of piss was a geyser like burst that rained down on Zoe's soft and slightly bulgy belly. Zoe dismissed her wet shirt and started cleaning up the towels.

Public pantyhose masturbating again.

fetish tonyhose 2018-01-06

After a bit of this I lay down on the blanket and my friend got over me in a 69 and we began to lick and suck each other's nylon covered cocks. Before long he was ready to cum and kneeling down behind my friend he lowered himself onto him and began to rub his nylon covered cock on his bum just above my face. Our new friend began to get hard again as his cock and pantyhose were cleaned of cum. Our new friend came last but his cock spurted loads of cum into his pantyhose and I reached out and began to rub the front of his pantyhose spreading his cum all over.

Desperate in the Lift

fetish lunaswift 2018-01-06

Beth noticed as she walked that her knickers felt damp, she hoped it was excitement at the thought of what she planned to do when she got home or the rain soaking her to the skin. Beth pressed the lift button in the lobby whilst shuffling her feet, wondering if the batteries in her vibrator would still be working after all this time. "Oh God," said Beth, letting go of the button, pushing her hand between her legs in the darkness, squeezing it and squirming slightly. She could feel that Kathleen had moved to lie directly under her, tongue sticking out, hot pee splashing onto her, soaking her face and hair, covering her clothes as she lay on the lift floor.

Slave Cassandra Pt. 02

fetish amadeuserotic 2018-01-06

Anyway, after the pain she had endured, her bottom spanked sore, her cunt lips distended by clamps and dangling weights, kneeling on the floor with a piece of soiled toilet paper in her mouth was practically a relief. "Langue dans la bouche - tongue in mouth" was his next order, making it abundantly clear that she shouldn't just lick and taste the dirty floor but scoop up the pieces and swallow them. Cassandra longed for times past, when she had been used in a more dignified way, when Master and his friends had just spit on her face and covered her forehead, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, chin and breasts with copious amounts of semen.

One of our many regular weekend nights

fetish we_like_xxx 2018-01-06

This is not so much a story in the litteral sence, it is an account of something we often do on most weekends and the odd week day.. 'hay sexy' she said to Elliot, 'HAY' he replied, with a cheeky smile that said a thousand words, the girl then crawled over on to elliot on her hands and knees, as she did so, i got a climps of her sexy underwear, a ping thong, just peaking from the bottom of her short tight skirt. 'your egar tonight' he said, as she continued to kiss and nibble, Temptation had got the better of me by now, Seeing that thong getting damp from her turn on, made my mouth water, i quicky ran upstairs brought the 'toy box down' and as i entered the room she was sucking on Elliots cock taking the entire length in her mouth (which was something she had never managed before)...TBC...


fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-01-06

I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't a huge turn on for me as well, feeling his lips gently caressing the soles of my feet as he whispers how much he adores me, before he slowly works down to the bottoms of my toes, softly kissing them all and then slipping his tongue between each one, sending shivers of delight coursing through me. Needing no further inspiration he will then take one of my feet in his hand and bring it back forward in front of him, and with his outstretched tongue begin at my instep and lovingly lick his way around my heel, slowly up the inside of my calf, spending extra time in the back of my knee before proceeding up my inner thigh to finally reach the feast in which we both want him to so deliciously partake.

e****t preferences

fetish markiefun 2018-01-06

I was asked this recently on a direct chat by a lady on the other end – you know, you ring them up and you pay per minute while they tell you dirty things and you wank away. Site reviews gave an idea of what other guys had liked and experienced – but the chance to look and see the lady – before the knock on the door – was great. I love the moment you open the door – and the lady is on the other side dressed as you want here to be – I like the whole sexy secretary thing (heel, stockings (not holdups), skirt, blouse, handbag and wicked lipsticked lips).

Cuckolding Wife Ch. 01

fetish aquavulva 2018-01-06

She got off of him, and lay back on the couch with her legs spread and pouted, "My pussy is all messy and needs some attention." My husband started to move toward her, but he was pushed aside by her husband who told mine, "I'll take it from here." Her husband spread her lips with his hands and began cleaning my husband's semen from her with his mouth and tongue. As John lay above me on his hands and knees, I told my husband to stand beside the bed so he could see my pussy getting fucked.

Footfucking Fun

fetish FootjobLover 2018-01-06

"Sounds good," Rick replied, his mind trying not to focus on the thought of just dropping to his knees there in the kitchen and kissing those toes of hers. "I'll go turn on the TV and wait for Jon." Suzannah left and, after a second, (presumably, Rick thought, to slip some sort of sweet little shoes on those hot feet of hers) he heard the front door close. She lifted her other bare foot and began to play with his hard cock, gently stroking it, using her big toe to pull back his tight foreskin and feeling his hairy balls on the top of her foot.

.[b]A boy becomes a reluctant girl[/b]

fetish klammer 2018-01-06

But the strong feeling to suck a cock was growing in the same time and i was to exercise with a dildo, which gave me a warm shower over my body and after one year i got my first orgasm by only sucking a dildo. My mother had the strong wish for this step, because she said that he cannot be a real slave in mind when he was managing a company the most time of the day and should behave correctly as an a****l at home. "Yes as a boy, but we tried to change the birthday in hospital with all formalities, so that she is now old enough in most countries to marry her." Glen and i were fascinated by this message my mother said.