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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Hamster Buddies PT2

fetish ready4fun17249 2018-01-06

Just to test her nerves I knock on the bathroom door and ask " Can I watch ?" Kristi chuckles then says "Why not." I was relieved then I opened the door, "See now that takes the edge off doesn't it?" She laughs and say's "For you." "Weed cures all nervousness "I say." Her eyes light up, I then ask if she is 420 friendly and she responds "Every once in a while." I make a call to friend to get some weed and we leave to go get it. Kristi feels it and say's"Your quite large." I smile and get a handkerchief out of my jacket pocket and ask her to jerk me off.

The Skater

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-01-06

I wasted now time in walking around the table to inspect his head, lifting the seemingly grapefruit sized knob in a palm and leaning low to slap my tongue over his bursting helmet, tasting his glans like a cone of cock-flavored ice cream. My eyes were wide as I felt him pass this wall and slip inch after inch of meat into me, his enormous balls growing tantalizingly close, but still eight inches away by the time they slapped against the edge of the table and his cock could enter no further. I demonstrated this pride by swallowing on it, rolling my muscles over every inch of him I could, my tits wobbled on my chest obscenely as I reached backward and grabbed a ball in each hand, firmly squeezing and tugging the huge footballs as I nursed on his cock.

CFNM Waiter 101

fetish KNIGHT_STREAKER 2018-01-06

I was working one night and these two women, named Susan and Stephanie, came in and sat at their usual table. Well, after finishing the meal, I went over to ask the women if they would like the dessert menu. Christine responds, "Well, if you want to give up a job that will pay you $500 for a 3 hour party, plus tips, then you can go and we will look for another waiter." Jessica says, "You'll get your clothes after you finish jerking off and trying on the g-string or you can leave the apartment and we will throw the clothes out to you in the hall way." To speed things up, Susan gets down in front of me, moves my hands and starts sucking on my cock.

Once a Month? Ch. 03

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-01-06

James opened his mouth willingly as Janie pushed it deeper, her pussy dripping wet as she watched her 'cock' force its way inside her husband's mouth. James was close to delirious, Janie was fucking him harder and harder and ramming the rubber cock right to the hilt on every stroke, he could feel the urge getting stronger and stronger until eventually he felt his cock pulsing in desperation and his warm, creamy spunk began dripping onto his fingers. James raised his hand to his mouth and extended his tongue, he started to lick the sticky residue from his palm and fingers, all the time gazing lustfully at the cum covered dildo still strapped to his beautiful wife...

Fantasy Football Fun

fetish amberbmaid 2018-01-06

While Sam and Jenni fawned over the large fake cock on the counter, Kevin finally said, "I'm not sure how realistic that is." Sam laughed, "Are you kidding? Mandi, Sam and Jenni all started with Kevin and then went on to Jack. Jenni then said, "Look at that, his little cock continues to get hard as he's paddled!" Sure enough, the combination of being exposed like that along and having my ass paddled had made my cock grow as hard as could be. Mandi said, "Brianna, looks like there's one more bit of cleaning up for you to do" as she pointed towards Jenni. It was confirmed when I heard Mandi exclaim, "Look that little cock is getting hard, he likes being fucked up the ass!"

Feed Me

fetish 425olds 2018-01-06

No, she meant it; "Fine ready for me..." I had to trust in my perception; she was expecting to come home to suck my cock. I love your cock baby, god I have wanted this for so long." She gasped. "Feed your pussy cum to me." I said...she opened her eyes and smiled, then scooped wet cunt cum and fed it to my mouth. I held her face as I tongue kissed her and tasted my cum In her mouth, it was like a jolt of excitement. "Oh my god, I can't believe we did that, I can't believe I fed your cum to you that way." She said after a few minutes.

A Full Countess

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-01-06

One of the women was the Countess Valentina Norosova, a distant cousin of the czar and whose husband, who had been a colonel in the czar's army, was now missing and rumored to have left the country as an agent of the White Army, to seek help from abroad. "Madam," Gregori continued, some of my requests may seem a bit odd or even bizarre, but I must ask your indulgence. "Countess", Ygor asked again, "you know the song well. Then she smiled and replied, "Yes, I have a corset on." Marina stared at Vassily, as if to scold, and added, "Madam, such things they ask, you really shouldn't--" The Countess cut her off. But it will be necessary for you to look and act like a man, and to continue to do so until you get to Petrograd and safely away.

Maid-ing Amanda

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-01-06

At night, she would be tied down to the bed for the night, catheter closed down until the morning, when Julie would leisurely walk over when she felt like it to open it up and let her stream come out loudly onto a bedpan, which Amanda would then clean up and ready for the next night. As the erection was pumping her savagely with hot cream, as her breasts were being tormented so exquisitely, as her lovely clit was giving her the most perfect orgasm ever in Julie’s mouth, her bladder suddenly was rushing a torrent of gallons of pent-up pee all over the place!

Everlasting Fetishes

fetish jakel1nt 2018-01-06

The slight slime from her sweaty foot rubbed off of mine, she did not intend to stop, I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was trying to rub her smelly scent off on me so I could stink just like her. Just when I thought I'd orgasm, she stood up leaving my penis wanting more, and said that she is going to have to let me let me keep all that she had rubbed off on me till tomorrow because she would love to watch me hope and beg for her love and sensual juices for the rest of my life.

Alley Affair

fetish bronzeage 2018-01-06

"Sorry, Honey, its a no smoking building and we don't sell 'em either." I reach into my buddy's shirt pocket and steal his cigarette pack. Outside the door, I offer my new girlfriend a cigarette. The cigarette falls from her hand and rolls into the alley. She catches my hand and rubs me through my pants, pinching my cock through the cloth. Our mouths still locked together, she pulls my shirt up and runs her hands through my chest hair and finds my nipples, catching each in her fingers, pinching and pulling. We stand motionless, leaning on the wall, her arms around my neck and my hands cradling her ass, the only sound is our labored breathing.

Time for Us

fetish Devoted2Master 2018-01-06

Louie's hand is now trailing up her leg, caressing the inside of her thigh. Yes," she says moving her hips up to meet Louie's hand. She takes his bottom lip in hers and sucks on it, all the while her hand is in his shorts caressing and teasing his cock. She slips her tongue inside his mouth and begins kissing him, softly at first, then with more passion. Twirling her tongue around the tip, she opens her mouth slowly, taking in first the head and sucking on it. Her mouth moves up and down on his cock, her tongue pressed flat against it. She begins sucking him, pulling on his cock so that he explodes insider her mouth, deep down her throat.

Hand Job Punishment

fetish Chastebob 2018-01-06

Tom felt bad, and stupid, for having let it slip to Vickey that he had paid massage therapists for hand jobs in the past. Tom and Vickey had been getting along better and having more sex lately and he didn't want to mess up their renewed relationship. Like an expert punishment Mistress, Vickey landed a couple of blows right where his cheeks met the top of his thighs. You said not to do it, or there would be extra punishment," Tom's voice began to crack as he realized what this meant. He shouted, kicked his legs, twisted and writhed for several seconds after each blow, with Vickey waiting for him to quiet down before swinging the cane again, and leaving a bright red welt where it struck.

Hush, Little Baby

fetish Selena_Kitt 2018-01-05

The sight of her long, auburn hair as she whipped off the towel gave her a twinge—her body remembered the soft red fuzz covering her baby's head, and just the thought sent tiny rivulets of milk flowing down over her belly. Her breasts were leaking down his hands as she came, long rivers of thin, white milk running down her belly, making criss-crossing trails that led all the way down between her legs and disappeared between her wet, swollen pussy lips. The baby had stopped crying the minute she heard her mother's voice, and now she looked up at her with wide, hungry eyes, her mouth rooting around for the nipple she knew was there.

David's Girls' Academy

fetish Thorilla 2018-01-05

I found it difficult to hear so I was surprised when I felt a tap on my shoulder; I turned round and looked up into the impassive eyes of a tall blue-eyed blonde girl wearing a grey calf length cape. 'Japanese girl' spread her legs widely as she slid off the bed and I my eyes feasted upon her white lacy knickers, a frilly suspender belt supporting black stockings and a white delicate lace trimmed petticoat. 'Japanese girl' got on the bed and knelt behind me then moved forward, lifting her skirt and petticoat as she did so. From my navel upwards I was hidden under Japanese skirts and petticoats, so it must have looked a very strange sight with my thin white legs contrasting with my large engorged erection.

The Pre Date Procedure Ch. 03

fetish jane marwood 2018-01-05

Jocelyn felt a thrill run through her body as she deftly slipped her right hand between the cheeks of his bottom, impudently parting the mounds of flesh until her fingertips were pressed firmly against his sphincter. Simultaneously, she pressed the fingers of her right hand against the sensitive membranes of his sphincter, feeling his young body shudder with the sensation of her probing. Samantha had become aware that Jocelyn seemed to have an innate knowledge of how to handle the boy and was quite sure that, although Richard would be utterly embarrassed and humiliated by her, he would obey her completely. Samantha spoke clearly as she watched Jocelyn's hands play upon the penis of the young boy.

Beach Bitch Brawl

fetish peccavi 2018-01-05

I read maybe half a page and paused as if deep in thought and glanced round, my eyes hidden by my sunglasses focused on one guy on his own, looking in my direction. I guessed he was a few years older then me, maybe 28 or so .He was one of the men who had seen me rescue those kids' ball and he had flashed me a smile when I was walking back to my friends. Get off my towel and away from my husband you chubby thing." I looked at the pale wispy hair of the pretty little blonde who had been sitting with the guy before.

The Alien a*****ion #3

fetish TSRMA 2018-01-05

A loud noise woke Bloom up and her owner took her out of her box. She took Bloom with her on a bed like structure where the alien lay down. The alien opened it's legs and Bloom stared at a shaved big blue pussy. Before Bloom could think more the alien said: ''You have no choice my pet. Bloom quickly remembered what the alien said about punishment and knew she needed to it now. The alien made weird noises as Bloom was licking the pussy. Bloom tried to get as much air into her lounghs every time the alien took her out. It was very hard to endure this punishment but after a few minutes the alien took Bloom out and trew her on the 'bed'.

The Weather Girl Ch. 03

fetish seat542 2018-01-05

On my last visit, Betty took a clean, heavily scented, and "juice" stained cloth from a stack in her bedside drawer to dab my nervous face as she showed me Jim's (now deceased) taste in clothes as part of her helping me put a new, civilian wardrobe together. Ours hands touched, Sonya smiled and spoke, "I don't want to sound too forward and I don't know your relationship with Betty, but if you are ever interested, I'd love to share a coffee with you sometime. Betty called this "private intimate pleasures." The wine glass was shaking as I took a big gulp to help calm myself down.

I Became My Girlfriend's Toilet

fetish James3313 2018-01-05

I decided on my first step – next time we make "69" oral sex, I will "accidentally" lick her asshole, hoping she would like the feeling of the "accident". So, starting from that day, there were many times we had sex and I licked her asshole, when it was not after her taking a shower. I did it to her many times for a few months – she finishes taking a shit in the toilet, and I come to lick her asshole immediately after it. I decided that after 2 months of me licking her asshole after she takes a shit, it could be a good time to try the next step. Finally, my mouth was empty of her shit, and I said "Come here baby, I will lick your asshole".

Something in Common

fetish femmepen 2018-01-05

Sometimes he would follow them in and sneak into the stall listening to them sigh and pee and wanting so bad to shove his hard cock into their pretty pink mouths. With pants and panties down around her ankles and the only person to hear her being Heath she set the butterfly on low and felt the wonderful pulsing go through her body via her clit. Anne wasn’t sure if Chris liked women, but she figured what the bitch really needed was a good lesbian fuck to set her straight, so to say. Another outburst of “oh yes you slut bitch show me how bad you want it” and she knew that Heath was as close as she was.

Asshole in College Ch. 05

fetish kmarkk 2018-01-05

Scarlet screamed out in pleasure as her juices flowed all over Joe's face. Breathing hard, she slowly turned her head back down and pulled him out of her by his hair. Joe entered to find Scarlet sitting at the edge of the bed only in a bra, and a pair of panties, and a pair of black heels. She leaned over onto him, grabbed the hair on the back of his head, and pulled him up and whispered into his ear, "You remember that one thing I spared you of the last time?" "Now, I'm going to ride you this way." She leaned down on him, pinned his hands over his head and kissed him hard.


fetish Gethelred 2018-01-05

I want you to hate how I make you feel, even as you scream my name. Hate how, not too much later, you are on you knees in the shower, my cock down your throat, or I am between your legs, returning the favour. I remember, hitting on you, knowing you were taken, and hating both myself for doing it and you for being so receptive. You scream the word bastard, as you tear open the skin on my back with your nails, as I enter your body, your thighs parting willingly, invitingly. I release your arms, pinning you with my body, my own teeth clamped down onto the side of your neck; I know that'll leave a mark.

Mark's Wife is Too Hot Ch. 01

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-01-05

It looks like your little friend is happy to see me," Denise giggled as she grinded her bubbly ass into Marks hardon. Denise pumped her hand full of lotion, and began to quickly stroke Mark's small penis. "Wow, for such a little guy, he sure does shoot a lot," Denise said as she watched Marks penis fire its last shot. "We will pair up, no couples allowed, and the women will get their partner's penis hard, measure his length, width, and finally jerk him off," Jessica started back up with the rules again. Coming in last, and the mans wife who will be blowing James later...MARK with a penis girth of 3.75 inches," Jessica announced as the crowd once again erupted in laughter.

Anton's Play Thing

fetish Stillherer 2018-01-05

I stood there swaying gently while this large smiling black man stroked, caressed and explored my trembling white form, "Oooh my my my yes," he murmured throatily, "Oooh yess Anton is going to enjoy you baby!" Anton allowed me to marvel at the size of him up close before his large black hand slipped behind my head and slowly purposefully drew my white lips towards his massive black cock. Once he had forced the alcohol and pill into me Anton straddled my chest and started pressing his large shiny black cock against my lips. I tried to pull away until I was utterly shocked into stillness when the old mans hot mouth and hard tongue contacted my still gaping cum oozing ass.