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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Three Good Witches

fetish YDB95 2018-01-05

"A few summers ago he 'accidentally' saw me getting out of the shower, and -- I'm sorry, Scott, I hope you don't mind, but I have a pretty big bush, not like Allie's or anything, but --" "I've never told him about what you look like naked, Darlene, I promise," Allie said. "You would if you were a hairy gal or a guy who was in love with one," Scott said, not unkindly, drawing nods of agreement from Darlene and Allie. "What I think Sam is getting at," Darlene said, "is, at Halloween, all the fraternities and sororities hire out for shows, for their entertainment, and then of course there's a big party with the cast afterward. "And we know you won't mind putting guys like that in their place, Allie," Scott teased.

My First 14 Incher!

fetish 2018-01-05

"Really, she is much prettier than you said, I'm Davey by the way." He smiled as he spoke to me, he was a large guy, looked fit for his age with a few grey hairs in his tight curled hair, " Stevie told me so much about you," he reached out to touch my long blonde hair, I flinched, "There now my beauty don't be scared," I looked across at Steve who was satvin an old, battered leather armchair, "Now Davey first things first, fifty you said OK?" The man reached into his trouser pocket and counted off a number of notes, he passed them to Steve, "A bit extra there Stevie as she looks so fine, girl In love the way you look, your hair, so long and shiny, your shirt and tie, man that's good," he reached for my hair again twisting an end around his finger, " Now my little lady let Davey show you something!" As he spoke he unbuckled his belt and opened his jeans, he had no boxers on beneath, I gave a little gasp as I caught sight of his huge cock, it was semi- hard , shiny black with a large purple head, I had seen a few BBCs but never one like Davey's.

The Weekend Ch. 05

fetish jsg1966 2018-01-05

I was really starting to believe this, until I heard the heels stop suddenly, right outside my window. Then suddenly, I heard what sounded like one girl running away. My eyes took a couple seconds to adjust, but then I was looking straight at the three college girls on the other side of the window, with one taking pictures like there was no tomorrow. Turn around, feet about a foot and a half apart, bend over, hands on the bed." As I obeyed, I saw you reach in the bag and pull out a paddle. You're blaming them for receiving this punishment; it's only fair that they get to see it." And with that, you pulled my panties down to my knees, my bare ass exposed to the window.

Angel's Education

fetish GeorgeTyerbyter 2018-01-05

As the high school senior's supple body quivered uncontrollably through this latest lustful convulsion, the wet offerings from her vice-principal's numerous ejaculations—clumped, multi-layered splotches and elongated streaks thickly coating the girl's porcelain skin—were in motion on her upturned face. During the vice-principal's impetuous attack on her exposed flesh, the cotton material was being pulled taut across her chest, as the remaining closed buttons on the half-open garment struggled to hold fast against the thrust of Angel's protruding orbs. With Angel momentarily quiet, the vice-principal took his hand, now wet from his own sperm, off her face, and brought it down to rest on her pussy. Any indication of such a thing happening in Reverend Tucker's home would surely bring severe disciplinary proceedings into play and swift punishment for both Steven and Angel.

Slut Wife - A Submissive Tale

fetish policywank 2018-01-05

Sexy is what a guy finds attractive and makes him want to fuck you. As we continued dating for the rest of that school year I learned what it was like to be with a male that was closer to man than boy. No different than a lot of girls I suppose but I really felt like I was all over the place, vacillating between nice traditional guys and ones that I thought would be dominant. Telling me how exquisite my body is, expounding on how tight and wonderful my pussy felt around his cock, praising the site of a sexually wanton woman, even acknowledging a woman's need for abundant male attention to partake of her pleasures and give it back to her.

Met 2 s****rs with a secret part 2

fetish drew1207 2018-01-05

As much as I loved feeling Asha's warm, wet mouth around my cock, and as much as I loved the feeling of my lips sliding up and down the length of her thick shaft, or the sensation of her sucking on her balls, it was only when I was inside her that our souls truly connected as one. I reached out, took Asha's cock in my hand, and began to stroke her until she was fully hard. Shanthi didn't spend any time making sweet, gentle love to me the way I did with Asha. Looking into Shanthi's face, I could see how close she was to her orgasm, and I was eager to feel what Asha had felt every time I came inside her.

Who's Next

fetish phanatical 2018-01-05

I licked and sucked her other nipple before I started to trail kisses down her body till I stuck my hard tongue deep inside her sweet pussy. Lydia knew that Donna would never drift off to sleep when there was a hard cock in the room and told her that she loved the tongue work that I had just given her. Donna continued to work on her friend with her mouth and two fingers up inside Lydia's pussy. Donna then started to suck my tight balls and Lydia lifted her legs behind her and rubbed her nylons up and down my back and ass and that was it.

The Sperm Donation Ch. 05

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-01-05

Carol brought the open end of the container to the head of Jack's tensing cock and the watching girls leaned in for a closer view. As the Asian girl headed for the door Jack got up off the table and followed her, his hard cock bobbing in front of him as he walked. "Jack, I can see you are ready to begin the insemination process so we will get started immediately." Karen said as she indicated the nude, kneeling woman on the table with the hand that was not holding Jack's penis. When the door was fully open Karen walked back inside the room followed by the same five girls who had watched Jack earlier in the day and then Mei and Carol.

Red Handed

fetish WendysBoyToy 2018-01-05

"I'll bet you'd like to put that thing of yours into my hot little pussy, wouldn't you?" My pulse quickened as she spoke and I impulsively started moving my hand faster. "You keep jerking it, but don't you dare cum yet." She pinched one nipple between her thumb and forefinger to make her point, squeezing as she looked me in the eye. "Yes," I went on, barely able to hold my eyes open, "I want your pussy, I love your hot little pussy." I jerked off more vigorously, both hands wrapped tightly around my pulsing cock. "Yeah, I'll bet you'd like to taste my pussy too!" She pushed her waistband down so that I could see her finger sliding up and down her smooth, hairless slit.

Halloween Pool Party Pt. 01

fetish sissymissyct 2018-01-05

I went back to my place that night and had dinner, but couldn't help but think about Maddy and that yellow bikini. I couldn't keep from getting hard looking at their beautiful fem bodies and how pretty their smooth crotches looked in the bikini panty. I dressed , then went and paid Olga and she smiled and said I looked and smelled great and asked me to come see them again soon. Deciding that I couldn't wait until I got to work, after a shower and further examining my now hairless body I wore my pink and white bikini under my jeans and tee shirt, had breakfast, then headed for the Danes' home.

A Long Day

fetish songwriter503 2018-01-05

Although I frequently don't let her come when she wants to, I usually do, eventually, which ends up being many times in a typical day. Plus, if I keep her on the edge for too long it usually gets me all worked up, so that if I don't let her come I might have a hard time not coming myself, and I don't want to do that - I'd rather fuck more, and if I come I can't fuck again for hours, and that's boring. She was used to me only telling her to come periodically, like usually after she had stopped herself several times and seemed to be bursting with desire, but she had developed an expectation that release would be there eventually, after not too long, really.

The Power of Jake

fetish DickLover59 2018-01-05

Jake sat his beat up pick up truck and watched Sonny's father walk across the street in downtown Taos, and he smiled inwardly as he did. Jake had been carefully, and with great patience, cultivating a growing number of such local white boys in north New Mexico area. Each time Sonny, or one of the growing number of other white boys that he had ensnared in this way, left his trailer house, they left Jake with a mouth full of their warm, fertile seed; seed that would NEVER find it's way into an otherwise, and equally warm, and receptive, white womb! "Yeah, dumbass," Jake said under his breath as Sonny's father got into his pick up truck and left.

Oral Self Satisfaction

fetish Anal Slave 2018-01-05

One time when I was getting ready to cum I lost my balance and my cock went a good four or five inches in my mouth and I shot cum right down my throat, you know what? Then it was my turn, She ask me a question and I took the dare, she wanted to stick her dildo up my ass I reached over and got the Vaseline, bent over and she started lubing my asshole up as soon as she started working it in to my well lubed up ass my cock started cumming without even touching it. When I stuck my cock in my mouth I was surprised she went down on me to, we both was slobbering all over my cock at the same time when I started to cum she slipped my hot wet cock down her throat and swallowed my whole load of cum.

A Business Arrangement Ch. 3

fetish Isabella Thorne 2018-01-05

"Oh God, please don't let the tops of my pantyhose show," I thought nervously as I tugged at the bottom of what now seemed my way-too-short skirt and tried to sit as lady-like as I could, sinking back bit by bit into the soft leather couch. "I just thought we could relax a little over our business meeting, n'est-ce pas?" Jerry said with a mischievous grin – a little boy's grin, like that of a naughty child who knows he is about to get away with something forbidden.

A Cuckhold's Tale 3

fetish BiCucky 2018-01-05

I took Will’s massive cock in my hands and began to examine it, explore it as he had instructed. Nadya and he laughed, chatted and tongued each other’s mouths as I ministered to Will’s cock. I want to watch you stretch her cunt wide and pry open her asshole. I want to press you against my cheek, smell you, watch you piss, watch you fuck. “Yes, well give it a deep lover’s kiss then get to work on the barbeque and bring me a cold beer. I’m so sore from his monster cock but I want it more and more. He wants to have his friends fuck me and you know I have always fantasized over a gangbang.

The Junk Store

fetish jacksgirl 2018-01-05

Then as I turned the corner in the back of the store, kind of bumped into a little old man. "I mean, I probably do need it but don't know anybody who would do that for me..." my voice just kind of trailed away. He came back to where I stood, picked up the paddle with one hand, and took my arm with the other hand, leading me to where the counter made an L in the back of the store. He just kept it up until it felt like it would never end. "Oh, yes, I knew she'd be nice and wet!" He kept stroking my pussy until I felt myself come all over his fingers.

Hungarian Honey-trap

fetish Richard963 2018-01-05

I wondered what her pussy felt like, so I moved my right hand round and pushed it up her short skirt. I tried to stand but she still held me down but I moved my face out of the yellow smelly stream, it went down the front of my clean white shirt instead. I went to the bathroom and began to pee into the bowl when I felt Yuri come up behind me and press her nipples into my back. I felt Yuri's hand on my head and she pulled me into her crotch until I could take the piss directly into my mouth. I held her arse in my two hands and moved it back and forward, until Yuri grabbed my head and held it close and spasmed.

Pushing Limits

fetish MasterNickolas 2018-01-05

She whimpered again, her voice wavering as she pleaded, “Please Sir. Need more, please more…” She sounded desperate—her entire body trembled as his fingers pushed deeper, thrust faster. His smile bloomed wickedly and he pushed his fingers deeper, reminding her that she was His. She screamed, her entire body trembling as he pushed her over the edge and still kept up the assault on her nerves—her vision flashed white as pleasure tumbled into pain, and then shifted again into pleasure, into sensory overload. His fingers moved deeper, stretching her impossibly, “Want you to come for me now, girl, right now,” his voice rumbled right in her ear, and she trembled and moaned as he pushed harder.

Mom, Daughter Fun

fetish mrcooldude234 2018-01-05

Guys like that, love begin fucked in the ass" she give me another dirty look. She then flips me over, brings my legs up so that my knees are on either side of her head, she leaves forward and begins fucking me hard in the ass again my head banging the wall she she does. "Good now its my turn to cum" She goes harder and faster making me cum a few more before picking me up she stand up holding me in the air with my legs wrapped around her and the 10" black dildo in my ass, she begin bouncing me on the dildo as she walks towards a wall, once there she fuck me hard once again bringing me to an orgasm, my body shaking with this one.

That Ass, Though

fetish solitarycafe 2018-01-05

"Okay, twenty bucks says I can beat your ass by at least twenty points," the rowdy ginger took a pull of her beer and gave her friend a challenging look. Kelly shook her head and laughed, "Like hell you are." She stepped up and took her friend's place. "Oh shit," Mia couldn't hold on a groan as she tossed her head back, "No, goddammit, it feels so good." The stacked young woman sighed languidly and gasped as her friend began to stroke even faster. Her friend's ass felt just as amazing as it looked, and as she began to fuck Kelly's ass crack she pressed both of the woman's ass cheeks together and sandwiched her dick tightly.

Lilprincess's alien encounter pt1

fetish 2018-01-05

His tongue is now forcing my cervix open, I beg 'please stop I can't take it', he removes his tongue and slowly licks up from my pussy to my face in an intimidating manner, I feel his warm breath on my neck so I close my eyes. I am horrified by the size and shape of his enormous cock which is now leaking pre-cum all over my face, his tongue now deep inside me penetrates my cervix! I feel his massive dick twitching deep inside me as my pussy starts filling with his warm and extremely sticky cum, my cervix is filled to its limit and I almost feel like a balloon as more and more pumps inside me!

Lost Bet with friends CFNM

fetish 13anonymous13 2018-01-05

As the next hand progressed I began to become very excited, the thought of seeing Sara and Kerri nude was awesome! They all giggled in unison, Sara yelled "nice ass", Kerri told me I looked great from the rear and Wendy just said "spank him"! My wife continued to squeeze and rub my ass, at one point she pulled my cheeks apart and slid her finger over my hole, I squeezed my anus tighter and she began to laugh. "You have two minutes left of your spanking, and I want to make sure my s****rs can see your cock on full display!" There I was standing like a prisoner, nude with a semi hard cock in front of these hotties!

Nameless Breeding Slut

fetish LoveHugeBoobs 2018-01-05

Jason sat at the hotel bar and ordered a drink, not sure how many he would have before going home. "If I don't set my tits on the bar, I wouldn't be able to reach my drink," the lovely creature said to him, knowing Jason's thoughts. "How the fuck can you get my entire dick in your mouth?!" Jason excitedly asked, loving the tight seal she had on him. The girl whose name Jason did not know smiled, just in time to catch the first long and thick rope of cum fired from the turgid tool. Pulling it from her tit cage, Jason's new slut jerked his cock as he spurted out streams of spunk on the shelf-like rack in front of him.

Fully Brushed, Inside and Out

fetish Smother 2018-01-05

But I was also dreading walking up a stranger's path, ringing the doorbell, and saying in what I was absolutely positive was going to be a shaky and cracking voice: "Hi, I'm here to pick up a monster of a mohair catsuit to add to my collection of fetishwear." Well, maybe not those exact words but that was what I would be thinking as my throat tightened while I waited in the doorway. You don't even have to do anything." She had turned sideways on the couch to face me, and as she spoke I could see the mohair part around her mouth and then close again like fluffy eyelids, the long wool swishing easily around her breath.