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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Key, The Pepsi, The Chastity

fetish bawdybloke 2018-01-05

Her passionate grunts clear that she was lewdly enjoying his thick veiny cock stretching her filled cunt. I wanted to hold her as he drove her into a gasping climax, feeling the passionate quivers of her muscles as her fiery body shivered with saturated lust. I wanted to taste her passionate desire for her male co-star as he elicited fervid whimpers from the young slut. Horrid humiliating laughs, as my mouth sucked at her pussy and swept over her slick cunt. I heard the clink of bottles as she adjusted her rump on my face, enjoying a few laughs with friends, with drinks, while I pleasured her. She giggled, kissing the key in the heave of her bosom, smiling at her alpha male friends shaking their heads at me.

Cabin in the Woods Pt. 01

fetish Marabunta 2018-01-05

You stand up, releasing me from your sucking mouth, only to kiss me deeply, passionately and squeezing my ass cheeks, slightly pulling them apart and pushing a finger into me after the dildo. I kiss your belly whilst cupping your breasts, fondling them and gently pulling at your nipples you slowly turn around sliding my hands over your body, down your legs and over your thighs. We enjoy the feeling of skin on skin as you sit there on my cock, putting pressure on me as you start pumping the bulb of the dildo, now seated deep inside me, no chance of it slipping / popping out of me.

Locked at Her Feet

fetish Kinky Writer 2018-01-05

His tongue traced up and down the leather seams, never going off the boot leather and touching my actual skin, like he's been strictly instructed for times like this, and paying particular attention to the cuffs that were wrapped explicitly around his wife's ankles with padlocks that stared him right in the eye. But we both knew deep down exactly how it was going to play out -- he would be securely bound and locked in his cage like the good, little cuckold that he is, my lovely Cristopher would take me out for a night on the town that would be filled with more naughty fun than my mind could imagine, and then the next morning I would return home and if he was lucky, give my cuck the honor of cleaning up after Cristopher ...

Dressing for Ann

fetish daviea9 2018-01-05

“Please don’t tell her” I begged “she doesn’t need to know does she?” Ann, that was her name, looked at me very sternly and said “I think she has a right to know about your perversion don’t you?” I said nothing and after a few moments, as I stared forlornly at my feet, she said “Of course maybe she already knows. I bet you wear her clothes when you can and you probably leave evidence on them too.” I said nothing, still staring at my feet and after a while Ann said “Perhaps I might reconsider telling your mother but in return you will need to do something for me”. Ann looked at me for a moment then said “Very well, but if I don’t tell her you will have to dress up for me”.

I Love Women in Panties Ch. 02

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-01-05

We continued to kiss while I kept my hand on Hilary's pussy gently rubbing her mound, by now I could feel a definite dampness, I had no idea whether I was concentrating on the right spot, as I slowly rubbed her through the front of her panties this was my first time after all! We continued like this for a while, Hilary had her hand on my cock but wasn't really doing anything with it, while I tried to make my mind up as to whether or not I should try to move my hand under the leg of her panties, however I decided not to push my luck on this occasion.

Coaching Ch. 01

fetish Patrick2380 2018-01-05

One time, while watching this happen, Matt starred a little too long and Courtney caught his eye as she pulled her shirt down. And now, she wanted to feel her coach's cock deep inside her pussy. Courtney began rubbing her soaking pussy against the tip of Matt's cock. Matt could feel his cock straining to push inside, and could feel Courtney's hole straining to let him in. Courtney was on top and she began rocking faster, harder, trying to get Matt as deep as possible inside of her. I'm cumming again!" And Courtney began to spasm on top of Matt's cock. Matt shot six or seven good, hard loads of cum deep inside the girl's pussy.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 16

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-01-05

"For every person that is allowed to finger slave's wife, slave is properly required to verbally thank the individual, offer up to clean the fingers with his mouth (though most of the men will surely not accept), and finally slave is to offer up the crop to whip the future cuckold husband for a period of 30 seconds, specifically for being an inferior male and for being ignorant enough to marry such a slut." The number at the top could easily be altered, but then came the shocking news from Master, "These lovely ladies in white are quite slutty themselves and they will be working hard to provide condom covered hand jobs to each of the men that have properly fingered slut.

The Weekend at Last Ch. 2

fetish 2sexy4u69 2018-01-05

I started to move forward a little and he snapped the leach back tearing at my nipples and I quickly stopped and spread my legs farther apart so he could access my anus with the new veggie. He stood up and walked to the front of me and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back I thought he was going to rip my nipples clear off my body. “Now little slave girl, I want you to use your mouth and tongue on my asshole don’t forget to stick your tongue in as far as you can. As I walked upstairs my ass was in agony every step I took I thought my hole was going to rip wide open every time he twisted the zucchini.

Halloween Pool Party Pt. 02

fetish sissymissyct 2018-01-05

"Please Miss Maddy I don't know how it got there are you sure it isn't one of yours or Annie's?" I said trying to think of something. Changing the subject a bit Miss Maddy said, "Ronnie that suit looks so adorably sweet on you and with your pink room maybe I should just keep you as a girl. Turning back to me Annie said, "gee it looks like your pool girl is a sissy Maddy. Since you liked her larger breasts better and since you will be a sissy bimbo that needs her own breasts Brenda dear, if you can last 5 or more minutes you will get pretty C cup breasts of your own to match Annies'.

Silk G-strings & Creampies

fetish Davetheslave 2018-01-05

I asked her what was so funny, and she pulled up her skirt and showed me her small soft black silk g string panties, and said that she had a present for me inside them. Then she said if I wanted to taste her pussy at all, I would have to clean the cum out of her tiny panties with my mouth. When she was done laughing at me and calling me pussy boy and dickless, she started to ask me if I liked the taste of her panties. I did like the taste and she knew it, so she said "lick my dirty panties you pussy, clean them and then clean me, and hurry up because I'm drunk and I'm tired."

Creampie Lover Ch. 05

fetish jealouscuck 2018-01-05

Winnie and William lived on the island in one of the staff houses near the dock and boat shed. William looked at Cynthia and said, "We are miles away from anyone else, Miss, and I saw your lovely breasts on the beach. I was at first taken aback, but I always remember what Cynthia told me when we first became intimate." A big cock feels great, but it is not the basis for a relationship." When we talked later, I asked Cynthia if she thought that William and Winnie were interested in joining us on the beach. I told her that William had mentioned that we were both looking at his big cock while in the boat that afternoon.

Living in Paradise Ch. 01

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-01-05

Let's sit over there." He watched her long bare tanned legs and black high-healed shoes move below the mid-thigh length black skirt and wondered if she wore anything under it. Max looked in the direction of her finger just as six women of varying age made their way towards the large table next to them. The attractive middle-aged woman without legs and ample breasts and ample body looked at Max as she moved a chair to make a space for her wheelchair. " Hey good lookin', if you need someone without legs, let me know." She giggled, bounced a breast with one hand, and turned back to her friends. Max's jaw dangled open as he stared at the stunningly beautiful woman minus both legs sitting in the bright yellow wheelchair.

Tina Granny BBW

fetish 2018-01-05

As I got up she spread her legs open wide and said ,get on your knees and get my juices flowing with your tongue.I licked her hairy bush and those big huge cunt lips as she moaned and pumped her pussy up and down.She pushed my head down into her pussy making it hard for me to breath.I drove my tongue as far into her pussy as I could feeling her wet insides until she yelled out AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OOH SHIT OOOOH MY YES YES YES YES .OH MY THAT WAS FANTASTIC.I stopped eating her and just knelt there watching her with her eyes closed.She opened her eyes and said,man that was something,you are a good pussy eater.I didn't want to cum but I couldn't help it.She said now I have to satisfy you.

Slut Miem at Work

fetish 2018-01-05

The amazon slaps slut's face, knees her pussy1 The bikini is pushed into her cunt. The woman spit in her mouth slaps her cunt over slut miem's face. Her husband comes into the room and rams his cock sight up slut miem's cunt i hear her scream throught the mouthful of cunt. she screams as the couple hold slut miem in mid-air r****g her cunt. miem is held to the womans cunt and laps her pussy for all she is worth. The wife picks miem up holding sluts knees to her tits! Slut miem screams as the ice cold water fills her ass. The wife drops slut miem on the floor before me.

Trip to LA

fetish gbr2004 2018-01-05

"Personally, I like my boys a little older Steve," he tells me looking me in the eye. "What he knows is how you and wife are getting along and if she was to receive pictures of you with other men she would leave your sorry ass in a heartbeat and take everything you own with her," Mike tells me his voice much calmer than mine. "You talk to me like that one more time, I will spank your ass right here in front of everyone," Mike tells me leaning closer to my face. "Get your nose in the corner boy and don't fucking move it till I tell you to," Mike says he voice rough and threatening.

Deep Throat Games

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-01-05

"So you want me to suck your cock and take this big thing all the way down my throat do you?" Lori spit on my dickhead and rubbed it in. Lori said, "Lick my big dick all over and get it wet before you suck it." Lori got the ruler and announced, "Well done lover, you just got five inches of man meat in your mouth." She said, "I think your dick licking inspired you to a new record. I licked her big cock until it was sloppy wet and then started sucking on it, all the while pushing the rubber band up it's length. Lori strapped her big cock on and said, "I'm watching you honey and I'm going to see if I can tell what turns you on in this movie."

Sex Slave Story Ch. 3

fetish M 2018-01-05

Pulling her hand out halfway Renee added her thumb to her fingers and pushed hard against Shelley's pussy - feeling the oil and juices mixing and making her hand enter fully up to th wrist. I was getting really turned on by te action and moved over to where the girls were - Oblivious to my presence Renee was enjoying herself and started as my hand went between her legs and felt her soaking wet pussy. Shelley was close to cumming and I could feel Renee's pussy starting to contract around my cock and I knew they both would be climaxing together.

Humiliated by a Slut (and Loved It) Ch. 02

fetish mywayyourway100 2018-01-05

My wife Kimmy always sent me sexy little messages every now and then, it sounds lame, but small things like that really helped keep our love life spicy and interesting after five years of marriage. Sasha spread my wife's knees and began teasing her inner thighs, Kimmy moaned. Sasha's long fingers were stroking my wife's bald pussy; Kimmy rolled her head back slowly and moaned again. "Look at his cock Kimmy, you weren't lying, he does like having balls pulled" Sasha teased. "Oohhh look at him suck my fingers Kimmy, he fucking loves it!" Sasha teased. Kimmy tugged my cock faster and harder, she pulled my face to hers and began helping me suck Sasha's fingers.

He Wears The Panties

fetish Quietoldie 2018-01-05

"You have such a lovely shape below the waist dear and it's all the more exciting to see your rear end and front bottom encased in expensive lingerie like the pair you've just taken off." I realised that this was a clumsy way of paying her a compliment and blushed again. Mary used to be in the habit of having the very occasional night out "with the girls" up to the time I started to wear panties. My wife was turned on by the spanking so I was unceremoniously dumped on the floor whilst John and Mary stripped and fucked in front of me. Mary has been to a few more parties round at John's house where she gets to fuck other men.

Valentines Day Virus

fetish Erocus 2018-01-05

He was already hard and Trish gave his cock, which was considerably smaller and uglier than Dirk's, a few strokes with her soft hand before bending her head down into his lap and sucking the erect penis into her warm mouth. The director's hand was on top of Trish's head, pushing her face down onto his cock and stopping the busty secret agent from being able to get a look at the new man. "Is it always that big?" Trish asked in amazement, this time she wasn't referring to his balls which were swollen in a similar state to what Skip's had been, but to Chad's cock, which was massive.

Luna Mission

fetish bawdybloke 2018-01-04

They got to plow the pregnant women's pussies, watch the young ladies suck them to orgasm or occasionally drive their cocks into their pert asses. I found the pregnant porn stars who looked like Luna: black hair, innocent smile, gorgeous eyes. She rested her hands on my desk, rocking against my turgid dick as I drove into her pregnant body; her grunts and groans sounding just like my dreams and fantasies. Her dress slid over naked torso, hiding her gorgeous body from sight and I sat back in my reclining chair: naked, with the taste of sex in my mouth, a pool of leaking cum on my leather seat and watching my pregnant friend blow me a kiss as she left the room.

Sex with The Ex

fetish drtruth 2018-01-04

Finally, grunting like an animal, she would slam her pussy into my face and cum so hard that sometimes her cum would squirt out of her in a stream into my greedy, open mouth not unlike me blowing a load I have held inside for two weeks. Watching her suck my cock, knowing it was coated with her juices, along with the way her mouth felt on my slick stick was too much to bear. There are only 3 beds, so you will need to decide whether you want to sleep on the couch, share a bed with one of the boys, or with me, but beyond that, I know things have been tight for you and thought you might like an all expense paid chance to spend some time with the boys.

Collar Me

fetish Kikori 2018-01-04

I purred as loud as I could as my head nuzzled her cheeks, neck, and breasts, rubbing everywhere possible as she finally caught her breath and began to smile genuinely again, fighting my pinning. I tugged at the toy again, but it slid easily from her mouth as she bounded into me and bumped her entire body against mine, trying to get her head against my dick as much as possible before she started lapping at the underside. I tilted my head to watch as she rested in what little food she had left, cake stuck to her face like a messy child as her lips soaked in the milk.

Relief at 30,000 Feet

fetish lobalt 2018-01-04

This time, as her discomfort subsided, she couldn't help but focus on the pleasure his mouth and tongue were causing. The taste of her milk on his lips only heightened her arousal, and as she kissed him with his fingers buried in her cunt, her hand made its way to his zipper, struggling to release his obviously hard cock. Considering the circumstances, neither one could have resisted their orgasm for long, and after a few minutes of copulation, he thrust hard into her and released his seed, his fingers pressing hard into the flesh of her back as his cock filled her one last time.