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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ms Coney Ch. 03

fetish realbigsid69 2018-01-04

Evelyn had been enjoying a soft, slow gentle pussy licking but was loath to visibly cum in front of the woman, so with a subtle press on her lover's head, she felt him go lower and the familiar tongue was soon burrowing it's way into her asshole. Evelyn repeated her office shenanigans again 3 days later and Dominic stayed absolutely silent, tongue buried in her ass or cunt for 2 hours before she left and had him fuck her at home. He knelt before her and began to tongue his Mistress's pussy slowly, while in front of them, the woman tried to get her husband to copy what Dominic had just done.

Gill Ch. 01

fetish rmlooker 2018-01-04

She got a serious look on her face and reached out and took hold of his arm stump and said in the beginning you were very difficult to take care of, very sick. Trudy said that Dom had told her that meant he wanted to use the voice pad. He opened his eyes to both Linda and Dom. He asked what time it was and Linda said it was 12:30 and she had some questions and paperwork to fill out. He looked at Dom who was not in scrubs and she said Linda had called her about the surgery and she wanted to be here for him. He shook his head and she told him she was going to put a ball point pen in his mouth and laughed, yes she said it is clean.


fetish 2018-01-04

but those that read it, wanting to be taken in the spell, can begin to feel what the depths of the mind can bring. You feel your body relaxing more and more with each word. As you hear the crashing waves against the beach, you feel your mind Relaxing now on the beach as the warm sand takes your body slowly. Relaxing now as the waves take your mind, which only wishes to read You want to hear he waves hypnotizing your mind here. You want to feel the breeze relax your body here. Every single word relaxing you as you lay on the beach. You can feel how your mind and body follow my words.

Office Cow

fetish craigool 2018-01-04

Just before I came, I thought I saw motion out of the corner of my eye, then I looked down to see Judy's picture perfect face, framed by her dark helmet of hair, like some Welsh Japanese Anime girl, as she smiles and sucks my cock, closing her lips as her own orgasm washes over her. I knew one of the scripts running on her Genital Processing Unit involved getting my cock into her mouth and pussy, probably as hot as she is, her sweet ass too. "But if you could have her 34C-26-36 chassis running a cloned version of my Slutwife 2.0 genital operating system, plus access to the original source hole for updates, wouldn't that be a woman worth marrying?" Debra teases, as she presses into me for a quick soft kiss, leaving two more milk dots on my chest.

Could You Be My Wife?

fetish neko_rae 2018-01-04

Todd waited till they were done and continued, "I watched this whole show and I had an awful hard time trying to pick which one of these lovely young ladies to take home with me, but with some thought I think I have made the right choice." Todd stood and asked Terra if she wanted a tour of the house. Why?" Terra looked at Todd and saw him smile. Do you know why I set up the show and all?" Terra shook her head 'no.' Todd smiled and slowly pulled out and thrust back into her. "How is this happening?" Terra managed to moan this out while Todd cupped her ever growing breasts.

Adult Bookstore Fun

fetish fun4all6969 2018-01-04

He started swatting my ass with his hand and then I pulled off the other guys cock long enough to ask him to please use a condom. I started to turn away but the big guy slapped my ass and I opened my mouth for her as the camera was going off again. She then pulled the dildo out of my ass and they said "Thank you Bitch" as the smaller guy took a couple of more pics of my cum covered face before the left. I know now that I definitely want to be dominated by a group, fucked in the ass by a dominant woman with a strap-on and taste cock in my mouth.

A Woman in Need

fetish morningchica 2018-01-04

It was so erotic to see her pumping milk from her full breasts, I began to feel aroused. Now I was really confused until she unzipped the bag she had sat on the floor and began to pull out baby powder, lotion and a diaper! Veronica explained how hard it was to deal with the lactation she had experienced since the onset of puberty, and how it made her feel like something was missing in her life. As I watched V fasten the diaper around me I noticed the front of her shirt had two small wet spots right where her nipples pointed through, and as she became aware of it too, she announced, "Dinner is ready." I put the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy, and began to enter.

Meeting on the Train

fetish hp_lovecrafter 2018-01-04

I was sitting on the train the other day, heading to work, and I couldn't have been there for more than a few stops before this girl gets on board. I would have been content with her right foot but then she lifted her left one off my lap and playfully nudged my hands with it, her eyes locked on mine. As much as I knew I was going to regret it later, I took her feet off my lap and placed them on the seat next to me. "Imagine how great you're going to feel when you're in bed with me, running your tongue up from the heels to the toes of my beautiful feet."

The Scent Factory Ch. 02

fetish Seabug 2018-01-04

The previous day came flooding back: his chance to breathe in the musky odour of fresh schoolgirl underwear from the cute blonde, Hayley; his run-in with the exquisite Zoe, who he had already de-flowered in the sweetest session he'd ever experienced, after which the ginger-haired Jess had appeared, fresh from her gymnastics team practice, offering up her aromatic leotard for his delectation, and her sweet pink pussy for his sampling. Jack kept up the maximum contact he could with her velvety pussy lips and stiffened little clit with his mouth and his tongue, mopping up her tangy emissions as best he could, but as he detected her climax approaching, he went one step further and slipped a finger gently into the schoolgirl's vagina.

Dressed up

fetish dieselboy69 2018-01-04

Many years ago, when I was still married to my first wife, I used to enjoy watching myself masturbate in front of the full length mirror that we had in our bedroom. I liked to take off my clothes and move the mirror so that I could see my dick whilst laying on the bed watching my dvds. It was a bit tight and the suspenders hung down my legs. As I got deeper in her underwear drawer, I found her collection of sex toys. I massaged some lube into my arsehole and slid her 7"vibrator slowly but surely into my arse. I could see my ring being stretched and the stockings and suspenders digging into my legs.

Das Tagebuch

fetish 2018-01-04

Jaaa!" stöhnte er voll Verlangen und fiel mir wieder um den Hals, küsste mich ungestüm auf den Mund und nahm meinen Schwanz in die Hand, rieb ihn grösser, stöhnte, sank an meine starke Brust, leckte sie besinnungslos, rutschte tiefer und tiefer, bis er meinen Schwanz erreicht hatte, welchen er darauf keuchend leckte und sich immer wieder an seiner Steifheit aufgeilte, welche er mit seiner Hand prüfte. Natürlich fand sie meinen Schwanz geil, aber zu sehen, wie ihr Mann dank mir vor allen Leuten vollkommen die Beherrschung verlor, mitzuerleben, wie ich ihm mit meinem Sex den Verstand raubte und ihn zu meinem Sklaven machte, erregte sie zusätzlich.


Bitch Boy

fetish littledevil_666 2018-01-04

I was so hard I wanted to cum but she just finished tying me to the bed then moved over towards the dresser and got undressed. Katy then removed her hand and said “Good boy, hope you liked that because your going to be my little cum eater weather you like it or not. She climbed onto the bed and sat next to me, “Come on guys this cum slut has got some work to do if he wants to fuck me.” “Do you want to fuck me slut?” she said, “yes miss I replied.” “well be a good boy and do as you are told and you will get to fuck me later.

My bf's huge best friend :)

fetish beckyboop 2018-01-04

He then said your boobs are unreal, I said eh your looking at my underwear Darren not my boobs lol He jus laughed again and said your mad Rebecca that's just what a 12 inch cock looks like asl**p. I hadn't stopped looking and straight away felt week at my knees, my partners cock isn't even half I then just said holf fuck Darren, it doesn't look normal lol. John then says we're out of vodka not knowing it was upstairs lol il just pop the offo b4 it closes and grab 1 more, I said omg I don't know it's so big lol he then said well that was half my cock, you can have it all later.

The New House Ch. 02

fetish perrybroom 2018-01-04

The mocking laugh which accompanied his words when Steve said that I could rub myself off against the tree while a real man had fun with my wife did indeed provoke an erection. "Your wife's addicted to big cocks now after months of regular fucking from my lad so your tiny little thing's of no use to her." Mr Bailey told me, back in full view again. "By the time we've finished with her, your wife's cunt will be open house for any big cock that comes her way, the tart will drop her knickers for anything in trousers."

A Test of Professionalism

fetish WFEATHER 2018-01-04

Just as she arches her back, thrusting her rock-hard nipples ever higher in the warm cozy air, causing her feminine folds to open a little more and pour forth her growing arousal and intoxicating scent, I take the next picture as I smile to myself in awe and admiration of her. Several more pictures follow; in some, her head is turned away from the camera, but in one, she is looking directly at the camera, her pink-painted lips parted as she pants, her eyes clouded over with need, and more than a few stringy strands of hair affixed to her sweat-covered face. This time, however, I purposely change to maximum power, causing the vibrating egg inside her feminine passage to roar with such ferocity that I can finally hear it.

Sister's and Friends Socked Fun

fetish Sockloverz 2018-01-04

So john waited, it didn't take long, in fact about 15 minutes after they walked in the door for john to realize this is a part of the tease because after they went back to Gina's room and came back they were both wearing Shorty shorts, but that wasn't the eye tease John liked the most. It felt extremely good; John started to softly moan from the felling of Gina's and Mindy's feet rubbing against his crotch. Mindy got up and walked out of the room, and then Gina walked over and did the same as Mindy, lifting up her feet and setting them on John's cock and began rubbing them up and down John's shaft.

Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 02

fetish EroticDelights 2018-01-04

She wouldn't have sex with me, her own boyfriend, and claimed she needed this guy Pete because he had a big dick. Jess had not only fucked this guy, she'd told him how small my dick was. She even told him she wouldn't fuck me, so now this guy knew that he was getting to put his penis where I wasn't allowed to go. My dick was almost painfully swollen as I stroked it, my eyes taking in every inch of my girlfriend's body as she was pounded by this guy I didn't even know. I came harder than I ever have, thinking about watching Pete's big dick pounding my beautiful Jess.

I gave a stranger a foot wank on the bus.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-01-04

I admitted to being a girl who masturbated, had immoral thoughts about men, and enjoyed being examined by him. Some say the internet is turning girls into sex objects, but I can remember long before ever going online, to having urges to expose myself to men, just for fun, and on a couple of occasions, joining in and doing it with them. My therapy sessions were all about my story telling, lying semi nude on his leather divan, and masturbating as he watched me, no doubt, secretly filming me, and having my orgasm as my story built slowly to its climax. Girls travelling on their own can be a dangerous thing, but somehow, boarding a bus at the main station, and taking the overnight non-stop just did not seem to big a deal.

Becoming Bobbi

fetish osodd_boi 2018-01-04

I told her about lying in bed at night and fantasizing about the neighborhood girls holding me down a kissing me, About the three in the neighborhood and the things they had me do, about my attempts and fascination with older women and finally about the internet. Ms Anders then turned back to me "I think we have embarrassed the sweet little thing but deep down he craves it." She took my hand and we headed out of the store. "Now boy, I want you to bend over the arm of the couch." She went to the desk and got a couple of thing from the drawer.

Bulgarian Hot

fetish Kessler 2018-01-04

I watched Belonna’s toes slide up just beneath my cock head and press it firmly into Anna’s soft tan calf muscle time and again. Anna gave me that staunch almost bitch look as she worked her toes and calf against my straining cock, She then smiled at me and winked sexily just as I felt my body lurch uncontrollably. After only a few minutes of this my body could not take anymore as I felt the urge to cum quickly approaching with each of Belonna’s toe-clenching pulls on my member and rub of my cock head into Anna’s shapely tanned calf.

Can't You Read My Mind?

fetish AnotherNight5 2018-01-04

If you put your hand between my legs you would feel the wetness that begs for you to control me, take me, hurt me as you pound me with your cock. He let go of my hands and started shoving me to my knees while pulling at his zipper. Removing his hands from my shoulders he told me to pull his cock out of his pants. He slid his hands into my curls pulling my face toward his cock. He pulled out of my mouth and as I protested he pushed me toward the bed and told me to strip. It felt as if little fingers of lightning were running from my anus to my snatch. It felt incredible especially with him still finger fucking my anus.

Hitting The Showers

fetish carseller0822 2018-01-04

been playing in a pick-up game. I used the shampoo to wash my hair, then started to scrubbed behind my ears, and washed my feet carefully, As I washed my hair, I noticed he was doing the same that I would not have noticed at all, and the change doing it without her being present was unsettling. 'She told me you'd be hesitant. occasion her brand of play meant turning me into a She told and I willingly served his needs. My hesitation was only momentary as I admired him toy to do with as he pleased. changed subjects. stared openly, not caring that the hunger was as couldn't escape the thought that they all somehow knew

While She's Asleep

fetish PerilEyes 2018-01-04

"Well, I want us to fuck." Yeah, it was simple enough Dan thought. Dan pushed open the door and step in, Jewel right behind. "Turn and kiss my wife's body as I FUCK you right up the ass!" "Yeah that's right, worship her as I drill you like the slut you are!" Jewel continued to kiss her on and around the mouth, moving down to her neck, then her upper cheeks. And now, I want you to reach over and grope her beautiful body as I fuck you right now!" Claire moved in and kissed her husband in a long embrace as Jewel lay beneath. Her own self-drugging went well, Dan had gotten a sexy lady who completely oblivious to it all, and then they knocked her out and fucked over her vulnerable body.

Kim & Kate Ch. 02

fetish cuckoldwishes 2018-01-04

I had just spent the day with a beautiful 18 year old girl and now I was going home to my wife, who knew everything and encouraged my affair. Kim was not just "some slut" and for this to work I needed Kate to be more submissive, more controlled and more horny than she had ever been in her life. I ran my hands down Kate's naked body, careful to avoid her pussy. She also wore a pretty high pair of wedges that made her ass looked even better." I felt for Kate's clit with my index finger. Kate already had a good idea about how many time Kim and I had had sex. I told Kate nearly every detail of mine and Kim's relationship.