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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mattress Mary

fetish dclark5 2018-01-03

Then she whispered in my ear, "Shoot all of you cum deep inside me!" That was it, I strained to hold back for just a couple more seconds and then the first blast shot out of my cock and blasted the back of her womb. I just love it when a guy's hard dick is deep in me - the feeling of him straining to hold off of his orgasm to the very last second - and then him giving in to the total release of his cum. She said her boyfriend accepts this under just a few conditions: She has to make sure the guys are gone before he gets home, she has to make sure that she doesn't have a steady thing with anyone but him, and that she gives him all the pussy he wants.

Sally's Ch. 04

fetish seat542 2018-01-03

Looking at each other we smiled and pulled each other into a deep kiss and embrace which began lovingly and ended up with Olivia's pussy dripping and my cock stiff as a board. Anna went to Olivia's side of the bed and gave her a more than motherly 'good-morning' kiss. Olivia responded by lifting her hand slightly from the bed and taking one of Anna thick nipples between her fingers and playing with it. Anna brought her lips to mine, giving me a good morning kiss similar to one she gave Olivia. With Olivia's tits covering my eyes I wasn't sure what was going on, but I did know I was to attack her nipple the same way she did mine.

Phoning a Stranger to Masturbate With

fetish Fridagirl 2018-01-03

'Self abuse', my old priest once said during a confession, 'You were the man in my dream Father', that small statement from a girl of eight, spoke volumes of the woman about to emerge from her first decade on this earth, I had confessed about my masturbatory habits to a supposedly celibate man, not that I was truly 'Dipping my Fingers' or 'Polishing my Pearl', it was the reaction I wanted, that was my thing, shocking my sex object, that's what tipped me over the edge, and it continued into my teens, and does so today, in my adulthood.

Foot Slave Ch. 04

fetish msgrant67 2018-01-03

For the first couple of months, he got released from his belt multiple times per week, Phoebe and I would alternate taking care of him, and sometimes even do it together. Almost as soon as he entered her though, Phoebe faked that she thought that she had heard something and made him stop; then she got dressed, instructed him to as well, and they left the dressing room. I stepped into the doorway and whispered, just loudly enough to be heard, "Paulie, I feel bad about our fight, if you can come right now to my room, you can have me, but you need to hurry and be quiet because I don't want Phoebe to hear."


fetish Dotrice1 2018-01-03

The other smiles and runs one hand down the bare torso, her nails trailing in a line down the center of the trim woman's body to skip over the garter belt holding silky sheer nylons on athletic long legs. Kristen's hands roam freely over the blindfolded brunette's body from her neck to waist down her hips, thighs and as she twists finally from the prolonged kissing session down to Jade's nylon clad feet. Her arms and hands were free and when Jade tried to move as in a sit-up her fingers which had been wetted in the bushy vagina in the initial fumbling waved under her nose and she smelled the heady aroma of the older girl.

Kim & Kate Ch. 03

fetish cuckoldwishes 2018-01-03

In that moment I knew that Kate had accepted my relationship with her student and would submit to her.Kim beamed with excitement. "How long has it been since a man has touched you like this Kate?" Kim asked. "Six months two weeks," Kate didn't meet Kim's eyes. "Well I was just thinking maybe if she does a good job this week, you might let her cum?" Kim asked innocently. Kim wanted Kate to be on her best behavior and she was going to do it by taking control of her orgasm. Slowly Kate rose and worked her way to Kim's pussy. Kate's eyes went wide when she heard the camera click but Kim held her tightly so that she couldn't pull away.

Baron Buff vs. Johnny Angel Pt. 02

fetish BigBuffChamp83 2018-01-03

While others got a little hot and bothered with the thought of Johnny Angel humiliating the champion for a second time, only now taking what should have been his to begin with! The World Heavyweight Champion, the "Big Dick Hunk" Baron Buff, had cut out all the noise and racket from his space; from his mind. To win this match, Baron Buff had to be at his all time best! Mina, now getting aroused at the mere thought of finishing her question; or rather, explaining further, without time to react, grabbed Baron's arm and kept him from finishing off the poor bag and his sentence! I just wanted to hurt Johnny real bad, you know?

My Sister's Scent

fetish The_Bald_Clam 2018-01-03

The only ones left were my parents and my little sister, Holly, who was going to be leaving for college in a month. Sitting on the toilet, I smothered Holly's panties into my face with my left hand as I ferociously jerked myself off with my right hand. The same undeterminable stain (though I had a pretty decent idea of what it was, and, no, I wasn't thinking urine or feces), was perfectly placed on the panties. As I brought Holly's panties closer to my face, I could detect her scent two feet away. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth and, sometimes, seventh, I would masturbate while tasting and smelling and dancing around with my sister's panties covering my face.

My submissive fantasy

fetish laughitoff 2018-01-03

After several minutes, the husband pulls his cock out of my mouth and the wife tells me to close my mouth, and lay on my back with my head on the pillows instead of dangling off the side of the bed. You don't get to fuck my husband but your filthy mouth gets to clean his cum from my pussy." I lick the small amount of cum dribbling out of her opening, and she pushes some of the cum out for me. Even after I thought she was clean, she said "Swallow that cum you nasty slut, I still need to come one more time." I swallowed and she yelled, "Open!" I obeyed and licked her until she came one last time.

The Princess Corset

fetish mshsrfc 2018-01-03

But the Princess line does not leave any deficiencies in a mature figure a place to hide, the long panels from neck to knee require absolute smoothness above and below and every little blemish shows, well Biddy her Royal Highness may be slim enough to wear this fashion with ease, without any lumps or bumps, but I seem to have a myriad to deal with. The staymaker chased the flesh up and down to get a smooth line and we have ended up with not just a corseted waist, but nearly a corseted body, my final dress corset, extends from mid way to my knees up to under my bosom and higher behind, yes truly it is a sight to see, it is more akin to the cuirass armour of


fetish klammer 2018-01-03

"In a moment I am going to lock this belt on you, then leave, taking with me the only key. In - let's see - a little over three hours, it will unlock automatically, allowing you to reach the keys to your other handcuffs, which I've left on the bedside table there, so you can set yourself free. But then ending will always be the same - I'll lock the belt back on and leave you lying there, counting the hours until the timer sets you free." (I suspect the key wasn't really that far away, but she enjoyed the thought of leaving me lying there, helplessly awaiting her return.) She removed the infernal belt, and my poor deprived cock sprang instantly to attention.

Hen Party

fetish oggbashan 2018-01-03

"As some of you may know, we - that is Jane, Lisa, the bridesmaids, "Amy", "Jo", Pamela and myself, Helen ..." As each was mentioned they stood up and bowed to the audience. Jane continued "I'd also like to thank the proprietors and staff of Silverbridge's Kissogram company who first of all told the men that none of their staff were available to work tonight - it took a man to believe that lie for a TUESDAY night! "Now" Jane added "I'd like to thank Helen and Pamela for their sterling work in setting the men up for tonight. Jane, Lisa, Martine, Susanne, Helen and Pamela went back to the bar having completed their "presentation".

Well Made Lover

fetish Guy_Faux 2018-01-03

Amy wished her son would let her clean, but he insisted everything was organized to his liking. As Droid slid in its cock let out the same pulses as its hands had; causing the woman to groan and moan like a whore. As Amy busied herself with mixing some vegetables into a pan she was suddenly surprised by Droid just pushing her down flat onto the stove, and then ramming his jumbo dick straight into her ass. There was a bit of pain as Amy's bare cheeks rubbed against the stove's grate, but she hardly noticed that through the pleasure of the fuck. Amy walked out of her room and downstairs to her son's lab, where she found Droid in his usual place.

Lisa's Adjustable Petticoat

fetish oggbashan 2018-01-03

I thought that it would be the right occasion to try a long hooped petticoat under her ball gown, but only if I was sure that the new design would survive heavy use. "Now slide them inside the first hoop." Thomas complied but was startled when I zipped the bodice tight again, trapping his arms. Now I would change and wear the hooped petticoat and a ball gown - but we girls wanted Thomas to help. "Now you're here, Thomas, I want to try some petticoats under the hoops" I said. I hauled up my skirt and hooped petticoat while Thomas, on his knees, lifted the tiered slips up my legs.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 06

fetish fursmoke11 2018-01-03

Next to the cigarettes was a Chanel dark red lipstick; the lipstick of Jane Matthews; the woman she had until tonight despised; despised because she was beautiful, raw, honest, sexual, glamorous...all the things Ruth Mears wasn't. As Ruth swayed rhythmically at the window smoking he cigarette, in full view of the world, she listened to the strange words of the song that shuddered into her body as nicotine coursed her veins; and exhaled through teeth gritted in sublime pleasures of her new flesh. Ruth's eyes opened; her pupils dilated with the inebriation of the moment, and opened her mouth to drink hungrily from the thick white plume of smoke that exited Jane's smile, as she pulled her velvet body inside the coat too.

Quest For Urinary Adventure

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-01-03

Since her youth, Paula had been fascinated with such matters, and found holding a full bladder or watching urination erotic. The closest she had come in recent years was on a long car trip, when both of them developed very full bladders on a long and fairly busy section of highway with no accessible rest stops. She was waiting to see if Erwin would make some comment about her apparent lack of need to relieve herself, which she intended to use to open up a bit of an erotic conversation. Paula was intending to force herself to hold a very considerable amount in her bladder by getting herself in a desperation situation so far from home that no immediate relief would be available.

Doctors and Nurses

fetish MickieBlue 2018-01-03

I grab my cock and place it against your ass hole You lean on the desk, place your hands on your ass cheeks and pull them apart, trying to get me further into you. "I'm going to shoot my spunk all over you, you fucking gorgeous bitch!" I gasp as your cooch milks my cock hard. You place your mouth over my head and begin to suck the remaining cum from my cock and balls. Leaning back, completely spent, I look down as you clean my cock with your tongue and lips. I look to the carrier bag that you have left here, remembering the cum covered bodice and sweaty leather panties.

It is a Great Thing To Do Ch. 01

fetish vector2065 2018-01-03

She pulled back, my cock slick with her saliva now, and looked up, smiled and moved her hands to my hips and turned me around in one motion, I instinctively reached forward for the end of the couch, then it came, her breath on my asshole, I said. Her other hand was on the back of my right thigh, she put her nails out like a cats claw and wreaked from the back of my knee to my ass cheek, I involuntarily twitched and moaned; she looked me in the eye and said.

Opening Pandora's Box - Chapter One

fetish little-nikki 2018-01-03

I turned to Chris and gripped his thigh a couple of inches below the distinctive shape of his impressive flaccid cock, "if you'd like to fuck me, you'd better take me to your room right now." As my fingering increased in speed so did my mouth on his cock, overcome by excitement he then started to fuck my face, each thrust hitting the back of my throat until I felt a tremor begin through the fingers of my left hand as it gripped his right bum cheek. At last he was fully home and I felt the head of his cock slamming into my cervix, the pleasure/pain was indescribably good and I knew my second orgasm wouldn't be long in coming.

Birth of a Bull (continued)

fetish pm2400 2018-01-03

Anyway, one evening, a saturday i believe (which was generally the wife's "girls night" where friends of hers from the neighborhood would come over to one anothers houses, have drinks, go out, etc.) i was giving her a particularly brutal fucking on the porch by the pool, and had her bent over a chaise lounge, pounding away at her pussy and i looked up and i noticed that two of her girlfriends were standing at the sliding glass door, watching us but not wanting to disturb us. I guess the husband had let them in, which must have been humiliating as he was in chastity and i believe dressed in panties at the time, as he generally liked to be while he knew we were fucking.


fetish alex_wd 2018-01-03

As I looked up the road, I smiled real big as I put my hand over on your stocking tops and said, "Spread your legs, I want to feel how wet your panties really are" I looked over and saw that your panties were almost transparent because they were so wet. He opened his mouth and let her push his mouth down around the guys cock and started sucking him. When you stopped, you kept playing him and looked at me and said, "Get closer so you can see your nasty girl sucking this big cock" "Suck that cock like the nasty boy you me what a good cocksucker you are and swallow his big load of cum".

Wife Pleases - II

fetish 2018-01-03

Remembering the earlier nights-out, this was something which needed to be considered. I said we don't really have a "dancing music" setup, but she countered with an interesting suggestion: they could just talk and get to know one another a little better. This sounded like a plan, so I told her to go ahead and check with him and see if he was willing to come to our house...little doubt on this one! His wife away on business, my wife's husband away on military duty...urgent needs not being met at either the natural thing would encourage him to make his schedule fit her suggestion, if you get my drift.

The Adventures of Agent Long & Agent 96

fetish 2018-01-03

Oh, but if you do not tell me EVERYTHING…this wonderful feeling you are experiencing right now will begin to feel like torture as I keep bringing you to the point of climax again and again, but stop short of allowing you the sensation you so desperately seek. After a couple of hours of this, she let him cool down & said, “I have a surprise for you, Mr. Long.” A large d**** whooshed open and there stood Agent 96…gagged & stripped down to her panties with her hands tied high over her head. Agent 96 seeing her partner tied completely naked to Wicked Wanda’s bed, as she no doubt had been playing with him.

Cheerleader Foot Worship

fetish bondage_philosopher 2018-01-03

So there I was sitting in government class with two very beautiful cheerleader dream girls sitting next to me, cock hard and untouched for several days, while attempting to take notes. Instead of ogling her chest, all you looked at was her legs and feet like a little pervert. My cock was pressing painfully against my jeans, and I feared I would cum before I ever got to actually smell those sweaty feet encased in nylons. "I like pretty cheerleaders slapping me and dominating me with their attractive bodies," I said bowing my head in complete humiliation. Karen moaned back, and began rubbing her crotch with one of her hands while forcing me to worship one foot and masturbating me with the other.