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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My first UMW slut

fetish NastyDom 2018-01-03

As I whispered this in her hear, I reached over with my left hand and grabbed her left tit and squeezed it hard. I squeezed her right nipple through her t-shirt, and started sliding my index finger quickly in and out of her pussy as she started to cry and moan at the same time. I strapped on my backpack and grabbed my new slut and we started walking the path between the two dorms adjacent to the poly sci building and took the trail through the woods. I pulled, squeezed and twisted her young nipples showing no mercy, the pain reflected on her face actually made my cock harder yet.

Kelly's Perfect Feet Pt. 02

fetish noticelandic 2018-01-03

Knowing Jim was facing away from us slicing limes, I reached down to pick up the ice cube and stole another close look at her pretty red toes. I imagined that maybe the thing she felt most conflicted about, if at all, was not that it happened, but that we were keeping it a secret from Jim. Really, I can only guess how non-foot-fetishists think. From all that hassle I had momentarily forgotten that I was within just a few words of confessing to Jim that I massaged Kelly's feet while he was gone. In one day, I came out to my friends as a foot fetishist, massaged and kissed Kelly's feet, the ones I'd always fantasized about, sucked her toes, even.

A Pantyhose Town Ch. 02

fetish PantyhoseFan 2018-01-03

Someone in my tour group wants to visit the other side." Vanessa turns her head away from you and nods towards a gentleman standing near the middle of a group of about 12 to 15 people. Laughing, Vanessa turns back to you and responds, "Make that a couple Mary." You collect the money for admission to that side and then lean over and hit a button labeled "Adult Unlock" and sit back in your seat. I work full time, splitting my shifts between running tours over there and working back here." Pulling her hand out from between her legs, Deanna stood up and walked over to you, bringing that same hand up to your face.

Marion Turns Me Out Ch. 02

fetish jomar 2018-01-03

It's not like you were going to go down on his big cock right there on the pool deck," Marion said as we continued past him and up the path to our room. All the men will want you even more tonight." Marion moved a hand down my chest, over the black solid twist bandeau bikini top, down my stomach and under the waist band of the black low rise tanga bikini bottoms. Marion had taken my black low rise tanga bikini bottoms with her so I walked across the veranda and into our room wearing only my black solid twist bandeau bikini top, dangly earrings and delicate ankle bracelet.

my bdsm check list

fetish VampGirl09 2018-01-03

Acts involving the sensations and apprehensions caused by having hair pulled. Acts involving the sensations and apprehensions caused by having hot candle wax dripped on to or applied to the body. Acts involving the sensations and apprehensions caused by using ice or other cold items on the body. Acts involving the sensations and apprehensions caused by using needles on the body, either scratching with them, or poking them. Acts involving the sensations and apprehensions caused by having suction applied to the body. Acts involving the sensations and apprehensions caused by teasing the body. Acts involving the sensations and apprehensions caused by tickling the body. Going out in public with a sex toy (such as a butt plug) in your body, under your clothing.

Follow up to Real Selfish Lover

fetish realbigsid69 2018-01-03

I watched her bum retreating, wondering if I could be happy with those arrangements but deep down I knew I'd come to her if she wanted selfless pleasure. "Sorry, you know how I want this to end finally" I said sheepishly. I want it to be right if anything further happens, not just a stolen kiss while I'm with someone else" she said then noticed my disappointment. I still want a kiss" she said, but turned away from me, lifting her skirt a little. The whole time though I was thinking of you though and I just thought maybe you're right, maybe just Friday isn't enough to really satisfy me" she said while I pushed my tongue steadily back in and out of her asshole again.

Secret Fantasies Ch. 04

fetish TheNaughtyWife 2018-01-03

There was a little golden drop just on the outside of his dick, she leaned forward and kissed the tip before letting her lips part open and slide down his shaft. She moaned as the bitter taste of piss hit her taste buds and the feel of his hard dick slide between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Don let his thumb slide all the way into her ass and began to wiggle it around, and every time he rammed his dick in her pussy it moved his thumb up against her anal walls, rubbing his thumb and dick together up against the thin wall of skin separating the two.

Jessica's Insertions

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-01-03

Jessica read his thoughts and laughed some more, taking his strong hand in hers, so delicate, with long fingers, trimmed fingernails, and sharply defined veins. Mike tried to be witty and clever, "Jessica, you do not need to use the ladies room: you can always pee as you ride with me on my Harley, 750 cc's throbbing between your legs." Jessica had never told Mike about the effect that his notes had on her, how she would read them quickly and re-read them slowly over and over again, getting so very wet, and locking herself up in her office to masturbate incessantly, sitting on a warm puddle the rest of the day, thinking about him.

In Pursuit of the Hairy Pussy

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-01-03

I managed to hear one of the guys obnoxiously say, "If she has one stray pubic hair I'm outta there." As subtly as I could I turned around to see who this infidel was when I heard one of the females respond, "Oh because all women were put on this earth to please you." "No," the guy defensively replied "it's just gross. We're not living in the 70's." I could not see this woman's face as she was seated with her back to me, but I did hear her admirably respond to this second ignorant comment on this douchebag's part: "Women had pubic hair long before the 70's and long after that time as well." To this, I really heard no reply. Huge, dare I say, mangy, dirty blond pubic hair formed a triangle around a very pretty pink pussy.


fetish sub-alan 2018-01-03

Lynn was furious with me, she told Tami to lie on the floor and ordered me to stroke my cock hard then fuck her and lick my cum off her tits, "and don't even think about cumminig til you're told to you little slut, understand?" " Yes Lynn, I understand." That was it, I was stiff as a poker again I shoved my cock in Tami's hot slippery cunt and she came hard, I lowered my face to her tits and started licking my cum off her tits, thrusting into her cunt sucking up cum, I was in heaven.

Hotel Playtime

fetish hotcdsub 2018-01-03

I whispered in Fred's ear that I would suck his cock while Jim fucked me. Went to get primed for my fucking, came back out and sat on Fred's lap and he felt me up as I undid Jim's pants and pulled out his cock. Jim then laid on the bed as I had asked him so I could impale my hot cunt on his cock and ride him cowgirl. Jim then pushes me into doggy with his hot hard cock still buried in my cunt. Fred said he was cumming, Jim kept his bone buried in my cunt and Fred let a torrent of hot juice shoot into my mouth and throat.

Marcela Surprises

fetish Lostinsmoke 2018-01-03

Marcela began stroking her cock and told me to leave the thong on. As Marcela continued to smoke her cigarette I began stroking my cock. Marcela grabbed my cock and began stroking it as she fucked my ass. Marcela removed her cock and told me to eat her pussy. Marcela told me not until I put my cock into her pussy. I told Marcela I couldn't cum until I saw her light the cigarette. Marcela turned her head to the side I looked at me out of the corner of her eye and began lighting the cigarette. As Marcela finished her drag off the cigarette and began blowing the smoke from her mouth, my cock exploded in her pussy.

Sarah's Revenge

fetish Slutguy1 2018-01-03

She lubed my ass up nicely, slipping two fingers inside, then fucking my ass quite quickly, but then she suddenly stopped......before I knew what was happening I felt this HUGE bolt shooting right through my body........I hands instantly went against the shower wall to stop myself from falling over, but still this fucking continued.........."DON'T FUCKING MOVE" Sarah shouted, her mood changing instantly........I knew I was getting fucked and I knew it was a man, but I didn't know who......I have often fucked strangers in the past and it always excites me and this was certainly no different, my cock felt like it was about to explode.

What happens on the island - Part 3

fetish dirtymindedmale08 2018-01-03

While all three of us were willing, even eager, to try pretty much anything that involved our genitals, it became clear to Adam and myself that we were really most interested in fucking Julie, that we'd do anything to please her, and that despite her calling herself our sex slave, she was obviously calling most of the shots. So as she finished taking a dump, I aimed my cock at her fat round ass and let go, peeing all over her. When she'd finished, she thanked me for allowing her to use me like that, and I took a quick dip in the lake to clean up before sitting down again.

Piano Lesson day two

fetish Sirnookieofspunkalot 2018-01-03

Your hand falls onto my thigh and you begin to stroke my hard thigh............."You must concentrate" you say. Probing you......................your hand now on my trousers......feeling my hard cock..................... You undo my buttons and release my cock, hard and proud you stroke me as I fuck your panties into your are so fingers wet with your juices. my cock so hard and proud, your pussy so wet. I pull you down hard and savour the feeling of your tight pussy on my cock and begin to pump my hard cock into you...................... You pull your panties back into place and tell me my timing was out of place, slapping the end of my cock..............................

The Manse Ch. 00: Prologue

fetish myimaginaryfriendme 2018-01-03

The teacher, Julie, said hello to me and then, as she motioned me to the pedestal in the middle of the room, she started talking to the class about shading. I thought maybe she'd just been the first to arrive, but as I walked into the room, she looked up, smiled and said "Good morning, Mr Roberts! I think she could read my thoughts because she looked up into my eyes and waved her finger back and forth to let me know that wasn't going to happen. Just as Ms Mallory finished the last spoonful of my cum and looked up at me, I came again, this time all over the pedestal.

Refreshment Party

fetish ZENDO_ARGOS 2018-01-03

For the past several years my wife Lisa has been having a weekly "refreshment" party with her friends Jane, Mary, Tina, and Becky. By the time that I came up with that possibility I had been thinking about what could be going on at the "refreshment" parties for so long that I had to find out what really happened when my wife and her friends got together Tuesday mornings at my house. A view of our backyard looking towards our house came on and Lisa had a confused look on her face until she saw Jane, Mary, Tina, and Becky come outside and sit in the patio chairs.

Rough Play

fetish mikey2much 2018-01-03

The man leaned his weight on to her back pushing down savagely, slamming the air from her body, holding her still with his weight, pressing the breath from her as he slid his cock into her, a long strong push that did not stop until he was buried to the hilt in the warm soft center of the shivering girl She was wet with sweat and the air felt very cool on her skin as the man pulled her back by her hair. The man felt what was happening inside the woman's body, and felt that he had a pretty good ideal of what was going on inside her head.

Caught in Her Closet

fetish John988 2018-01-03

Taking soft, warm cotton or smooth, lurid silk; draping it over my cock, standing at 5/4 mast (there's no erection like this); and wrapping my hand around it (firm, but not tight) to slide up-down, up-down (slowly, at first, then faster, faster) until my body arches in one magnificent shock and my cum boils up from my balls to be caught in that sensuous fabric—there's nothing quite like it. I covered my face in the bra, reveling in the way the large cups consumed me, and worked my hand in long, slow strokes, savoring the soft swish of the fabric on my skin.

Dinner Out

fetish Angamber 2018-01-03

Mark looks underneath the table and notices that Cherry is sliding the ice cube between her legs and by the look in her face, he could tell what heights that piece of ice would reach. He feels every pulse inside of her as she sucks his hard aching cock with her tight pussy. Her hands crawl inside of her bra and she pulls her hard erect breasts out of her bra and begins to lick them and suck on them, as he continues to fuck her with a bread stick. He stands in front of her and she immediately begins to suck on her breast while the other hand is now stroking her clit making her wet dripping pussy tighter around his cock.

A Wet & Wild Ride

fetish freejack 2018-01-03

I didn’t care whether she pissed all over the seat or not; I just wanted to watch that wet spot blossom and grow all across the crotch of her shorts, and think about it flowing down her buttocks until she was sitting in a nice warm puddle of her own urine, her panties clinging stickily to her pussy lips. “No,” Katie replied, burying a hand in Gina’s hair and pushing her face towards my crotch, where my rock-hard cock was begging for some much needed attention, “Dirty is when I fuck you in the ass with this bottle, while you deep-throat my boyfriend’s big cock.” “I knew you would,” Katie continued, working the bottle faster and faster as Gina began to grunt and groan like a pig, thrusting her ass back to meet each push, never losing her grip on my cock.

Daddy Calls Me Little Girl

fetish GregCoral 2018-01-03

I love how Daddy tremors whenever I press my tongue into that tiny hole trying to get every little drop of his precum, but I just have to feel his cock in my mouth. I know Daddy wants it too, because he is holding my head with both hands and slowly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I think he can read my mind, because he just says, "Tonight baby bitch, I want to cum in your perfect little ass." He couldn't have said anything sweeter to me. Daddy is going to want to feel my wet pussy on his hard cock.

Parttime Lover

fetish No Panty Girl 2018-01-03

During the course of our talks Gord said he would like me to send him a pair of my panties so he could use them when he jerked-off. I selected a frilly pair of pink bikinis with lace around the leg openings and waistband, Before putting them in a manila envelope I masturbated in them and had Rick take my picture wearing only the panties with my legs spread open. Rick asked if I would like to meet Gord in real life? "I would like you to fuck Gord!" my husband said. "Well, am I going to get fucked?" I complained lying across the bed with my legs spread open waiting got Gord's cock. Gord shall fuck me as often as we wish in return for my husband being allowed to watch and partake of the spoils.

After club Ecstasy fantasy

fetish Brighton9 2018-01-03

Gabriella quickly moved her head away, from Suzannas crotch, she turned to me & said “I think she wants to come with a cock inside her” with that, she slowly (very slowly & very sensually slid off me, leaving a sticky, glistening, sexy white coating on my shaft, she then embraced me kissing me passionately, whilst slowly moving me into position between her friends outspread legs, twitching glistening crotch beconing, I sunk into Sizannas soaking wet vagina, releasing every twitch & squirm, “Shit yes! “hey you, how are you doing" I asked in my dodgy spanish I was met by the sight of Suzanna rubbing her soaking wet fingers over her nipples….I didn’t need much persuasion to suck away… OMG she tasted amazing… My cock was twitching away, & I knew I was on borrowed time… I was so turned on I could come @ any second...