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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Milking Herd Ch. 05

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-01-03

After inspecting hucows during two milking sessions, he found her on the floor humping her fingers. Date she entered the stall, serviced, walked, mated, milk yield, how firmly to squeeze her breasts, and how hard and long to suck her nipples. The cups you can see don't just stimulate the nipples for milk, they also massage the breasts. In the new world run by corporations, it was difficult to obtain luxuries, but here the treats helped keep the hucows contented, which increased the milk yield. I'm fed, watered, cleaned, milked, and have induced orgasms, all controlled by a machine. She was a contented hucow, feeling domesticated and happy with her world of milking and orgasms.

C-List Meeting WTH

fetish biguy52x 2018-01-03

I pull up Craig's List and start looking through the personals. He asked about my friend and I told him we meet due to a mutual interest. He said I want you to suck my cock. So I got on my knees and picked his uncut cock up and started sucking it. I tossed the condom in the trash can and bent over and started licking and sucking his cum off of his cock and balls. When he started cuming he pointed his cock at my face and came. He told me when I was ready to cum he wanted me to cum on his cock and balls and then clean up the mess one more time.

Date Night

fetish bjking 2018-01-02

After the first couple of times, I kind of looked forward to sucking David's cock, letting Vickie watch as I got her boyfriend all hot and bothered, then let him shoot his first load of the evening down my throat. Now that I've gotten used to the idea of sucking another man's cock, and letting David cum in my mouth before he does anything with my wife, I love it. "Come here, Junior, get a taste of Miss Vickie's sweet pussy." What he really wanted was for me to suck his cock some more. Lick my ass a little, then stick a finger or two inside me, and I'll fill Miss Vickie with a big load of love juice."

Stocking Tops

fetish Egmont Grigor 2018-01-02

Curly blonde Lee was already in the Bentley with all his possessions, head bowed, and half a dozen of fellow 18-year-olds, his best mates or pals as Americans would say, stood back from the open window to obviously mentally undress Peach's mother, one of the reasons Victoria had loved coming to Tucker's on parents' days. "Oh God yes," her nephew said, his face turned on like an emergency beacon and at that Marlene clutched the side of his trolley for support. It was unlikely Lee would be deprived because when Marlene and friends dressed up they usually all wore stockings and even the 12-year-old twins occasionally wore them.

Collaring ariana

fetish slave_ariana 2018-01-02

I have been on Xhamster for about 9 months and in that time I have met a few sub's that seemed like they had the potential to be the type of slave I wanted. I was looking for a sub that will place me and my desires above everything else in their life. It became clear to me the ariana was thinking of asking me to be her MASTER. Based on our conversations I knew ariana really and truly wanted to serve me. After a long talk one night I told ariana to get her vibrator and begin fucking herself... I eagerly accepted this gift and began the long process of training a new slave.

My true stories. No. 1 - "Finally home"

fetish Thor-S 2018-01-02

She wasn’t looking now anyway, she had found a notepad in her purse and was writing something on it, checking her phone now and then, so my eyes went to her legs. After a quick look around to make sure no one could see, I opened my pants and pulled my cock out, setting it free and feeling it rise to its full glory. She pushed herself to the edge of her seat and lifted both legs and put them in my lap, and grabbed my cock with her feet. I didn’t need to look to see what was going on, and grabbed my jacket and put it in my lap just as the conductor arrived.

The Fulfilling

fetish Fellatio_Dey 2018-01-02

Just like the girl in the film, having her husband wank himself off as he watched a hard cock slip into another guys ass and start fucking him almost made her want to cum on its own. Tonight, after getting him horny and curious, she was going to make him feel her cock in his ass and make it so good that he'd want the real thing. She was going to watch as she guided another hard cock into his ass and started fucking that cum deep into him ready to shoot another load inside. As she unties him she guides him to watch the screen as she puts his hand on his cock and wanks him together and encourages how he wants to let another guy fuck him with her, for her.

Sleep Fuck

fetish SlickThickRick 2018-01-02

Realizing the chance I have, I slowly rub against your soft pussy, with a tiny bit more pressure each time my fingers move up, until finally I get in between your lips. I can feel you getting warmer and wetter, as you start to squirm in your sleep. I get up and walk over to your side of the bed, pull my pants down and rub my dick softly on your lips until finally your mouth opens enough to get inside of it. I kiss you as you're cumming but don't stop moving my fingers until you're done squirming. I stop and slowly move up onto your inner thigh, your stomach, your breasts and finally your lips.

Wedded into Cuckoldry

fetish magas911 2018-01-02

In four weeks I'm going to be married and on my wedding night I want my husband to be the one who takes my cherry. Nick: "Yeah, I taught you everything there is to know but the one thing I didn't do was to take your cherry." Nick: "I just know that an older man like me, can give you what your future husband can never give you. Nick: "I'll be at your wedding and when I see you in your bridal gown, I want to know that I was the first man to fuck you before he did. I'll fuck for your friends like you always wanted me to but please, let me keep my virginity for my husband."

That Whole WAM Thing Ch. 04

fetish kleve 2018-01-02

An image popped into my head of how, about six months earlier, I had been about to go to work one morning, and I'd been leaving Erin behind to do her yoga – she was just sauntering away from me, down the corridor, in her t-shirt and sweatpants, and I had been so aroused by the grey sweatpants covering her bottom, knowing she wasn't wearing any underwear beneath them, that I had tackled her and thrown her on her bed and stripped her naked while she gasped with desire, and after burying my face between her legs and licking her out thoroughly, I had rolled her onto her belly and smeared KY between her plump ass cheeks and, ignoring her whimpers of protest, forced the tip of my cock into her anus.

The Housemaid Ch. 05

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-01-02

He'd only ever seen a cunt in a brothel, but perhaps if it was hers, his housemaid, his Annabel, the woman whose mouth had worshiped his cock for a year, who forced him to let her suck him while Lord Eastmoor dined in the next room eating the fish course... And John knew he'd never be able to keep his naked desire off his face if he thought about being fucked by Master Alexis's prick, or swallowing the young master's come himself. John swallowed the saliva that gathered in his mouth at these thoughts, and turned his desire resolutely back to Annabel. "How did the young master punish you, Annabel?" He whispered, his voice thick with desire.

Golden Shower Virgin Pt. 02

fetish RayneDor 2018-01-02

I know it sounds silly, perhaps, for a grown man to play-act in elf fantasies but the truth is that these sessions are consistently my favorite now and when Anya drops hints that the Elf-Queen may visit I am instantly hard in anticipation. I was surprised of course, particularly because Anya had not dropped any of her usual hints about sex-play to come, but it was a pleasant sort of surprise and my cock immediately twitched in interest. The second signal, of course, was her mentioning that she was going to clean the bathroom 'for later', and I knew then, with a little thrill of excitement that, not only did Anya have something special planned, it was going to be a special session of 'bathroom sex'.

One Girl, No Take-Home Cup

fetish AlexST301 2018-01-02

I was pounding this little girl's pussy pretty good, she was moaning and cursing, and we were turning into a sticky, sweaty mess - sweat was dripping off of me onto her already wet face, her red hair matted against her forehead. Don't let some skinny ass little girl hold her shit longer than you." As soon as my cock came out of her mouth, she started to scream - part for fear of losing oxygen, part because I think she's just lost her fucking pretty little mind. I was basically fucking her shit more than anything at this point, my cock sliding into the goopy mess inside her body.

gloryhole fun with hubby

fetish reddenmyass29t 2018-01-02

But knowing I just swallowed another mans cum sends me over my edge and my own orgasm starts slipping his cock from my mouth I scream out my hips rolling into the wall as my husband pumps me. I am feeling my husband pump his lust into me with a slight drip down my leg, I let him finish before before I pull away sinking to my knees unable to stand much longer. I grip my husbands my lubed hand locked over his softness and start to stroke him slowly as I hear him moan. My husband is now pumping his hips I let my lips hold and milk at him as he fucks my mouth.

Training My Husband Pegged CockSucker

fetish 425olds 2018-01-02

I slap the latex cock against my husband's face and lips and say, "If you want this cock, you need to beg for it, you want to be my cocksucker don't you, honey, tell me!" Michael moans and says, "Please, Kim, please let me suck your beautiful cock, feed it to me mistress!" That caused my pussy to twitch hearing my husband beg to suck my cock and calling me mistress. Bruce is holding Michael's head and then..."UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!" he begins cumming in my husband's sucking mouth. The night of gay sex ended for my husband as Bruce pulled out Michael's ass and cum in his mouth again.

Assassin Ch. 02

fetish devinn 2018-01-02

Violet heard the tapping of the shoes recede from the bed and the woman disappeared out of her field of view. Violet didn't know how long she had been enclosed in the bag, but she already felt weak. Violet took a deep breath and said, "Then take off the bag," while exhaling heavily. "I wish you could tell me how you felt," the woman said, her voice sounding as if it were coming from far away. The world was beginning to slowly spin around her and it felt like she was floating away, the other woman a passenger. The woman began to breath heavily and began moving her body slowly against Violet. A moment later Violet could feel the woman jerk then she collapsed.

Guwreikheo: Lizard Love Lord

fetish reptiliangoddess 2018-01-02

I woke up repeatedly with night sweats, my sheets completely soaked through with thoughts of strange lands and large reptilian creatures guiding me through. The biggest once waved his claws and said "Esty Guwreikheo." His dark eyes kept blinking as he looked over my small stature. He touched his chest and said "I am Guwreikheo, lord of the planet Zirion." He looked down at me with his beady eyes, it seemed as if he was mentally undressing me. It was complete darkness for a little while till it opened up to a room with all windows and plush carpeting. He gently kissed down my whole body till he reached my vulva and started licking with his long lizard tongue.

Who is Tove Jensen aka Tiny Tove

fetish hairyseeker69 2018-01-02

She also had quite a following on the early Sex show scene in Sweden and Denmark and she was better known for that then for her film work. I do not know a video is available of it - is an outdoor foursome she did with Tove when she (Tiny Tove) was just turned 18 and of an age to legally work in pornography. However, perhaps because she lacked Tove's stunning looks, her film career seemed to peter out as she lost her looks with age and she returned to working on the live sex show stage including at least one show with porno guru Horney Rob (at least so he claims on his website).


fetish lapseofreason 2018-01-02

In the reflection of the door I could see a small dark spot spread in the crotch of her khaki uniform pants as she removed her hands and squatted back down. I hope so..." I glanced over at Colleen; she was rocking back and forth on her heels again, a hand futilely trying to hold anything else from coming out. "Oh, fuck," Colleen whimpered; she managed to stop for a moment, then burying her face in her hands, spread her knees a little and finished what she couldn't help but start. As Colleen squatted, crying, pee still flowing out of her, I couldn't help but move away a little, unbutton my pants, and quickly bring myself to a shallow orgasm.

A Business Arrangement Ch. 2

fetish Isabella Thorne 2018-01-02

You then demand that I sit on your drafting table and spread my legs wide for your Tess ... Oooooooooooh how good it feels to have your beautiful Tess lick my cunt ... I am so turned on by you watching your slut having her dripping cunt sucked by this beautiful redhead. "We will show Tess now how I discipline you when you displease your Master." You spank me good and hard with the riding crop you have hidden away in your closet ... Finally Tess is satisfied with her probing and licking and sucking and fucking. You then passionately kiss me telling me what a good little slut I have been for you today ...

You Have Amazing Armpits

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-02

I had usually preferred women who let their armpit hair grow, but found woman's underarms sexy regardless, and this girl's were works of art. "You want to find out if my armpits are as buttery as they look?" Maureen said with a laugh, and said it loud enough so that the other people crowded around the stand could hear it, but if her intention was to embarrass me it didn't work. Maureen never did shave her underarms, and I never stopped lavishing my affection on them, right up until the day she died, killed by a drunk driver on her way home from work one night.

Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

fetish MonsoonMicky 2018-01-02

She knows I have a penchant for ladies' feet and always pads around the house barefoot, wiggling and splaying her toes in the air, fondling her soles and arches, taunting me with her adorable little tootsies. Her right foot worked its way up slowly to the tip of my cock before caressing the gooey head in a circular motion with the pad of the big toe, smearing pre-cum, smudging the slippery substance all over my bulbous helmet-head. I clamped Beth's soles to either side off my cock and manipulated her feet, moving them in a circular motion, the pads of her toes stroking my helmet, the heels rubbing the base of the shaft.

Growing Up with a whore

fetish hi1 2018-01-02

By middle school, these c***dren know that instead of having just one father, they have many uncles and by now, they walk in on one of these uncles fucking their mother silly. However, it is not until high school that c***dren accept the profession of their mother. Even though there's no formal "talk", both the mother and c***dren know where they stand. You can see the pics of girls in the mother's living room. However, there are times when mom and c***dren develop a strong, loving relationship and are open about sex. You may think prostitutes are beautiful and sex but Andy's mom was tall, almost 6" brunette. On our way out, Andy grabbed the 60 bucks on the coffee table while his mother still lay there motionless.

Wife Femdom

fetish sassycpl 2018-01-02

I take the cock out of my mouth and begin to tell you I'm going to cum with you stroking my cock but you slap my ass again and tell me to shut and suck. You start to fuck me hard and asking me "How does it feel to have a cock in your ass and one in your mouth". I begin to tell you that I've cum twice and don't know if I can a 3rd time but you cut me off by saying "Shut up and start stroking your cock." I do as I am told.