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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Lindy Series Ep. 04: Lindy's Wet Evening

fetish PTWaters1 2018-01-02

It's only ever felt really great while I'm cumming, but now that I think about it, peeing in naughty places could be very horny..." Helen mused, covertly bunching the hem of her knee length skirt up to her waist and slipping a hand down to touch her increasingly warm pussy. Lindy, who had not entered her usual sexual trance, was letting her fingers play in her pee stream and rubbing the wetness on her clit which was threatening to cum. Upon hearing Lindy's desire to cum, Clara quickly removed her gently dribbling erection from her nylons and pointed the throbbing member horizontally under the table.

Desperate for a Child

fetish Notathrowaway1598 2018-01-02

Vanessa roamed the bar, scouting out the right man. always paranoid that her ovaries would dry up or something, she spent hours every week looking for the right guy. Online there were some great guys, but they didn't want to give up a kid so easily. Knowing he can't resist cumming inside a woman, she knew she wouldn't have any trouble with him. Leaning in close, she placed a hand on the buzzed man's leg and whispered in his ear. As they left, Vanessa grabbed his hand and dragged the man down a nearby alleyway. Of course, Vanessa didn't want to let any out. With only a smile, the woman walked off into the night, leaving the man with his pants around his ankles.

Marcus the Black Man Breeder

fetish 425olds 2018-01-02

He learned that when he ejaculates his dick is suppose to be inside of a white girls pussy because his cum has life giving ability. Now he needed to learn about girls so that he would know how to get them to let him cum inside their pussy. suddenly his dick began to jerk and pulse and she started begging him not to release his cum inside her white pussy. Marcus (the Black Man breeder) was leaving a wake of white women behind that wanted more cum.  "take my black seed" he said and I felt what seem like a never ending stream of his hot potent seed hit the walls of my fertile white pussy.  Marcus(the Black Man breeder) turns every white women into cum loving fuck slaves.

Brave New Women's World!

fetish plumprumpbrat 2018-01-02

The males would do all the housework and menial chores including cooking all meals, cleaning the entire home (with special attention paid to the LADIES' bathroom and bedroom, keeping these rooms spotless no matter what condition they were left in), laundry (special attention and hand washing of the WOMEN'S lingerie), sewing, and generally picking up after the glorious SUPERIOR FEMALES (since it is no longer necessary for FEMALES to pick-up after themselves).Sissy males are regularly punished and humiliated to keep all their work at top form. Other male courses include male inadequacy instruction and learning to live with punishment, humiliation, and sexual frustration as a way of life for the pleasure of FEMALES and the reinf***ement of FEMININE SUPERIORITY!

more than panties

fetish 2018-01-02

A wicked smile crossed my face and in the discrete privacy of the darkened restaurant I placed a hand under the table and ran my fingers across his legs until I found one of the garters and then and up the seam of his pants until I found a large bulge in the front of his panties. Can you see me dressing you in a sheer baby doll at night to sl**p in or maybe I should make you wear a teddy out to dinner under your clothes?" As I continued to tell Steve about other pieces of lingerie I could envision him wearing, I noticed that my pussy had fully soaked the crotch of my panties and fingers were now gliding over my clitoris and the lips of my pussy.

Xdresser Housewife Roxys daily chores while wife i

fetish foxxiroxxi 2018-01-02

Roxy babe I'm getting your throat ready by doing this trust me when I'm finished with you My cock is the only thing you will ever think about Hope your ready you cock sucking whore and that was when my throat was being fucked by the biggest black cock mmmm wow he was pounding my throat like a pussy so hard and fast calling me a white whore telling me I'm his dirty little white sissy slut pounding at me until he exploded the biggest load in my throat

Katie's Love Ch. 03

fetish Tnewbie 2018-01-02

She stroked me for a while and it felt really nice, then she moved her hand off of my cock and said, "You going to feel something wet again." Katie said, "See. Now I'm going to put two fingers in." I felt her pull her finger out and she put some more lube on my asshole. She placed her hand on my ass again and said, "You are going to feel a little pressure again." This isn't a real big one and I will stop it about half way to give it time to settle." I felt something small slide into my ass and then a warm sensation as the water started to flow.

s****r-in-law (Bang, bj, feet, cum)

fetish wildsecrets 2018-01-02

Her s****r is nicely tanned, natural perfect D tits, an ass that literally barely fits in her jeans, the most sexiest lil toes I'd love to cum on and she is only like 125lbs no joke. BEST part she pulls my cock out of her mouth and says, "Fck my s****rs pussy taste good." then shoved it back in!!!!!!! In the morning she acted like nothing happened and as she was leaving I gave her a hug and rubbed my cock a lil and said my toes are sticky, we'll have to cum in me next time to make sure not to make a mess...

Last Sunday's Self-Bondage, Unlocked Door Ses

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-01-02

I took my time getting my karada right. Otherwise, I didn’t have much on, tan stockings and that was pretty much it (a request, yes I do some requests). My gag a bit more intense, packed my mouth with panties (used), held in with tape, and the word “SLUT” written over the tape (another request and it was duct tape). And yes, I tried typing with my hands behind me. You all told me how much of a slut I am. I leaned against the door and shouted loudly through the gag. It was a very intense couple of hours…and yes, I slept withmy gag on… Yet at the same time, losing my sense of self. I didn’t care…just fuck me.

Golden Dreams

fetish eroticgoldenfiction 2018-01-02

By then, most of the girl's inner thigh was covered in her urine; her pale skin tinted a light yellow and gleaming under the sun's warm rays. This time, the warm yellow fluid didn't fall on her thigh, but gently flowed downwards along her vagina, sliding to one side as it approached the bottom, and forming a growing puddle of pee on the shiny sating sheets. The tall windows, the soft satin, the red-hair reaching in savage waves across the pillows, the sun coming through the windows, the wet warmth on her legs, her room. The morning sun was coming in through her normal-sized windows, into her not-ornate room, and warming her skin and the bed sheets.

The Fantasy

fetish 2018-01-02

Sir pressed himself harder against Mistress and she began letting out small moans that gradually increased in volume until they were very loud and her body began moving rhythmically as she came. He unzipped and Mistress slowly let her tongue slide up and down Sir’s huge cock right in front of Slave while looking her straight in the eyes. He took out two nipple clamps and said “I will put these on your breasts and they will stay there until you have slowly repeated the following sentence ten times: ‘I am an obedient Slave and I will always address Mistress correctly’”. Mistress started to moan louder and when she came Sir began fucking Slave again with deep fast strokes.

Wet Seduction

fetish threelayers 2018-01-02

Brenda stood up, "So you like big breasts Ben" She said smoothing her blouse over her chest. They were alone, Brenda had sent the other staff home early, and now she was asking him what he liked about her body and that she wasn't annoyed that he'd been looking down her top. "Suck them" Brenda ordered watching Ben lower his head to one of her nipples and start licking and sucking at the hard dark brown flesh. "You've made me a very naughty woman Ben!" Brenda said as she pulled away from him and slipped off his lap. Brenda then knelt in front of Ben and pulled his trousers open, freeing his cock from his shorts she devoured it kissing and licking the sticky pre-cum from its swollen head.

Ms. Audrey Is Soiled

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-01-02

Her whimpers filled the room as the other long fat cock in her mouth continued to force itself deeply down her throat, making her gag submissively. The battered white van had pulled up at 11:30 and, to her surprise and embarrassment, she had felt her nipples become hard beneath her sensible white blouse as the large brute emerged from the driver's side door. Suddenly, her invaded pussy was treated to a host of dirty vibrations and pulses as the thing inside of her drove itself around in tight circles. The man pulled his big cock out of her mouth and slapped the stiff meat against her face repeatedly before using a wad of her hair to wipe himself clean.

Jasmine's Ass

fetish fetishfanatic 2018-01-02

I worked hard to suppress its demands and found that there were certain things I could do to keep it happy and stop it taking over my body again." Jasmine stopped for a second and looked Owen in the eyes before blushing furiously: "I... She got up all fours and showed her meaty behind in the air, "Please" she said in her best little girl's voice, "please fuck me in the ass now, plough into my filthy guts and spunk into my cumhungry rectum." Owen couldn't resist and knelt behind her. This was too much for Owen and he felt the cum rise up from his balls as his cock frantically spasmed in Jasmine's fleshy ass, without warning he erupted and spurted rope after rope of gooey cum into her hungry rectum.

Full Moon, Mulberry Inn

fetish stlgoddessfreya 2018-01-02

It was that feeling he liked to take out to a bar to watch people and the tension that he liked to hold while deciding if he thought women across a dark room were attractive while twisting his wedding ring around and around on his finger. Most people wouldn't have been able to tell the difference, especially not across a dark bar, but Matt had a particular affinity for real silk stockings. I want to come like this because I'm not sure how long I'll last at this point, then I'm going to open that tight pussy up when I'm ready to go again." She smiled with raised eyebrows and pushed her thighs back against his erection.

Planet Pretty Sissy

fetish Hayleykim 2018-01-02

"Thank you Mummy Louise, I love my new name and I won't disappoint you," replied Alan. "Mummy Louise, where are we going this hot and sticky morning?" asked an inquisitive pervert. "My girlie-boy's name is Francesca Amy Katie Cozens," replied a proud Mummy Louise. "Oh Francesca, drink mummy's sweet and sickly milk, my sissy girl," said the devoted blonde tease. Oh yes Francesca, two perverted men changed into sexy girls, being totally degraded by the dominant force in this fantasy world. Even Mummy Louise is getting annoyed with you, " replied Belinda, stroking his panties "Wet your Pampas for Mummy and keep watching Auntie Rose," replied Louise. Mummy is so proud of you and so is Belinda and Sue," said Louise.

Reversal of Roles

fetish freeforall 2018-01-02

I opened the card, hoping to see more nude pictures of her, but inside was only a message, 'Today, our roles will be reversed, please come home at noon'. As she stroked my cock, she slowly slid her finger farther and farther up my ass. My wife began to fuck my ass with that cock, sliding it in and out of my ass, slowly at first, then faster and faster as I got used to it. As I lay on the bed, trying to catch my breath, I could not believe I could willingly take such a large cock in my ass, but I had done it and I had enjoyed it beyond my wife's wildest dreams.

Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 03

fetish bountydog 2018-01-02

As a foot fetishist I would have loved to enjoy my fantasy while looking at a barefoot beauty, he feet resting on the train seat. I had just a glimpse of her feet but instead of contemplating such beauties I started to get ready: I positioned myself in the opposite seat row, near the opposite window. I find the right position to have myself hidden from the other seats and to have the best view of the beauty napping some seats from me the, after positioning the newspaper in a way to hide my act and make it looked like I was reading it, I unbuttoned some buttons of my jeans, my boxers already a bit lowered under my pants, sometthing done on the train wc immediately after boarding it.

My little Asian slut Ming

fetish hbowman1966 2018-01-02

I pulled Ming's little body into mine and quickly slid my hand down her flat tummy and right into her panties. And then I'm going to dress her up like a tiny little Asian hooker slut and take her out to the best place in town before taking her home and fucking her stupid again.' I pressed two fingers to her mouth and she greedily sucked them in, lapping them with her moist tongue as her hands massaged my cock shaft and gently explored the ridges of my thick head. 'I'm going to love pinching and slapping your little tits while I fuck you.' Pausing for a second, I said, 'Would you like that?'

Cold War

fetish kronan 2018-01-02

I am going to wreck your clothes" With that she reached down and grabbed Pam's blonde hair with both of her hands and yanked her head and rolled her over as she was trying to get up, she ended up on all fours when Sandy let go of the hair. With that she reached out and grabbed the front of the exposed panty hose and pulled, moving them to mid thigh and causing Pam's legs to give out, her ass landing now bare on the snow. She reached under Sandy's short skirt that had slipped up to her hips and grabbed the waist of her panty hose and pulled them down to her feet, and folded them over her boots, effectively rendering her legs inoperative.

Geri's Night Out Ch. 2

fetish Kip Carson 2018-01-02

Tommy continued to suck Geri's cock until it began to soften in his mouth. Pam slid her shaved pussy against Geri's mouth, and his tongue slid against her swollen clit. Geri slid his tongue deep into the soft pink folds of her wet pussy, and he began to slowly fuck her with his tongue. Geri quickly obliged her, and his large cock slid easily into her wet pussy. Pam moaned loudly as Geri's cock slammed deeply inside of her. Tommy moaned and Geri could feel his large cock as it throbbed and pulsated in his ass. It felt so good, Geri moaned, and continued to pump away inside of Pam, his cum still oozing from his cockhead. Geri moaned as he felt Pam's tongue slid into his ass.

Breast Love

fetish crobeson96 2018-01-01

As I forgive my husband the occasional discrete flirtation, he, in exchange, is aware I enjoy breast love with neighbors, friends, and the occasional man or woman on the street. 'The rest is for my husband, only,' I say, 'He permits me to share my breasts.' I've tipped tradesmen and delivery boys, given the trash guys a whirl (after a shower), and thanked professionals with my lovely favors. My husband, his erection powerful and evident, said nothing, he just kissed me on the lips and turned me around facing away from him, my breasts still bare and stimulated, the nipples erect and full in excitement.

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 01-06

fetish inkman 2018-01-01

She untied the blindfold and I looked at my finger, I sat there looking in silence, my wedding ring finger was tattooed with a most intricate pattern, it looked like a series of intertwining knots which were multi coloured, blue, red, black, green, I lost count, but the tattoo reached completely from the knuckle to the first joint of the finger, it was huge, and it went all the way round my finger, not a gap, not a speck of normal skin colour, my mind was going ten to the dozen, ranging from work, friends, family, Sally, "well, do you like it", I looked at her still in a state of shock and said, "I love it", and kissed her and gave her a big hug and we just made love on the tattoo parlour reclining chair, after we had finished making love she looked at me and said "you are mine now".

The Bet

fetish klammer 2018-01-01

In the mornings I'd always wake up with Monique by my side, I never knew what time she came home or how she got into bed without waking me. What self respecting man would let his woman be fucked by another guy for a bet? Antonio came up behind me and began to massage my shoulders, "No, I don't want to do it tha.." before I could finish they had both started laughing. "No wait." Antonio said, "I don't like you treating my woman like a hoar, but since you think you can fuck better than I can, be my guest." I looked at Monique, she was biting her lip, trying not to laugh, "Antonio, stop laughing at him!