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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Scarlet Chronicles Pt. 02

fetish scarlet_letter87 2018-01-01

"Subject is well built, but carrying a little extra weight, however, that should not be an issue." Doctor Rute continued his assessment with no apparent regard to the fact that he was examining a living person. Scarlet assumed that was it, but Doctor Rute selected the next largest rod and began lubing it. The process continued for several more rods until it became apparent to the doctor that Scarlet's cervix wasn't going to dilate anymore. "We are almost done with this portion of the exam, just a visual inspection and then a manual examination." Dr. Rute said as he shined a small flashlight into her vaginal canal, mentally noting how pink and inviting it looked.

Pee-Play with My Partner

fetish Hippoid 2018-01-01

She will also sometimes lean forward as she pees on the toilet bowl, and let me watch her from behind, as her rounded arse cheeks open ands give me a glimpse of her anus, while the pee streams out from her protruding lips below. As I write this, I have just watched that video again -- twenty-five seconds of peeing, with the full jet followed by little sharp spurts and finally by little dribbles welling up between her wide-open lips; and the drops of pee are splattered all across her thighs, until, in the rest of the short film, she uses the shower to wash herself, focusing wonderfully on her fleshy labia.

The Gas Station

fetish thefootprint 2018-01-01

You've always had a strong fantasy of kidnapping some unsuspecting young girl so you could tickle and rape her poor feet. It makes my feet feel better to slide each one out, bend my knee slightly backwards just outside of my shoe and point my toes. We pull our cars off the road and into the parking lot of this abandoned old country store to await the "tow truck" that is never going to come. I guess I could test your reflexes by taking your heels off and tickling the soles of your pretty little feet." That's a stupid...thing to say...who goes around...wanting..asking to...tickle a stranger's feet? I am tied tightly and trying to pull my hands and feet free.

High School Dilemma Ch. 04

fetish LaurenWestley 2018-01-01

Looking into Jim's grey eyes and pretty face I was lost until he said, "You're going to fuck the shit out of me tonight girl." Didn't take much but that word shit to get me to answer in my sissy voice, "Yes Sir I'd love to suck you cock and feel it cum in my pussy." You know how girls wiggle their butts and then use their thumbs to pull their panties down don't you," Jim said as I danced. "Like a good ponygirl Jill you will ride my cock and when I feel you need to ride a bit faster I'll spank your ass," Jim said as his dick finally reached so far in I thought he was in my tummy.

Milk From My Neighbor 2 by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2018-01-01

Soon he was feathering light, open-mouthed kisses on her neck and on the top of her breasts. His cock twitched as she laid a hand upon his crotch, looked into his deep brown eyes and whispered, "Take me to bed." Kaye held his head tightly to her breast, her moans encouraging him to suck even more. She lifted his head, looked into his eyes and said, "I want you inside me." Sam's head dove to her breasts, wanting to ingest more of her warm, life-giving milk. They occasionally got out of bed to eat, and for Kaye to feed and change Micki. By then he was also madly in love with Kaye and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and baby Micki.

The Bet Ch. 02

fetish ssnatch 2018-01-01

The pressure was intense and I could feel my sphincter stretching, and just as I thought it was going to hurt, I felt the pressure release, and the plug came free. I cleaned up, washing the lube from my hands, and carefully wiping away excess lube from the plug to avoid soaking my panties (and as a result my slacks), pulled my panties back on, and tried to calm myself so that I could fit my cock back into the panties. As I made my way back to my seat, I again had to focus on trying to walk normally as the new larger plug made movement a little awkward, and with each step, I could feel pressure against my inside like I'd never felt.

Milk and Cookies Ch. 01

fetish Lady Silverrose 2018-01-01

Bob was waxing Sandi on a tarp-covered cot in the living room and had just invited Michael and I to dip a ladle in the wax color of our choice to add to the lovely design he was building on her delightfully squirming body. To illustrate, Bob knelt by the cot and ran his fingers gently down the top of her left breast, stopping before he touched the nipple. He brushed the tip of his tongue over the nipple in a circle, then drew it into his mouth, sucking gently. He began to suck gently, his tongue circling as he drew more and more of my breast into his mouth. Michael switched to my left breast and I began to dissolve into a chain of steadily stronger orgasms.

The Club

fetish eros701 2018-01-01

I know in stories of this type it is usual for guys to brag about their dick size and crow about how women love their member, but those guys are full of it. Anyway, this club was for men who share my dilemma and for women who love huge cocks. "Do you know what these people want, Sugar?" She whispered in my ear: "They want to see you fuck my ass with that big cock" I let out a groan as her tongue traced along the shell of my ear. I had never been so aroused, buttfucking this voluptuous black woman in front of a crowd of big-dicked strangers.

Wax, then massage and facial

fetish sc23 2018-01-01

She said she tells guy not to ejaculate for a few days before coming in because it make these (she grabbed my balls and lightly jiggled them) tighter and easier to wax. She told me guys said they could not wait and needed to get waxed asap so they could cum. She told me about a minister who came in for a wax, took off his pant and ejaculated right on her floor without touching his cock, got embarrassed, left her $20 and rushed out. She told me about other guys asking her if they had the biggest cock she'd ever seen. Came over got naked face down with my cock hard pushed down towards my feet so she could see it while massaging me.

My Babygirl Mallory

fetish dominasolo 2018-01-01

"Paper's looking pretty good," I said. "You're just in time, actually," she said, "I needed somebody to taste my cookies. She moved slowly towards me and sat down between my legs, arching her back, her butt pressing hard against my crotch. "Thank you, Daddy!" she screamed with her eyes still closed. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she moaned, partly opening her eyes. But again, I couldn't let her be in control, so I pinched her clit hard as I squeezed her right breast mercilessly. I gently pushed her hair to the back of her ear and said, "Good girl." She opened her eyes and stared at me, "Daddy, please fuck me." Daddy," she said, her eyes closed and her cheek rubbing against mine.

Ultra-Sounding Sexual Therapy

fetish jackflynn7 2018-01-01

Then I was ready, she began slowly to turn the volume up listening to her stethoscope and leaning closer to my penis and the sound for a closeup view of the finale of her work. With each contraction, expertly timed, my nurse spiked the volume, low to high, to intensify my contractions accompanied by waves of spasms and heat, until the last, leaving me exhausted, out of breath and covered with sweat, when my nurse turned off the USONIC, now splashed with more semen than I had ever seen, unclamped it and placed it in her tray, then sitting quietly and smiling broadly at her good work.

The Stranger

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-01-01

He shook it a little harder, and Shelly felt her nipples rub against the fabric. The stranger knelt on the bed between her legs, and Shelly was suddenly quite sure he intended to fuck her right then. "Look at how those panties slide right in between those fat pussy lips like dental floss." Though she wanted to look away, she couldn't, and Shelly watched as her fleshy pussy held the panties securely in place, deep in the crevice of her pussy. He leaned forward and Shelly let out a moan as his tongue lovingly stroked those lips he had just degraded. He was sucking on her clit, tickling it with his tongue, when suddenly with one hand he yanked the panties out of her wet pussy.


Gloryhole turns good girl Gracie into jizz drinkin

fetish 2018-01-01

And as for my being embarrassed and running out like the scared little girl I was, sure everybody in the place knew that I was a slut and that I was there to suck cock. Soon I found out that they were actually making money off of me, they let word out that there was a young college girl who couldn't get enough cock to suck and they started charging the guys 25 bucks to just get inside in hopes they would be one of the lucky ones to fill my mouth. I will never give up my gloryhole hobby and therefore won't likely find an understanding man willing to let me suck off countless strange mens cocks and swallow their cum loads every day.

sexual escapades

fetish 2018-01-01

Celeste shakes her head no and leans into him reaching for his cock he pulls her hand away and starts to get out of the car taking a blanket with him .Celeste follows his lead and gets out of the car as well closing the door behind her . Celeste can only moan in response her head falls back as she looks at the sky her belly clenches and tightens with desire .she can hear her pussy sucking on his fingers and can feel her juices running down her ass shes so ready she sits up and pulls him onto her spreading her legs she grabs his cock between them and guides him inside her .

The Drayden University Cheerleaders Ch. 03

fetish rifkinraf 2018-01-01

Coach Greenshaun had called the squad into rank, and had made an announcement that a few of the women on the team had complained after the last game that when the bag of panties had made the rounds in the locker room, their pair had already been taken, leaving them to pick from several pairs that were damp and sticky. Greenshaun took her time, taking each cheerleader's panties in her hand, and pointing out and recording if they were noticeably dirty before putting each woman's in their own section of the folder. She half expected Shannon to do most of the work as Janet had, but when the hands in her hair loosened Dani knew it wasn't going to go that way.


Cum Junkies

fetish Anal Slave 2018-01-01

So what I have been doing is to fuck one of them and shoot a big load of cum in there pussy and let the other one suck it out it looks like I cum a lot more because it gets mixed with pussy juice and both of them like to eat pussy. I never thought anything about it till one night Candy had two of her boy friends over and we all got drunk and Sherry pulled me into a corner and said she would like to see me suck one of there cocks while she sucked the other one. Sherry looked at the one guy, his name was Dave she said Dave do you mind if my boyfriend sucks the cum out of your cock Dave said he didn't mind it if he got to fuck my husbands ass after the blowjob.

Nude to Seal the Deal Ch. 03

fetish Wifetheif 2018-01-01

"Dennis, darling, let Wilbur Parks have his fantasy and I will give you two more blow jobs just like that before I lock you away. A short time later the maid delivered Tina's hand written note to Wilbur Parks. Tina felt confident that Wilbur Parks would find a way to perform his bush clearing operation n such a way that he did not reveal haw important it was to landing the deal to Phillip Wilton. While I truly feel that Phillip and Dennis do not need my help, I DO have my mind set on a new house in a more exclusive neighborhood, that is not going to happen if you turn Wilton Enterprises down.

Assisting Mr. Anderson

fetish PhilCanyon 2018-01-01

"Why thank you dear," Estella replied and said to herself that Leigh was a lucky little bitch and Estella shook Mr. Anderson's hand and thanked him for the confidence he had in her to do a good job and then she turned and walked back to her desk to gather up her things. It was all very exciting and each morning her eyes would pop open without the alarm and she would shower and dress; each day hoping Mr. Anderson would approve of how she looked and she would get into the car for the drive into the city and that's when she would worry about how she was going to pull off her third assignment.

Pussy Hound

fetish KerrFuffle 2018-01-01

More ritual than institution, more excuse to drink and gossip than to taste, Kate, Beth, Faith, Stacey, and Sheryl had convened at each other's homes for the better part of two years, the men away for the moment or, for most of them, for good. By the time the others had arrived, the first bottle was gone, and, across town, Sheryl had deeply invaded her new companion's red-haired pussy. "Anyway," Faith continued, "I've wanted to have some kind of sex - real sex - on a crowded dance floor for, like, forever. He reamed her and kissed her and fucked her with all his energy, and Stacey encouraged him to impale her mercilessly, as she pulled his firm ass toward her with both hands.

The Milk of Human Kindness Ch. 02

fetish Emmcee20 2018-01-01

The full double D breasts still felt firm in my hands but as I took your nipple into my fingers I could tell immediately that they were a little more distended than they were when we first started the previous session. "Oh yes please," you gasped and I moved into the stretched out position so that you could cradle my head to your left nipple but this time I turned a little more. You just sat back on the floor, your cum covered tits showing and your open thighs revealing the wet red lips of your pouting cunt that had also had a one-hour work out today.

Later Discovery Ch. 03

fetish Learningfast 2018-01-01

Mark has dressed her for their times together, often taking girdles, stockings and bras from her cupboard and drawers; but also he has bought her new ones that she has enjoyed. It seemed to go on for ever and she just wanted him to stay resting his head on the bottom edge of the girdle, his mouth now nibbling her stocking-top and with his fingers still deep inside her bowels and vagina. Mark recommenced the lacing from bottom and top edges, and soon the corset was clearly pressing on her figure. For Phyllis, the new sensations of rigidity, smoothness and immobility enhanced the feeling she got from her hand on her clitoris and labia.

My Master Fantasy Part 2

fetish gerry69uk 2018-01-01

I order you to stand at the wall, you know whats coming. Your ass is already starting to produce nice blue black welts As my hand dissappears into your shit box you cum causing your ass to spasm and clench even tighter forcing your orgasm to continue rather than subside. using my other hand i pull violently on your clitoris keeping the momentum of your orgasm, pulsing my hand within your asshole until i know you can take no more, as suddenly as i have started violating you i stop, pulling out in a quick motion leaving your gaping asshole convulsing empty and stretched. You hear the sound of a bath being drawn, but you know that you have not been invited yet.

Devil's Tombstone

fetish JustJulieW 2018-01-01

Let's find a private site away from our camp." Julie picked up her small army shovel and headed off to find a good spot. Myra still looked amazed as she watched Julie dig a hole about two feet wide and two feet deep. Julie opened the cooler and this time took out three beers tossing one to Ricky. Myra took her hands and spread Julie's pussy lips. With Julie still stroking his cock, Myra began to release hot pee all over his chest and stomach. You didn't think we'd let you off that easy, did you?" She led him over to the latrine, took the shovel and pushed the dirt in the pit aside to uncover the shit and soiled toilet paper.

A Tennessee Education Pt. 07

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-01-01

The other invitations went to Malik Johnson, the middle school IT guy whom she serendipitously met the evening when she and Jasmine had visited Mariko and to Jessica and her slave-husband. Sharon hadn't given any specifics on their day trip but Mariko parted ways with her feeling like she had heavy thoughts she was dealing with. "Sharon," she said pleading, "I don't know what to say." She looked at Bobby who suddenly felt alive with hope. "Oh Deb," he said to himself, "Please do the right thing." He knew he couldn't be a slave to his daughter. I don't know if I should ask or just take him or even if I have the right to take him but I want this man to lick my pussy." She looked at Sharon with wide eyes.