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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Mall

fetish MirageLM 2018-01-01

As they continued toward the elevator he said, "When we get on the elevator, I want you to take your panties off and hand them to me." Her head jerked toward him as if pulled by a string "W-w-what?" she stuttered looking at him. He stopped in his tracks and gently taking her elbow, turned her to face him, "Look," he said calmly as he stared into her eyes, "You said you wanted to 'play.' I agreed to play if you would do as I said. Closing her eyes she felt first the cool air from the mall air conditioner then the edges of her blouse catch on her erect nipples, then his gasp of pleasure as they came into view.

The Mirror

fetish 2018-01-01

What was it about the strange mirror on themselves, and why they saw it again this naked slave girl? Determined to go the thing on the reason, the girl took a soft cloth to hand and walked with firm steps to the mirror, ostensibly to brush him, but actually to examine it more closely. With slow and careful movements she wiped with the cloth over the mirror surface as the picture suddenly blurred and directly in front of her again the naked slave girl was visible, this time as close as ever. Motionless the girl stood before the mirror, directly in front of him she saw the picture of naked the slave girl.

Barb's Panties - The Begining

fetish puterguy88 2018-01-01

I slipped into her room, and immediately found a pair of panties on the floor, simple nylon bikini style, what she had probably worn to bed the night before. I licked the crotch and sniffed some more, then pulled them over my head with that delicious cotton panel over my nose, and then began to explore some more. I quickly found her panty drawer, and pulled out some of the basic items, mostly bikini cut nylon or cotton and a few with lace panels on the front and/or sides. I'm not sure how long I laid there with her cum soaked panties wrapped around my cock because I passed out from the sheer joy of that orgasm!

The Easy Fuckslut Ch. 02

fetish NiteWriter 2018-01-01

"Here, drink it slut." "You know how much you love cum." "I'm going to make sure your pretty little belly is full tonight." Nicolle looked at me and then at the room full of naked men all with their hard cocks in hand. He stood there watching Nicolle take this black cock up her ass; while at the same time had the pitcher between his legs pissing in it. Nicolle sat up for a minute after taking the load of cum from the black cock in her ass. Everyone was pretty exhausted; although it looked like Nicolle wanted to keep going and give everyone another fuck despite the fact she had swallowed more cum and piss than she ever had before.

The Book of Division Ch. 03

fetish cauchemar80 2018-01-01

Molly froze and looked, first at her pussy on her nightstand, and secondly at the door, which would burst open any second to spill an overeager Fran and a reluctant Paul into her room. "Can't," Fran laughed as Molly opened the drawer, took her pussy out and stomped past her to the bathroom to get ready. "That's not so bad," Molly said, reaching under the bed to grab Fran's left hand. Molly shut the door softly and looked back to Fran's head on the desk, her face white. "Sure, sure," Molly said, gathering Fran's head up in her hands along with her stomach. A few minutes later, Fran lay divided on her bed and Molly sat next to her with the book in hand.

Turning to Darkness P 12

fetish VictorL4fun 2018-01-01

When the door burst open, young teen Rachel; the house guest, was sitting naked on top of older teen Mercy; the house manager, who was tied to the bed. What happened was that she was pushed and carried down the hall to a small closet, stuffed into it then the door was locked. Rachel woke up suddenly, as light flooded the closet. But before she could act a commanding little voice spoke, freezing her in place. Your attack on my servant has caused a great deal of trouble.” In the doorway to the closet stood a small c***d, dressed in elegant Victorian style clothing, her skin white as milk, her eyes an alien green. Rachel had not been expecting an offer like that.

A Surprise in the Bathroom

fetish NordicHapposai 2018-01-01

Inka's emerald eyes were glowing, she knew exactly how to treat me, how to use my anorexic pride and at the same time stimulate my body in a way that showed she wasn't just abusing me, or at least I thought so. I moaned like a hunted mouse as I was twirling around, feeling her hot breath inside me, with her hands massaging my thighs that were sore from training. There we were, in the hot, steamy wooden room, the morning sun on our faces, and I, completely exhausted and tranquil, spent a moment resting on her body, with my head on the breasts of my new queen.

The Cum Kiss that turned me on- First time swinger

fetish 1moreguy4me 2018-01-01

She started sucking and the kept going at each other, she laid on her back on the bed and he was about to start fucking her, His cock was touching her pussy lips, rubbing up and down, when she looked at me and said " are you sure you want him to fuck me?" I said I've been waiting ten years for this and he slid his huge cock into her, she let out a moan and they started fucking every way and every position. I could taste Steves cum all over her mouth, and she started kissing me really hard and really deep, then got on top of me and rode my cock until I cam deep inside of her and with out even stopping we kept fucking again, the whole time locked in a deep, cum soaked, kiss, unti I came 3 times, without ever missing a stroke.

Lunch Piss

fetish wyldechylde 2018-01-01

Keeping her fingers crossed that they would head home early she started mopping the hallways, about fifteen minutes after the last meeting let out the security guard walked around the floor to make sure that only the building employees were still left behind. Startled, Janine spun around to see Mark standing at the door holding two bottles of beer in one hand and smiling sheepishly. Janine turned around to see the look on Mark's face after her display and had to suppress a laugh, his jaw looked like it was about to hit the floor and his eyes were popping out of their sockets.

The Artist

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-01-01

"The best part of the painting is the penis." She said grinning from ear to ear. I think I'll call this painting 'the frightened turtle'" she let out another giggle as I covered myself once again in utter embarrassment. She couldn't possibly be thinking of showing this in her gallery on Saturday night along with her other paintings. That's what you looked like." She said. I began to think, 'If I hadn't cried like a little sissy bitch, would she still have fucked me?' Probably..... Claudia said hi and Tina went in to shake her hand, "This is a great guy! Thereafter, Claudia spread the rumor that I was the man in the 'frightened little turtle painting'.

Young Master Ch. 04

fetish bi_hengst 2018-01-01

There was nothing left of the real me at that moment but a tinny little voice in the back of my head repeating the filthiest slurs, calling me "a nasty little fuck hole, a dick desperate diva, a flaming faux female, a humiliation junkie hooked on junk, a bitch, a slut, a cunt, a gash, a cum catching cooze, a tiny dick little boy playing dress up and taking a cock up his ass so he could hide from the truth...a sissy." They were angry indictments from the one voice I couldn't ignore...but then Dale's began picking up the pace, hitting my sweet spot and kissing it goodbye in a blur of movement that filled me up with soul searing love one moment, and left me achingly empty the next, only to fill me back up before I could take another breath.

Juicy Lucy Gets Her Way

fetish The Needler 2018-01-01

Lifting her right breast, he sucked and licked the nipple until was rock hard, chewing a little to make certain the rubbery circle as ready. When did I say you could call me Frankie." He licked on her left nipple, getting it rock hard and chewing it as she squirmed in anticipation of the next abuse. "I know what you like, Lucy," Frank said harshly, "You like having your tits tortured, ever since I first met you at that hotel across town." He stopped, stepped back, and put the cane down to run his hands over her hot, abused flesh, leaving streaks of red on her tight skin.

Lon Operates: A Justine Story

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-01-01

I gave each side of his fabulous prick a similar lick, then teased my nose underneath it and looked up at him with it laying all the way across my face, drooping over one cheek,his eyes met mine and he just groaned louder, it must have made quite a sight, such a pretty little face divided by such an ugly big cock. I pulled back to pop his head from my throat and lips, giving a dramatic little gasp as it swung free and gently slapped down on my enormous left breast, then I wrapped both huge hooters around him and arched my back, letting the natural leverage of his down-pointed cock fuck into my tit-canyon.

The Morning After

fetish baystatebill 2018-01-01

My neighbor Lisa and her friend dashed away to my spare bedroom for some fun and ended up borrowing my cock (The Christmas After Party). The tip of my cock began to spread her lips and the enter her, but she held me back with her hand and continued to just rub her swollen lips with the head of my cock. I went upstairs and headed to me bedroom, but right before I entered my room I remembered that Lisa said that she had a gift for me upstairs. I took my tongue and began to stick the tip into her ass causing Ashley to squirm each time. Lisa reached in and grabbed my cock and pulled me out of Ashley.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 04

fetish escalus 2017-12-31

"It depends on where the Warden positions herself with the sick girl," says Abi, who has thought of everything. The other – Suzanne Clarke the onetime lippy girl who has become as timid as a mouse - says she will keep quiet and go along but she won't be part of the drawing of lots: she'll give up her chance of a rub but she won't feign sickness. The girls have filed in, Donna taking the cubicle furthest from the doors, Ruth the cubicle next to her, then Abi, followed by Kelly and the other two. Miss Bulstrode, who has been watching the six girls keenly, had already turned at the noise, and now strides out of sight of Donna, Ruth, Abi and the others.

I think we should Talk Chapter 2

fetish ruuddog 2017-12-31

“You know I am going to have to come up with ways to punish you other than denying you orgasms since that is what you wanted in the first place. “Just squeeze my thight when you want to too start and stop and when I am done I will let you have an orgasm.” I felt my hand move to the inside of her thigh. “Be sure you stop me when you need to swallow we don’t want to make a big mess.” I felt my fingers tighten up on her thigh as I moved my mouth into position.

Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life

fetish musicmakre 2017-12-31

I looked over at Hubby just in time to see a knowing smile and a wave to Dan through his opened window. Naked for drive-thrus, for rest stops, walking from the car to our hotel room..." Hubby was grinning ear-to-ear and I realized I was thinking out loud! I looked up and saw hubby standing there smiling with five truckers drinking in my wide opened puffy pussy slit and boobs! I was really nervous because being bare butt naked in close proximity to a bunch of guys was very new to me, but managed to keep my hands down and shoulders back while they walked right up to us and started talking.

Society 1.7: Modernus Amans

fetish TitianaPrisca 2017-12-31

He took Erik and Greg's cocks like a seasoned ass-whore. Erik's hard body was under him; his cock buried deep, and his huge arms holding him tight. Jason wasn't only taking Greg and Erik, two of the biggest toy toppers in The Society. When Greg slapped his ass hard, twice, pre-come boiled up from his bobbing cock. Greg gave Eddie's cock a few loving strokes while he watched Javier make sweet love to Jason's ass. Firming his lips, Greg watched Erik pound in and out of Edward with three long, hard strokes. Edward shoved his ass up high, and angled himself so his cock was rubbing against Erik's thigh. Erik backed off enough to let Greg move, but he kept his hands on his hips with a casual possessive touch.

Sex Doll: No. 7 - Batch 13 - Sequel

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-12-31

And the answer to both of her questions was yes: He was, looking forward to watching Mitzi try on all of those pairs of fabulous sexy shoes - and especially, to painting her lovely slender toes for her every day in the exciting hues she'd chosen. After Mitzi had tried on and paraded around the living room in each of her pairs of Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo shoes, at Derek's suggestion she'd finally settled on her pair of bright red Jimmy Choo five-inch heeled mules, to wear today. And Derek was loving Mitzi's high heeled mules and admiring her matching bright-red painted toes - the result of the efforts of his own reverent, painstaking service - now.

Fantasy Sex Dungeon: Episode 5: The Dinner Party

fetish Dungeon-Master 2017-12-31

The banquet is served and wine is poured, people are enjoying themselves casting furtive glances and cackling in your direction, but the Mistress seems quite bored so to is amusing herself by dropping things for you to pick up allowing her to tease your inner thighs with my nails as youi bend to retrieve them, occasionally stroking the bulge in your loin cloth With a nod from Caldon the challenge begins, but the enchantment holding the one way mirror effect is dispelled at the same time, a look of shock and then fascination showing on the face of the young woman as she gazes down at your body stretched out on the rack.


fetish 2017-12-31

Thus, unless the woman purchases the type of harness that can stimulate her at the same time, she is feeling no physical pleasure during strap-on play. There is an incredible power exchange that takes place during this activity and the mental stimulation usually exceeds any rush that physical pleasure can provide. Strap-on play between a woman and a man is about psychological sex as it is the mental stimulation that causes both parties to issue a power exchange. The submissive man is feeling a combination of sexual stimulation, discomfort, and humiliation during strap-on play. Strap-on play is not so much about sex as it is about mental domination and a power exchange.


fetish mistresspet26 2017-12-31

the first man was ready to cum....mistress jillian ordered him to cum in the first girls ass.he was little thin but large in amount.just when he cummed in her pussy i was told to open my mouth as she poured all the cum from her pussy on my mouth.....i had a mouthful of the black man's cum....i swallowed it.tasted very salty. but mistress ordered me to lick it clean which i had i started licking it slowly.i finished eating them in 2 minutes showing mistress how i was her nasty tasted awful just like rotten eggs.....but i loved doing it for mistress...before they left the trannies were ordered to fill my stomach again with their p***....i drank about 600 mls of their p*** combined together.

An Appropriate Punishment Ch. 03

fetish Frixmaster 2017-12-31

"Michael," Katie said "I figured it would be pointless going shopping for you unless we knew what size we should be looking for. "Ok." said Gina, slightly disappointed but thoughtful at the same time "Well then, take off your shirt, drop those pants, and let's get measuring!" She had basically taken charge but saw that I was still very nervous and hesitant. Now standing wearing nothing but Katie's white, silky panties Gina came towards me saying "Right, let's get to work." "Michael, if we're going to find the right size and fit for you to wear girls' panties, we're going to have to know what you're packing behind them!" she said, clearly frustrated at how much time I was wasting.

Punky's Diary, 4/29/07

fetish Selbryth 2017-12-31

Then seeing them doing all these crazy things got me going again and I started to touch my pussy, but they saw and came swooping back over me like birds of fucking prey or something! Claire gasped somewhere far away; her piss stream stopped and then restarted, but now I was looking up the base of the gorgeous organ in front of me, up the lovely V-shape of the pubis to the cute arrow-head of pubic hair, and then up the firm tummy to the navel, and the up to the mounds of breast with their taut nipples to the face smiling down at me.