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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Poker Face

fetish kotori 2017-12-31

Another scene started on the television, same as the others, but this time, when the girl finished with a face full of dripping cum, she turned her head and got a second pounding by another huge cock, and then a third. The girl in the video took a third load and then a fourth and as Paola watched, she fucked her own mouth with the plastic cock while still fingering her stiff clit. "You dirty bitch," I said as I began to thrust and fuck her throat, "coming home to masturbate without my permission." A little whimper escaped but I continued stuffing her mouth with my erection.

Ann's Art Project Ch. 05

fetish qexiqex 2017-12-31

Sue dashed off to get everything she needed for her video display while Ann looked for a ladder she could use whenever she needed to get into her exhibition piece. Ann quickly instructed someone from staff to set up everything for a video art project and then pushed Sue into a quiet spot. Ann looked great in her black mini, and Sue took great care to put her and the column into the best possible light. "I think you're a bit harsh," Ann felt heavy hands caressing her buzzing boobs,"It's her first piece, and she impressed us already with the material alone!" "She's right Sue, " said the dean who watched the squabble with interest, "This picture that Ann showed us proves it.

Mistress Chronicles Ch. 06

fetish MistressMtoyou 2017-12-31

My story begins about three weeks in advance when I told Mistress of my travel plans and she made me her gracious offer, which I received on Christmas Eve. Her first order was for me to maintain strict chastity for the following 23 days. He was there on his knees, just as he was ordered in his pink wig and lipstick, pretty satin and lace lingerie and his innocent Mary Janes and ankle sox. Here let me rub the toe of my boot against that little sissy clit I see in those pretty shiny panties.....careful now, I'm going to rub up and down and you don't want that cock to spurt."

Chloe in Prison Ch. 16

fetish coniungoergosum 2017-12-31

In part I was relieved: I didn't want to admit it, but I had been afraid of what Dawes and Hardiman would do to me, and thanks to Rose I had avoided an unpleasant punishment whilst not having compromised my loyalty to Prana. "I've had a miserable time as well," I said, and was about to tell her what had happened with Rose, when our attention was caught by a strange spectacle. "I met a man in the massage parlour once who liked to wear a nappy," she said, allowing me to steer her in the opposite direction to Dawes. "Tell me this is not true, Chloe," said Prana, stepping back from me and looking me directly in the eyes. "I saw Prana walking away from you," said Micky.

Frankie's Train Journey

fetish 2017-12-31

“You came” he said as she closed the door behind her, “I wasn’t sure if I had read the signs right” she replied as his lips met hers hard he crushed her back into the door his hands lifting her skirt up as his fingers found her thong, pulling it to one side he quickly found her wet hole and pushed two fingers straight into her. Before she had chance to recover he had turned her round lifted her skirt roughly from behind, she didn’t even feel her pussy lips open as he cock thrust straight inside her she bit down on the arm of her suit jacket and his speed increased he fucked hard into her, she wanted to scream out, she hadn’t seen his cock but knew it was a good size and it slid up against her pussy walls finding her g-spot she pushed her hips back against him as she rode his cock backwards and forwards.

My friends girl

fetish assluver7 2017-12-31

I took my dick out of her ass crack, and I held one cheek in my hand and spread it while jerking off with the other, Alex did not make any eye contact with my the whole time she kept her head in the pillow. She said yea and we both acted like nothing happened, a few minutes later, my friend(her boyfriend woke up) and we woke the guys up and we all went out to grab some breakfast at an all you can eat buffet. That whole summer I continued doing things like that to Alex we had a little thing going on, we understood each other, she would let me do things to her and she knew with out me telling her that, I got off more when she acted totally oblivious.

Sarah's Cabin Adventure

fetish mv1205 2017-12-31

Taylor and Kari turned around to see what has happening and started laughing as Sarah lost her balance and her books fell to the floor. Sarah started to get up but Michelle pushed her hard and she fell back into the toilet seat, as Kari and Taylor held her down. "That's on low, I think you can take more..." Michelle turned it up a notch, and watched Sarah begin to scream and moan louder, squirming more and more, the mixture in her diaper and the strong vibrations both driving her wild, until she reached orgasm and started shaking and trembling. Michelle and Kari left the room and came back a while later to find Sarah asleep on Taylor's lap.

Toes for Your Pleasure

fetish MyMastersKitten 2017-12-31

I love the feel of your morning self sliding across my heel, up to my toes, of you helping me hold my feet together to make a perfect tunnel for you. "Just a moment kitten." I point my toes and then turn my ankles, looking at you through the gap the arches in my feet make. I groan and laugh and throw my head back and forth as you begin to move faster and faster, your fingernails digging into the tops of my feet, my toes wriggling like mad. The release button allows my hands freedom, and I instantly go to my clit, still laughing from the lotion on my feet and the feeling of you sliding back and forth between them.

The Game

fetish Ms. Viscious 2017-12-31

The old man looked at her curiously, but got the knife out of the case carefully. She grabbed an apple and began slicing it, thinking of the knife and Sam. She smiled. Her breathing became heavy as she began to get excited, despite the pitifully gentle way Sam was holding the knife. The hand that held the knife moved to hold her arms as the other hand reached for her throat. He reached back from her throat, and as she gasped for air, he slapped her again and again, making her come each time. her eyes rolled back in her head as he plunged the knife deep into her throat, blood gushed from the fatal wound as he came inside of her then dead body.

Slut Dojo

fetish Frocto 2017-12-31

Nicole giggled and whispered to the blonde girl beside her, Candy, "Nrrmmm, it's only a little one..." Candy sighed and rolled her eyes, as if to ask why a man with a small cock would be wasting their time so flagrantly. Nicole just barely beat Natasha, while it was clear the preppy Candy and the fourth girl, a violent looking redhead named Cheshire, were inferior, coming third and fourth respectively. Nicole was just pushing Natasha down to the ground, yanking the black girl's cut-offs off while she moaned longingly, when Candy suddenly squealed, "No, we'd better not!" Nicole slid up to his head, her prize for coming first, deep-throating the enormous cock long and hard, while Natasha licked at his balls subserviently.

Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 03

fetish RetroFan 2017-12-31

The bathroom door was wide open, and Anna was in time to see her niece lift her over-size tee-shirt and slide down her white panties with pink hearts to her ankles before sitting down on the toilet. Anna remembered Rosanne's warning that one of Breanna's favored tactics for getting attention and causing offense was to sit on the toilet with the door open, and it was clear that the girl was going to do the same here. In the main bathroom, Breanna sat pooing on the toilet, her legs open showing her vagina and blonde pubic hair, her panties down around her ankles and bare feet, the smell of her own poo combining with the smell of Kate's poo.

Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 03

fetish The Needler 2017-12-31

"Fine." She played with the chain a little, looking down and wincing as the pressure increased, then went back to fingering herself as she turned her attention to Lydia. Emily sat up and gave him a lingering gaze as she took his hand, fresh from Lydia's cunt, and starting sucking his fingers one by one. Lydia sighed as Emily started licking his balls, working each of them over carefully before moving up the underside of his penis to engulf his cock head. "Brent's coming home tomorrow afternoon, so you need to head out in the morning, Emily," Graham started, "We'll be tied up with harvest and family the rest of the summer, but September he'll be off in Kansas City and everybody will be busy.

Another MILF Blacken

fetish 425olds 2017-12-31

Make me cum in your pussy," Ray told the white married woman moaning beneath him, her hands on his dark ass, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. "Oh, yeah," he said with pleasure, "you feel good." Rearing back on his knees, Ray slapped this hot wife's broad ass with a loud smack; the impact of his dark-skinned hand on her sexy ass cheek making the white flesh jiggle. "What's doing, Ray," he asked, eyeing the married white woman in bed next to his older cousin, obviously naked beneath sheets now covering her."Just got through fucking this," Ray said, jerking the sheets off her, exposing the middle-age wife's curvy body to his gaze, "you want some?" 

The Moonlight Ch. 03

fetish Shagadelic13 2017-12-31

I smile, looking at you, your eyes closed, red welts on your breasts in the shape of my hand, and I know that I have you. Now where were we Little Sally?" I tenderly say, and I smile again, knowing that changing the way I address you from an endearing term like Little Sally to Dirty Bitch and back again is playing havoc with your mind. I want you to lick my ass, gently first, all around, then I want you to probe your tongue inside, as far as you can. You stop, pull your head away, then nip gently at my right cheek, then the left, then you go back to licking the insides, avoiding my ring for the moment.

Sandy Learns How To Beg

fetish Alexandra Wanton 2017-12-31

Laughing louder as you continue to drive me crazy I pull away from you and say "Not this time Tom," smiling you raise your hands and say "What?" "I want to go swimming while the sun is still shining and there is plenty of time for that later, we have all weekend you know." Picking up a suitcase I point to a room wondering if it is the bed room and you shake your head yes. Waking up first you look at me, watching me sleep, you smile and run your fingers up my thigh, the palm of your hand over my stomach and then to my bikini top, untying it, moving it way from my breasts.

Jill Ch. 03

fetish Heel778 2017-12-31

Pratt took his time smoothing the fiberglass around Jill's waist. I decided to postpone the hiking trip for tomorrow," she said sadly and glared at the massive cast that held her leg perfectly straight. "Well, let us see if your pink toes are still there," Pratt said and pulled the stockinette back, revealing Jill's toes. "You are the most charming girl that I have ever placed in a cast," he said, then stepped to the sink to wash his hands. A couple of minutes later, the doctor made sure the cast was dry and waved to the nurse. "Obviously, I am not going to win the crutching contest," she said and smiled sadly at me.

The Hairem Pt. 01: Getting the Job

fetish HairAddict67 2017-12-31

"Well to be honest I have been job hunting and I never would have thought of a salon as somewhere I could work, but when my sister told me that you all needed someone who was good with people, that sounded like something I was interested in. As Miss Wilson sat longer in the silence I began to fantasize as to what it'd be like to have my hands in her hair, and maybe even stick my erection into her silk and give it a good fucking. Feeling a little bold after the fantastic interview and the erotic hairplay with my new boss, I went ahead and laced a hand into my mom's hair and started playing with it.

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 03

fetish cfblover 2017-12-31

I said, "I know, but yeah, I was surprised she didn't find my cum in her English horn, I figured for sure that she would." I even took Mallory's English horn a couple more times so that Abigail could have a practice section while I use it as a sex toy. Once we got home, Abigail wanted to look at Rosa's Clarinet. Abigail said, "This is so hot." I got faster and faster until I started cumming in Rosa's Clarinet. I said, "I will try, I'm just going to wipe off the outside of the bell and that should be good enough." I wiped off the outside of Rosa's Clarinet where I had cum on and left the inside untouched.

Married to Her Monthlies

fetish richardf90 2017-12-31

Samantha took it and proceeded to hook it first at the back and then the front to the belt around Jon. She then pulled the belt up firmly into place bringing the damp towel well up against Jonathan's balls and over his cock. Next day Jonathan went to work with the sanitary towel used by Samantha over night firmly held in place beneath his trousers. After that day, although Jonathan would occasionally share his wife's wearing of a sanitary towel, the main characteristic of her periods was an increase in the level and intensity of their sexual activity, matched also be an enhanced use of the washing machine.

A Tale of Kink Ch. 2

fetish HotLilSexKitten 2017-12-31

As the cocks pulled from her ass, Harry drove the prod deep, and fucked Nadine with it. I’m going to fuck you deep you bitch." Harry rubbed the huge head of the dildo over Nadine’s already open ass, cum still dribbling from it, lubricating the way. Nadine writhed and jerked in the sling, even as Harry continued to ravage her sweet pucker with those HUGE black dildos, ramming them forcefully in every time the willow branch hit home. Nadine writhed and bucked, fucking the cocks in her ass and mouth as she rocked the sling. Another man sat facing Harry, his cock too was hard as steel, pointed up as his hands joined Harry’s at Nadine’s hips.

Night of the Living Latex

fetish RGLatex 2017-12-31

Slowly, a realisation came, she still wore the symbiote: its black skin-tight shiny layer covered her entire body still, up to her neck. The dreaming Maria lay on a giant red bed, covered in satin sheets; she was neck to toe in the symbiote suit, but it was different: a tight elegant choker was wrapped around her neck, and the suit had an opening in a 'V' shape, which showcased her impressive cleavage, the suit was adorned with bracers of spikes around her shoulders, wrists, ankles and on a thong shaped portion of the suit that went around her waist and in-between her legs, on her feet were a pair of 9 inch heels.

Liar Liar

fetish Magicien 2017-12-31

But from many years of dieting failure, Karen knew she didn’t have the self-discipline required to lose weight. Karen started to wiggle her ass against his hand, so he slapped her hard. “Stay very still,” he warned, “or I’ll use the strap again.” Karen was too afraid to move, and he kept his finger up her ass for at least a minute to give the suppository time to melt. Reluctantly, Karen clinched the cheeks of her pudgy ass and waddled over to the corner. Karen clinched the cheeks of her ass even tighter as her stomach continued to churn. He immediately pushed her over the back of the chair a third time, and for no reason at all, he used the strap again, 6 more on her legs and another 6 on her ass.

Dear Dirty Diary - part 10

fetish AdorableLaura 2017-12-31

Every time he touched my tender bits, his fingers felt like poker-hot sandpaper sticks. I pushed those sweltering hot nylon French panties down around my thighs, dragged Doug over and under me by his penis and lifted my left leg up as far as my stretched underpants would allow. Doug pushed his penis in as far as it would go and continued tickling the tip of my clit raw with his scratchy thumb. I pushed his fingers away before he turned me right off, reached around and grabbed my trusty hand vibrator. Doug pushed his still-pulsing penis back into me in time for me to feel one last pump gush deep in my vagina.

Jim's Insurance Exam

fetish JimmyJohnson 2017-12-31

Jim signed up for a fairly substantial life insurance policy, the kind that requires a physical exam. Jim and I both watched him as he got up to follow the nurse out of the waiting room. "Well," continued the nurse, "based on the forms that they sent us, your insurance company requires a very thorough exam." At that moment, I saw Jim's face turn pale as if all of the blood had run out of it. "Well then," said Nurse Wilson, "let's get started." With that, the nurse approached Jim as he sat, still fully-clothed, on the exam table. Jim got up from the exam table and stood on the mark as directed, facing an eye chart that was attached to the back of the door.