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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Feeding Yvette

fetish Tolstushki 2017-12-31

"You are such a beautiful fat girl, Yvette," - I whispered, letting go of her hand and stroking my finger up her arm, very lightly, barely touching the smooth skin, - "I love seeing you eating this ice cream. Mike spooned the last of the melted stuff into Yvette's little hot mouth and we sat there, still holding the fat girl by the hands, as she was licking her lips and catching her breath. As Mike started playing with Yvette's large soft tits, I was running my hands all over her huge ass, admiring the size and softness, and the way any touch produced a ripple on the surface of the fat girls creamy white skin.

Classroom Pissing

fetish steve25805 2017-12-31

I'm a female teacher who has just turned 30, and am proud of the fact that I'm generally regarded as pretty sexy, with my trim figure, shapely ass (so I'm told) and ample but not overly large breasts. You see, I have a secret fantasy about wearing no panties in class, opening my legs whilst sat at my desk, and peeing right there all over the classroom floor in front of my entire class! A couple of days ago at the end of the schoolday, as my pupils rushed out with the universal desire to get out of school as quickly as possible, I too exited the classroom.

Me and Granny Haveing Fun

fetish xxx_hamster 2017-12-31

Granny started to do a hand job then all of sudden she pulled down her pants and turned around and backed up to the cock and guided it into her old wet hairy pussy. She bent over trying to look thru the hole and as she did I got a good look at her old hairy cunt, a glob of jizz was hanging down from her cum filled hole. We watched the cock go back into the wall and I was watching the cum leak from granny's snatch when another cock stuck thru reaching for the old cunt, granny pushed forward and the cock slide easily into her, the man thrust into her many times and then he too filled her full of sticky jizz.

Sally Tries Some Organ Practice

fetish DiggerDave 2017-12-31

A few months ago one night after we had made love and were talking in bed before we drifted off to sleep Sally surprised me by saying that she had recently got the desire to fuck someone else to see what another cock felt like. A few weeks later Sally told me that she was going to Colin's house again for some more 'organ practice', and that she wanted to shave her hairy pussy smooth as he had requested. "That's what my pussy will look like next time I come home from Colin's." She said, "and we want you to use your tongue to clean it up for me."

Contained and Controlled Ch. 02

fetish Learningfast 2017-12-31

Petrus continued his shagging in my vagina at the same time as he pressed the dildo-thing into my anal muscles. In addition, he would lube my labia because, we both knew, that he would enter me and enjoy the new sensations as soon as the plug was installed in me. I could feel the rounded tip of the new plug pressing against my anal ring, not forced in any way at that stage. Just as I was getting to the panic stage, with my little grunts and a squeak or two, Petrus always says, "Cough now." And I always do and the plug settles inside me, behind my newly stretched anal sphincter.

The Bumhampton Chronicles Pt. 02

fetish Brianbunny 2017-12-31

I was guided by another servant, Anna, and made my way to the rear of the manor and the servant's quarters where I was met with the very severe and formidable Miss Cleanknockers. Thus began the examination; Miss Cleanknockers ran her fingers through my hair, probing my skull. Returning with a stiff riding crop: tap, tap, she touched my thighs once more, but I just shook my head and wept in shame. "Lay back, and raise your knees to your chest; grasp them firmly with your hands, and keep them wide spread for me." I could feel her fingers touching inside of me through both holes and my body began to rock ever so slightly.

Fertile Soil

fetish Deadwood 2017-12-31

As Liz pulled the tractor into the driveway and let the giant rumble of the engine come to a stop near their pole barn, she watched her husband toiling away on the broken down planter. Knowing her husband's attention would be fully on the broken down planter, Liz made a detour around the house and grabbed the brown paper bag full of clothes that Amanda had left inside her car's trunk sometime during the day. "Shall we go drive the men crazy?" Ten minutes later Liz found herself seated at the bar, a glass of brandy in her hand and wearing a thigh-length black dress, a size too tight and nearly backless.

My Sweet Clairette 1 by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2017-12-31

That led me to also telling Claire about the last woman I met from the line and how she was into sucking my cock and trying to drink my piss. I reached over and grabbed a small handful of piss saturated snow and said to her, "Now that I'm fucking you I want you to have the taste of my piss." Responding, Claire opened her mouth and I fed her some infused snow. I asked how she liked her first experience with piss and she said that she felt so dirty doing it and that she didn't want it going to my head, but that was one of the best fucks she ever had.

Mistress R's Foot Boy

fetish footslut2u 2017-12-31

"Suck my toes like the little bitch you are!" She forced her pungent warm nylon toes into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. "You dare put a run in my nylons with your teeth and I will have you little ass publicly paddled by Mistress N, you understand!!??" I nodded yes, and she continued to have me suck her foot almost the entire evening. Ever since then, I have to wonder who was there and saw me disgracefully suck her feet like the lowly little foot-boy I really am. Afterwards, she made me blow dry her nylon encased feet and said I needed to learn how to lick and suck without getting her foot so wet.

Corporal and Captain Ch. 01

fetish CorporalAndCaptain 2017-12-31

Brooke let for a painfully soft moan that only made Rorke want her more, her demeanor breaking even before they were fully alone. His mind slowed, absorbing every detail: the alluring indentation her stockings made against her thighs, the way the muscles of her legs perked in heels, the curve of her strong arms above her head and how their posture drew her breasts gently upwards, the sprawl of her dark hair against the soft sheets, the curve of her neck, the faint scent of her shampoo and her. She pulled the tie off, rolling it, one hand over the other until it came free and she let it fall from her fingers to land at the side of the bed.

Sexy shemale 69

fetish 2017-12-31

Her cock wasnt big only about 4 or 5 inches, but it felt so hot and smooth in my hand,I moved the panties aside and bent down and took it in my mouth. I pulled her dick out of my mouth and jerked it while I sucked her balls and licked her ass. I took he little pretty cock in my mouth and it tasted even better this time. I then moved my mouth to her cock and slide a finger in her ass. She slide a finger in my ass to and I pumped my cock hard into her mouth and felt her gag. She then moved back to my cock and I grabbed her head and fucked throat fast and hard.

Teased and Abused

fetish STEPHENA 2017-12-30

Miss Jackson was one of those women, which young men Jamie's age dreamed about. Her formal attire gave her a mysterious, out of bounds look, which the eighteen year old male students like Jamie craved. Miss Jackson walked up to her chair and put her right foot on the edge between Jamie's legs. Jamie thought his penis would burst as he watched the teacher reveal her full round ass, clad in her white panties. She eased her panties down a little bit, then turned to one side, so Jamie could see the full shape of her ass. He looked down at his piss soaked pants and walked uncomfortably to the door, as Miss Jackson was now sitting at her desk.

My Second Time Being Milked

fetish NTsarina 2017-12-30

On the other side of the pick up stood Annie's bike and what looked like a table. I found her standing by the massage table in the living room and when I walked up to her and put my hand around her waist she kissed my cheek. While Annie went to look for her vibrator I got undressed and lay down on the table. I soon forgot all about it because Annie's lips closed around my own cock and her hand played with my balls. "Wow, considering it wasn't a perfect set up, I say it worked pretty well," said Annie when her head showed up next to mine. During the following days I spent a lot of time thinking about Annie's plan to bring someone else into our sex life.

My neighbors petite hot wife!

fetish hbowman1966 2017-12-30

She will stand right in front of me, bend over to pet the dogs and let her blouse hang open for a good long look! I've gotten more bold here of late and just the other day I let her catch me giving her a good looking over. If and when I get the chance, I'm going to fuck the living hell out of her and leave her tight little body dripping from every hole! Just when I feel my cum starting to rise, I'll position myself between her legs and in one big push, I'll drive my cock balls deep inside her soaking wet pussy! I'll fuck that gorgeous little pussy with long firm strokes until the last moment when I drive into her hard to empty my cum into her.

Joy of a BBC PT1

fetish 425olds 2017-12-30

Jessica opened her eyes and focused on the television again just in time to see the huge black cock being pulled out of the blonde's pussy. Saturday night, Jim rolled over in bed, teased Jessica's nipple for a short time, rubbed his finger up and down her slit until it was moist, swung his leg over her prone body, and shoving his cock in her pussy, pumped in and out and squirted his semen into her after about thirty seconds. Jessica pulled the big black prick out of her mouth and looked at the wet glistening head. Jessica remembered what Grace had said about her biggest cock being a young black man, and felt a shiver run through her body.

The Easy Fuckslut

fetish NiteWriter 2017-12-30

Nicolle instantly fell to her knees in the Jacuzzi right in her own piss and grabbed my cock between her lips. Just seeing her gorgeous face between my legs sucking my piss covered cock and taking it down her throat was enough to arouse me more than I've ever been before. Seeing Nicolle's gorgeous body kneeling like that with her ass in the air was making my cock hard again. "Look at you Nicolle." "It's hard to believe anyone so pretty could be such a slut like you." "You really will do anything." "You're such a pretty young classy girl, but you're in a whore's body." I paused a moment and then continued. "Master needs your dirty cunt." And I spread her legs and stuffed my piss hard cock into her hole.

Coaching Ch. 02

fetish Patrick2380 2017-12-30

After a couple of minutes of the best hand job Matt had ever received, he opened his eyes and looked down at the young girl squatting before him. Who on the team would you like to go down on, Courtney?" Matt was worried that he may push his luck and ask too many questions, but this was too good to let go. Courtney loved feeling the length of Matt's cock start at the opening to her pussy and push all the way inside of her womb. Matt continued fucking her pussy and removed the thumb from Courtney's ass. Matt pulled his dick from her mouth and looked down to see cum all over Courtney's face and lust still in her eyes.

The Booted Barberess

fetish trasaro 2017-12-30

I was enjoying the sensation of my jeans-clad leg against the thigh part of Emma's long boots, and felt my cock starting to harden uncomfortably in constriction of my tight jeans. I reached down, and unzipped her jeans, inserting two fingers, I quickly pushed the damp thong to one side, feeling the lovely wet curly hair, and on in to her juiced-up cunt, scooping her smelly juice out onto my fingers and bringing my fingers up to my nose, while we continued to kiss. She felt it too, and said "You can cum on my boots if you like, and then lick them clean for me.


fetish Horhay_J 2017-12-30

As they walked Mrs. Heyward talked to Rachael about the history of the school. As they reached the front door Mrs. Heyward paused and turned to face the following Rachael. Both Rachael and Mrs. Heyward stood inside the door observing the students milling about in the halls. He briefly met his eyes to Rachael's and quickly turned back towards Mrs. Heyward, his utter humility showed clearly on his countenance. "I'm thinking that teaching is about to get more exciting and interesting than I ever imagined." Rachael smiled and turned to look at Mrs. Heyward. Like, to relieve a little bit of this pressure so I can get my mind under control." Rachael blushed hearing herself say those words to an older woman who was basically a perfect stranger.

My Daughter the Doctor

fetish Ingrid11B 2017-12-30

She knew Dawn was a beautiful, kind and loving person that liked the opposite sex, and now that she was nearing thirty-years-old, Josie thought it was the high time she became involved more actively with men. "John went on to mention that he needs a dermatologist to do a complete body scan two times every year and I'm sure I will be embarrassed." John was thinking about the many people he wouldn't know and if he had some appropriate apparel to wear and other excuses to use, but he needed a night out and got the information along with the dress code, and etc.

Spring Break Detour

fetish tikulmi 2017-12-30

"You like that right?" Alice asked me as Connie shifted position and started gently flicking my nipples. I had only given her a few licks up front and got a quick taste of her musky pussy when she flipped around and said, "I think you might like this better, and I know I am going to love it." After I had sucked her pussy for a while, Alice scooted around and said "I think a little dripped down to my butthole. "Look, he's getting hard again from licking his cum off of Alice's ass." Betty Boop, or Connie, yelped. I was thrusting my cock up into Connie's hot cunt and my tongue up into Alice's ass like an animal.


fetish 2017-12-30

I guess this is pretty weird but for a long time I've had this fantasy about watching a big, black man come in my wife. I said that in my fantasy I have invited a man over that you don't know and after wine we watch this this porno video where a wife gets fucked by a neighbor while her husband watches. I said, in my fantasy the movie turned you on and I could see that it did the guy I invited over too. My wife said, "Just like that, you ask him?" Then she seemed a bit angry and said what about her feelings in all this -- did she want it to happen or was it more like ****?

Neighbour Fantasies...Part 3

fetish Croozer 2017-12-30

"Oh, and by the way, I wish I had a camera to capture the look on your face when you saw my bra on the bed yesterday," she laughed, "do you like lingerie?" I admitted I probably did more than I should, to which she replied, "Oh, don't be's perfectly normal for a male to be drawn to it...especially a young guy like you...and that's why we ladies wear it." P was feeling a bit uneasy, and it must have showed. As she did, she said, "Just realized there are some of my daughter's lingerie from when she was in college in one of the boxes in her old room...I know there are half slips in there...that's all she wears...we should look tomorrow." My erection was now impossible to miss, and my head was spinning.

Accidental Girl

fetish marybethsanford 2017-12-30

"Class: Psychology 101; Teacher: Ms. Miller; Task: Essay Assignment Number Four: A question to consider, research and answer: For the girls: What do you think it's like to be a boy? You know, I ask you what it's like to be a girl and a short time later, much later, you answer me in about two thousand words or more," Bobby said. 'Hey Julie, why don't you tell me what you're thinking' and while you do that I'm going to be looking really interested and when you're done, then I'll say no but I get laid," Bobby said. "Believe it or not the answer is yes," Bobby said and added, "guys can dress as girls without getting branded.