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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Hotel Catfight

fetish twinstar 2017-12-30

She worked hard all morning, well aware of the looks she was getting from the front desk supervisor, Amy. Amy took it as a personal insult any time on of her girls was late. The 2 girls stumbled back and forth until Amy hooked Wendy's foot with her own. Wendy clawed at Amy's face as she sought to best her rival. Amy dug her nails of one hand into Wendy's tresses, and clawed at her face with the other hand. She got both hands in Wendy's hair and began to slam her head into the carpet over and over. Amy looked at her, then drove her pantyhose foot into Wendy's side one last time.


True Sex Stories: The Intruder

fetish Jerk-off-James 2017-12-30

Or do you want me to hurt you?' As soon as I opened my mouth, his gloved hands grabbed the back of my head and f***ed his cock deep down my throat. 'That's a good faggot, are you enjoying me fucking your throat?' I continue gagging and choking and get a firm slap across my face. After finally his cock out of my mouth, he turns me around so my stomach is on my parent's bedsheets and starts using tying my hands together. The pain slowly starts to feel good, I continue moaning but this time I'm enjoying it. I continue moaning and look at Mike's eyes looking at me as he sucks my big rock hard cock.

Cuckold knows his place

fetish 2017-12-30

He doesn't know how lucky he is though as she got a message 2mins after arranging from the guy she was hoping to meet tomorrow asking if she was free. 10 mins in she gets a text "give me your postcode and I'll tell you how long it will take." She replied and he messaged back "about 2hrs is that too late." She looked at the clock and started fretting as that woul mean about 1am. She goes back upstairs and they're chatting but I cant make out what they're saying and to be honest I'm not too bothered if it's anything sexual I'm sure she'll tell me next time I have her pussy.

My RA Ch. 01

fetish timelord1963 2017-12-30

Dennis immediately ordered "I want a wedge of 2 2-man skulls flanked by 2 4-main crews to trail the main boats just in case they go overboard." Dennis ordered, "Gail draft behind Jerry and the rest will trade off drafting." The 75 mph head winds were taking a toll on them. Karen said "finger", she checked for pulse and O2 saturation, "Arm." Gail handed her Joy's arm and got her blood pressure, drew blood and gave her a tetanus shot. Mei's parents looked on as she gave the teddy bear to Joy, they started to weep. Mei said, "That is why I gave Bear to Joy, look at the love she has for him, a mother's love. Dennis took over, "Speaking for the students, and we invite the Mayor as well, we want to start a petition to make Joy our adopted friend.

Biology 101 Pt. 02

fetish jasliz 2017-12-30

I couldn't wait to get home, get naked, power up a vibrator and masturbate to my clips while slowly enjoying the last three samples of the day. Thanks Professor and here's our first sample and memory card," Sara said opening her bag and retrieving the container and card. After only a few strokes a burst of semen shot toward the camera lens, splashing onto Sara's tight young stomach. "I'll take a look Sara, I'm sure I can work with it," I said knowing just how hard it was to not let the guy finish in my mouth. Sara looked like she was really enjoying sucking his member, taking him deep and grabbing his tight butt.

Commercial Love

fetish layla_beast_baby 2017-12-30

Sabrina was rocking her hips towards his hand and Connor slowly stuck one finger inside of her, teasing her raw cunt. Connor licked back up her slit and began sucking on her clit and Sabrina bucked her hips moaning as he worked her pleasure button. This time it was Connor's turn to curse, "Fuck Sabrina, you're driving me crazy," he said moaning as she swallowed his entire 7 inches letting it hit the back of her throat. Connor smiled and yelped a fuck as he came jerking his dick inside of Sabrina's spasming walls. I want you to fuck my ass and fist my pussy." She smiled and kissed him deep on the lips again.

Pussy Cat

fetish velvetglover 2017-12-30

This time his fingertips lightly traced the soft wool on her thigh as his hand sped slowly over the cat's back. His fingers ruffled the texture of the wool as his hand passed once more over the cat's back and he enjoyed the feel of her sleek thigh underneath. "You obviously have a liking for soft, furry animals," she murmured, looking down in her lap at their two hands moving over the cat's skin. Once more he pushed his hand down the animal's back and while Delphine stroked the cat's head and neck, the backs of his fingers, hidden from sight behind the animal's rear end, concentrated on slowly but firmly masturbating his hostess through the soft wool of her dress.

Full Moooooooooooon

fetish Namazuros 2017-12-30

I still felt all tingly, but not nearly as bad, even if my hands and feet felt a little heavy...actually, my whole body felt a little heavier, but I just wanted to get back up; I couldn't miss a chance to get Betsy on the ground and under me, if I wanted to get her to fix this crap! And the bell did a number on your head, too...that tongue of yours isn't going to work right, unless you're a good girl and make beautiful mooooooooosic, hahaha..." Betsy paused, massaging my thighs as she giggled, and it was all I could do not to howl at her to move her hands higher. "Mooo..." I replied miserably, wiggling my hips a bit more, shifting uncomfortably on my hooves...Betsy had stopped touching me, but the arousal was getting worse...and so was the aching pressure in my chest.

My Special-Wank-to

fetish TheAndyGray 2017-12-30

My Special Wank-to My s****r shaves her cunt That cunt was shaven clean Her tits are big and pretty I know because I’ve seen I know because I’ve seen A picture on her phone A picture on her phone Topless, proud and keen My s****r has a sex toy I know because I’ve read Her online conversations And the kinky things she said I don’t know where she hides it Heaven knows I’ve tried I’ve tipped her bedroom upside down Despaired and almost cried Revenge is sort of fun So I stole her underwear And came inside them many times O life is so unfair! And kissed her cunt from back to front She’ll always be my wank-to

Under Lock And Key Ch. 04

fetish mmurrells 2017-12-30

Gabby, bent over in front of a tall, muscular , in her favorite position, his hands gripping her hips and he slammed into her, Gabby moaning and begging him to finish in her...I knew she loved that, feeling that hot mess shoot into her, God how she hated when I used to pull out. She walked out minutes later, margarita in hand, looking absolutely stunning – nude save for a dark pair of sunglasses and snug black bikini bottom, those long legs strolling confidently to the lounge chair to my right. Evey felt my instant arousal, leaning into my ear and whispering, "Don't worry,'ve already tasted what his cock has to offer.

Fed Up with Tiny Tom

fetish MildmanInVA 2017-12-30

Just as he finished his last little dribble and flushed the toilet, he was ready to tuck away his meager penis, but Shannon turned to him with her hands on her hips, pissed and fed up. Tom looked at her muscular strong body and knew there was no point in trying to resist or reason with her, and slowly approached her dirty ass. As he approached her opening he could smell the strong scent of female poop, but it wasn't offensive like the shit stains of his undies and as he slowly and nervously began to lick and clean, his tiny dick became aroused to reach his full 3 and ¼ inches.

First Time Fun

fetish gothic_noir 2017-12-30

A few times, some of the guys would see my semi-erect penis and me rushing off, which made me want to die with embarrassment and fear that they'd think I was gay and become the joke of the school. She just smiled and said, "Now try to get some sleep, you'll be needing it for tomorrow." She got up and left my room, closing the door behind her. She told me I should be comfortable riding the train for such a long period of time but to still look presentable arriving at college. I guess he caught himself and said, "nah man I'm not gay, I just think peeing is something really hot, ya know." in a nervous voice.

Chaffernaught 01

fetish MistressColleen 2017-12-30

The ride was long and scenery tolerable, but my conductor proved a fulfilling way to pass time! Another smirk crossed my lips thinking of the pleasures I would soon derive from my pussieboy in the days ahead. I took a final spritz of Chanel No. 5, knowing it bothers my pussieboy, and put the bottle back in my purse before opening the door. Through the material of his uniform I squeezed till his eyes closed, allowing him little time to ogle my breasts. "It was a pleasure traveling on your, ah, big train." He looked down into my eyes, and then to my breasts again, which I lifted to the occasion.

The World is Her Toilet Ch. 04

fetish nopjans 2017-12-30

Betty thought her friend looked like some kind of wild goddess, her body completely unhidden from view as she rained hot piss over the delicate pink flowers. OK,it's my turn now," said Betty as she approached the bush Sarah doused and reached under her skirt to pull down her tights and underwear. Betty set her bag down at the edge of the path, walked out onto the stones a bit, then pulled down her tights and underwear. You know this is so much nicer than some stinky public bathroom in the park." The sound of Sarah's pee cutting through the water ceased for a moment, then resumed briefly before finally ending.

Vibration by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2017-12-30

While her husband was pounding his big cock into her hot cunt, she thought of how cute her daughter's 18 year old pussy had looked when she saw her fingers disappearing inside of her tight little cunt! When Jerry's cock finally stopped doing its fountain imitation, Katie reluctantly let it slip from her lips, and after standing up quickly, gave Jerry a long hard kiss and whispered into his ear, "Same time tomorrow!!!" A still stunned Jerry could only nod as he retracted his pecker back inside his shorts while watching Katie casually saunter away!!!

Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth

fetish conh 2017-12-30

In this chapter she indulges my love of girls' clothes, and introduces me to a new pee donor. Auntie Jean buys me clothes for a girls night in, and I drink from the fountain of youth. Unlimited pee to drink, girls clothes to wear, what more could I want? Auntie took me to the school wear department, but there wasn't much on display as it was holiday time. After supper, Jeanie said she was going to have an early night and that us three girls were to enjoy ourselves. So while I was sipping Jeanie's pee, Hilary got going with her lips. I had a little of Aunty's pee left, so we toasted each other: "Here's to our love of piss drinking."

Jordan Mcdowell and My Wife

fetish submissiveguy82907 2017-12-30

How about you sit the fuck down and watch." And I did as I was told and he laughed and Lorrie looked like she forgot I even existed as she went down on his huge cock. He pulled out and my wife hit the ground cause she couldn't stand and he slapped me in the face with his cock and I actually fell out of my seat and I looked up to his scolded body and huge balls and cock. He throat fucked her for a long time as the spit went all over and on my face since I was beneath them, his huge melon sized balls dripped of her cum.

A Sissy's Sister Pt. 01

fetish Gemsissy 2017-12-30

The very thought of wearing panties would get me aroused and to be included with a group of cute girls shopping for panties and bras was absolute heaven. I never developed beautiful breasts like she did, of course, or the extra curve to her hips and bottom, but I looked way more like her than I did some of the jock guys at school. She'd developed full C breasts by that point so the bra cups were very loose on me, but I loved that she showed me how to put it on and how it should fit on my body. That's when I hugged my sister just wearing her panties and bra and trying to keep the erect bulge in my panties from rubbing her as I enjoyed how good her body felt.

She's the Boss: Going Clubbing

fetish SonofGondor 2017-12-30

Just let go.' My heart pounding in my chest and my own six-inch shaft now throbbing in anticipation, all I could do was let out a low growl, thrusting myself backward against Colin's body, shivering slightly as I felt his slick cock-head pushing between my arse cheeks. Let that big boy make your tight little arse feel good.' My own cock-head was leaking precum like a faulty garden hose, and I could feel Aubrey reaching down between my body and the wall, gently fondling my aching balls and tenderly stroking my thick shaft. After a few minutes, the three of us had found a rhythm, and I was matching both Aubrey and Colin stroke for stroke, thrusting into my Mistress' hand each time that her Assistant plunged his cock deep into my arse.

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 04

fetish Longjohnsilver30 2017-12-30

Because if it does I'm going to have to ring that big bad man with his big cock to come over here next Sunday on your next release date...don't you dare cum just by thinking about it....ooohhhh." I licked faster and faster and she reached her crescendo all the while my cock started to feel like a diamond cutter and I did indeed fear I was about to cum again without being touched Cum all over yourself and I promise I'll ring Patrick for you and get him over here so you can watch him fuck me...I promise...I promise..AAAAAHHHH," she came and started to ride my face like a bucking bronco.

Sex with Lactating Mother - Part 2

fetish oedipus 2017-12-30

“I want ayaethi to breastfeed me,” I paused and squeezed the breast again, and continued: “I want ayaethi to guide her poika’s (means son) cock into her pillu.” She fell back on the bed and said: “Kiss ayaethi’s mouth suck her tongue.” I fell next to her and my mouth pounced on hers and she opened her mouth. Helen smiled and said: “You have an addiction to mother’s milk.” I didn’t reply but began to suck her left breast. A minute after she pushed my head away from her breast and asked: “You really want two mothers?” “Let me suck milk from your tit.

Can You Feel That?

fetish Mmmmmmine 2017-12-30

"Wider," He growled at me as His hand came down on my ass, hard enough to make me yelp as I spread my legs as wide as I could, lifting my hips, exposing myself to Him as much as possible in that position. He thrust His hand in between my legs hard, His fingers sliding in the wetness that was dripping between the swollen lips of my sex. But He was stroking my clit with His fingers, leaning over me so that I could feel the weight of Him on my back, and whispering in my ear, telling me what happened to naughty little sluts who were bad, and I couldn't keep my hips from moving against His hand.

The Story of N---

fetish Teezfan1 2017-12-30

She kept this up for several minutes, her tongue swirling hotly around my swollen knob, her small hand just below squeezing and pressing my aching balls through my bunched-up jeans, roughly, almost hard enough to hurt. She leaned back more fully against the door, facing me, lifting one hand to lightly caress her sweater-clad breasts before my hungry eyes. My questing fingers barely brushed the soft skin of her stomach, though, before she pulled suddenly away, throwing open her door and scrambling out, leaving me blinking in the dome light with my hands clutching only cool night air. I stood there, gasping with excitement, her bra still dangling by its strap from one hand, my jeans hanging open and my shorts stretched to the bursting point over my pleading erection.

Smooth Lover

fetish aquilegia 2017-12-30

It was just that I really like the way that a shaved bare pussy looks and having seen so many pictures of girls looking like that in porno magazines etc., I wanted to see Jane's just like that as I knew it would be just such a beautiful sight. Jane has a really beautiful pussy, it isn't all poking out fleshy lips, it's a neat little slit, like an exclamation mark, especially when she is standing with her legs pressed together. Her inner lips are slim and soft and her clit is small and hidden at the top, looking like a little pink flower bud when I spread those lips to gaze inside.