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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Good Kitty

fetish kittycalamity 2017-12-30

I guess she was having a good day, POTS-wise, because she wasn't using her chair at that moment, although she did make haste in getting to the table to sit down before she got too dizzy. I breathed through my mouth, blocking off my nose, you know, as I stuck my tongue out to get a little lump of the wet cat food. The tone of her voice was precisely the tone of voice one would use with an actual cat, and it made me wet as fuck when she talked to me like that. The only noise was the sound of my tongue flicking in and out of my mouth against her hard little clitoris, soon joined by the wet, slick noise of my fingers, just two of them, inserting into her pussy.

Mod Queen

fetish VictoriaSummers 2017-12-30

When I looked at the man's face I saw a tear tattoo, tiny specs of blood around it, a con or something like that I thought. He whispered to the shady man "Give me a sec." John came over to my side, his face inches from mine "Open up; let me see how it healed." "Alice, I'm going to finish his tattoo, it should take no more than five minutes." John grabbed a tattoo gun and walked over to Loko's face. "Yes, the way a tattoo should." I lit another cigarette and for three hours John drove a needle into my body, permanently etching the gorgeous firefly onto my skin.

She Caught Me...

fetish LuvStockings 2017-12-30

Let's get you dressed the way you like, I don't know if that hard cock is going to fit into your panties. You get dressed up so you can think about sucking a cock and swallowing cum. She let it slip out of her warm mouth and still jerking me off said, "You should be down here sucking this cock, shouldn't you?" No, not "OK, I guess." How about, "That sounds like a good place where I can suck a cock, where a cocksucker will have plenty to do. OK, I'd like to go there and suck a cock and swallow some cum, I'm a cocksucker. I loved the way I looked, dressed like this and I was going to go find some cock.

Mom's friends

fetish qudduse 2017-12-30

Lyn looked at Emma and Pat and asked ”What's up with the 2 of you volunteering to share the small bed?” Emma was first to answer ”Uhm, well, we ended up being roommates in college, and after sharing guys for a couple of years we found out we could be just as good to each other without a guy in between.” Then Pat took over ”yeah most those college jocks would just stick their meat in and do the deed. This is going to be the best vacation ever!” Brads cock gave a small twitch at the thought of doing Amber every night for 14 days straight, and maybe even meet up with her after that.

Revealing Roni Ch. 02

fetish Calandria2 2017-12-30

When we went out together, the girls often wore eye-catching 'restraint' clothing – Roni's amazingly tight skirt, with a buckled belt at its hem, coupled with her needle-heeled sandals, turned lots of heads in the shopping precinct, and Hazel sometimes wore an elasticated long dress that fitted her like a glove, and showed plainly that she wore no underwear beneath it at all. A surprise was one of the couples that Hazel had invited – they turned out to be a pair of attractive young Lesbians, one slightly overweight with short blonde hair, wearing electric blue silk pyjamas, the other a stylish brunette, dressed in a mid-thigh-length broderie anglaise nightdress.

Dominating the Ticklish Dom

fetish PleasuredPearl 2017-12-30

So I run my fingers down from Nick's secured wrists, softly along the sensitive skin of his under arms. I trail a single nail along the smooth skin and watch his rock hard dick twitch, aching for a substantial physical touch. And I get to watch big bad Nick scream and wriggle helplessly; knowing every single moment is pushing him closer to ecstasy. "Oh," Nick gasps and pushes into my hand, seeking a firmer touch, "Ngh, please- so fucking ready!" "Tell me, Nick," I twirl my tongue around his head, "do you remember your safe word?" His head shaking, body twisting, teeth chewing on his lip, panting, screaming, squealing, guffawing hysterically. It feels right to be squirming in humiliation beneath Nick before he's even touched me.

Becoming Her Pedestal

fetish BrockRockhold 2017-12-30

"Now Malafi, I made a promise to the Gods, and you better believe I'm not one to break my word..." she smiled, turning to the sea of people surrounding her temple. Ariah snapped her fingers again, prompting her guards to flip Malafi onto his back. Ariah slowly removed the wraps as the guards pulled Malafi's head toward the base of her throne. Ariah cupped her feet together and gently lowered her vinegar-soaked soles toward Malafi's nose and mouth. Ariah dug her toes into Malafi's mouth. Malafi could see the fumes evaporating from Ariah's soles. Ariah's guards pulled Malafi's chains, dragging his limp body into the temple as the crowd chanted the name of their new Queen.


fetish 2017-12-30

The day came and I sent him a text after my wife called letting me know she had made it to work (she worked 30 mins away and if she left early he could be safely gone before she got home) and he said he would be over in about 30 minutes. He moved the hand from my crotch and felt it behind me then he put it back this time unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts and letting them fall to the floor (I never wore underwear when he was coming over.....quick and easy access) and when he moved back against me I felt his cock against my ass and could feel it growing and getting hard.


Sock wank turns into a fuck

fetish randyguyuk 2017-12-30

Me and Tom had said if we didn't want to be disturbed we would always close our bedroom doors. "I didn't know you had a thing for socks." he said it was then I noticed Tom wasn't wearing his work gear but his gym gear. "See you want my big cock in your tight virgin ass." he said as he pushed his finger in up to the knuckle. "Where it's your first time I might as well cum in your ass." he said before I could say no, he shoved his cock straight up in, I shouted in pleasure and commanded. Within a few minutes Tom said "You are going to feel my hot cum, your going to be my fuck bitch, beg for it."


fetish centro60 2017-12-30

She was breathing very fast now, it looked like she was going to come herself “Yes panty slave, I want you to come in the panties now, and don’t spill a drop” I wanked my cock faster than ever until I came, shooting a huge wad of hot spunk into the cotton panties, D was also coming, her legs apart, trembling as she rubbed her clit through the silky material. “Yes mistress” I got up, and knelt beside her, lowered my face to her pussy and began to lick and suck up all our combined love juices, swallowing great wads of my spunk and her cum.

No Faire: A Tale of Public Humiliation

fetish nohbdy88 2017-12-30

Looking around the faire, with its many shops, Brian finally began to understand why Jan liked these things so much. A young woman, probably in her twenties, picked up a handful of mud in her hands and hurled it at poor Brianna, splattering it across his face and adding a new mess to his punishment. The new layer of food was sticking to the remaining whipped cream on Brianna's face, but he was too busy eying Jan to notice. "Let's give the cow something to cover her udders with!" A girl from the audience shouted, producing a pair of period inaccurate paper plates covered in whipped cream, "Like a nice pie bra!"

The shop Keepers wife

fetish coljac 2017-12-30

Jim went back into the lounge ,Pauline told me that she was desperate to get pregnant and that she had only ever known Jim so we must take it slowly .I said i agree so i will start by helping you down to your underwaer ,which i proceeded to do .When i got to her knickers i slipped my hand into the wasist band and slowly drew them down her legs felling the swish of the nylon stockings as i did .This was the reality of all the fantasies i had wanked over for weeks .

Male's Medical Predicament Ch. 01

fetish dominantwomenrule 2017-12-30

After that little exchange she came around to where my head was and said in an almost apologetic manner, as you know the doctor is going to thoroughly examine your bottom. If having my temperature taken in the butt by the nurse standing over me wasn't humiliating enough, now the young woman doctor was observing too. The doctor stood over me as the nurse laid out instruments and other things on a tray next to the exam table. As was her practice throughout the exam, the doctor explained to me what she was going to do as she examined me, what she was looking for and the sensations I might feel.

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 05

fetish Heather26 2017-12-30

Yesterday, when I got dressed for uni, my bra had felt far too small for my growing chest, yet I forced myself to wear it, my boobs spilling out over the top of it. I pulled my shirt off and searched in my wardrobe for something else, finally settling on a patterned blouse that made it hard to distinguish nipple outline from the design. I went to my room and pulled my blouse off, sending it and the little bag with my new bra sailing into the corner. When it came time to get into bed I chose to forgo trying to wear my pyjama shirt and lying awake horny all night. I got up out of bed and approached my wardrobe, sighing at the thought of forcing my boobs into a bra today.

Special 25th Anniversary

fetish DrLit 2017-12-30

My wife eventually begged for some cock in her pussy so we started slowly. My wife's hand reached up and she started twisting and pulling my nipples one at a time. The feeling of a real big load exploding up my cock makes cumming sooooo special. My wife started stroking my cock and playing with my balls. Then I felt my wife start massaging below my balls and things intensified. The dry cum gave me so much pleasure that I felt like my cock was just for my wife. It's all yours." In fact, I stopped writing this for a minute, went to my wife's panty box, got a real silky pair and walked to my wife stroking my cock with her panties.

The Milk of Human Kindness Ch. 04

fetish Emmcee20 2017-12-30

Having been with her three times last week and seeing how quickly she had started to lactate as a special surprise for her husband, I knew that it was likely that after today my services would no longer be needed. I sucked a little harder and the stream developed into a steady flow that filled my mouth and my senses, the warm tit flesh at my face and the long fat nipple partly filling my mouth. As I pulled away to change sides and see the reddened and swollen nipple and its puffed and dimpled brown surrounding skin slip from my mouth, Kitty sighed deeply, “Finger me … please?” she begged dreamily.

Finding Travis Ch. 03

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-12-30

Travis looked first at Nikki and then to Rachel. "I like the Miss Nikki thing," she said turning momentarily to Rachel. God Travis; let me tell you 'that' feeling is the best thing a girl can feel back there." "Oh Travis, if you get a chance to do that again, don't stop until you can push your tongue up and down and to the left and right and feel some wiggle room." Nikki kissed his cheek exuberantly. Isn't she the best?" Rachel asked while watching Travis cup his head in his hands. Miss Rachel, I never even met Nikki before just now and here she comes and scoots really close and then grabs me as if I'm a no body.

Verna the Ponygirl Ch. 02

fetish meenymo 2017-12-29

"Look how worked up you are mare...Was yesterday not enough for you?" He says teasingly and comes over to where I have stayed on the perimeter of my lunging circle and releases the clamp. I take in Luke's facial expression before fixing on the bulge in his jeans and then Vander releases the clamps from me and I reach the tidal point where my orgasm comes crashing upon me and in the moment it does I accidentally lock eyes with Luke before closing them in bliss and let my body ride out the waves of ensuing pleasure.

My first gay enema

fetish BiBBWLover 2017-12-29

He had filled the enema bag all the way up and got on his knees in front of he reached around me with one hand he grabbed my cock with his other. After several minutes of that he rolled me over and positioned me closer to the edge so my legs were over his shoulder and he slowly filled me up with his hard cock.after he got himself seated balls deep into me he reached down to slowly tickle my dick.between the tickling and him filling me up I could hold out no more and shot my load. As he fucked me he scooped up my cum and slowly fed it to me I was so hot I greedily sucked his fingers clean every time he scooped my juices up.After several Minutes I heard him groan and felt him start to hammer away at my ass as he came.

Love in the Psyche Ward

fetish barefeet99 2017-12-29

As Dr. Sleeze removed his own cloths, Cathy began to stir as she started to regain consciousness-reminding the doctor that he'd better put a gag over her mouth. There was his favorite nurse tied to the bed topless & her beautiful bare feet were being fondled & licked by the now naked doctor, ignoring her protests. "That's what the voices in my head wanted to do," Daniel realized, but he resisted out of genuine love for the woman. Daniel would often wake up to find himself tied to the bed spread eagle, with Cathy going down on him with such obsession, her hands stroking him slowly-gently, squeezing his balls softly.

Hockey Buddy and His Wife - 4

fetish MassMan669 2017-12-29

After giving me a drink, Katie said, “What's your pleasure?” I gave Katie a passionate kiss and felt her ample bosom then licked my finger and stroked her clit. Pete went down Katie's body sucking her tits and working his way to her pussy. Then Katie flipped around and got on top of Pete and started sucking his dick while he continued to lick her juicy pussy. I was quickly close to cumming and I grabbed Pete's head and thrust furiously into his sucking mouth as Kate stuck her tounge out and licked my balls as they passed by. As my dick fell from his mouth, Katie gave me a quick suck then kissed Pete and they shared my sperm.


fetish AaronAardvark 2017-12-29

Off came the other stocking, both preceded and followed by another of those evil twitches that Christine was executing with increasing deftness, i.e. that excruciatingly sharp flip at the end, the one that I could feel loosening the seed in my balls, the one that left me aching to come so very badly, was getting ever more intense with each successive stroke. And, before I could recover from the second of those two slow strokes, Angela leant forward and pushed her crotch against my nose and mouth, "sniff that 'big boy'": she was really wet and she stank of sex: it had, until then, not occurred to me that she might be enjoying this too.

The Science Experiment Ch. 02

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-12-29

Graduating high school at 14, college at 16 and completing her dissertation two years later Michelle hoped she'd one day take over as head of research at the Testeekul Institute of Genetic Research but after many days of discussion convinced Maya she needed to learn about all the aspects of this growing area of science and not begin and end her employment cooped up in some laboratory staring into microscopes and analyzing electron microscope images. Turn around, let me take a look at you." As Maya showed off her skimpy dress, Nadia made modest adjustments, tugging the front open a little further, revealing a little more breast, and pulling a tab snugger to lift the bottom hem another inch so that half of her ass could be seen more clearly.

Black Skirt

fetish sc43dpr 2017-12-29

I could feel every sensation of romantic & sexual energy I possessed come alive when my hand touched the inside of her thigh and when I felt her open her legs for me to slide my hand further under her skirt, the intensity swelled so much that I thought my head was beginning to float off of my shoulders. As I grasped the top of her blouse gently and eased her closer to me, I could feel her legs open wider and I turned my hand and slid it under her warm and moist desire. As I was emptying my passion into her soft sweet mouth, I could feel her body pressing hard against my fingers and against the palm of my hand and I increased the pressure and speed of my caresses.