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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Babysitter

fetish heikko 2017-12-29

You walk right up to me, and place your hand on my leg. I place my hand on your chest, and pull you closer. My cigarette falls to your floor as I grope your shirt for the buttons holding it closed, wishing to see the body underneath it. At the same time, you start to pull my shirt over my head. As it falls to the floor your hands cup my breasts, and I sigh at your touch. Your hand finds it place on the back on my head, and you thrust your hips up to meet my mouth. You put the head of your dick right at my opening, and thrust hard. You place your hands on my ass and thrust back into me.

The Haunting of Evangeline Kelly

fetish naughtychanteusez 2017-12-29

A gust of wind banged the barn door angrily shut and a strange cold, electric waft of air spread like a forest fire across the hay bales, causing the horses to stir once again and Evangeline to bolt once again out into the frigid air and away from the spectral eyes that had watched her all night long.... She looked around her through half closed eyes and was not surprised to see the woman from the stock standing next to the bed, small and pretty like a porcelain doll dressed in a long full black skirt and a rosy pink lace blouse that just barely showed the full bronze moons of her erect areolas.

Cheating girlfreind 2

fetish feir 2017-12-29

Me and my boyfriend still fucked each other (me on top as always ) and it was funny because i hadn't realised i was loud in bed and every time we had sex the couple next to us would start having sex and cum not long after us, we could hear them and me and my fella would laugh about it. Anyway for some reason all i had to do when i was a teenager was smile at a guy and be nice and they wanted tpo fuck me, it was weird that, but one day i had the day off work becasue i'd been to the dentist, i came back home and a guy from the room next door let me in. Then i went to the room next door and fucked the guy i was having an affair with, my boyfriend/now ex heard everything.

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 03

fetish Sinful_whispers 2017-12-29

Brent got out, walked around the car and opened the door for Syn, letting her out then shutting it. Syn blinked as she heard 'kitten' returning the smile back, "Hello Adam; pleasure to meet you as well." His eyes ran along her as he led them to a 'playroom', one for adults. As he handed her the long stemmed glass he placed a kiss upon Syn's lips, letting his lips linger for a few moments. Treat her good buddy, or I'll be the one snatching." Adam leaned in kissing Syn once again as she responded back, their lips parting as their tongues became familiar with one another. Brent tugged the rubbery stiff nipple, giving it a few yanks as Alex continued to kiss Syn's hot mouth.


fetish FFwriter 2017-12-29

For over an hour you've been sleeping in my arms and I've been carefully reading a book by holding it behind your head. "Fuck me hard naughty, or fuck me in public naughty?" I need to know, because the second requires planning, whereas the first is something I've been contemplating since the early hours of the morning. If you really want to be naughty, you'll let it lift up and all the world will see your beautiful pussy. "For every time you hold your skirt down, I will give you one lash of the whip." You gasp.

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 02

fetish tom6432 2017-12-29

She was wearing her punishment panty, which was a full cut cotton pink colored undie with the words "Daddy spanked me," on her backside. "Okay you naughty little girl it is time for your mouth soaping," I grasped her earlobe with my hand and started towards the kitchen. The mouth-soaping had taken all resistance out of Kate, as she walked past her Mother. I let Kathleen stand in the corner for about 30 minutes, hands on her head, nose flat against the wall, and her bottom flap down her backside on display. I took a straight backed chair from the kitchen and placed it in the center of the room I grasped Kate's arm and walked to the chair.

Chaffernaught 08

fetish MistressColleen 2017-12-29

The poor dear, I kept him so damn horny it made me laugh, but a lady like me, who enjoys being fucked by real bulls, needs a little guy like joeie around, a virgin kept faithful through manipulation of his faith in knowing I'd soon bless him with that which he's always wanted, that which his male attributes demand, that which I'll never allow. Having a male like joeie is without any doubt a female's ultimate pleasure, if for no other reason than the fact he in no way interferes with my private life. joeie nodded eagerly and positioned himself with knees parted so my cock bounced above the plate, waiting for me to give him permission to begin.


Two Times Ten...

fetish Reggad 2017-12-29

But right about now, I could use a slab of meat up my box." Melissa returned her devilish smile and said, "You're right," she glanced at my now purple dick, "That thing is going to rip the fuck out of me." Cynthia asked me if I minded only fucking her. It was too much to bear and I felt my hips rise in the air as what seemed like gallons spurted from me, coating the sole of Cynthia's foot and spilling down onto Melissa's feet which she'd clamped around my base at the first sign that I was cumming. I felt Cynthia's toes curl and Melissa's pussy surge and the next thing I know my cock is jerking like a baby waving an apple.


fetish Redheelfantasy 2017-12-29

Feeling him, drinking him into my pores and through every sense, the rest of the world did not exist - it was only he and I in that moment - I could feel the rise and fall of his chest as my hardened nipples begged to be released from their gates to graze on his chest, his firm abs, his strong shoulders and powerful legs, and his hardness - steel manhood that stretched the confines of his trousers almost to the breaking point. His eyes lit up as I handed him the heel and asked his help in placing it on my foot -- with me outside the door, and him in the middle of the seat, it afforded me the perfect opportunity to stretch my leg to receive the gleaming heel and to press and outline his ever-growing hardness with it -- his eyes glazed over and closed and his grown of pleasure was unmistakable.

A Virgin of Sorts

fetish Flame666 2017-12-29

The room however was full of people fucking and sucking, many hands ran over my panties and my nylon clad legs, a few checked out my cock which was not hard at all as it had nothing to do with what I wanted. This time on the way out it felt as if I was losing the best feeling in my Life so as his hand came out I reached and grabbed it and pushed it back to where it had been this time it went in even easier and I was totally relaxed and told him to slowly ball his fist and start to move around a bit.

Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Ch6

fetish panteeluvr 2017-12-29

As she rimmed his dirty, sweaty ass crack Sean started jerking off and Cortni realized he was ready to take another hit. Sean let Cortni relax a bit after her cum, and when she was ready he led her to the futon and told her he wanted her to sit on his face after he did his hit, and sniff her sweaty butt and jerk off until his buzz ended. Cortni saw this too and bent over too lick the tip of his cock and when she had the end of the precum string in her mouth, moved back allowing Sean to watch her suck it up like a long piece of spaghetti!

Stephanie's Cuckold Ch. 01

fetish Superboytoy 2017-12-29

"Yes Stephanie take our cocks you dirty little slut, What would Jason say seeing his sweet innocent wife being fucked by a guy and his nephew?" In the video she let out a huge cry as she came all over Eli's cock as Glenn fucked her ass deep. Glenn pulled out of Stephanie and walked over to Jason took him by the hair and made him look at his cock dripping with pussy juice. "Look at it Jason see how her ass stretches to take my cock, Damn she has a super tight ass bet you never felt it milk you like it is me!" Glenn started fucking her ass driving her into the mattress with each thrust.

Jenny Meets Adrian

fetish veryopenmind 2017-12-29

She loved the slutty feeling of being used and riding home full of his cum leaking out of her now loose pussy. One Tuesday Bobby texted with instructions to pack for the weekend as he needed her Friday and Saturday night. My name is Adrian and Bobby said you are all mine tonight. They talked about normal things for a while until Adrian said enough of the bullshit. Bobby said let me add to that mess. That day Adrian and Bobby took turns fucking her every few hours. She was sent to the bedroom to do Adrian then back to the couch to do Bobby. She asked for a drink but Bobby said nope you have to drive home now bitch.

Brought to Heel Ch. 01

fetish FootjobLover 2017-12-29

He savoured the sight of his pre-cum glistening on the black flip flop, as he firmly pressed the tip of his stiff cock into the rubber so that he could enjoy every little virile pool of his sweet, sticky lubrication on the cheap shoe. Maybe he loved to suck on her beautiful painted toes, Clive imagined, while at the same time using these same rubber flip flops to jerk himself off, his semen becoming one with the succulent natural sweat from her naked soles and toes. He felt every muscle in his sweating body contract as he emptied his balls onto the flip flop, his warm sperm momentarily hiding those imprinted stains of her toes, dripping downwards and collecting in a sticky pool at the indent left by her sweet heel.

continued kinky wife story How I changed my hubby

fetish funnforyou 2017-12-29

Shortly after I started sucking tony john started texting and calling me wondering where I was at. I just kept sucking tony till he started filling my mouth with cum. I started thinking about what it would be like to suck off different guys and what there cum might taste like. It started making me very horny and a guy walked up and asked me to dance I said sure. We hang out for a little bit and I sit between them on the couch and put one hand on each of there cocks and start rubbing I can feel them getting hard through there jeans. Then I bend over the arm of the couch and start sucking the guy while the other one fucks me.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 08

fetish SylviaG 2017-12-29

"Why not Barry, surely trout face should know what a pervert she's going out with?" "OK, I'll get the money, but I need time," he said after a few moments thought. "Good but what are you going to tell trout face?" I teased, and then slowly turned away watching him for a reaction. God Barry all those men on the bus, I bet they would love to have those tights. Oh just think if some sexy, young secretary comes in, and she finds you with a hard on?" I said slowly, letting him savour every word. "Barry I'm going to make you toss yourself off into my pantyhose, I'll even wear them for a few days first!"

Her Name Was Alice

fetish Myths 2017-12-29

Alice smiled inwardly, she knew she looked good and loved it when men openly admired her. I was a bit gauche with women, especially ones that openly looked at you with their all knowing eyes. "So, Bob, you liked looking at my sweaty bum, did you?" With alice talking like this, my discomfiture was diminishing and I felt more comfortable saying things I wouldn't otherwise have said. "Yes, Alice, I suspect naked would be nice, but I prefer them in knickers and bra. "Alice, I do not mind, but yes, sometimes dirty and sweaty is nice." Bob obliged and as he rose, yes, as she suspected from the bulge in his jogging bottoms, he was getting turned on with this talk of dirty knickers.


fetish 2017-12-29

squeezing his tight sexy ass cheek, my other hand expose my ddd breasts his smile gets bigger and so my erect nipples and lick my lips in a playful teasing by shaking my ass in his face as I begin to pull off my He reaches up and gives my ass a smack.... ass real hard and squeezed, bent over to give it a lick and licks my clit harder, I begin to buck my hips my lower lip as he smacks my ass five times, harder The sting just makes me fuck his mouth harder and down while grabbing a handful of my ass. mouth as I lick my own juices from his lips and chin. down to my ass, whispers "Good Girl...."

Glory Holes

fetish piekna 2017-12-29

I was a bit surprised at that, and blushed even redder, but I took a deep breath and said "sure, why not?" and he raised an eyebrow, reappraising me, before handing me one of the smaller models and directing me to one of the movie rooms in the back. It wasn't long before the cock in my mouth swelled up and shot down my throat, giving me the cum I hadn't previously known I'd love so much. Just as I felt myself starting to cum, he pulled my face up by the hair and kissed me deeply, shoving his tongue almost as far into my mouth as his cock had gone.

Meating Samantha

fetish BushBuns 2017-12-29

That was the first time a man had sucked my cock. I still managed to bed a few women from time to time but I did not share my secret desire for sucking cock with them. The longer the drought continued, the more worried I became that I would never get another mouthful of delicious cock again. He/She liked my profile and wanted to know if I would be interested in a meeting. If I wanted to meet her, she would arrange a free evening during her stay and we could get acquainted. During my trip I regularly got text messages wanting to know how I was progressing. To my relief he asked if I was ready to meet Samantha.

Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 04

fetish LaPatitMort 2017-12-29

True to form, Trisha begged off the first 'Tuesday Night at the Movies.' Chloe, Tickles and I all bathed early and arrived in the TV room wrapped in warm robes about the same time. Chloe slowed her pumping hands, lowered her tongue and lips and began to suck my cum from Tickles toes. The taste of cum and having a nipple twisted hard by Chloe brought a needy moan from Tickles. Our foreheads touched, slipped lower and never broke contact as we licked over Chloe's ovaries torturing with tickles instead of bites this time. Our foreheads bumped again while I sucked Chloe's clit and Tickles tongued her asshole. Tickles pushed lower to force a three-way kiss with me and Chloe's spewing cunt.

Farting Contest Goes Awry

fetish Vera42 2017-12-29

"Ooof," she moaned, "I can feel a rumbling down there," said Amy. She leaned forward a little bit and emitted soft gurgling fart. "Ohh nooo," groaned Amy while her ass blasted away, "I think *POOM POOM* I need *PHURT* to poop!" "WAIT!" commanded Amy, she looked up fiercely wiping the tears away from eyes, "The contest is NOT over yet, you still need to finish up, even though I lost already. Mary didn't realize that Amy would take the "contest" so seriously, but being submissive in nature, Mary sat back down on the bed and started straining for farts. "Blorp, blorp, prrblorpprpr," Mary kept farting away happily, but then she felt that inevitable heaviness of needing a shit.


fetish jkjkram 2017-12-29

One night I was just chilling in my dorm when I got a call from my best friend Jesse asking if I wanted to go to a bar with him and hang out since we haven't seen each other in a while. I stared at her titties, which looked lovely, and took one into my mouth. I took off my boxers and my cock shot up at her and stared her right in the face. "Oh fuck!" I whispered as she started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. My dick soon felt like it was going to cum soon. She climbed on top of me and placed my dick in her pussy and started bouncing up and down.

A Product of the Principal

fetish LorenzoAbajos 2017-12-29

Every time she spanked my ass I would grow a huge hard on and she would then give me a blow job if I had not already shot strings of spunk all over our love bed. Not at much as being spanked, but she was getting good at licking the sweat off of my balls and then running her tongue up and down my prick until she could wait no longer and she sucked me until I shot wads down her willing throat. Finally, after I had shot my wad twice on her comforter, and Serena had leaked pints of pussy cum down her legs, Mrs. Wickersham grew tired and had to end the session. I was going to stay a virgin for the rest of my life of spanking and Serena cock sucking and me pussy eating.