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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Officer Joe

fetish strictenglishvicar 2017-12-29

Now Lisa's mother knew that Officer Joe would need a search warrant but she understood better than to ask for the document. Lisa and her mother were standing and yelling at each other and Officer Joe had to use all the force of his voice to bring them to order, threatening to have them both arrested and sent before the court for disorderly conduct in a police station. "Turn around miss" he said and Lisa did as she was told and stood in front of Officer Joe. She was sweating. "Touch your toes." Said Officer Joe and he watched as Lisa bent down, revealing all her young feminine assets.

Hot Babe Romi Ch. 02

fetish MONALISALEE 2017-12-29

After dinner Romi started her play with Tim. She brought a chair into the bedroom, placed it at the foot of the bed and said, "I want you to have the best view while I let you see how I fuck myself!" Romi then stocked a finger in her juicy cunt and started working it in and out; she looked at Tim and gave him that grin she did when she used to become horny! Tim then crawled up between Romi's legs and started licking up the juices around the edges of her cunt. Tim continued to lick and suck her clit until she cummed again, then he slided up and ease his hard cock deep into her cunt with one thrust!

Fantasy Filling

fetish Asianlover81 2017-12-29

I say to you, “I am going to fuck your pussy hard, fast and deep and you are going to enjoy every moment of it.” After that, you feel a small knife blade move underneath the right shoulder strap of your bra. You let out a scream and collapse onto the bed as you feel my hard cock penetrate your pussy. I keep moving my cock in and out of your pussy, you are right on the edge of cumming a second time when I thrust my cock deep inside you and let out a moan. I again thrust my cock in deeply, letting out a moan as I cum in your ass.



fetish nylonboy535 2017-12-29

The next day, the young women gathered at Sarah’s flat, all ready for dance gymnastics showcase, sporting shiny opaque tan pantyhose and black leotards, just like Janet requires them to wear all the time while at studio, to try to practice to their instructors’ DVD. Meanwhile, as the ph leg on her face was oversized, and without the restrictive stocking layer, Janet started to lick the nylon sheathed cock through her mask. On the first two pantyhose on her legs the cotton crotches were clearly cut out, but the bottom layer hose had a nylon vaginal sheath that lined her pussy with shiny smooth nylon.

To be a pet

fetish darkstar58 2017-12-29

Mistress sits in her favourite chair, two young women in business attire on the couch, facing me. I plead with my eyes, but one look at Mistress' face makes me obey, and I quickly get up on the table in front of the couch. I feel proud that she likes Mistress' pet. I arouse myself more, the way Mistress likes it, slowly and sensually, touching only my inner lips at first, then pushing first one, then two fingers into my slick opening, never touching my clitoris until it sticks out, swollen, hot, hungry. Blushing beet red, trying not to look at the two strangers looking at my wet, swollen cunt, I ask Mistress, "may your pet please cum?"

Cheaters Never Prosper

fetish 2017-12-29

With a quick motion of my arm, I slid my hand into his hair and pulled his head back as I leaned down towards him, my eyes blazing as I stared at him. Wrapping my fingers around the base, I pulled the k**s face close to me until I could smack the head against his cheeks and lips, smiling at his uncertainty. Her lips and cheeks bulged with the girth of the head in her little mouth and for a moment she considered pulling away but I had a good grip on her hair. Finally, I pulled out to let my glistening cock fall from her lips, pink marking the head and base from her enthusiastic lipstick covered mouth.

Successful Cuckolding Relationships

fetish deborahsue 2017-12-29

I have asked Mark, many times, what he is thinking in those moments of passionate kissing while another man is fucking me and he always says the same thing: I am thinking that I'm kissing the woman I love as she is being fucked by a man who has a bigger cock than me. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to give up my lovers, but my relationship with Mark is vastly more important to me than my having sex with other men. Let us say that the husband gets a sexual charge out of his wife telling him that he has a small dick like Mark does. In Deshaun's case he loves the fact that he gets to fuck a married woman in front of her husband and in Mark's case he loves to watch his wife getting fucked by another man.

Milking and Pregnant Ch. 01

fetish JRW1313 2017-12-29

"That's a good girl," I said with my right hand still on her head. I came up behind her and laid on my side, my hand still grabbing her left tit and my thigh rubbing her butt crack. First I took my hand and started pulling on her nipple, the right one this time. "I thought about you producing milk." I said Lauren smiled, still out of breath. I was holding her left tit in my left hand and pulling on her right nipple. I was thinking about her tits being bigger and swollen with milk, and yeah her belly would be big but how warm and open her pussy would be.

Confession's of a hotel chambermaid. Part 1 ,

fetish 2017-12-29

asmita stared at the wall , her heart pounded like it was going to explode as the lady walked round behind her and she felt her stand tight up against her back , close enough to take in the scent of her perfume as the woman lean into Asmita's ear and whispered , dont move. almost in one gliding movement the woman lowered her self down and asmita took a deep breath and stared at the wall ahead as she felt her uniform trousers being lowered til they fell to her ankles and she stood in just her plain pants in front of the unknown woman .

The Exchange Program Ch. 01

fetish seat542 2017-12-29

I placed the overnight letter in the middle of our marble-topped table where I knew it would catch Nikki's attention the moment she walked through the kitchen door. Tonight Nikki took control by placing one hand behind my head and pulling me into her mouth. Without warning, Nikki grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face away from her nipple. With shit-covered hands, Nikki pulled my face to her breasts and told me to lick them clean; to "taste my shit." I was in orbit, licking and sucking. "Hmmmmm," she cooed, "Looks like somebody enjoys tasting my shit." Nikki scooped a nail-full of pre-cum from my shaft and bought it to my mouth.

Milk and Honey Ch. 02

fetish YouCanCallMePiper 2017-12-29

Melissa and Greg were so engrossed in their conversation, I leaned over to ask Jake if there was a room I could use. "Did you like the flowers?" He asked, avoiding looking directly at me as I brought Deacon to my chest. He looked down the hall and back to me before continuing down into the conference room where I'd sat out lunch and gently closed the door behind him. I was so drunk with desire for Jake, I could barely open my eyes as his mouth left mine and began a decent down my neck, over my collar bone into the valley of my breasts.

Cum to my!(1)

fetish ch20cm 2017-12-29

Didnt realize that until it was too late, what a damn pity, I do guest the meeting, only one not seated, with privileged views, and just noticed 5 minutes before ending. So pretty, got THE cleaveage, showing part of those (for sure) glorious boobs, and she keeps smiling (was it on purpose?) My mind goes away for a while, imaging how terrible fine must be fucking her so hard, THE rack bouncing, hands tied on her back, leaving so sore the cunt of this whore.. And stop calling me sir or Lord (internally, something wants her to keep doing all of it, something big ..that keeps growing) - Im your dirty thing, you can do whatever you want with me (she keeps smiling, while she suddenly grab one of her tits)

Hot Dreams of Alice Pt. 03

fetish molineux 2017-12-29

Joanie looked at her for a moment, She smiled a little, and alice got the impression that all her thoughts were eminently readable to her. He lifted Alice in his arms, went to the bed and deposited her onto the covers, facing the TV screen on her hands and knees, and started fucking her in earnest. She looked up at him and smiled, and then she started bobbing her head up and down his cock again, and as she did so Alice saw that she rode the dildo like a real cock. Mr Townes breathing became a little laboured; he started panting and puffing, and Alice looked up at him and smiled.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 04

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-12-29

'You look real good, err, mom,' Rose told her daughter. Rose wanted to pull back some control in her own home, and was working around to asking her daughter for some slack. Rose didn't like the way her daughter was talking about buying a school uniform. At the door Janice took her mother's face in both hands and kissed her. I'll do my best, yea, yea, like, I'll be a good girl in class, I promise,' Rose squirmed with embarrassment. Janice had unwittingly pushed her mother into the arms of a young guy from school. Rose noticed Miss Derby glance at Brian, and quickly look away. 'Yea, like, I agree, but try telling mom that,' Rose complained.

Birthday Treat: The Wench Cums Home

fetish LucyCanyon 2017-12-29

Finally leaving the other man's cock back where it had started being cleaned in the wench's mouth, he stood and brought himself to his orgasm, choosing to cum all over the wench's ass cheeks and thighs, the cum sliding down into her stockings and coating the exposed flesh on her thighs. With one man reaching a second orgasm, she had taken eleven loads of cum - three in her cunt and three more onto her ass and thighs, two onto her breasts and latex covered body, two onto her face and one she had to swallow deeply.

Control is Such a Turn-on

fetish jeb22 2017-12-28

In a way the situation was totally wrong and he knew he should stop but the feeling of Heidi's foot rubbing up and down his cock seemed to mute out the voice of reason and good sense in Mike's mind. You can't have that and I get kind of loud when I get fucked really good," Heidi was pouring it on but her foot never picked up its pace as it rubbed Mike's cock. After a couple of moments feeling her foot rubbing so close to his cock but stopping just short of touching it each time Mike relented,"yes."


Sarah's Seduction

fetish KFP93 2017-12-28

She had absolutely no desire to rub Dan's cum into her nipples as she licked the rest from her lips and look up into his face, breathless. She desperately wanted to feel Dan spurting his hot thick cum into her tight pussy. Leaning backwards and looking Dan in the eye, she reached down with her right hand and scooped his cum from her pussy with her four fingers. Mmm, it tastes good, Dan. Do you like watching me eat your cum and my pussy juice? A small gasp escaped the cheating wife's lips as she felt Dan's tongue searching inside her pussy for that delicious prize he had been allowed to taste.

Tonight Ch. 03

fetish WantonTease 2017-12-28

Not what I think, or what I want to change, but how does it feel. I hear the cloth dip into a bowl he has brought with him. Then I feel as the hot cloth moves over my lower body. His finger dips between my lips, the roughness of the cloth moving against my clit. "She's shaved, I like that," I hear him tell you. But as you lightly place your lips against mine again, I realize you know what I'm thinking. But even as I think this, I can feel you move from the bed. I feel you loosen the restraints on my feet and then pull them up higher on the four poster bed.

Please, Make Me Eat It

fetish 425olds 2017-12-28

"Yes I want to taste it, I want to taste my pre-cum from your hard nipples." I said as her wet glistening nipple hung over my face. I wanted her to cunt fuck my face and f***e me to eat my hot cum and now it was going to happen and I couldn't stop it. Jay, If you ever want hot sex with me ever again, if you ever expect me to suck your cock again, if you ever want to feel this excitement again, you are going to eat my cum filled pussy. She groaned as she fed my cock into her all the way, then out again, she leaned forward and began to fuck me hard, her vagina was like a wet slippery hot piston fucking me deeply.

my first ssbbw

fetish wife_gone_and_horny 2017-12-28

But I wasn't ready for a relationship, and didn't want to give false expectations to any woman I met... Asked several times for bbw, and the girl would be big and certainly full figured, I found myself wanting more... as she got off, she had on tight tight jeans which made her belly hang right over, with a shirt that barely covered... Told her that I was just looking for a girlfriend/date type thing, no pressure, no expectations, just hang out and see what happens... i looked up, and saw two upper inner thighs which were brown from wear, and blistered... knowing that I had the whole night, I just stared at her hairy pussy and worn out thighs, and blew my cum...

Thul Pa Ch. 04

fetish Smother 2017-12-28

Swirling masses of the fleece would mound up as I walked across the floor, puffing into heaps of extremely fine hairs four and five feet around, and then melt away into the fur from which they sprung. It felt like the fur was pouring up my legs, racing across my penis like a torrent of fluff, and as I began to lose my balance in the churning puffy white sea I reached forward to steady myself only to be pulled to the floor and pounced on by the cluster of fuzzy bulges. As my hands got closer to her torso the Thul pa puffed into a mass of frizzy hairs, the same beautiful heap of fur I jerked off with as she hibernated.

Slumber Party

fetish georgeofthejungle 2017-12-28

Is everything OK?” Kim said, “No, I found Billy in my room playing with our panties. The girls continued laughing and were finally stripped down to only their panties. As the oil began hitting his body, the girls started rubbing their hands all over him. Angie said, “My, it’s feast or famine with his cock.” Kim reached down and removed the device from under his balls. Kim began talking dirty to Billy and said, “So, you like to smell our panties, huh?” She ordered the girls to remove their panties and give them to her. Kim and the girls began rubbing the hot sticky cum all over each other.

Vampire sex

fetish jeepin_jeeper 2017-12-28

He cups her breast in his hand and slowly starts licking around her nipple, gently flicking his tongue across it, then kissing it, then ever so softly sucking it, gradually getting harder. As he slowly unzips more of her skin tight leather top, he kisses a trail down to her belly button, and then her crotch as he slides her top out from under her, off her legs, the Vampiress then sits up and unbuttons his trousers, pulling them off with his underwear. He then spreads her legs and beguns kissing, and gently licking, and slurping, twisting his tongue back and forth against her clit making her moan and gasp As she starts slowly grabbing his head and pulling it to her crotch, slowly bucking her hips up, he kisses a trail back up her stomach, then kisses her.

wellnes exam

fetish 2017-12-28

I felt the speculum enter the vagina and with a twist of the hand it was in place. I heard him take off his gloves and place them in the bin beside the table and take another pair from the box resting on the metal tray. With that he again lubed his fingers and I felt them moving around my anus and slowly enter the rectum. He moved around in both openings and soon released his fingers and removed his gloves. He sat the end of the proctoscope and the opening and told me to bear down and take a deep breath as he pushed the cold metal devise inside of me.