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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Not too hard, baby

fetish vanillalce 2017-12-28

I like to use a bit of strength on a woman, but I think it’s sick to wish to hurt and degrade a person you pretend to care about,” I said with disgust. “Oh, no, no, no!” She smiled, gently pushing my hips away from the bed – “If your cock is not pleasuring me right now, it’s only because I want it to be 100% ripe for me when I finally take it. She started yanking my dick with such speed it was a miracle it didn’t catch fire “And you suck on my meat!” She grabbed her lips, swollen almost double with excitement, and f***ed them into my mouth.

Brod: Breeding Osaka Pt. 02

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-12-28

Keiko was at the forefront, kneeling directly ahead of me, her jaw open, big brown eyes looking up at me as her little hands rubbed over my ludicrous member. Keiko let it all gush over her clothing, soaking her shirt and jeans, smiling happily as she gulped down mouthfuls of the hot fluid. Keiko kept squirting, drenching my cock and the women under her in her sparkling juices. A column of jizz an inch thick snaked from my cock, a flying rope that splattered and painted women like geishas. She arched her back and started to gush in return, all over my cock, screaming at the crowd as I shoved my glans into her cervix.

A New Sissy Maid

fetish NancyBerlin 2017-12-28

”Sir, yes Sir,” replied the sissy, as he turned and marched up the staircase in his black lingerie. She clacked over the hard floor in her heels, taking very small steps and one foot placed directly in front of the other in what she hoped was a new and feminine gait, to the spot in front of her Master. Taking a deep breath at the sting of the words, she gathered herself and began walking towards the opposite wall her arms held up, hands dangling like a skipping little girl or a flamboyantly gay man. After she had scoured all the dishes, given the kitchen a thorough cleaning and finished waxing the floors, sissy was set about the house to do a thorough vacuuming and dusting while Master did some work upstairs.

Lunch with Connie Lark Ch. 02

fetish CaspianTern 2017-12-28

As Eric Dallas headed down the fourth story hallway, past the cubicles and executive offices to the Mayor's suite, thoughts of passion faded out of his mind. Gently, Connie began to ride his face as Eric ravenously suckled, licked and slurped her moist, cider tasting cunt. Eric was squeezing Connie's calves and grunting and wailing with the pantie gag in his mouth. Eric's hips bucked as the first cum surge went straight into Connie's mouth. Moaning, Eric could see that Connie's beautiful, girl next door face had been turned into that of a dirty whore. She was a big, beautiful woman with fairly large cheeks and each time Eric pumped cum into her mouth it caused her cheeks to swell outward.

Katie's Muscle Journey 009

fetish KatieTay 2017-12-28

Ryoko and I each go up on stage, in our stockings and high heels, and our 3 articles of clothing, and stand at the table, while the host for the night – a rough-looking biker lady with tattoos – gets the crowd really revved up. Big Sal picks out an average looking guy to be Ryoko's second opponent, and I watch sullenly as she puts him away in under twenty seconds, not exerting herself much. Big Sal picks whoever she wants, and right now, Ryoko's last guy of the night is this young 'un right here!" The skinhead grins, and strips off his shirt, showing off his skinny physique to the jeering crowd. When Big Sal stops the match declaring Ryoko the winner, Ryoko releases Jessie's hand and gives her a small slap across the face, saying, "Loser."

Foot Slave Ch. 02

fetish msgrant67 2017-12-28

"Oh, alright, well, you can wait for her or do whatever you need to do," he said, "I'll be in my room." He was practically already down the hall and back in his chair when he finished speaking. He relaxed back in his chair, as Phoebe softly spoke, "Oh, Paulie, baby, it looks so sore; let me help you make it feel better." "Just lie back, let my silk feet make it better, I'll make it better, uh huh, baby." Her feet began moving more rapidly, as she continued, "Oh, Paul, do it for me, think of me in those stockings, think of me naked wearing only stockings, think of me on your bed doing anything you want, Paulie.

Pierced by Cupid's Arrow

fetish honey28 2017-12-28

Looking over my shoulder at my reflection, I lifted the skirt and couldn't suppress a lewd grin when I checked out the straps that ran down below my ass cheeks, across the backs of my thighs, wondering how quickly things would click into place when Vinnie took a gander at what I was wearing beneath the lingerie. Sitting up, I retrieved my dildo and he propped himself up on an elbow to watch me slowly plunge the horse end - his end - into my still wet pussy, pull it out, then slide the shorter bulb end home, seating the toy properly, giving it a little squeeze with my pelvic floor muscles.

Tee's Trial Ch. 04

fetish lyn74 2017-12-28

Matt's fingernails started stroking up and down her well-oiled arms sending Tee into hysterics and then her whole body jolting in surprise when he squeezed her arms right above her elbows and then continuing to squeeze up and down her upper arms working their way up to her underarms again. The tickles continued for several minutes, causing Tee to wiggle her legs and feet in protest. Sam calmly set her phone down and reached down into her purse and pulled out what looked like a makeup pouch and walked over stopping at Tee's feet. Sam stopped tickling her, but Tee continued to laugh uncontrollably. After a restroom break and grabbing a snack Tee and Sam went to Matt's office and started talking about ordinary things.

Chloe Drops a Donut Shop Dump

fetish trueEFRO 2017-12-28

With every drop she feels the big poop lodged in her colon push harder and harder against her soft young asshole. Once inside the sexy blonde bites her lip as she feels the solid poop poking its way out of her asshole with increasing urgency. "Just takes a little coffee to move it along and make me drop a big stinky one" she giggles to herself as her stomach gurgles and churns. Another big, hot , steaming shit falls to the toilet and Chloe sighs with relief as she feels her stomach muscles contract and relax after their mighty feat. They are for people like myself who think that hearing about legal females taking big, relieving shits is the sexiest thing in the world.

Another Week, Another Hotel Pt. 02

fetish subsukkr 2017-12-28

She moans and let's go of her legs; they fall wide and she pulls her pussy wide open for me and says "Inside now, I want you to suck everything out" so I point my tongue and push it inside. Eventually as I have my tongue deep in her ass I hear the laptop lid shut and she tells me "don't pull out, push as deep as you can and wiggle the tip - I want to feel you inside of me." Even though my tongue is crying out from over use at this stage I push my hardest against her as she pushes back.

The Morning After Kinky Annie

fetish macbuzz 2017-12-28

"Bullshit, I am not going to let a little thing like eating her ass make me loose the best girl I have ever known." Feeling better with my decision, I threw the napkin in the trash and went into my study to begin work on my paper. "Jack, I'm asking you to lie down in the tub." She grabbed my balls in her hands and gently stroked and rolled them. Unfortunately, I need to know now because I do not want to investing all the time it will take to develop you unless your willing to go all the way. "Sure," Annie said but if your cold I can warm you up a bit.

The Stench

fetish lionel_collins 2017-12-28

He smiled contentedly as he held the number twelve, sweat-soaked jersey to his nose and inhaled, deeply. Any one of the twenty-three, stinking jerseys would have been quite satisfactory, but that particular one was very special; it had been sweat-soaked by his all time, favorite combatant, the rookie, nineteen-year-old Eighan Harrison. Adam, who never ceased to amazed by the quantity of perspiration sucked up and retained in the teams' sweaters, tilted his head back and wrung the jersey until a shower of Eighan's sweat started pouring onto his face and into his mouth. He didn't need sleep, but really wanted, only, to lie in the dark, erotically-scented room to fantasize his gladiators, some jerking their big cock, others waiting and ready to piss.

Bus Stop

fetish RyleighM72 2017-12-28

There were also a few pregnant women that looked ready to pop at any moment so I hoped that they also would get a seat. He noticed me looking at him again and I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks. I looked at my watch to see how much time was left until the bus arrived. The bus filled up quickly and as I had hoped, the seats were taken by the ones that needed them the most. The bus jerked to a stop and his hand brushed up against my hip and lingered there for a moment. I'm feeling it too." I looked around to see if anybody else heard what he said but everybody seemed to be lost in their own world.

In Pam's Control Pt. 04

fetish Scottt 2017-12-28

"Does watching Mistress flirting with other guys turn Scotty on...are you hard in my panties right now?" The song was over, and they all went back to the private booth, and Pam continued to sip her drink and her dancing partner sat a bit closer, with his arm around her. Here I was sitting at a bar alone, with panties on, and a butt plug up my ass...watching my intoxicated sexy wife with another guy. Pam was driving me nuts, sitting like a queen smoking, while I carefully shaved her pussy. "Thank you Mistress Pamela for letting me shave your pussy and your ass, and thank you for not fucking and sucking Steven last night."

Sweet Melissa Ch. 02

fetish bobdee1224 2017-12-28

I know you'll enjoy Melissa's company." John was an average looking guy. After John left I turn to Melissa and said, "Johnnie Walker Blue? Melissa continued to fondle me with her right hand while grasping Pierre's cock with her left hand as she blew him. "My God Melissa what a magnificent cock he has." Pierre said. Melissa took Pierre's cock from her mouth and said, "You know my feeling the more cum the more fun. George excused himself and started to exit but Melissa said, "George we're ready to order." and in a casual manner continued with, "And doesn't Robert have an impressive cock."

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. 1

fetish Scotsdude 2017-12-28

"You like that don’t you?" She said in her Russian accent. I like it as well you know." So from that time, it was a finger up the ass during sex. There was Natalia, in the head of Marketing’s office, having sex. Now, I knew Sara was at least bi-sexual, everyone did; but I didn’t think Natalia was. Sara tapped Natalia on the shoulder and pointed at me. As the lift doors opened, I heard Sara reach her climax. Like I said, Claire spoke to her right, and she said that Natalie loves you more than anything or anyone in the world, and would never leave you, but has always felt something was missing from her life.

Jo's Story

fetish carieta 2017-12-28

For as long as she could remember the uniform had been stuffed away in bags and had never been worn since her time at school. She couldn't believe how much pleasure she was getting through just dressing up in her old school uniform. When she turned away from the mirror, she noticed that Mike had left the room. The smacking suddenly stopped and she could feel Mike's hand removing her briefs. Her breasts pressed uncomfortably into Mike's broad thighs and her pussy leaked juices onto his lap. Breaking her thoughts, Mike whispered in her ear, "Well did you enjoy your punishment?" Jo could not speak but she nodded and placed her lips against his.

Tales Of A Slave pt. 2

fetish azid619 2017-12-28

"Well anyway," Chrissy carried on, "We had a good talk on the phone the other day and I was telling her all about how you do anything for me, how you're my slave and I'm you're mistress, I got you totally under my control..." She looked me up and down pleased at the sound of her own voice saying that, I soon had a good soak after cleaning my teeth and when I eventually got out the bath and dried, I looked at the time and realised DOnna would be here soon, to which I'll have to fulfil my task as best as I possibly can.


fetish 2017-12-28

"That will do, Matthew." Instead of placing her clean foot once again upon the floor she rested it on my left shoulder. Close you eyes." Diana licked the remaining traces of my essence from my lips, then with her tongue opened my mouth and kissed me. I didn't care about the noise, I opened my mouth to loose everything that had emotionally happened to me in the past hour as my cock maniacally loosed inside Diana. In silence Diana rose from my body, went into the bathroom and closed the door. I looked over my shoulder to watch her work me and found her with her eyes clenched shut and a fine layer of sweat glistening on her body.

For John

fetish boldnsassy 2017-12-28

I couldn't help but lick my lips, wishing my mouth were surrounding his cock, as I watched my hand arouse him. His hands tightened painfully in the tangled mess of my hair as he thrust deeper, burying his length in my throat. I tasted as much of him as I could reach, the heaviness of his cock on my tongue invoking a sense of frustration. I pulled back, teasing him, then leaned forward, taking his cock inch by inch until he was once again buried in my throat. My hands in his hair, his head between my legs; a moment later, those same hands bound together as he tortured me until I was begging to be fucked; then me, riding him reverse cowgirl with his cock buried in my ass.

A Night at the Bakery

fetish tarred 2017-12-28

Sharon called a halt and we stood up, well all except for Hilary who lay in the mess, it was obvious despite the thick pie that covered her hand between her legs she was enjoying the pie too much, she gasped and shuddered before slumping back into the deep cream. "She needed a shower, the dirty girl!" Sharon stood Hilary in front of us, she turned and opened a large case, opening it she took out a black wetsuit. "Damm, how do you look so good even in a rubber suit..." She took Hilary's hand and walked her across the factory floor. I glanced up through the windows in the machine and saw a very sticky Hilary and a chocolate coated Sue, they were at the control panel smiling.

Tickled Pink and Tortured Well

fetish ticklechambers 2017-12-28

"According to the survey 72% of this company's employees either saw, or heard about, a lady named Jennifer painting the boss pink at a party." I opened my eyes wide out of shock. "Mmmm," I heard a groan escape his lips, "I'd be careful if I were you Jennifer, I might go back to tickling you." He slid his finger inside me and felt around for my G spot. And there he looked at me, so close to my face, breath hot on my skin, invasive hands reaching up to my neck, lips touching gently, fiercely to my own; a hot passionate kiss that should not have happened.

A Wet Time With Annie

fetish rtfirefly1000 2017-12-28

"I just want you to know," she said, voice husky, "I like it dirty." The tone of her voice got my attention and brought me out of my mesmerized state. I looked Annie in the eye and raised my hand to my lips and licked and sucked off her salty pee. She smiled a dirty smile, and let loose with more pee, turning her panties transparent again, causing a small puddle on the floor where it ran down her legs. My cock deflated a little, and I rewarded Annie for her patience with a tiny squirt of pee into her open mouth, her lips in an 'o'. I think some got into her mouth, but I wasn't quite sure, because I was distracted by the sight of Annie finishing herself off with her hand.

Fucking Two Nasty Sluts Ch. 01

fetish theprince 2017-12-28

Jill slowed the assault and started to plunge the cock deep inside Jenna’s gaping cunt. Lets fuck this bitches cunt and ass and mouth till she is puking cum. Prince grabbed Jill’s hair and plunged his raging hard cock into her mouth. Jenna could feel Prince’s hard cock slide in and out of Jill’s mouth. He gripped her hair hard and rammed in his cock like he was fucking a itching, wet, slutty cum filled cunt. She could feel her face pressed deep inside her ass as the tongue licked and sucked and fucked her out. She growled like a bitch in heat as Jenna fucked her cunt mercilessly with her tongue.