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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

T.L.P. Sophomore Year Ch. 02

fetish TaraJean 2018-10-03

Just when I was about to give up for the day and find a motel for the night I saw a tiny sign in a window of a cute little two-story suburban house only about two miles from campus: "Room For Rent." In my room later I was reading in bed when I saw the light in the master bedroom of the neighbor's house turn on. I buried my face in Laure's panties and breathed slowly in and out, allowing the scent to fill my lungs, my head filling with visions of red hair and pouty pussy lips. "Oh Mom!" the voice in my head cried, "yes, lick me, lick my pussy mom, it feels so good!" I switched hands, licking up my own juices and then dropped my face into the woman's panties.

Setting Sail

fetish Deadwood 2018-10-03

It was the latter that completely repulsed Amy. Granted the shoes had a rather chunky heel that made them semi-wearable upon the heaving ship, but they were still difficult to wear at times, and completely unneeded in the din of the engine room. "Ms. Steele, you are needed at once in the Engineer room," suddenly came a cry from Cynthia, the yacht's owner as she thrust her head over the gunwale of the boat and looked down at her entrusted crew. Even in her heels, Amy slipped quickly towards the stern of the yacht, ducking in the passageways and sliding down the shiny stainless steel rails that lined the ladder that lead into the engine room.

Living in a Dream-like Wonderland

fetish LeonTasume 2018-10-03

I can see it clear as day, her deeply kissing me before kissing, licking, and nibbling down my neck and chest, leaving a love bite or two on my shoulder before kissing down my body and just before she kisses down past my navel, I lay down and have her sit over my head, so I can return the favor as she services me. She repeats the process many times over while I remove my tongue from her folds and replace it with two fingers, twisting and turning them about while I lick and nibble on her clit, making her hips thrust up and down, wanting to take my fingers deeper into her body.

Feet First Ch. 05

fetish thezinger 2018-10-03

"Larissa once told me that when I found her spot that it was like a wire was connected from her foot to her..., to her pussy and that the wire tingled for a few seconds then just opened a floodgate of sensation that wouldn't stop." After exploring different pressure points Kim exclaimed suddenly, "Wait, that spot is..., interesting." My greatest "problem" with Kim, if you want to call it that, was that she was so sensual, erotic, arousing, and had such a tight, hot pussy, that I just couldn't usually last very long. Once Kim had reached her climax, and with my thumb and forefinger firmly pressing her spot she embarked on a seven-minute orgasm.

tease tag

fetish qudduse 2018-10-03

“oh really” he stood up “tell me about them” he walked around the chair I was sitting in and started playing with my firey red hair. I started moaning, and I guess he liked that cause he kept going, his tongue kept sliding in and out of my pussy almost as fast as his fingers did only moments ago. I could tell he was eyeing the puddle of cum I was sitting in, or maybe he was staring at my little pink pussy. I reached my hand into my shirt and started feeling my breasts, until my nipples got hard. “wow, Daniel was right, you are pretty…he told me he was going to get me a hot secretary but I thought he was k**ding” he laughed nervously “oh!

Smelly Cunt Ch. 2

fetish rajivalan 2018-10-03

“Tell me what it smells and tastes like,” she sounded a little non-trusting “Well it has a highly pungent stale fish smell and tastes bitter and salty – what does yours smell like?” She was quiet on the other end - I wanted her to talk so I prodded her more – “I know its embarrassing but you can tell me – I love it – It turns me on – I already have an erection thinking about it” “Yes mine is like that” “Hmmmmmm yummy– does it smell a lot – tell me” “It stinks – no man wants to go down there – as it is I’m an overweight older woman and together with this problem I don’t have a sex life – I’m frustrated beyond reason and that is why I wrote to you – I just couldn’t believe a man like you existed”

Unexpected Consequences

fetish sc_bane 2018-10-03

Jake stood and moved around to the other side of the double row of washers facing her, trying for a look up her skirt while he threw his laundry into one of them. Jake looked deep into her eyes and a sense of shame came over him, because he already knew what he was going to do. He whispered to her that she actually like him in her cunt, that she wanted his boiling sperm deep in her abused pussy, that she liked being treated like a dirty little whore, that she was going to look him up after he got out of jail for r****g her and that she would want more, more cock, more abrasions, more bruises, more good rough fucking.

Oriental Angel

fetish Shadow Dancer 2018-10-03

There I sat nursing the stale draft letting my eyes float over the other patrons, most of whom also sat at tables and the bar mulling over their stale beers and pointless lives. I froze like a deer in winter fog lights; neither my body nor my mind moved, even my lungs felt dead. Quick as light itself her body reached out and her tender appearing hand made contact with my face; left side, hard and stinging. A full summer's day of pungent sweat delicately blended with the sweet smell of raw leather; bringing to mind a memory of the moistness of a woman's passion. Dying inside with anticipation I lowered my head and tasted her strong primal scent, licking the tender flesh on the top of her foot, from toe to ankle.


Hunted MILF

fetish MarthaD 2018-10-03

I'm going to tease you right up to the edge by running my soft hands, soft mouth, soft breasts all over your hard cock. By now I'll know when you are so close that one more stroke is going to bring you off and this time, right when you get so close, I'm going to pull that rock hard cock into my sopping wet pussy. I'll be a big cummy mess down there and then I'm going to lean back in front of you and let you take a good long look at my messy cum splattered pussy.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 02

fetish dongstar 2018-10-03

Val looked again at the python-like bulge of Tasha's teenage trouser snake. "I guess so..." said Val. She turned to Tasha and put on a big smile. "Val, if there's one thing I know you can do, it's make the most of a sticky situation," said Eva, trying to suppress a laugh. Val flipped Eva double birds as she walked backwards out of the office, taking Tasha with her. "Who cares what she looks like, we should go," said Tasha, fighting to keep the urgency out of her voice and pushing feebly on her friends to get them moving. There you are!" said Valerie is a falsely sweet voice, the coconut-sized glans of her massive cock bobbed inches from Tasha's face.

Sarah's Teen Lovers 2

fetish 2018-10-03

Seth loves fucking my wife's tight little asshole and Sarah told me about a friend of Seth's that they would gave Dale a quick little "hello" kiss as his hand Seth stuck his head out the door and told Dale that they "Wanna watch a movie?" Dale asked my bride as she closed Dale told my sexy bride as she continued to suck him Dale moved between my brides legs and slowly licked her brides freshly fucked pussy Dale started to raise up and play with his cock watching one of my brides fuck flicks Sarah fuck Seth, talked about sex and both agreed that Dale slipped his cock into my eager bride as she pulled know," Dale said as my bride began to recover.


fetish wastedaway 2018-10-03

I glided my hands down over her soft buttocks to the edge of her knee length skirt and hoisted up the hem as I retraced my downward stroke back up her silken thighs. She filled my mouth with her writhing tongue and I felt my erect penis pressing painfully hard against the zip of my fly. I buried my face amidst her splayed upper thighs and, very slowly, ran my tongue from her clitoris up though the entrance to her vagina and around her anus. "Good" I praised "you shall be rewarded!" I kissed her on the buttocks and ran my tongue down between the cleft of her cheeks to her asshole.

The scent of a woman - two spirits just touch

fetish windsorkeith 2018-10-03

Reaching up her skirt she pulls down her panties, takes an envelope from her purse and places them in it. (Cut to a shopping mall then into a car with the woman driving.) She goes into an indoor parking structure and pulls up by a column in an unused portion of the lot. You see the car entering the mall parking structure, driving back and forth, and then finally stopping by the column with the package. He retrieves the package, gets back in the car, opens the package and takes the panties to his nose. We now see the man in his room, opening the envelope, smelling the panties, and then removing all of his clothing.

Fluffed 02

fetish hhorse 2018-10-03

As the vibrating pads on her pussy, ass and nipples sped up, rings inflated around the base of her breasts, followed by a second one just above that. Her dumb waiter provided her with a waist cincher corset, gloves, a pair of ballet boots, some elastic, some large bulldog clips, a massive vibrator and several black boxes the size of a pack of playing cards. Her experiences with the fluffing service those days were ever centred around her current restrictions, and involved a lot of self bondage, usually with a toy in her pussy, and a plug up her ass.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 11

fetish Anal Slave 2018-10-03

She looked over at me and said out loud I am going to fuck this guy in the dressing room go ask any of the other men if they want to fuck me too. About that time a gay boy walked up and said, do you want to suck my cum out of my cock? I told him I would have to ask my wife if I could suck him off, About that time my wife called me into the dressing room I got down between her crème pussy lips and started sucking up his cum when I realized that her ass had cum leaking out of it too.

The New Building

fetish Drakon66 2018-10-03

Steve was shaking Jeff's hand when he got his first good look at Holly. Holly pointed to the stairs leading to the second floor but wanted to show them something in the back parking lot area before going to the offices. As Jeff stepped toward the second break room office Holly stopped him. Holly never stopped stroking Steve's cock with her left hand. Holly stuck two fingers into her steamy pussy and started masturbating herself while watching her feet glide up and down Jeff's pre-cum soaked cock. She removed her fingers from her pussy and took Jeff's cock in her dripping hand, stroking it slowly. Holly released Steve's cock from her lips but continued to stroke it with her left hand.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 11

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-10-03

"You sure you want this?" And this time Kevin asked both of us, looking us in the eyes and offering what looked like a bit of concern. Kevin began facefucking Amber in earnest now, causing her to gag hard and long strands of cum and spit to dribble and drool from his cock and her mouth. I adjusted my grip to hold her by her ass as I slowly lowered her to where Amber's cunt hole was perfectly in position to accept Kevin's cock and then let her weight sink on top of him. I watched as Kevin grabbed my angel's ass cheeks with both hands and began plunging his pole in and out of my little Amber.

Adventures of a Hair Lover: Ch. 02

fetish jazm49 2018-10-03

Heather and Cassie were sitting on two of our camp stools while Annie, completely naked, was stretched out on the bedding and leaning against a couple of cushions. "Annie says you like hairy women," she said, sliding her hands up her thighs with seductive deliberation until her dress was bunched up around her waist. Cassie pulled away laughing and I felt Heather's mouth leave my cock. Turning to Cassie I saw that she was looking at Annie with the same intent expression. Cassie was lying on her back with her eyes closed while Annie crouched over her kissing and sucking her breasts and nipples.

My first fisting

fetish sabre72 2018-10-03

Mistress ordered me to put on both arm and leg restraints and to lay in the middle of the bed so as to continue what we had started the previous week, but never got to finish. As we both lay there relaxing from a double orgasm, I slid out of her ass and my fingers soon took my cock's place. Miss wanted more though, so I re-entered her pussy for a couple of minutes then moved back to her waiting ass. But, Mistress knew I wanted to be fisted and she satisfied my desires by lubing up again and driving her whole hand deep in my ass pussy.

College Cuckold

fetish geoffelectron88 2018-10-03

The audience, a mix of white female undergraduates from the Women's Studies program and the young black male Community Center organizers, murmured in agreement. I scanned the crowd and saw that the white women were flushed with embarrassment (or possibly arousal) and the black men were nodding with approval and trading jokes back and forth. Radical cuckolding is a state of emotional attachment and financial support for white women who will only breed with black men." I choked out this last line as I saw girls in the audience snickering and others nodding.

Erotic Wrestling-Double Team

fetish readingfoxhound 2018-10-03

"So what do you say we switch out so I can have a crack at that ass?" deviousness dripping with each word." Sarai quickly looked up at Amber. "Ready!" Amber pulled her matching dildo out and pumped fists with Sarai. Looking up from time to time while attempting not to cum from the ass attack in the back, the curly haired Latino was sucking her own dildo with her usual vigor eyes clothed and possibly picturing a fine man playing tag with her crotch 69 style. I knew it was time to try it now I took one of my hands and making sure to use my middle finger inserted it into her ass. A rapid attack of my finger matched with my tongue finally caused her to pump her wetness into my face.



fetish morningchica 2018-10-03

Her sweet and inviting body was too much for Robert, she heard him groan as she turned off the noise some pump. Watching her breasts being pumped as she pleasured himself was quite a turn on, and he could not help but be excited. Something wet and soft was pressed to his lips, it was her nipple dripping milk. V's legs were pressed against his hips, and he could feel her wet pussy on his belly. He was rewarded as he felt her breasts rubbing against him, and her milk spraying him. The lotion and powder were being mixed with the breast milk, and she took him into her mouth. Holding the milk in his mouth, he pulled V's face to his, kissing her hard.

Car Ride With Friend's Mom

fetish KDG 2018-10-02

Mrs. James was feeling pretty good despite the cold and she asked me to hold her drink while she unrolled a sl**ping bag in an effort to give us a little warmth. Mrs. James pulled my hands under the sl**ping bag and said, "Don't put those ice cubes anywhere near me." I had a pretty good buzz going and without really thinking I put my hands on her side and said, "Why, are they cold?" Even through her shirt it was like an electric shock going through her. My hands warmed up quickly and they were resting on Mrs. James upper stomach on the outside of her sweat pants.

My Offer to diana Part 2

fetish Pacemen 2018-10-02

Once they were dressed, we went down to the car & headed off to Scarborough Park for a walk, well that is what I told diana & alice. About 10 minutes into the walk, we came to a bushy area right next to the creek, a quick look around I couldn’t see anyone, so I told diana to remove her dress & lay down on the ground & spread her legs, which she did with a frown on her face, I then removed my dick & told her that I was going to mark her as my property by covering her with my pee. It wasn’t long until alice was covered in diana’s pee, while this was happening she drank a good mouth full which I know she likes.