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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Hurts to Love

fetish Mizilla 2017-12-28

He reached down to push my hand away from my clit and took over as the look on his face, gave way to the sheer pleasure of being inside me. One time, he said he didn't mind sharing me because he knew I would never feel for someone else the way I felt for him. I was enjoying having him inside my ass a little less by now, but knowing what it did for him, to finally give him that part of me, completely with no restriction was amazing. It wasn't that I wanted to have a baby right now but that the feel of a man cumming inside of me drove me wild.

Trixie's Adventure

fetish spandexman 2017-12-28

Trixie, the 19-year-old, 5'5", adorable, assistant-manager, with big baby-blue eyes, high cheekbones, a cute dimpled chin just like her gorgeous aunt, thick long curly platinum-blonde hair, and an incredible 36GG-28-33 hourglass figure that her too small red knit turtleneck sweater, skintight white riding breeches, and shiny brown riding boots hugged like a second skin, was just about to close Lingerie World for the weekend. Officer Raquel Lopez, the 25-year-old, gorgeous, olive skinned, 5'6", police officer, with big almond shaped brown eyes, high cheekbones, long thick auburn hair, that she had tied in a tight bun, and an overripe 40DD-27-38 hourglass figure, that her tight tan uniform shirt, extra tight tan jodhpurs, and shiny black riding boots looked painted on, strutted into the smelly lingerie shop, where instead of shopping for her specially made underwear had to investigate a crime for a change of pace.

Last Night in Barcelona

fetish 2017-12-28

She smiled as she rubbed her hands together, covered in latex for the first time.  I reached around her ass and began fingering her wet pussy. I yanked the belt and pulled her head to my ass. I grabbed her head and began choking her in my ass, finally feeling the tongue f***e it's way inside me. I wrapped my hands around her neck and began choking her. I put my hand on her face and she licked it clean, sucking on my fingers like she had my cock earlier. "I need to clean you off." I said as I finally took the plug out of her mouth. Now she lay slumped over in the shower, her face hidden and her neck red from the belt.

Smaller than Average

fetish runtz4 2017-12-28

"Don't worry" she said innocently, "I thought that might happen, I started with the largest they had, but I have three other sizes and styles." She opened the next one, and massaged the head of my dick with her fingers, as if trying to get it bigger. "Do it" she demanded, "make me cum." I licked and sucked while she rolled her nipples in her hand, she was cooing in no time, panting heavily and quickly came all over my face. Taking the ruler and pressing under my dick again, she marked with the pencil, and said "okay, finish for me and I'll tell you the number." I reached down and quickly jerked, watching the computer and glancing at Amy, so completely enjoying the show.

Bigger Down There Ch. 06

fetish Andrea_E 2017-12-28

After a good five minutes of adjustment (it took some time because it kept slipping out of Louisa's cavernous cunt due to her size and wetness), Helen had the speculum in place. It meant that her finger tips were stroking Louisa's cunt walls, and it looked like it wasn't the first time they had tried this. Helen shaped my foot and ankle into a ballet like posture, as if I was on point, but horizontally rather than vertically and after a little foreplay that consisted of a light prodding of Louisa's labia with the tips of my toes, carefully helped me commence the process of inserting my toes.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XL

fetish Victor2K 2017-12-28

I usually work paired with my friends Anna Perton and Cathy Sokoll, because they think we do a great job as a trio, and taking the customers’ talk, they are right. But, after we leave the airplane, it’s a race against time to find a man or men that can fit up to our standards and give a night or two of fun to three horny women. He was a major hunk and we saw him virtually every week, but for us, Hank wasn’t the kind of man to leave to anyone to do. The three of us need to have that man on our bed, but we didn’t knew a manner Hank could surrender to our desires.

Big Butt Queen Ch. 03

fetish bbwlove_it 2017-12-28

Knowing that Rita was a lot smaller in the chest area, Keri played a low trick by wearing a tight low-cut halter-top that little was doing to hide her very opulent breasts. Milk started to drip out of her nipples and her breasts' flesh splashed with big fat waves. He likes it!" Keri exclaimed, guiding my hands down to the mountains of her hips and making sure to sink them into those soft bulging heaps. At the same moment I felt Keri's kegel muscles grabbing my cock, milking me, literally squeezing my cum out of me. I barely had the time to see Rita's thighs jiggling under her heavy stomps, before Keri wrapped her large hips around me and buried my face between her boobs one more time.

The Farm Ch. 06

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-12-28

Some suspected she was making more of Jordy than need be but Jenny knew there was more to her feelings than some adult form of puppy love. But besides his physical changes, Jenny and Joshua had bonded as mistress and slave. I love being your slave." Josh felt the touch of her delicate fingers graze the underside of his cock as she walked past while he stood in Present position. Although Joshua didn't have that "I need to cum right now feeling" Jenny's touches made him feel like he it wouldn't take long before he got back to that scary edge.


My Wife, Her Lover, and I Ch. 01

fetish perrybroom 2017-12-28

I had the distinct feeling that Chris's whispers had been disparaging remarks about my manhood, confirmed when Julie said," Take your shorts off then and let's have a look." "Like I told your wife, I don't think she'll be disappointed when she feels this inside her," a smirking Chris told me, practically waving his penis in my face and clearly relishing the fact of being better endowed than I. While he spoke the barman was watching Chris stroking Julie's thigh and it was clear that he thought them the couple and me the friend on holiday with them. After all it would be highly humiliating for you if the truth got out amongst staff and guests, the truth that Julie's really your wife and I'm fucking her while you watch," Chris told me.

Eve Visit's Louise Bellman's Clinic

fetish eved65 2017-12-28

Louise briefly looked through some papers she had and then said "My friend Margaret tells me that you're having some difficulty understanding your needs for degradation, but you're very open about exploring all of your thoughts and feelings. When you are ready, just go ahead and let it happen." And so as Louise rubbed my abdomen, I peed in my panties with Louise and William watching. And so there I lay, wet with me own piss, Louise playing with my tits and William watching me as I rubbed my clit. Right there in Louise Bellman's clinic, laying on a table in a pool of my own urine, while Louise and William watched me and the video camera recorded my degradation for all to see.

The Colony Party Ch. 04

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2017-12-28

Priyanka (Priya) was self-centred and egoistic had hair length below her knees until she across her classmates when she attended the New Year party being held at her colony. While the razor guys were cutting Priya's hair, other men were telling them, "Look you missed a strand of hair here" thus making the length shorter and shorter on her sides! At last the waxing guy finished and later the others applied shaving cream on the sides of Priya's head and shaved the stubbles and remaining hair off. FUCK ME you all God damn it!" The men were calm and composed while Priya was still blurting out the thinks that just came to her head. As soon as Priya signed the updated contract, the men burst with joy and got ready to fuck her.

Hooked (Chapter One)

fetish Bedtime_Secrets 2017-12-28

Written by Shy A little background before you read! This story was inspired by a long-term recurring dream I could never seem to shake, as well as Peter Pan. It's one of my favorites and I've finally expanded upon it.

I Want A Fat Babe

fetish Svenskaflicka 2017-12-28

"No!" said Tony, looking like he had just bitten into something that tasted really bad. Tony totally charmed her parents, promising to take good care of her and bring her back home by 1am – sure, the prom ended at midnight, but they were all going out for a midnight snack at McDonalds afterwards… "What did your friends say when they found out you'd asked me to the prom?" said Paula, suddenly nervous about leaving the safety of the car. Even though Tony's friends seemed rather clueless and shallow, they were curious to see what he liked about her, and actually TALKED to her, and the girls complimented her on her dress and her hair. "The girls told me that they're going to a party afterwards," said Paula.

Tricked wife into wearing teen Sarah's pantie

fetish 2017-12-28

I rang my wife to give her the heads up hat I had her gift waiting for at home so she rushed home as she knew she was going to get a good fuck when she tried on her new lingerie, she entered he house and came upstairs where Sarah's panties and bra were on the bed, she really liked them and said my taste in panties was amazing, little did she know that Sarah had purchased these and wore them so it was Sarah's taste she was complimenting, she got undressed and picked Sarah's panties up, removed the tag and slid her legs through the waist band, my cock was throbbing in my trousers as she pulled them up and hitched them into her pussy and arse crack, omg my wife's pussy was touching where Sarah's pussy was unaware of the situation, she took the bra and snapped it on to her small but firm titties, I nearly shot my load as smy wife was dressed like Sarah, her private pars rubbing against Sarah's, I just wanted to fuck her there and then, I unzipped my trousers and told her to keep the panties on when I fuck her, I wanted to feel Sara's gusset rubbing on my cock unaware to my wife what I was thinking of,

The Facility Ch. 01

fetish call_me_dana 2017-12-28

Caroline slipped on a rubber glove and pressed two fingers between Sheryl's pussy lips. Lindsay told Marc she would help Sheryl get ready for their meeting and he was excused. I'd really like to have you smooth for today." Sheryl had trimmed her pubes last night and wasn't a huge fan of smooth pussies but did as Lindsay asked. She held up a large, silver clamp with a two-foot long chain, "Any ideas where this is going?" As Ronnie cued her, Lindsay moved into the shot of Sheryl sitting on the bed. Lindsay gives her a slight push and Sheryl is now on her back, her hands secured to her sides and her legs spread wide.

Time to explore our Kinks

fetish NeglectedMind 2017-12-28

I smiled and nodded and licked the tip gently before taking it all into my mouth. "They need you" I said as he grabbed my foot in between his lubricated hands. He moaned and grabbed my head with his hand. I moved my feet up and down, and he moaned the whole time. He reached his hand over and began to finger me while I massaged his dick with my feet. "Those feet felt so good, so I want to give you what you want too" he said, and pulled my anal plug out slightly, just so he was able to shove it back in. I moaned so loud that he took his fingers out and began to smack me again.


fetish klammer 2017-12-27

During the years Heidi had worked there she had sex with a number of the going down on guys, but Heidi loves sucking cocks and she always falls to get used to in my new life is being looked at like a sex object by The sex life Heidi and I once enjoyed long ago is now a closed subject we the fact that Heidi can look a little slutty sometimes with the short happened this week when I came home early and found Heidi on the living years ago, when I was still a real man, and said it was fine for Heidi to used sexually like a fuck toy by a few alpha males in my wife's absence I

How to please the uncircumcised cock

fetish uncut14 2017-12-27

These nerve endings and sensory receptors are believed to enhance sexual pleasure for uncircumcised men. To best enjoy an uncircumcised penis, it’s important to take your new understanding of the anatomy of the foreskin and learn how to utilize it for pleasure. While lubrication is encouraged for all hand jobs, uncircumcised men typically experience less friction or painful rubbing due to this glide. Partners and masturbators can pull their penis/foreskin outwards with one hand and stimulate the ridged band in a circular manner with fingers or a vibrator. Although there are studies where no difference in female pleasure or female sexual pain during intercourse was found between circumcised and uncircumcised men, it is believed by many sexologists that the gliding motion the foreskin creates can help reduce pain for many women.

Episode 54 - Jenny v Ana

fetish dasx2 2017-12-27

Jenny heard Ana rummaging around in her coat pocket, she pulled out the phone – the video of Rob fucking her arse was still running – she recognised herself moaning. Jenny had to look away as Rob noisily licked the ch1ld clean – holding onto her cute hips, and trying to keep his tongue in her arse and away from her little cunt. Jenny was f0rced to watch what should have been her gangbang making her arch enemy Ana cream – perfect strangers’ sperm flowing out down her thighs, only to be licked off by her lover Rob. Jenny felt so humiliated and frustrated – the rope got tighter as she struggled; then eventually Rob managed to slip away from duties on his knees between his wife’s thighs to slap Jenny hard across the arse.

Wet & Wild Breakfast

fetish CozyBoy 2017-12-27

A smile grew on his face as he remembered Jennifer moaning, holding onto the headboard as he thrust his shaft into her dripping cunt. The feeling when your tongue ran over the head of my cock." He reached down and adjusted himself once again. Jennifer leaned back farther and reached down with one hand. His head traveled up and down between her cunt-lips, picking up her flowing juices as it went. Jennifer's ass was wet with her own cum. Jennifer groaned as his thick cock plunged into her ass. Cum oozed from her empty cunt and her ass clamped down on TJ's buried cock. Jennifer slipped two fingers into her pussy and brought herself to another orgasm.

First Time Cock & Ball Torture

fetish Kessler 2017-12-27

Sue said, "mmmm, that's a tight fit isn't it, sorry but that's as far as my tiny toes will spread." She flexed her foot and began to jerk the head between her tightly locked toes in short yanks causing me to thrust my hips up and down. Sues severe toe lock was keeping me on the edge and Regina looked at me asking, "Are your ready to cum now all over my sisters foot." I nodded quickly saying, "Oh yes, oh yes." Regina jerked my shaft between her fingers up and down while Sue's toes jerked the head of my cock. Regina said, "Okay, get him hard again." Sue raised her left leg from my stomach and began to rub her sexy calf across the head of my cock while she jerked my shaft.

Cuckhold Love Ch. 01

fetish Rocket1010 2017-12-27

Sylvia's body tensed at the touch but when the man came into view, she let out a sigh of relief and then a sweet smile, looking up to see Roger, the man from the airplane. Sylvia spent the morning, reviewing photos from the previous day and after a light lunch, she packed her photo accessory bag and headed to the hotel, wondering if Roger was going to meet her. But Roger was content for now to let her have some fun, placing his arms behind his head, as if they had all the time in the world, while he enjoyed watching her take joy playing with his cock.

Punished in Wet Frillies

fetish pahague 2017-12-27

She looks so sexy in her smart top, her white stockings and little black pleated skirt and I know what I want to do but her face seems to be telling me that's not about to happen. I protest again: 'I am not your maid, and I will not wash your dirty knickers.' Suddenly, before I have a chance to do anything, she's pulled down my trousers, turned me around and smacked me hard on my pants six times. 'Oh for heaven's sake - ' I can't help saying, but suddenly the short black pleated skirt is lifted - allowing me to catch a glimpse of a little stain on her pale blue panties - and I realise she's actually taking them off.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 13

fetish fursmoke11 2017-12-27

The two women looked like blue Ravens plotting as they huddled over Jennifer's lighter to light both the cigarette in Laura's lips and the cigar in Jennifer's. "Why not?" Jennifer said as she took Laura's hand and the two half naked women swanned into the pilots room, Laura pausing only to place the cigar in his mouth, and cup her hands on his erection with a gentle tweak. "This ain't no place fer Jesus..." Laura said, smoke cascading on her words from the last puff of the Marlboro which she crushed into the ashtray beside them, and started to bite and suck Dean Coleman's neck.