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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nikki's Watersports

fetish SEANACHIE 2017-12-27

"Now girl, sit on me, its time to fuck." And slipped her down on my cock, feeling her pussy surround it, swallow it. Holding her by the hips, I leaned forward and kissed her belly, ran my tongue down to her pussy, parting her lips and teasing her clit. Her tongue between her lips, her eyes big watching me, she leaned forward, bent her knees and spread her legs a bit, put her hands on my shoulders. I reached out, held her hips, leaned forward and licked her pussy, parted her lips with my tongue and – oh course – she pissed on me. Mouth open, I pressed my lips to her pussy, sucked her, licked her clit as she filled me with her piss.

A Day At The Pool

fetish altaff143 2017-12-27

We lay there making small talk when I saw my wife open her legs wide on the towel and expose herself to the young men hanging on to the side of the pool. My wife and the 2 young men walked to the high dive and started up the ladder. One on the young men jumped in and landed very near to my wife and came up between her legs acting like it was an accident. As she settled down, the other young man grabbed her hair and threw his dick in her mouth and told her to suck it good. Staying still to enjoy the warmth of her hot pussy, one of the young men came around and stuck his dick in her face.

Meeting My First Gusher

fetish Shotgun59 2017-12-27

She smiled back at me as she mixed my drink and then returning she leaned in close to my ear seemingly to avoid the roar of wall-mounted speakers that blasted out 'I'm Sexy and I Know It" by lmfao and whispered, "Two seventy five, Honey." At that moment, my eyes dropped to her breasts that literally fell out of her tube top before my eyes. "Oh, you like this then?" she asked as she twirled her perfect body around behind the bar." "Well, yeah what fool wouldn't?" She handed me the egg-shaped vibrator and said, "Put this in my pussy while you suck and lick on my clit." I obeyed as I stroked my now throbbing dick with my free hand.

my gf first time feet fetish

fetish cokx 2017-12-27

Her sexy size 6.5 feet were so close to my lips all I wanted to do was pop her big toe in my mouth and pound my cock in her pussy. I instantly moaned at the pleasure of her sexy foot coming so close to my lips. Her eyes sparkled and she moaned, "Yesss, baby that's it , fuck me." She took her foot and deliberately ran it down my shoulder onto my chest. As I was cresting the orgasm she looked me dead in the eyes, started biting her lip and with her sexiest voice said, "Don't cum yet baby, I want you to cover my feet with your cum."

Krystal Watson in her dorm

fetish KrystalLWatson 2017-12-27

“Please, don’t,” I whimper, moaning as his hands moved down to my jeans. “Please Brian, don’t!” I cry out again and again as his other hand goes back to removing my jeans, his eyes locked on mine, almost daring me to stop him. Get wet for me so I can show you what a real fucking feels like,” he says, poking his cock into me a little at a time. You don’t want me to cum in you because I’m not good enough?” he finally responds, sounding furious as he starts to slam his cock into me as if trying to get deeper yet. I sob helplessly, taking his thrusts and knowing that he is going to be the first of many to cum in me unprotected.

She and I

fetish sweetscented 2017-12-27

As the weeks went by, especially in bed, I would start to imagine her lips on mine, my hands on her hips, her beautiful large breasts pressed tight against my chest. I looked at her amazing huge breasts, roundish belly and full thighs with that aroused red glistening centre, and stood in front of her, stroking myself, knowing I wouldn't take long to come and trying to hold back as long as I could, who knew if I would ever experience this again? I couldn't hold back any more, my cock exploded just like her breasts exploded with her milk at the moment of climax and she never took her eyes off me, watched every drop spurt from me, not smiling but intense, that word just kept coming back to me.

Got Milk? - Delilah & Mac Ch. 06

fetish Little_Mac 2017-12-27

"Damnit, I'm talking to you, son!" his dad yells with more authority and anger as Mac takes one more step towards the door. "Dad, let me GO!" Mac yells, trying his best to yank his arm from his father's grasp. "STANLEY, LET HIM LEAVE!" Mac's mother cries with tears in her eyes. "DAD, FUCKING LET ME GO!!!!" And with a yell of true rage, Mac violently etches his momentum into his father, shoving him against the right wall next to the door. Walking on her front lawn instead of taking the entryway, Mac breathes hard as he finally makes his way to her front door. W-what's the matter?" Mac could only shake his head again as Del drags his now sore arm into her house, closing the door behind them.

German Soccer Whores - An Adult Story

fetish 2017-12-27

When I watch the Baltimore Ravens play every week I don't go looking to pick up girls in a bar. I looked down to see both girl had very thick thighs, curvy hips and Uly ass was just bigger than her friends. Her friend Georgina who spoke little English turned to put her beer glass next to mine. We need to stop to get some beer to bring." said Uly. Georgina said something in German to Uly. Uly reached down to guide my wet cock in her friends pussy. I grabbed her friends hips slamming my cock in Georgina tight pussy. Uly reached down to jack my cock on her friends big wet ass. Uly began to lick and kiss her friends big ass.

i like to lick

fetish fireball3370 2017-12-27

it is more like my face close to his, moving slow, wanting the moment to last, just breathing him in. i like the way that some people smell- just their natural scent. i have found that i really like to taste, lick, suck, have things in my mouth. not that i don't like to use my hands, but there is something more sensual and more personal about touching someone with my mouth. so having my face close to his face, my mouth slowly opens, and i lightly touch my tongue to the side of his face by his cheekbone. i move down his neck, sucking, tasting, feeling, breathing on him while taking in his scent.

Silk Panties for You

fetish SilkPantyGirl 2017-12-27

I stretch the panties tight between my hands, and pull the silk back and forth, up and down my pussy, soaking up more of my delicious juices. Normally, my other hand would have fingers inside, but my cunt is filled with red silk, so I tug on the panties. I pull hard on the panties, and the sensation of the silk sliding out of my pussy, past my lips, pushes me off the orgasmic cliff. UPS will be by in an hour, and you'll have the red silk panties, soaked in my pussy juice, pressed against your face and wrapped tightly around your hard cock by ten tomorrow morning.

Free Vacation (Public Sex 2nd Part)

fetish hotsandra94 2017-12-27

After changing few messages and conversations over Skype and phone, he bought me air ticket and on Friday afternoon I l land in Paris, excited to see new city and have nice fun. After he placed my stuffs on front side I took his hand placed on my leg - “Phillipe you can feel stockings on me and I know you have time to fuck my wet pussy right now - in ambulance.” Lay down and prepare your pussy for me.” I laid down, lift up my right leg and let him to fuck me deeply and roughly… While I was dressing my mini skirt and shirt I told to him “It is time that you show me you house and later on some nice public places in Paris” :*

Community Strip Poker Ch. 01

fetish skip5236 2017-12-27

A guy with an index of 2 playing a woman wearing a D cup bra has an INDEX HANDICAP of 3, and immediately forfeits 3 articles of clothing before the game starts. In contrast, lower index players know that their shoes and socks or stockings will be the last articles of clothing they forfeit, generally spending much of the game playing nearly naked as the higher index player demands clothes that exposes as much as possible as soon as possible. But then you look at her message box and it says '+2', so she plays at a 6 index and gets challenges all day from men and women.


Birth of a Panty Fetish

fetish DonkeyOatee 2017-12-27

Then she removed her jeans and asked me to lick her pussy through her panties while she played with her nipples to increase her excitement. She had me finger her pussy with her panties on and push them deep inside her to add to her pleasure and soak them with more of her juices. She was so turned on she fucked my tongue and finger till she came for the first time that night. When she felt I was calmed down enough for her to control my orgasm, she took off her cum soaked panties and gently rubbed them over the head of my hard cock. I wonder why the sight of wet or cum soaked cotton panties would be such a turn on to me...

Finding Himself in Her Ch. 02

fetish Mr_Owlow 2017-12-27

A slender neck, wonderfully long and toned legs and a sexy stomach, not to mention an incredible ass and a very nice cock." Kara tried to keep a serious face but couldn't help smiling warmly as a lovely blush spread over her young lover's face. As the conditioner worked its magic Kara grabbed the vanilla scented liquid soap and started rubbing it into Jaime's small body from head to toe, but skipping his crotch and ass. Kara put her finger under his chin to get him to lift his gaze from reverently studying her vagina to meet her eyes as she spoke, "Jaime, I want you to explore me with your tongue and learn what gives me pleasure by listening to my voice, by my facial expressions and by how my body moves.

Intro to Jolene

fetish erekose686 2017-12-27

I am a busy woman, and I don't have time for any extra drama." She took another sip of her coffee, just to draw things out, "Are you seeing anyone?" "So Brian, the real question is, are you ready, or do you need another glass of wine first?" she asked, as she sat up toward the edge of the couch. Would you kiss my ass, Brian?" This time I did not want to upset her. Now that you have properly worshipped my ass, I think it's time to watch you undress." She turned around to watch me, though now I did not have a chance to really focus on how she looked in her bra and panties. Jolene wants me to kiss on and around her sweet lips through her teal panties.

The Exhibition: The Candle

fetish sammy_808 2017-12-27

"I need to get ready, pet, so I want you stand over here out of the way." Sammy felt herself being led by the right hand over, as Annie moved her to the corner of the room where a chain was hanging from the ceiling. Moments later, Sammy felt a hard jerk on her right arm, and due to the pressure on her bladder, realized that Annie had clipped her urine bag to the ring on her arm cuff. Her feet were then adjusted into place, and when she felt Annie's hands depart, she knew that the rings at the toes had been fastened to the floor of the platform, holding her legs shoulder width apart.

It's just for fun...

fetish LeCoach 2017-12-27

"Gee whiz Jeff," She began, "I don't know..." But I was up and camera ready and convinced Doreen to pose on the sofa with her legs open and her seriously compromised panties barely covering her pussy. "No jeff," She said, let's just try it like we are now first." That didn't really sound like a "No" but I eagerly moved up between her widespread legs and delicately touched my steaming cockhead to Doreen's waiting panties and then slid it up on down her pussylips. No, we didn't fuck in there with the rest of the class just on the other side of the door, but she managed to get me to come by jerking my cock while whispering in my ear "Not my panties Jeff...Don't take off my panties, you can touch my panties but don't go inside and feel up my little bare pussy!

Happy Birthday Hubby

fetish 425olds 2017-12-27

Terry and Johnny had let go of my arms so I put one hand on Ray's balls and one on his ass to pull his cock as deeply into my mouth and throat as I could. Ray yelled to the others about how good this cocksucking faggot took his cock and sucked his cum out. I grabbed air as i could as he took his time using my mouth to satiate his desire to pump me with his black cock and fill me with his big load of sperm. He grunted Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and with that I felt his black dick and balls slapping my face as his cum began to shoot in large ropes filling my mouth.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 07

fetish Scribler 2017-12-27

"I know you do." I told her, "When I'm Nick you seem more on edge like you waiting for me to do something, but when Nikki's there you seem more relaxed. "Sure my love we can, do you want to go as Nick or Nikki?" Josie asked when she heard Nikki's voice come out of me. Jim, Jill the love of my life and my husband Nick Ward." James and I shook hand and his wife kissed Josie on the lips and me on the cheek. We both looked behind Josie and found Jill sitting in a chair with her shorts and panties down around her ankles and her right hand resting between her legs.

Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 02: The Shoot

fetish qexiqex 2017-12-27

Don't worry, you'll make it!" She patted her shoulder and grinned, "Take care of your boobs, they are in real danger now!" The awkward girl finally poked her finger into Jana's soft, beautiful orbs and giggled like a maniac. It was apparent that the camera team liked what they saw, and Jana had the impression that they took quite a bit too much care capturing her big, soft twins. Jana, no, Yeina stood up and said, "I better hurry up and do this before Orcogre gets back!" Then she looked upwards and whispered, "I'm not just going to sit around for what happens next. When her big, soft boobs finally showed up in the small opening, swaying and oscillating as they should, Tom looked up expectantly, comparing what he saw with what the comic demanded.

A Changed Man Ch. 1

fetish sub5000 2017-12-27

My cock was straining under my skirt as I watched the shemale onscreen get fucked anally by a group of guys when suddenly I heard the door open and my wife entered the room carrying lots of bags. I was left tied to the chair, with the aftertaste of cum clinging in my mouth and a condom that had been used by another man to fuck my wife, on my cock, which still remained hard after all this time. "I'll let you choose!" she laughed from the other room "and don't be too long!" I slowly took off my own clothes and then proceeded to get dressed for my wife.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 03

fetish TimWLy 2017-12-27

I know that scheduling two massages in a short amount of time could be very dangerous for me, so after conferring with Sean, I make sure that we are cool with leaving in the afternoon after the final exhibition hours are done. After the third day of exhibiting ended, which is Thursday at this point, I went back to my room, ordered some food, and just tried to relax, because I needed to mentally prepare myself for whatever was going to happen during the next couple of hours. I first tried to call Shannon, but there was no response from the number she left, and she wasn't in her room, so I left her a message letting her know that she could give me a call back to set up time prior to 11 am tomorrow to set up her massage.


fetish honeydipped 2017-12-27

“OK, girlfriend: First off, I don’t even know why you got such a problem with it, but regardless, Big D is fucking late and it’s gonna take at least a half hour to get home from here. Giselle decides she can hold it for one more minute, enough time to slide up next to Lisa and kiss her on the lips, and add her fingers to those already stroking Lisa’s clit. But you better come quick sweetheart, cuz I have to pee SO BAD.” Giselle strokes and kisses until everything in Lisa bubbles up and she comes loud and pees in an amazing dam-burst, splashing all down Giselle’s legs and onto the alley floor.

Nude Beach Horror

fetish uppishcarrot 2017-12-27

What really depressed me was the fact that I found an assortment of photos of her 'rubbing him all over with orange body paint' preparing him for the competition "Lucky bastard!" I began to fantasise what it would be like to be in Fred's shoes, damn he's a lucky guy. We drove a little north of San Diego to a place Holly said was called Black's Beach. Carla didn't let it slide however, that I was reluctant to expose myself to them, in fact she decided to tease me a little bit, "I wonder what he's hiding Holly?" Carla laughed. Holly looked at me and said, "Well, I guess it's just you and me, big guy" she smiled at me as she rose, standing above me.