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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Rubber Restriction Part 6 The tour continues

fetish revzillo 2017-12-27

"Now now Harold , the boys were only admiring Mirandas legs from the slit in the front of her skirt, let them be !" .....It was almost like Vanessa had this split personality Miranda noticed as she blushed bright red again knowing her minute Vanessa was tearing into that poor girl she left in strappado on the dias and the next she was lightly dressing down one of her workers for Barrating some stable lads "Now where is this pony we're waiting to see ....

Slut wife's feet get fucked

fetish 2017-12-27

Jenny had told me before that she thought he wasnt a bad looking guy and could do better than his wife, so she was flattered. Perrin said he really wanted to get a dance from my wife in the V.I.P. Jenny was kind of skeptical at first because he was our neighbor and that could make things weird. With my wife half naked in front of him, Perrin asked if he could rub her feet. She said Perrin told her that he had a foot fetish, and that while her body was sexy as could be, he had always wanted to hold her feet since the day he saw her. Jenny said soon Perrin was kissing her feet and sucking her toes.

Why Feminize?

fetish 425olds 2017-12-27

However, exploring the shame, objectification and negative rigid gender stereotypes in role playing rids it of some of its' power. BDSM in the case of cross-dressing or feminization is like a powerful political satire. While the main aim of humiliation is sexual gratification or control, I feel that it has an eventual positive effect psychologically by getting us out of the shame cycle by desensitization, though at first it may be a little difficult to deal with. Breaking rigid stereotypes is always powerful, and through the experience of feminization or cross-dressing people can act out negative stereotypes thereby transforming them.

Injured Parties

fetish mustanger7up 2017-12-26

I pushed her face down on it, I felt her hand reach down and touch my hard cock, giving it a squeeze she moved her head lower while undoing my pants. She wanted me inside her and she sat up on her one knee and worked my hard cock to her wet slit, moving it around until I felt her tight pussy open and take the head in. Betty sat there a minute, just enjoying the feeling of a mans hot hard cock inside her juicy pussy before moving her hips in small circles. I felt her asshole tighten on my tongue when she came, I couldn't have stopped if I wanted too her hands held my face so far between her ass cheeks.

The Fruit Flies Ch. 02

fetish Hornydog354 2017-12-26

As I gently bring James's to the gym manager cock, I let go of his prick and pull him down onto his knees. As soon as he gets the gym manager's whole cock into his mouth, he sucks the living life out of it. A look of fear appears on James's face as he watches the gym manager cock press against his rose bud. "Oh fuck!" James screams as the gym manager cock spreads my boyfriend's virgin hole. As the gym manager slowly pumps my boyfriend's ass, I feel the urge to reward James for all he has done. As I feel a second tremor coming, I watch as the gym manger continues to fuck my boyfriend's ass.

Meeting a stranger in the pub...

fetish DirkDastardly 2017-12-26

She never went there without her husband and they were obviously very much in love as they were always holding hands, or giving each other pecks and he would sit there with his arm across her legs. I know it was all in my head and I was becoming obsessed with this woman but at one point as we talked her hand went onto my leg. I went into the kitchen and I saw that once her coat was off she was wearing a nice chiffon blouse which was actually quite see through, the usual short skirt, and obviously holdups. Her husband had closed the lounge door so he could watch the rugby and I asked her about her allowing me to touch her in the pub.

My First Shower

fetish rondick310 2017-12-26

While he laid there, stroking his cock he heard the door open and Sue walked into the room, the way the shower was set up it didn't need a door, it had two short walls to close in the sides but since the entire room was designed to get wet no door was necessary. "Are you ready for all of it?" "Fuck yeh" he exclaimed as Sue let forth with a flood of warm champagne that Paul caught in his mouth and released in spurts to fall over his chest. "I want to rub my pussy along your big cock." Sue exclaimed as she started to rub her slippery snatch against Paul's twitching rod.

Sweet Melissa Ch. 01

fetish bobdee1224 2017-12-26

"Robert, a second very big load and it tastes just as yummy; I don't think I'll ever let you cum on my face," she giggled, "only in my mouth. As we walked back to the bedroom, Melissa said, "Whose gal do you think I am?" "The older guy that calls on you a couple of times a week." I replied. However, there are three rules: 1) You must always wear a condom when fucking my pussy unless I tell you differently; 2) never put anything in my cunt except for your cock or tongue, no fingers and no toys; and 3) we both may have as many additional lovers as we want.

Cheating Tina

fetish mwmheadgiver 2017-12-26

He said it's simple - cocksuckers like to suck cock. When Roger looked at Tina, her eyes were locked on Tony's cock, and she was licking her lips. Tony told them to shut up, if a guy wanted to suck your cock and you had no commitment at all to them, you'd take the freebie. Roger, knowing I had not only jerked him off for a few months, but I was also sucking his cock. Within minutes of going into our room, I was sucking Roger's cock. Then I got up to go out to the bathroom, but stopped by Tony's room, and I sucked his cock.

All tied up

fetish WonderWoman22 2017-12-26

His mouth covers my pussy, and he thrusts his tongue into me like a tiny cock, i lay still whilst He lashes my clit to the point i am almost in tears, and want to grab at Him and beg Him let me cum. When my entire body, quivers, and His sex is hard and i feel Him close to me, and with every single touch of his hand on my skin, i ripple with sex, and desire. He says nothing, just slides His hands on my belly and chest, making my flesh ripple and i involuntarily arch up toward Him. I cannot help but wanting Him. He leans over and whispers into my ear, so very softly, "cum for me now" He says softly, whilst stroking my face with the back of His hand, "Do you want my cock, princess?

In The Ass

fetish spice16 2017-12-26

Finally I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to come like a b**st. I started pumping my hot come in her ass like crazy. "I am going to put a small butt plug in your ass so loosen up." I obediently loosened up to be rewarded with some of the most intense pain I have felt in awhile. "I am going to do something wild and then I want you to fuck my ass again." she said as she pushed my face into the pillows. I did not last long and when Betsy tried to yank the big plug out of my ass I came like crazy.

Monthly Meeting

fetish charles black 2017-12-26

The following hand saw Sara's other nipple receiving its ring and giving me the pleasure of seeing her completely topless and her pair off magnificent tits swinging free. On losing the next hand it was Sara's turn to get naked and exposed on the table - displaying a beautifully shaved pussy while Julia carefully pierced one of the lips. This happened to be Sarah so she took her place on the table again displaying her shaved pussy for Julia to pierce the other lip. We thought the game had ended with the next hand as Dave received his final ring and chain, but then Sarah surprised us by suggesting that the two girls to play a hand to see who gets a clit hood bar.

Sammy Ch. 04

fetish mjmurra 2017-12-26

Ohhh fuck yes." Sammy looked up at Steph from between her legs, juices dripping down, leaving clear streaks on her shit-caked chin. You laughed!" Sammy gave Steph the best pouting face she could, sticking out her lower lip and looking up with big puppy dog eyes. I'm the one who actually did it!" Sammy turned around and smiled at Steph, putting her hands on her hips and trying her best to look tough. "Well, I hope we can hang out again soon." Sammy looked at Steph, her hand shaking as it held the door open. She could hear herself speaking..."You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did..." Steph shook her head and walked to the bathroom, pulling down her light green pajama pants.

The Best Job Ever

fetish 2017-12-26

They made a couple of squatting comments and I ignored them, I went near a tree, pulled down my pants and underpants, got into position and started to pee on the tree. One day we were walking home from the bus stop, still about a block from home when I told my friends I had to pee, I stopped walking and just started peeing right between my legs. One asked if I was getting my panties wet, I told him I didn't wear any, I saw little bulges in their pants. I looked at my boss and said I'm sorry, and the pee started to hit the ground right between my feet.

Mrs. Feldman's Torn Panties

fetish LeCoach 2017-12-26

Sue took Matt into the kitchen where they enjoyed the usual cup of fresh coffee and then discussed the final details of the remodel. But instead of showering in the master bathroom as usual, Sue chose the guest bathroom, adjacent to the new home office where Matt was working. Matt's cock had been rock hard for several minutes now and he briefly considered jerking it to orgasm while viewing Sue's completely naked body in the shower but some inner instinct told him to wait. His glimpse was brief however as Sue quickly moved her hands to the juncture of her thighs in an effort to hide her freshly shaved pussy lips from Matt's view.

Hubby eats creampie for first time, wifey has expl

fetish incognitojoe 2017-12-26

All the k**s are gone, and here is this damn fine looking woman that says she won't masturbate, suck dick, no toys...HOWEVER....she loves for me to eat that pussy. Started as we usually do, light kisses on the neck, working my way down to her tits, playing kneading and sucking, going lower and probing her soft wetness with my fingers, and then making my way down to park my face in my favorite parking place...between her soft thighs. I came....I started out inside and then partially withdrew to get some cum on those lovely swollen pussy lips. I then pulled completely out...BUT...she had not had enough...she pushed my head down to between her thighs....and I went to eating that creampie.

Milk Sow Ch. 08

fetish InYourDreams 2017-12-26

This machine had a capacity to work her for far longer than any man could, and again and again it would splash it's cum within her open and receptive body, training her body to respond each time with its own growing powerful orgasms. There were a number of papers that needed signing, but Ginny's mind could not be deflected from her slit that felt soft, wet and open in anticipation of Matt or the others sinking themselves into her. No one can undo it, she will be designated a sow for the rest of her life." Although he spoke to Ben, he was looking directly at Ginny, who knew she should be leaping into action, making a stand, giving herself more time.

Max Hardman: Porn Star Pt. 04

fetish jamisonroberts 2017-12-26

By this time Darrell was standing over Felicia and jerking off, Tony supposed they were trying to get the money shot so he and Brittany would have to be quick. The director looks at her with disbelief then turns his attention to Tony, "I know this is all new for you but you'd better be ready in a few minutes, and by the way, this is a porn set, if you're going to pop you make sure the camera catches it ok?" Finally, after what seemed to Tony to be at least five minutes of jerking himself off Darrell grunts and shoots four decent sized shots of cum onto Felicia's face.

Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work

fetish anyone11 2017-12-26

Jen obviously could guess what Alice was thinking – wait, why do you have adult diapers in your bathroom, does that mean what I think it means – and she explained, saying, "I'm no stranger to wetting or messing myself, although with me it's not accidental. Clean up didn't take long, since her poop had been solid and there were wet wipes available, and Alice then faced the choice of whether to go commando or use one of the many adult diapers available in the cabinet. "I'm still going, and I don't think this diaper will hold much more." She had barely finished her sentence when rivulets of pee started to run down her legs, forming a sizable yellow puddle on the floor by the time her bladder was empty.

Having a brazilian waxing

fetish rocketman_one 2017-12-26

It 's quite difficult to know if she gets turned on by what happens ( although I have a friend who is also a beauty ther****t and she did say to me with regards to massage a ther****t can't help be affected by a hard cock in front of her ) and I am slow on the up take. When I spoke with my beauty ther****t friend about the touching on the massage table ( we have had a sexual relationship in the past ) she said they are trained to lift the hand and put it on the table so I figure she enjoys it. On the last occasion when she finished the massage she lifted my hand and put it on top of my clearly erect cock under the blanket.


fetish drsalt 2017-12-26

Whenever my nipples were being clamped, pinched, or bitten, my cock got hard. During sex, if Cindie sucked a nipple into her mouth, I would spill myself inside her very soon afterward. Wanting another tattoo, I'd told Cindie that I was considering it. Then Cindie reached around me and pinched one of my nipples through my shirt. Cindie made me let go of her hands because, as she said, she needed to get some circulation going again. I kept looking at my new decoration and realized that my cock was like an iron rod in my pants. When Bill placed the clamp on, Cindie leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. "Happy birthday, Stud," she said, giving my hand a squeeze.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 10

fetish cuckcpl4play 2017-12-26

Not long after Miss Jenny's visit, I received a memo at work and similarly, my wife, Master's slut received a ten days, there is an important conference taking place for work in San Francisco and we are ordered to be present. As ordered we hustled to the hotel and upon our arrival there, Miss Jenny received a text telling us to approach the front desk and ask for a package that was left by Master for his owned submissive couple. Miss Jenny's white yoga pants were already wet and though already clearly visible, slut complied quickly with her Master's orders.

She Ch. 02

fetish Scorpionic 2017-12-26

He smiles down at her feeling his cock straining, hard inside his trousers. A gentle hand takes her right wrist and holds it down against the bed. She feels the weight on the bed change and knows he is kneeling between her legs now. She kisses back allowing her tongue to touch the other. She feels movement and someone moves above her but doesn't touch her. She feels a harder touch at her lips. He is massaging her clitoris and probing her with two fingers, spreading them inside her, opening her cunt. She holds onto the waist and moving her face upwards engorges herself on the beautiful vagina. She massages her clitoris and allows a finger to slip inside her with his.


Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 2

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-26

I got out of the shower and walked into the bedroom there laying on the bed was a garter belt and a pair of hose I put them on and my wife came in she said she was going to take me down to the Adult book store. He got up and stuck his cock in the hole I started sucking his prick when my wife pulled my mouth off of this big cock. She said my god that is a big cock she kissed it a couple times and told the boy that she was going to let him fuck her husband's ass.