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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Bella Meets Daddy Pt. 01

fetish bellathegrad 2017-12-26

I felt my heartbeat faster, my stomach tighten, and my first thought was wondering what his fingers would feel like inside of me. "That's what my mouth and fingers would feel like on your young sweet pussy." Do you like the thought of daddy touching you here?" His fingers began rubbing gently. All I could do was sit there, in a very public place, feeling Ryan's fingers brush along my panty covered wet pussy. I wanted to feel daddy's fingers in me. I wanted to feel daddy and be his good girl. I felt my hands grip at the back of his neck as I leaned up and into him, sucking his tongue like a cock.

An Unwilling Captive Ch. 02

fetish thatguyforever24 2017-12-26

Noticing this, Leslie leaned over, her moist lips touching Megan's ear, and whispered, "My, my, you are a filthy little slut, aren't you, Blondie? Leslie ran her fingers over the girl's spine, her bright red nails digging little furrows in Megan's pale flesh. "I bet you'd like to come now, wouldn't you slut?" Leslie purred, her fingers resting at the small of Megan's back. "Oh girl, I can see that you're trying, and it does please me." Leslie smiled, and for a moment Megan dared to hope. "Oh, and Tom," Leslie said, her lips twisting up into a cruel smile, "get the scoop and bag up some of her shit.

Gloryhole Diversion

fetish bioralpleaser 2017-12-26

I went to an adult bookstore to rent a movie to watch It was not long before I heard the movies in the booths fucked my head up and down on his cock and just gave just sucked harder and felt his cum pump into my mouth. my mouth and sucked in a fat 5 inch cock. his cum like a man on fire, pulling his cock with my After his cock I pulled back and took stock. A huge cock appeared in the hole on the I took that big cock into my mouth as cock in my mouth and getting ass fucked. The man getting blown pumped his cum into I totally focused on giving the man fucking me the best

All in the Family Ch. 01

fetish iloveall 2017-12-26

Shazia bhabhi (brother's wife) complained of Amir's late coming and not paying any attention to her all the time. Through this window of education, I learnt my first lessons in sex, when I saw Ijaz seducing girls and women young and old. Many times Mumtaz, her younger brother and Ijaz went out to market for shopping or to park etc. Every man would love to have a wife like you, believe me." I knew sitting in the dark room that my brother was spinning a web around his bhabhi and she was glad to get trapped into it. I am telling you the truth." Ijaz saw his bhabhi's eyes popping out to hear what she wanted to hear for a long time from a young male.

In the Examination Room Ch. 02

fetish TotalKnockout 2017-12-26

"Perhaps, while we wait for the water to run its course, so to speak, I can ask you a few questions?" Dr. Slater picks up a clipboard from the counter with an immaculately manicured hand, and turns to face me. "That's right, Mary, no need to be embarrassed," Dr. Rowan echoes the older Doctor as he helps me walk to the privacy screen in the corner of the room. "Now, my dear," Dr. Slater says pleasantly, turning his attention to me, "How are you feeling, Mary?"

The Teacher Researches Psychology

fetish Frotter 2017-12-26

Overwhelmed by thoughts of Steven rubbing his hard cock against her ass at the party and of David's masturbation in her office she locked her office door, returned to her chair, and leaned back, pushing up her skirt and fantasizing she was exposing herself, she spread her legs, and imagining she had them in front of her with their hard cocks in their hands, wanting to feel the velvet skin but watching them stroke it instead; the skin pulling, the head moving, the balls tightening, the need for release, imagining what it would be like to watch their cum spurt from their engorged cocks and splash on her bare flesh -- that she would cum the instant she felt the hot splash hit her.

Cum Sluts Anonymous 5: Lisa

fetish Just Plain Bob 2017-12-26

Back at school for spring term Jody knocked on my door one night and after a long talk we were back together again, but after three weeks of being back together I got to missing my "taste tests" and I started seeing other guys on the side. I sat down one night in my last year of school and counted up how many guys I'd been with since the time that Jody and I had broken up - one hundred and seventy-seven, and I'm sure I missed a couple. Jody's best man was his best friend from high school, a tall, good looking redhead named Todd and my first thought when I met him at the rehearsal dinner was "I wonder what a redhead's cum tastes like." I found out the next night.

A Tennessee Education Pt. 04

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-12-26

Sharon, his mistress has choices to make and decides to do things her way rather than follow the ways of her mentor but finds she still needs both the wisdom and connections Mariko has to offer. Sharon and Mariko took time to enjoy a quiet lunch at the Lazy K the week prior to Thanksgiving. Mariko took another sip, set the beer down and leaned forward, "So, with that said, when are you going to start enjoying that man's tongue. "Oh girl, there's a million things I like about it but one of the best parts is that I can come ten times if I want or I can have him eat me five times in a day if I'm feeling horny.

Testicle Massage

fetish zandoraus 2017-12-26

She still had my balls by her left hand, she looked down at them, smiled and said, such nice small balls you have, can we make a deal? She then began rocking her fist left and right with the same f***e of her palm, she then looked at me with this big smile and asked, If you let me punch your balls trapped like this you don't have to tip me for today and the next visit will be on me? I was shocked, she then looked down at her fist on my balls and began the punching motion, her fist coming down slowly square on both my balls asking me if we had a deal?

The Dresser Files Ch. 3

fetish rapidran 2017-12-26

"I went to my room, put on Kelly's panties and lay in my bed and pressed your panties to my face to smell your sweet pussy." Jan sighed loudly at that comment. It wasn't long until she pulled her mouth off my cock and frantically said to Curt, "Harder, faster." "Yes, fuck me, fuck me." Curt increased pushing and pulling his hard cock in and out of her hot pussy. Jan watched intently as the head of my cock slowly stretched his wet hole. "Wait, it hurts." Jan moved quickly up to his face and said, "I know my darl'n, but it will be wonderful soon." She leaned down and locked her lips to his and shoved her tongue into his mouth.

Cannonball Belly Fever Pt. 02

fetish Subtext 2017-12-26

"Yes, he wants a fish taco with extra hot sauce!" he continued to joke as his hand plowed down in the tight quarters of her jeans towards her fuck slot. He started pushing harder into that gaping cunt of hers with this thought in mind, and he soon saw that the violence of their pelvic collisions was beginning to arouse her. He could smell her cunt and ass better from here and get his hands around her dimpled brown butt cheeks in a way that gave him a feeling of mastery. The sensation of his dick plunging into her rectum and her own finger in her sloppy cunt caused a different kind of pleasure wave to well up in her.

Golden Shower Pt. 03

fetish wetguy42 2017-12-26

I am still talking to my client and listening to their story but my mind is now really only on 1 thing, that bald ass pussy and fucking the shit out of her. But instead of trying to put my dick inside her pussy, she tells me to shove my cock in her ass and piss inside her. I told her she was one fucked up woman basically eating her own ass and then buried my cock one last time before blasting inside of her. She said that the pressure of me fingering her ass, the piss I released inside plus having my dick in her, made her have to take a shit.

Ben's Party Ch. 01

fetish Lion24655 2017-12-26

For me, I stayed friends with Tony, respected Margaret as a boss, admired her as an attractive woman, but generally kept out of the office gossip and speculation, got on with work, kept my social life and girlfriends well away from work. By eight o'clock Tony was manning the door, welcoming the guests, while I handed out drinks as they entered the sitting room, both of us with knee length black skirts and white blouses dressed as waitresses. I eased myself away from Tony and let my arousal subside a little before moving my body to him again, our cocks again touching, this time more lightly as we continued to dance.

The Weekend at Last Ch. 1

fetish 2sexy4u69 2017-12-26

I felt him place a cold cream and lube up my pussy and ass," he told me to relax and enjoy. He smacked my ass again hard and stated, "You're moving to slowly." With the smack on my ass I jolted my head upward and gave a hard tug on the clamps that were firmly attached to my nipples. He kneeled down and he grabbed one pussy lip he placed a clamp on one lip then the other he was tugging down on them then pulling them apart then, he pulled them back so my clit was exposed I could hear the tape again he was securing each clamp to my inner thighs.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 04

fetish Carnevil9 2017-12-26

Nancy straightened and looked Kevin in the eye while grabbing his cock in her fist. I can't wait to taste your sperm, Kevin, your whole creamy load." Nancy switched to an "infinite withdrawal" stroke; pulling her thumb-down fist up towards Kevin's flaring cock head with first one hand, then the other, then the first again, over and over. His eyes were fixed on the erotic motion of Nancy's talented hands all over his turgid young cock, wet and glistening with her saliva and his own pre-cum. He looked like he had just seen God. Nancy used her fingers to scoop up the cum that was running down her chin and her chest, and transferred it all to her mouth.

Lust for her abs

fetish nahor88 2017-12-26

Perfectly sculpted 8-pack, I had only ever seen abs like her’s on a woman on the internet. She smiled, “haha, yeah I suppose so, a lot of hard work, I need to be ready for my show.” “Oh, you compete huh?” I said, “for how long?” “A few years”, she responded. We um, gonna take a look at those ropes?” She laughed, much louder this time, “sweetheart, it’s OK, I like you, come on, let’s go the bedroom”. I ran my tongue starting from the lower abs all the way up to her tits, then began sucking and licking each one of the eight. Her huge tits pressed against my pecs, I pushed my stomach against her’s, moaning as I felt her abs rub against mine.

Our Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 03

fetish Johnboy9 2017-12-26

"Uh, yeth, Mumthie," He replied, really blushing now, not understanding why his Mother would ask him to talk like this, thinking he sounded a lot like a baby this way, and wondering how she could understand him. "You're apologizing to your Mumsie because you feel bad for yelling at her like the bad little boy you are, but I get the feeling there's something more my little Stevie-weevie wants to tell me, isn't there?" "Lay back, my little one," Vanessa instructed as she walked over to the pantry again and returned with a jar of Vaseline hand cream with aloe, and proceeded to massage it thoroughly over Steven's reddened ass cheeks and then up onto his hairless groin.

Just the Beginning

fetish Isabel_Blyss 2017-12-26

Daryl walked towards the full length mirror; his breathing was hard as he watched himself. He ran his hands over his chest, down his stomach and over the hard bulge in the satin panties. He tried standing up but his legs threatened to fail him so he resorted to just turning around on his knees to face her, his hands fluttering about as he tried to hide what was already in plain sight. This is just the five inch attachment but I am sure we will work you up to the larger sizes in no time." She walked over to him in slow measured steps, making sure he got a good look at what was in store for him.


fetish rollhigh 2017-12-26

I pulled off the cock only long enough to say, “I do.” Will you whore, the preacher added, “Fuck and suck off any one your husband ask you too?” I released his cock only long enough to say, “Yes, I do.” He then turned to the groom and ask him if he would promise to use me as his complete whore to which he replied, “I do.” Would you, as her master, make sure your whore is used daily by other men so that they might get to enjoy the many pleasures a man needs to enjoy from a whore like her?

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 07

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2017-12-26

I watched as Julie squirmed and wiggled her pussy on Cathy's fingers while subconsciously wiggling my own bottom to feel the butt plug inside my ass. With her eyes still closed, Cathy started to breathe deeper and soon it turned into panting as Julie concentrated on her clit and alternately pushing her fingers inside the girl's wet vagina. She started to moan, saying "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum!" Then a little louder, "I'm going to cum!" I took my hand away from my cock so I could watch her pussy closely when she finally was there. As the cock pulled free, she pushed my head onto it and I began to suck her as I did before, but this time enjoying the smell and taste of Cathy's thoroughly fucked pussy.

Making Her Feel Pretty

fetish Jack_Fetch 2017-12-26

Seeing this radiant and obviously pregnant young woman got me to thinking about my predicament again, and soon I realized the girl was looking at me. I had closed my eyes, enjoying the lips on my dick and the feel of hard nipples on my fingers, when I felt one of her hands on my ass. Her yelps and gasps ricocheted in the confined space of the truck, and she then went still like a statue while her pussy and ass squeezed my cock and fingers almost painfully. I saw my come dribbling out of her pussy and quickly guided her back down on the blanket and buried my head between my thighs. "I love you," she said leaning in and kissing me before turning and walking away.

Stocking Fetish

fetish 5993 2017-12-26

I was siting with moms feet between my legs and for what ever reason I was rubbing against her silky toes, now I was feeling something fantastic. I found out where mom kept her old stockings, To this day I don’t know why a woman wold keep old torn or laddered stockings, I got really into it now and would take a stocking and rub it on my dick, a truly fantastic feeling not as good as rubbing it on mothers foot but all the same it felt good. She told me to lay down at her feet and asked if I would remove my pants that she would let me lick the seam under her stocking, I called it the line.

The Chastity Sack

fetish dowd_elwood_p 2017-12-26

Her lips pursed together in a coy effort to not smile, but when she turned her head back to me, she looked through the corner of her eyes and yielded a tooth-filled, little-girl grin. As my bulge came into her eye-line, she couldn't help but to stare, and I think that I saw her eyes widen a bit, but once she had a hold of the sides of my underpants, she snapped her head away again, yanked them down and pulled them off my feet. Klara carefully peeked around the corner of the door and, seeing that I was covered, entered the room with a sewing kit under her arm.

A Shocking Wait

fetish 2017-12-26

At the other end of this strap from her nipples, dangling just a few feet in front of the girl, was a metal weight. In fact, if the girl weren't leaning back and away, her taut breasts pulling at the strap, the weight would rest on the box. The girl arched herself backward, trembling, struggling to keep the weight away from the box. When the circuit was completed, the box would send a mild shock to the dildo -- just a few volts but enough to make the girl squirm from its fiery bite. But she couldn't take much of the shock, so, in spite of her arousal, she would arch her naked body, pulling the weight away from the box.