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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Drinking Pee In A Taste Test

fetish conh 2017-12-26

While I was enjoying drinking the pee slowly from the potty I let them take it in turns to suck me until I came. "Now then," said Jean, "We are going to give you a lovely day in bed, starting with breakfast, for being such a good sport. "Now, you not going anywhere my lad, so enjoy your breakfast." Said Jeanie as Di brought in a tray with some slices of brown bread, and a pretty bowl covered by a napkin, which she pulled off with a flourish. A whole day, no, twenty four hours by now, with nothing to drink but every's life giving pee and a little cum protein added for good measure.

Caught with s****r in laws panties part 2

fetish flynn888 2017-12-26

You dirty cunt" it was really getting her off I never would of guessed she was so kinky as I took another great sniff Amy pulled me by the hair so my nose was buried deep in her wet knickers, she let out a moan of pleasure. I licked her from her clit to her arsehole though her now soaked knickers, Amy pushed her arse hard against my reaching back and pulling me in my the hair, to the point were it was actually hurting my nose. "Oh god don't stop you filthy bastard lick my sweaty pussy, I want o feel you try and push you tongue up my arse hole"

Backyard Brawl

fetish bandanna1 2017-12-26

Jan finally raised her arms to protect herself, as her tits bouncing brought cheers from the party-goers, who strangely did not try to stop this catfight, mainly because all the women who worked with Jan were hoping to see Sally give her the beating they all wished for. And as a final humiliation, Sally mounted Jan on top of her lower back, a leg on each side, and shouted, "All in favor of me giving Miss Bitch a good old fashioned spanking, say aye!" Sally bent over, pulled her bikini bottom down slightly, exposing one of her ass cheeks, placed her ass right in front of Jan's pouting face and said, "Kiss my ass, you bitch."

Small Penis Humiliation by Stripper

fetish eatmebeatmeguy 2017-12-26

Once a dancer grabbed me and said, "I know about you and I'm going to make you cum. She grabbed my swollen cock and said, "yes, this little problem. She took the spoons and crushed my cock again as she lowered her tits into my face. I was surely thinking with my cock and wanted nothing more than to cum with her assistance. She said, "well, suck a real dick, little boy and maybe I'll let you touch me." Then he pulled out and stroked his cock with only my lips on it as he exploded all over my face. "If you really want my pussy, you'll have to take a cock in your tight little asshole.

Cuckold Striptease Game

fetish Iftheshoefits 2017-12-26

"How does that make you feel, knowing your wife likes to fuck herself with a big hard cock while you're at work? Not only do I get to fuck anybody I want, anytime I feel like it, but I get to make you the sissy little bitch I always knew you were, and best of all, I don't have to waste my time pretending to like having sex with you. If I'm going to even consider ever letting you fuck me again, you're gonna have to prove to me that you know how to be a good bitch."

Eating Ass

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-26

Nothing is better than having your asshole licked and sucked on while your wife jacks your cock off. She loves to lick my cock clean after I cum in her asshole. And I love to stick my face into her ass and lick all the spent cum out of her asshole. After Sue removed Mr. Clean from his asshole and she started licking his ass, and jacking his cock from behind. Sue looked over at me and told me to quit jacking off and to get down on the bed and lick her friends cum up. Looking up and telling me how horny it made her to see me sucking that young man's cock.

Apres le Dinner

fetish rrspence2002 2017-12-26

As she turned, her dress bunched up under her stump and exposed her long lithe right leg with its shiny anklet catching a glint of light from the restaurant's entrance. He took a sip of coffee, got whipped cream all over his mouth, and leaned in and planted a sweet white kiss on Fern's lips. Fern wrapped her long, strong right leg over Don's left lower back and pressed and ground her stump into Don's groin. Let's get to bed so that I can ravish your body, so I can nibble on our love tattoo and I can kiss every inch of your leg, your stump, your chest and your face.

Shown Off To Friends

fetish PLJ 2017-12-26

His hand came back stained very red… Joan was blushing but put up no resistance to stop my husband from touching her. He placed his right hand between Joan’s legs and covered her shaved vagina completely, “ Joan, I want you to pee for me.” My husband said. Bill and my husband took small straps and strapped Joans legs apart and to the stirrups and then her wrists to the table. There Julie laid semi sitting ,,,, legs spread with humming dildos in her red flowing vagina and her anus. I felt him spread my anus and remove the small dildo… Then he moved in front of me… he pushed the larger one further inside my vagina ….I felt him turn them on faster…… the sensation was wonderful..

Ruby's Phone Call

fetish scruff876 2017-12-26

This one had been different. Now, she found herself horny as hell and wishing that, somehow, he could be with her tonight, pounding his amazing ten inch cock into her...and into several assorted orifices, at that! I am sure glad you did though. "Different is nice sometimes," she whispered. "Now come the boxers." A few seconds of silence then, " I'm as naked as you are babe...and laying on the bed. "Oh, yes. "Sweetheart, I'm here," she said, her voice barely more than a whisper. "He wants to fuck me!" she croaked into the phone, still trying to regain her breath. "I'm glad you did it. "You're sure your ok with it, then," he pursued, feeling relieved. "Yes, I'm positive.

my dream

fetish 2017-12-26

I'm a mature (over 60) married Black male (short, fat, with a small organ and feminine nipples ISO (over 30) spike heeled woman that what's me for companionship ie. After she cums again she a*****s me and I am never to be seen by my wife, f****y or friends and she keeps me as her masculine public husband and private receptive Lesbian wife.I would to be the one you came home to as you private butler at home. After she cums again she a*****s me and I am never to be seen by my wife, f****y or friends and she keeps me as her masculine public husband and private receptive Lesbian wife.

111 The k9 learning curve

fetish alibodge 2017-12-26

Legs folded under her body, arse end first, she bounced along behind him like a rag doll, her nose bumping off every step of the top flight of stairs, her arms flailing about her hands found a purchase on the newel post at the landing, she grabbed wildly, her body stopped with a jerk and the knot unable to resist such f***es tore free, she screamed, the dog trailing his dribbling tool tumbling down the last flight of stairs, leaping to his masters side as Nigel oblivious, placed his paper as always, removed his walkman, hung his coat, then wandered into the living room to remove his shoes, large dog at heal licking its Purple knob.

Party Down

fetish MistyMorgan 2017-12-26

You've never done two at once have you?" I asked as James brought me my drink along with one for Cindy, Derek, Kenneth, Ryan, and Daniel. I laughed because as he walked into the room his little dicklett got hard as he saw Cindy with Derek and Kenneth. I wanted him licking me because not only did I have Daniel's cum in my pussy but also I was spewing my own juices watching Cindy, Kenneth and Derek. James continued to lick Daniel's cum out of my pussy as Ryan pulled me up to doggy style and he put on a condom and stuck his hard cock into my ass.

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 01

fetish deepkick1 2017-12-26

Even if the audience really love when a male loses and especially the female crowd goes wild then a ring girls defeats a male and get to victoryfuck him, it can be both painful and humiliating for the male. When the fight is over a winner is declared and the humiliation round begins, there the winner gets to fuck the loser, most female using a strap-on cock and the audience really love this. Karen, the club owner and boss, is a big fan of strap-on sex and pegging, and the club audience can now buy or borrow a large variety of strapons and dildos from the bar, and it's very common usual that girls and couples buys some of this, after their viewing the hot show.

Naughty Niki: God Daughter Gets Dicked

fetish Johnnytames69 2017-12-26

Besides," she said, starting to smile a little, "I could hardly keep these secret." Suddenly, Niki reached down and pulled the hem of her robe up to where the edge of her panties showed. I sure wish I could grow up and get this part of my life behind me." "Well, I don't know whether it will help you feel better, but I can tell you this: In those cotton panties last night, you were about the sexiest woman I've ever seen." Niki reached out her hand and took my other hand so that she now had both of them.

Sow Primer Ch. 07

fetish InYourDreams 2017-12-26

She wanted the fun of playing the sow, but she needed Carl for the hard things she wasn't able to do for herself. The trainer learns to find the best way to teach his sow to forget all the lessons of the past and to adopt her new life, so she is ready and content and can feel fulfilled. Kitty felt a lurch in her stomach when sow Lauren mentioned spanking, but feeling as she currently did, the idea of some corporal punishment may ease her mind away from the burning shame that was eating her up inside. You respond to your trainer by accepting your need for correction, asking for further training and affirming your desire to learn.

Fair Is Fair Ch. 02

fetish bgdddy_2000 2017-12-26

Nicole and I had been having hot sex all week after the 4 some, but on the weekend, I really got into calling her a dirty little slut who was cock crazy. "Let's see what else I can find to make you look like a slut," Nicole commented as she went into her closet again. "You know, from the neck down you do look like a pretty hot slut," Nicole gushed as she looked at me. Gawd, I hadn't had time to think of that, and the consequences of being dressed like a hot slut started to sink in. "Honey, I don't think any guy wants to hit you, probably hit ON you is more like it," added Nicole. His cock looked like I remembered it when he fucked Nicole.

Naughty Naomi Ch. 02

fetish toocold 2017-12-26

Five times she'd lost control and wet her knickers -- three times whilst being scolded before the spanking, the shameful yellow streams running down her legs only intensifying the situation, twice during the punishment itself, Ms Holloway caning her secretary harshly as pee spattered over her desk. Nerves as she walked through the school to the car in her dishevelled state; the feeling of her shit squashing and spreading in her panties as she sat down in Ms Holloway's car; a lengthy shower and clean-up session; a scolding from her (also showered) lover; a hard spanking, turning her bottom and thighs a burning crimson; passionate sex in bed, the cool cotton rubbing her stinging buttocks as her dominant lover, her mistress, rubbed her pussy.

Oral for her

fetish 2017-12-26

i kiss and suck my way down your chest to your breasts, cupping them with my hands, as i look at you with your nipple in my mouth, i put it in my teeth, nibbling on it, the slight pain and exileration make a surge of wetness to your pussy and your panties are now soaking into my jeans. my jaw tightening, but i know i will be rewarded soon with your cum so i continue to suck on your clit, working my tongue in between my lips, flicking it, pushing deep into your clit to the hole that drives you wild, your pussy pulsating around my fingers pumping in and out of you, your arched back and then one last nipple pinch hard then as i release and you feel the cum rushing to your pussy, and with it extra bl**d to my cock that is now throbbing!

Adventures in Boxer Shorts

fetish hermes25 2017-12-26

I was drying off with the big bath towel when Lisa knocked on the door and opened it slightly, her arm reaching in and setting a small pile of clothes on the counter. Opening the door, I saw Lisa in the hall, but instead of sweats and a t-shirt, she was wearing a matching white A-shirt and a pair of Tom's white briefs. Lisa shut the dryer door and started drying our wet clothes. Lisa took my cock in her mouth, licking with her tongue, and sucking on the shaft. I started getting up so I could slip off the boxers, but Lisa reached out grabbing my cock protruding from the boxer fly, and pulled it toward her soaking wet pussy.

A Night to Remember pt 1

fetish 2017-12-26

It started off with the latex thong to hide all my bits nicely, you could barely tell I had a little sissy clit under there Mistress was so good. Next came the catsuit, it took an age to get on as it was so tight but I just loved every second of it, mostly the noise as the shiny latex squeaked as I was pulling it over my shaved body and my breast forms. I guessed right as Mistress then pulled me to my feet and paraded me through the house before she sat me on a chair and slid me round so that I faced a different way.

Relocating to a New City

fetish Ingrid11B 2017-12-25

Nurse Beverly Miller stuck her head through the door from the examination room area and invited me to sit down in room five while she asked some questions and recorded some preliminary information for Dr. Phillips. I was miffed that I needed to be totally naked for these recordings, but in a way, I was looking forward to showing her "Little Boy." I was beginning to have a thrill, probably like exhibitionists feel when they are on display. I am the receptionist for Dr. Stein calling to set up an appointment for a full body dermatological body scan on this Friday at 3:30." Karen said Bonnie Walters would be assisting, and she would like him to be there fifteen minutes early to go over his previous dermatological issues before he met with the doctor.

Pushing The Envelope

fetish spice16 2017-12-25

"Too close to home." He said, "You could ask them how many words they can make out of the letters in `felch.'" He smiled and tilted his head and suddenly I had this flash of memory, a whole scene: Betty's sweaty flesh stuck to the length of me, her tongue buried in me, my breasts squeezed heavy against my sides and my face wet from her, the taste of her something like watermelon and fresh-mown grass tight against the back of my throat. "I don't know what to think, Gil. What do you think?" "Kim," he said carefully, "I want to fuck you." My bl**d was roaring in my ears, I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly.

Being Jack's Milk Cow

fetish Suzanne James 2017-12-25

We were sleeping "spooned" together, and I could feel Jack's large, very hard erection pressing against my ass while he teased my nipple. As Jack kisses me, disentangles himself from our embrace and begins to arise to meet the day, I massage my tits, tweaking my hard nipples. Jack puts on his shorts and goes off to make breakfast while I luxuriate under the warm water, enjoying the sensation on my oh-so-sensitive breasts and plump belly. Now to my research work; I stay focussed on that for over an hour until I begin to feel my milk filling my breasts. It takes him little time to bring us both to powerful orgasms, and as Jack comes, he pulls out of my pussy and spurts most of his cum on my ass.

A Custom Solution

fetish mobyCock 2017-12-25

To himself, he read, "leveraging hypnosis to allow women verbal control over their partner's orgasms." Ted noted this was in the experimental section, but also noticed himself getting slightly hard at the thought of something so sexually explicit. "The other day, I came home from running a few errands and Ted was sitting on the couch in our living room, with his penis out, presumably looking at porn." Rachel was not a shy woman, divulging all of these details with minimal prodding. Dr. Melinda sensed this might be a productive direction and encouraged her, "That's right, Rachel, make love to my anus, tongue it and feel yourself getting wet." They still weren't having sex but every few days, Rachel would, of her own initiative, permit Ted to masturbate while looking at her.