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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Therapist Ch. 04

fetish sm8100 2017-12-25

I'm always amazed at how quickly my emotional state can flip as all the angst of the past several hours, several days actually, was overwhelmed by this powerfully emerging feeling of joy, hope, and even excitement as Lucy as I just clicked from the moment we embraced as we continued to chat, laugh, joke, reminisce, about past, present, and future. "James, do you like being naked in front of me." As I thought about it I knew that I felt awkward yet at the same time the longer I remained exposed in front of Julia the more comfortable I started to become.

She Male Cum

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-25

I was lying on my back pumping my cock hard when I started to cum it had been a week or so since I had any pussy and the cum shot out of my prick like a loaded gun. After about 30 seconds of stroking, Shelly let out a loud moan and started cumming I slipped my lips back over her cock and sucked for all I was worth. I let out a loud moan of pleasure it felt so good my cock was throbbing every time she stuck her tongue up my asshole. I got down on my hands and knees and was sucking my cum off of the couch when Shelly got behind me and stuck her cock in my ass.

The Man in the Woods

fetish cdhusband 2017-12-25

The panties feel good as I pull them up tight and i’m sure to tuck in my balls to show them off to their best advantage. It’s out of place in our suburban park scene, but what the hell, maybe it will help attract someone who just might take a closer look and see my nylons and maybe the bra straps beneath my shirt. When he pulls out until the head of his dick is on my lips I can feel the slickness of his cock as it is covered with my throat mucus. I want him to fuck me hard and deep and I want to feel his cum load shoot out of his cock and fill me with all it’s hot essence.

sissy for mum and friends p4

fetish karenhcd 2017-12-25

Chris started dry humping me from behind, his big cock feeling great rubbing against my arse and Ali kept pounding away at my throat. Lying there though with Alis dick still in my mouth and Chris's big cock now pounding away at my well used arsehole I thought to myself that even though I had enjoyed a lot of the night one day somehow I would get revenge on all of them and my mum and Auntie. Ali pulled out of my mouth and layback on the bed but Nick took his place and straddled my chest and put his big cock in my mouth and started face fucking me.

Good Little Cuckold Story

fetish boxtop57 2017-12-25

I felt like I needed something to bring back the life in this boring dark day. 45 minutes later the doorbell rang, I peered out the window to see a young strapping black man that had a well toned, overdeveloped body with muscles that would not be gone anytime soon. I stammered 'how, how much do I owe you?' With a faint smile he walked right in the doorway and I felt helpless to stop him. As he started to thrust I heard a faint noise from the garage and knew my husband was home. Then suddenly in a final thrust, this young man cums deep inside me as I felt a final rush of excitement. I had the man I cared about on the bed with me giving him a needed release from a stressful day.


Being Normal

fetish TwistedPlayr 2017-12-25

Neil didn't know if Seska had gotten off yet, but he vaguely remembered her thrashing about as Lori slammed her fingers deep inside her cunt. Lori pulled away and left the bed, giving Seska an opportunity to have Neil all to herself. Neil stiffened slightly as Lori's hand slid up his balls and she began to tease his ass with her finger. All of the action came from Neil, and he sound found himself moving smoothly between Seska's cunt and Lori's dildo. The sound of her thighs slapping against him pounded out a steady beat and Neil felt his cock slam into Seska with every thrust of Lori's cock in his ass.

When The Boy Is Away...

fetish defluoanima 2017-12-25

With that she presses the blade harder into my neck and I can feel a sharp pain as the edge cuts through my skin. I can feel the small amount of pain when the blade cuts the surface of my skin all the way to the neck. With her tongue, she licked my blood off my thigh and onto the head of my aroused penis. Swinging her legs over my body she took me back into her mouth, but kept the blade against the underside of my penis letting me know its still there. With her dagger firmly in hand she pressed it to her labia and let out a squeak of pain against my penis as the blade sliced her labia open.

A Deal is Struck

fetish waraxe13 2017-12-25

'At least you've still got your tongue.' Her hand snaked down to my pussy (for it was a pussy now) and brushed up and down it gently, sending quivers through my body, causing me to flex it open, wanting her to take me like the slut I was. She leaned over her hand pressed against my cunt and said, 'Good.' Her tongue snaked deep in to my mouth, pressing deeper and deeper, as her hand grabbed my dry cunt and tried to open it. 'Please Mistress!' I cried, using my hands to push against the wall, 'I want your cock!' 'Don't worry sweetie,' She said, her left hand snaking down to my buttock, 'I know what it is like wanting real cock.

My girlfriend meets the new neighbors

fetish Ass_worship 2017-12-25

We got out of the pool and into the hot tub, Brian went and grabbed some beers from the kitchen and handed us each a bottle. Sue leaned forward and started to touch his abs, she rubbed her hands up and down them and bit her lip. Phil sat and watched then looked at me, I just smiled and we both watched Sue and Brian. Brian started thrusting his cock in and out, Sue moaned but her moans were muted by Phil's cock that was in her mouth. Me and Phil watched stroking our cocks as Sue bounced on Brian moaning! Phil thrusted his cock deep inside her and kept it in there as he started to fill her pussy with his load while Sue moaned and started cumming as well.

Buisness trip with the wife

fetish Njcouple 2017-12-25

We were all pretty hammered and a little bit ahead of Kelsey and Steve who hadn't stopped holding hands since they left the dance floor. "If Kelsey wasn't your wife I would think Steve and her would be getting some just like Justin and Beth." Mark and I laughed Kelsey didn't stop kissing him but kept her eyes opened watching him: He then started to unzip the back of her dress, which cause her to break the kiss. Steve leaned in and started sucking her breasts, cause Kelsey to moan in pleasure...That always makes her cum. I resisted at first but gave in opening eyes, and my mouth let my tongue explore her mouth tasting the bitter saltiness of Steve's cum and her combined pussy and ass juices.


fetish MungoParkIII 2017-12-25

Reaching down to his lap, Edgar adjusted his erection, just as he had each time he watched a woman smoking near him. As the smoke ring slowly expanded Edgar let his mind drift back to a small café where he offered a cigarette to a woman and she accepted, asking him to sit at her table. Looking closer at her face he watched a wisp of smoke curl from her lips, roll around her nose, up past her jet back eyes and dissipate over the olive skin of her forehead. She continued blowing the smoke and moving up and down until Edgar lifted his hips up off the bed and came, spurting his cum deep into her pussy.

The Boy's Story (Chapter 5)

fetish gazzy43 2017-12-25

"You are my Good Boy" he says and starts to slowly pull and push his hard cock in and out but not right out as he fucks me with a steady rhythm...... Because of the 'E' it takes a bit longer to start pissing but after several minutes he starts with a small dribble that becomes a strong shower and he hoses me all over - my hair, my face, into my mouth, my nipples, my belly, my cock and balls and when I lift my legs up he hoses straight onto my arsehole. When I sit up I feel my weight push the butt plug deeper and it reminds me he still has the beads in so I reach under his balls and give the bead handle a small jiggle to try and keep his arse excited.

Asian Girl gets lotion for her toes and extra cred

fetish zleis 2017-12-25

"Yes, cum all over my toes...You know you want to..." "Oh yeahhh." "What's my grade, professor?" "C?" "Is that all my feet are worth?" she asked coyly. "Are you sure that's my grade?" "Oh hell...I'll give you anything you want..." I moaned as I knew I was reaching the point of no return, "Just don't stop, Debbie...Anything y-you wan--" I didn't finish my sentence. I watched as what seemed like pints of cum spurted from my cock and oozed oh so beautifully between her toes to the tops of her feet. Debbie continued to slide her feet along my cock even after I let her ankles go. I watched Debbie gather her Keds and to my surprise, she slid on her shoes without cleaning the cum off her toes.

Jennifer (Conclusion)

fetish wastedaway 2017-12-25

"We'll need to change your shackles," the mistress said and went to a drawer and removed some more and came and held them out by Jennifer's arm. As the mistress let go of Jennifer's right wrist she realized that the new shackles were nearly twice as heavy as what she had been wearing. The nurse then cut more material with a small slit and had the whip mistress hold it over Jennifer's labia to keep from burning her with the torch. Jennifer watched, crying as the stick was removed and the man handed the nurse the small gold rings that would be placed into her pierced labia. The second mistress attached a leash to Jennifer's collar and handed the end to the man.

Bitch Sister In Law

fetish Omega12 2017-12-25

"Stop staring at me like a dog in heat with your tongue hanging out, or I'll tell Amanda you tried to come on to me." She was more interested in getting some sun and watching the guys walk bye than she was in swimming. Frank told her how Brian had been injured fighting over there; how he had been discharged with a medical disability and had no friends, so Kathy wondered if Amanda would go with them on a double date and give a sad and lonely soldier a little happiness. He could also hear what his wife was saying to Brian; things like, stop doing that, if Billie knew what you were doing he would be very mad, and another time, I will not; what a terrible thing to ask me to do with my husband sitting right beside you.

Hello There Stranger Ch. 02

fetish HotJRabbit 2017-12-25

With his fingers deep inside her seeping fuck hole and his lips firmly pressed against her clit, Will's eyes fix on Sandra's face. Her slippery pussy just touching him slightly, sliding over his cock as his hand leaves it and reaches for her chest. With his lips still glued to her tits, he rises a little and feels for his cock with her hand, picking it up she nudges it against her entrance. "God, baby....," Will begins to say, "Your pussy feels so good around my cock, " he says as he kisses into her neck and collar bone. "You know just what I like baby, fuck my little pussy harder," she moans out with a slight smile.

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 14: Katie the Loving Wif

fetish Erocus 2017-12-25

My wife was so affectionate on the ride home as she caressed my hand, rubbed my leg, and leaned over and gave me kisses on my neck. I felt my wife move her hand onto my thigh as it slowly started to caress, moving higher and higher on my leg until she was stroking my hip. "Lick it, lick it!" she moaned as she moved her hand down to her pussy and began to flick her clit under my tongue while my fingers slid in and out of her slit. Katie looked into my eyes, "Slide it into me," she whispered as she reached down and slowly stroked my hard cock.

Amazon Bride Ch. 03

fetish Arthur_Court 2017-12-25

Steve sulked for the next couple of days, refusing to leave the Villa, so I spent time in the gym with my new buddy, Travis. I tell you what, Steve's ass is still too sore to fuck but I'm sure if you were to wonder over a little later he would be glad to give you another blow-job...and if you were to ask nicely, he might even tongue on your ass-hole." A beautiful and willing young woman was doing her best to earn the right to eat my pussy while I watched a naked boy undress Travis, a heavily muscled man-god. When Conrad tried to run his tongue up higher, so his could lick the long, thick shaft of Travis's impressive cock, Travis finally showed some backbone and knocked the boy-slut to the floor.

Getting to Know Laura Better Ch. 01

fetish vid_35 2017-12-25

Laura had on a very professional business suit that did a fairly good job at hiding her big tits, but I kept staring at them during in the meeting, thinking about how those big areolas were going to look naked. We past several couples and a few single men walking down the beach and I could see them all giving Laura's big tits a look. I could feel her shiver a bit when I finally touched her ass and I spent a lot of time rubbing the sun screen in...slowly separating the cheeks to get a good look at her tight asshole and pussy. She just laid there with her legs spread showing off her pussy as I worked my way up her stomach to her big hanging tits.

What I Did for Love

fetish Global Carol 2017-12-25

Once the sensation slowly diminished, Steven tore off my panties, laid me down on the bed, took a second to roll on a condom, opened my legs and put the tip of his cock on my clitoris. I don't know if it was the new taste or the slightly stronger smells of his crotch or the wet feel of his hard cock gliding smoothly over my lips or even the tension in my shoulders and neck from his grip on my head. I could feel his head grow suddenly and I felt a simultaneous pulse of cum shoot deep into the back of my mouth. I felt a little disappointed: I was looking at him, at his eyes, feeling happy and content that I had given him a great orgasm (not to mention my own).

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 08

fetish Bob_Lovecock 2017-12-25

He loved the feeling of his mom's face in his ass crack as she was pumping her tongue in and out and making a sloppy mess of whole crack . Danny stuck out his ass for his mom to finger- it felt so good, he just grunted and moaned, "Ughhh, Ughhh yeah, that feels good..." Danny got in position and felt his mother 's fingers digging back in his ass. Danny pushed his ass open with his mother's fingers still plugging him up. She put her fingers back up his butt and Danny felt his mom dig out the last of his shit. He began working all five fingers in his mother's ass and she rode his hand, moving slightly up and down.

Imprisoned in Chastity

fetish Longjohnsilver30 2017-12-25

A big black fella with burly arms which pinned me down further on the bed unable to escape as Marcus stood up to inspect my room. Let's see what Andrea has been putting up her vagina since she lost big Marcus." Why was he calling me Samantha instead of Sam? "Now I warning you Samantha, you better not get excited with my big hand playing with your tiny clit." This fucking bully had me pinned down and was playing with my cock and demanding I don't get an erection. As for the chastity, I had actually begged my wife to lock me up early in my marriage as I spend too much time masturbating but she thought it was weird.

Panties For Sale

fetish sallultie 2017-12-25

I'd been selling some odds and ends on a popular online auction site, which brought in some extra money and was a fun way to clear out stuff I'd accumulated but no longer wanted. But when my buyer emailed in a few days saying how happy he was and how delicious I smelled - and asked if I would sell him more - I started to think about it more seriously. But that hasn't worked too well: I haven't been able to come up with the right combination of hints that would get panty-sniffing buyers' attention and still get past the auction rules people (or more accurately, the snoopy tattle-tales who love to look for and report such things.)

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants

fetish Demospider 2017-12-25

Right now Ashley had a different, more devilish thought that would serve to test her power, get back at Julia, and relieve her growing need to pee. Soon the bear became saturated and Julia began to sob as she began to see rivulets of urine surging out from inside the bear, unable to even turn her head or look away due to her sister's command to watch. Watching her sister as piss surged from the bear was turning her on so much she couldn't help but use her free hand to rub her clit and grind her pussy into the wet bear. The bear was far too wet at this point so Ashley commanded Julia to wipe her dry using her dry sleeve.