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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mistress Melody's Wanton Evening

fetish RobinTVDaniels 2017-12-25

Melody would then make me swallow the cum from the shemale who was in my mouth and then clean the cock of the one who fucked me. I took the beautiful shemale cock out of my mouth long enough to lick my hand clean and then started sucking Joanna's cock in front of me with a vengeance. I quickly put my mouth on her pussy and licked up as much as I could get before Steve flipped Melody over and used some of his cum from her pussy to lube up her ass. After getting as much of his cum out of her pussy as I could, I then took turns licking Melody's clit and sucking on Steve's balls.

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 07

fetish jawanaut 2017-12-25

"No idea what time I'll be back, but I will text with the plans when I get them." She said heading out the door. As 'Adam' moved out of the shot, I saw Mary sitting on the table naked and John standing beside her kissing her neck while she stroked his cock. Then Adam walked into the shot, as Mary extended her hand out and grabbed his dick. After a moment of sucking on Adam's cock, she changed and started to suck off John while Adam began to fondle her breast and slide his hand between my wife's thighs. Then they began to switch again, John assumed the lower position and Adam started to take over on my wife's ass.

Greg's Surprise Ch. 02

fetish SensualCurves 2017-12-25

"Morning my pet" Sasha murmured as she sat up "Did you sleep well?" "Yes mistress, your boy always does" Greg smiled as he knelt beside her bed, ready to perform any task for her. He heard his mistress answer it with a cool "Hello?" A shriek, followed by animated chattering told Greg that Sasha was talking to a dear friend and would be a while, so he completed the preparations for her bath and returned to her bedside to clear away her breakfast tray. Standing looking down at Greg, Sasha began to stroke her own body, playing with her nipples, stroking her soft skin; her green eyes locking onto Greg's anguished ones. Leaning back against the footboard of the bed, Sasha used her feet and toes to caress Greg's cock and balls.

Beverly Ch. 01

fetish rmlooker 2017-12-25

Looking between her spread legs Bev said come fuck me NOW. When he was able to get out of the rear, he rushed to the front of the chopper and found Bev unconscious and bleeding badly from severe leg injuries. They got to the main hospital in record time and they were ready for Bev. Except for severity of injury, preference was usually not shown to anyone but since she was a member of the "family" rapid procedures were done in x-ray and pre-op and she was in surgery. He said the hip area looked very good but he leg did not. Bev asked how much they were going to take this time and he said as little as possible.

Stick Thin

fetish warm_n_quiet 2017-12-25

I opened my mouth forming an "O" and gently sucked in the the tip of my cock. I had the entire rock hard head of my cock completely surrounded by my sucking lips. I was simultaneously reveling in the envelopment of my cock head being lavishly sucked. Then in the perfect slowness of time I was able to suck the entire head of my cock into my wet mouth. I was able to suck the first strong blast of cum just as it erupted from the tip of my cock. I was able to suck each individual shot of cum just as it pulsed from the head of my cock. I felt the perfectly timed suction pull against the head of my cock.

Kidnapped to Become a Foot Slave

fetish femdomwriter 2017-12-25

"DO IT BETTER THAN THAT" Jen screamed at me and snipped a little too close to my cock, which scared the shit out of me and made me lick like my life depended on it. "How cool is this" Nikki said to Jen as I licked and sucked at her dirty toes. The two women giggled as I cleaned each of Nicki's feet, sucking each toe and licking the heels for what seemed like forever. "Now, let us tell you a little bit about your new life" Nikki said smiling while Jens toe was still in my mouth. I am now tied up 24/7 and forced to lick their feet clean, suck their toes, and do whatever other humiliating nasty things they can think of.

Self Sucking College Boy

fetish cockwhores 2017-12-25

So I quickly went to get my two favorite dildos so I could fuck my now dripping pussy while I watched Drew stroke himself by the pool next door. "Baby, he's got a huge fucking cock, it's gorgeous and he's wearing his auntie's thong practically naked and stroking himself. Drew was slurping and sucking his huge prick with his gorgeous balls being pushed up by his pretty thong and his hand wrapped around the lower part of his shaft. I was disappointed that Drew stopped sucking his own cock but I kept fucking myself with my dildo picturing myself riding his big cock to orgasm while my husband watched. I watched in amazement and kept fucking my horny pussy while Drew lubed up that fake cock and pushed it into his asshole!

The Colony Party Ch. 10

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2017-12-25

Adi soon understood the things going on inside Priya's head and said, "OK we're done, all her body paint has been removed. Adi then took the sponge, dipped it in paint remover and held Priya's face facing the mirror and said," Do you know who that woman was in the video?" Maybe then it will stay." And took out the scissors ready to cut the hair off the wig but just as he was about to make the cut, Ajay said, "Stop." He then had in his hand a silver coloured solution bottle. Ajay got ready with the wig, as soon as Adi finished applying the solution onto Priya's head, Ajay placed the wig on.

A Cuckold in the Making

fetish Lynabo 2017-12-25

Why can't you be like other men and just fuck me?" Susan was mad at John, who just sat silent saying nothing. "Susan please calm down lets talk about this rationally you're upset please just sit down and I'll make you a cup of tea." John said with pleading eyes. "Susan I'm shocked, you know that sex outside of a loving relationship is wrong how can you say such things?" John was starting to cry. Looking down at John he said "She's a good fuck. He went downstairs and walked out into the cool night air, he walked about half an hour hoping that the man would be gone and he could sort things out with Susan.

Leg Man

fetish smudgebucket 2017-12-25

"Uh no, not really Miss Hanley, I guess that maybe...uh maybe I'm just tired or something." What was I going to say, that I wanted to spend more class time staring at girls legs? I can't begin to tell you how many times I've caught you staring backwards and when I look to see what you find so interesting, invariably what I find is some girl with her legs open. If anyone walked in...well I don't want to think about that." Spreading her legs wide open for just a brief second before she stood back up she treated me to a quick view of her upper thighs and white panties.


fetish klammer 2017-12-25

finished "Sir Michael's sissy cockslut - tanya." "I really want to taste you, Sir. Your sissy cockslut is oh, so eyes, I told him "I'm not gay, Sir. I don't want to feel this love to the head of his cock, licking and sucking him like the gasped, "Sissy loves Sir Michael." Sir Michael laughed and began fucking my ass with slow, hard me." Licking my lips, I begged "I want to feel your cum, Sir. I Sir Michael's sissy cockslut, and she doesn't ever want to be a you - tanya, slave-slut-sissy-wife - property of Sir Michael." Smiling, Sir Michael looked down upon his sissy with the "Oh, Sir, please fuck me." Feeling like the dirty slut I was, I

Late Again

fetish Thirsty1 2017-12-25

She bundles them up, squeezes my balls and when I open my mouth to protest, she shoves the panties in my mouth, takes my necktie from the floor and ties it around my mouth and head. I moved my fist up and rubbed my finger over my cock head, getting it nice and wet. It's my fun time now, my baby boy." Still holding the panties in her hand, she moved to drape them over my very sore cock. I think we'll spend the rest of the night exploring this hidden side of you." And with that grabbed my cock and gave it a few firm strokes, squeezing tighter as she made her way up to the top.

Graduation Night for My Sissy Girl

fetish MartyDT 2017-12-25

You’re going to be my girly cock-sucking sissy slut, because that’s what you crave, what you think about all day long, what you desire. I want you to reach over and start fondling my cock with your pretty, painted nails sliding up and down over the hard shaft. You love the girlish feelings washing over you as you look in the mirror and see a beautiful, feminine, sexy girl sucking on a hard cock. You’re such a good little sissy-girl, dressed up in your pretty lingerie, stockings and high heels while you slide a nice, hard cock into your mouth over and over and over again. You’re going to be my girly cock-sucking sissy slut tonight, because I know that’s what you want more than anything in the world.

The World is Her Toilet Ch. 02

fetish nopjans 2017-12-25

Betty enjoyed the feeling of the cool night air directly on her pussy as she pulled the crotch of her lacy black panties aside, tensed up her stomach muscles, and then relaxed. A lanky blonde woman with an unsteady, intoxicated gate approached the flower bed as Betty sent the last of her pee into dampened earth. "I'm done but I don't mind." The blonde stepped up onto the raised platform and occupied a spot near where Betty had just finished peeing. A few drops pee pattered out slowly onto the carpet between Betty's feet before coalescing into a stream of urine arcing out over the helpless dress shirts hanging in front of her.

Forced March

fetish Francine-frcxa 2017-12-25

It involves a training march through open country, with a small detachment of women surrounded by male soldiers, and their tough female sergeant, determined to show her charges as both rugged and proper. Her attention was drawn to this situation when one of her soldiers cautiously approached her, asking "Sergeant, can we go the bathroom -I mean, some of us would like to pee!" Dot really couldn't figure out how to handle this - there was no place of privacy, men were all over. Dot knew she was in deep trouble, and she was on the verge of just ordering the women to wet their pants, realizing this would surely make them he laughing stock of the army.

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 06

fetish Tdisk 2017-12-25

When she'd pressed her breasts into the milking sleeves Dr. Jensen dropped to kneel next to the machine. As she moved Becca noticed a droplet of milk on her left nipple- a detail she couldn't have planned but which would give the scene a fantastic highlight. Becca moved her hand about as she fondled her soft breast- pretending Mike was directing her action for his pleasure. Leaving her left nipple with its droplet precariously hanging, Becca slowly dropped her left hand to her Venus mound. Her nipple was extremely sensitive from the milking but a good part of Becca's arousal came from her visualizing men watching her. "I planned the scene and set up the close-up camera so it would have a good view of my breasts and nipples.

Another Day at the Office Ch. 03

fetish mslstoy 2017-12-25

As I drove into work, I had a smile on my face for the first time since this had all begun, the feel of the stockings on my legs, and the way the suspenders felt on my thighs just felt so right, and knowing the shock everybody who knew me would feel if they could see my panties just added to the erotic feeling, and my cock made the thong rather uncomfortable as it caused the fabric to stretch, and pulled it into my ass.

Holly's Golden Introduction

fetish CHARLOTTEOZ 2017-12-25

That night was a wonderful evening of beautiful sex, but nothing more was said about kinky stuff, though in the private of her bedroom, I did discover Holly's gorgeous shaved pussy - totally bald and smooth, always glistening wet, and with very small, perfectly formed inner lips that were hidden from view when her legs were closed, which, to be honest, wasn't often! All too soon she was spent and I was sucking hard at her panties, trying to wring every last drop out, tasting the wetness change from piss to pussy juice - Holly was flooding with excitement now.Finally the spell was broken as we heard distant footsteps, and standing up again, kissing her as her skirt fell back to cover the scene of the crime, we just ran like crazy the rest of the distance to the flat, laughing like mad the whole way!


fetish mick4lucy 2017-12-25

She was laid there for some time with her tits pulsing away and the pulsing was all she could concentrate on, it was taking her to the edge of an orgasm but not quite which was frustrating, she thought she could do it quietly without her master realising, she strained to listen for any noises to say he was in the room but couldn't hear anything but remembered her dog was downstairs and would surely bark when he walked up the stairs so she felt sure she would have enough warning to stop before he noticed her doing anything, now remember her arms and legs were bound so she couldn't actually touch herself, but she had a toy taped in her cunt so she just needed to get some friction going, she began moving her hips thrusting up and down, yes!

U - Chapter III

fetish 2017-12-24

The captive screamed as the flogger came down hard on her breasts and nipples. He opened the door and a tall, blond women slipped inside the room. "I am The Countess" said the blond, standing in front of U. She had no sooner spoken when The Countess struck her hard across her breasts. She placed her hands on U's breasts and gently caressed them and teased her hard nipples. The Countess reached inside her holdall and pulled out a long, thick, strap-on cock. He took her face in his hands and slowly pulled her towards him. He pulled U close to him and she greedily took all of his cock in her mouth and throat as The Countess fucked her hard from behind.

Taken Wife Pt. 01

fetish cuckoldwishes 2017-12-24

The kid looked like he wanted to fight but I think Dylan's 6'5 stature and bulging muscles made him think twice. Each of the girls would take turns dancing with Dylan. Dylan let go of me, said thank you and walked away. It looked like she wanted to be the one to take him home. Dylan placed his hand on my thigh. I would like you to go with me." Dylan's voice was stern. Dylan took my hand and helped me out of the car. He explored my body, his hands reach for my ass. I get on my hands and knees, place my head to the mattress and expose my rear end for him to mount.

Revenge is Golden Ch. 04

fetish abashed-dreamer 2017-12-24

"Thanks," Lara said, "I had to put it in the fridge yesterday afternoon." She turned to me, "Your jaw is hanging open, Bro. What's the problem?" Sis said, "If he's rewired, there should be no problem getting him to suck the cum out of this condom." "I agree," Lara said. Sis chimed in, "Here's what we're going to do, Bro. We're going to empty all 20 of them into Lara's piss-- _then_ you will drink." Before I could say anything, the two of them began untying the condoms and emptying the goo into the newer beaker. Sis said to me "Shssh." she elevated the head of the portable a little and moved me to where the angle was right and I could see the large well padded table in the other room.

And I met both

fetish letmepleaseyou2006 2017-12-24

Then Tonya went in to take a shower also, so now Valerie and I were alone and as we talked she said that she really wasn’t focused on getting eaten, but she wanted to give me some head. Tonya soon came out of the shower, laid on the bed and Valerie went back at it sucking my cock, giving me pleasure that it hadn’t seen in a while. I finally came up for air from Tonya and there Valerie was ready for me to start, and I dove right in, starting at her thigh and moving down to her lips. While Tonya and the round fluffy tits that look really good in a low cut top, Valerie had the long titties that were easy to hold and suck with great nipples.

Using You - Part One

fetish Ravisher71 2017-12-24

The idea, that people on the bus that you have caught think you are just coming home from work, when in fact you are going to a rendezvous to have your tits, cunt and anal cavity variously tormented. Content that you are standing straight and motionless with deep focus, I start slapping your tits - lightly and rhythmically at first - underneath to begin with, then the sides, and then the tops. With your cunt filled to capacity, a vibrator on your clit and your ass being whacked with a riding crop, you climax, yanking hard on the chain attached to the clamped nipples of your constrained tits as you do.