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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Whole foot in ass?

fetish garyw 2017-12-24

Not a story, but a request I'm hoping someone can help me out with please. I found a video a few days ago where a woman manages to get her whole foot up a guy's ass, going past the heel. I posted a comment on it that this was the first time I'd seen this in a non-gay video, but then forgot to save it to my favourites. The picture quality wasn't great, and the background was a dark sheet or towel, so there wasn't much contrast between her foot and the bed but as it's the only one I've found I'd really like to get it saved for future "use". Many thanks Gary

The Apartment Ch. 3

fetish Miltone 2017-12-24

Rubbing all of his fingers on her firmly, cupping her silky smooth mound, he felt her spread her legs and he retrieved his hand. His fingers quickly peeled her bra away and moved around to dine on the tender firm flesh of her fully bared breasts, and the stiff nubs of her nipples, caressing them, cupping them, and pinching them. Silently his hand slipped down from her cheek, his fingers falling lightly along her neck, feeling the firm rise of her chest and then down between her breasts. Her hand had worked inside his boxers and her fingers were circling his cock that had now grown long and hard.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 06

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2017-12-24

She looks at me and says "that's a good boy", she grabs another three and pours them onto my tongue, I tilt my head back and all the jizz slide down my throat, they taste good I tell her. Yeah I told him it was to feed to my neighbor, because he is going to eat it in front of a bunch of women at the party next door Wow, I'm thinking the whole neighborhood will know I'm eating sperm tonight. Amy says "well what are you going to do now." Lauren says "I'm going to stick all of what looks like 12 inches of that strap on up his butt." Then I'm going to fuck him with it.

Role Reversal

fetish litty700 2017-12-24

I must have looked a right sight, but Crystal seemed to be enjoying herself and the stockings also felt really good against my skin. "Oh yes, now you really look like my little bitch," she said. I could feel Crystal moving on the bed and suddenly there was something rubbery trying to push into my mouth. She worked her mouth up and down my cock, licking, sucking, and wanking it with her hand. "Aren't you going to suck me?" she asked looking back, "go on, give my cock a nice blow job." I kept on sucking the cock, until Crystal let her imaginary orgasm subside. Crystal took the head of the rubber cock and pushed it against my tight opening.

Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 03.5

fetish Fitnerd7 2017-12-24

Even if I enlarged her pussy and ass (because that's where the second cock would go and Meg knew it), Meg's upper body was no forty inches long, so Laura told me to read her mind, "Can you connect her vagina with her mouth?" Hearing that my cocks twitched and agreed that it was possible even though I had never done it. "Hey, leave shorty here alone not everyone can be looking as if they came out of a fantasy novel," Laura replied while once again approaching Meg on all four and stroking her taught abs and arms. Unfortunately, you will not be able to taste Laura's tits anymore in a couple of seconds since this," I started entering her with my larger pole, "will be coming out of your mouth soon."

A Night of Cum, Cock, and Pussy

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-24

I prefer sexy, dominate women but have recently become a slut for cum, I love to taste the sweet nectar of a hard cock that has been fucking my wife. I finally was allowed to sit down and have my drink but Kim told me to take out my cock and jack off under the table, not to cum just keep it hard. Once his cock is in me he starts fucking me hard while Dave climbs up and presses his ass in my face. I am sucking Dave's cock back to life and he climbs off as Bob announces he is going to cum. I feel her peel off the condom and then she pours my cum into my mouth while I continue to suck Dave's hard cock.

Frances Haddon's Pillow Book Pt. 01

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-12-24

That weird little demon that lives inside me seemed to like this noise, and my face turned bright red as my sex went from merely tingly to wet. Suddenly, as though planned in ceremony, two locked doors to the male and female locker rooms burst open, and in strutted an older boy and an older girl I had never seen. I have bad news, ladies...if you look around you; these are the only boys you're going to be allowed to fraternize with during your time here at Cobham Hall. All three of the girls has been hiding them at the ready until this moment and now there were flashes and clicks everywhere, shot after shot my exposed tits with a boy sandwiched between them, shot after shot of him pulling back sheepishly, hair tousled, shot after shot of me blushing redder and redder, my humiliation growing by the moment.


fetish InYourDreams 2017-12-24

Things had been going well, and now that he had found somebody good looking, great in bed and supportive he wanted to sort out his debts and start their new life together. Max told Matthew again how attractive his wife was and that maybe they could see their way to some innocent fun and provide Matt a chance to regain his stake. Matthew lost the next game too and Max wanted her bra. Max loved that sense of power that allowed him to just sit and play cards and at a word ask a man to remove his wife's bra and they would dutifully enact the scene in front of him, forced against their judgement to do his bidding.

Strip Poker Disaster

fetish godoffapping69 2017-12-24

The girls said nothing, but as Tyler sat down I noticed Elena give Alyssa a stunned but excited look. Elena and Bryce were laughing at my small penis and balls as well, and even Tyler (the obvious Alpha-male of the table) joined in laughing at my misfortune. When we stood side by side, you could see the girls face's change between the look of animalistic lust when they gazed at Tyler's throbbing piece of meat, and the look of disgust when they saw my little penis sitting on top of my blueberry-sized balls. Tyler just stood there, hands on his hips, looking at me as the 4 hottest girls at school all competed for opportunities to stroke his throbbing horse-cock.

Stud-Maker 9000

fetish smallercuck 2017-12-24

"That bitch gets me soaking wet every time," the clerk said before handing the penis sleeve to Linus and leaving the room. We can fix this." She began deftly unbuttoning her shirt with her free hand and Linus couldn't help but notice her heavy udder-like tits. "Here, Baby, you feel Mama's titties while we do our little test fit, okay?" She placed one of the younger man's hands on her soft breast and encouraged him to massage it. The "Stud-Maker 9000" fit the young man's meager penis perfectly and the woman smiled with satisfaction when it was in place. She began jacking the rubber dong like she might a real penis and Linus felt a little faint.

Vanity Fair is really unique!

fetish huntrog 2017-12-24

I've wondered for a long time about all the hype of vanity fair panties. I started with my grandmothers panties who didn't wear vanity fair and then later on I moved onto my mother's panties. Anyway continuing on, recently I decided to buy a of white vanity fair panties. I wanted to soooo badly to just instantaneously CUM-BUST-IN those panties and believe I tried. I tried everything i could think of to make myself cum in those panties. I wanted to cum without using my hands, it felt like the only ejaculation that would do justice. My vanity fair panties are a common style that you see these days.

Help from IT pt4

fetish silklust 2017-12-24

The smile that crossed Danny's face made Charlie feel warm inside, and the hug that he got only turned up the heat, even though it only lasted a second. "No problem, crack away and maybe I will learn something" Charlie said as he rubbed Danny's shoulder, feeling the tension in his muscles "wow you really are tense, you need a massage or something while you work? Charlie stepped behind the chair and placed one hand on each of Danny's slim shoulders and began working the tight muscles in his hands. Danny's shirt was almost off at this point as Charlie ran his hands along his neck and shoulders squeezing out every bit of tension possible, right until he felt Danny tense up suddenly and let out a soft sweet groan.

Getting Kinky with Joanna

fetish realcitykid 2017-12-24

On the way home, you hiked up your skirt to caress your pussy lips through your moist black cotton panties, and when you got home, you jumped your boyfriend and fucked him hard. I so wanted to feel your wet panties sliding against my thick cock as I fucked you from behind. I smile back, and you know I'm fighting to keep from charging you, pushing you back onto the desk, ripping your panties off and fucking you quick and hard. You slip your hand inside the panties and slide yoru fingers along your wet slit as you start to take my length into your mouth.

The Bet reLoaded Ch. 02

fetish jomar 2017-12-24

As Lilla had explained to me before the base was wider at the top than regular breast forms were to look more realistic and hang more naturally, even if the wearer stood on his head, for whatever odd reason that might happen. Then you can look." Lilla handed me a pair of lacy, rose colored tanga panties. Again and again and again?" Lilla stroked me and when I said, "I'm there," she dove down and put the head of my cock in her mouth and jacked me and I came. Trade those pretty panties for this," Lilla said and handed me a delicate lacy thong that matched my nails.

The Pack Ch. 03

fetish Quin 2017-12-24

The silly women took a long time, hovering, preening gossiping while I was slowly and systematically being touched, sexually abused, with Billy opening my shirt to admire and play with my tits over my bra and Edward working my hand over his foreskin while he played inside my pants with his spare hand. When the door opened we would slow down, giving us time to look at each other while we fucked, me with one hand wrapped around Edward's cock, Billy inside me; we would lick tongues, like erotic snakes.

Strip Poker... Gone Bad

fetish skip5236 2017-12-24

My new set of three cards didn't improve my hand, and for the first time I tossed one shoe aside as Tiffany giggled with glee. I shuffled and dealt the next hand, and Tiffany snapped them up with a very slick style that showed many hours of card playing experience. Tiffany took a deep, cheek hollowing inhale from her cigarette, and reached for her drink as she sent a purposeful stream of smoke toward my face. "So I'm going to make $200 for making some loser's dick hard by not letting him touch my body, most fun $200 I 've ever made." She took a long sip on her drink, and watched me stare at her massive breasts.

That Creampie Smile

fetish rick_oh 2017-12-24

I also knew that during intercourse afterward, I invariably seeped inside her between the times that I frequently pulled out and kissed, licked, and sucked on her pussy. When Gina had me accustomed to pulling out several times during intercourse and giving her oral attention, she wanted me, after I spurted inside her and pulled out, to put my face close to her pussy while fingering her to climax. Then, when I was inside her again, giving long slow thrusts, she gave me a seductive making-love smile, and, in a sexy, breathy voice, said, "Rick... That creampie smile is a sign that she is tingling between her legs from imagining my mouth paying fervent attention to her cum-filled pussy.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 03

fetish nylonleglover 2017-12-24

Following Alice's gaze between her white nylon thighs, Gwen lifted the edge of her dress and spread her knees to reveal her tights encased pussy. Grabbing Alice's bare foot from the stone path, Gwen floated closer and guided Alice's naked toes to the warm silken patch of tights covering her pussy. With a whisk of her fingers over Alice's feet, black Mary Jane shoes, like the ones Gwen was wearing, magically appeared in a burst of blue smoke and Alice nearly lost her balance at having a sudden two inch heel. The satin of her gloves, the thick, warm nylon of the red stockings and then the thinner shiny brown tights that hugged her thighs and waist were all welcome sensations and Alice began to draw strength from the pleasure of her touch and the joyful memory that had sparked her appreciation for her attire.


fetish luvgoth 2017-12-24

I tried lifting my hands up to wipe my eyes but they were bound behind the chair I was sitting in. As my vision enhanced I saw a woman walking into the room. My eyes focused on her face as she put a cigarette between her lips and lit up. "I see someone is excited," she said with a smile before taking another drag, then blowing a cloud of smoke into my face. "I want you to hold this dildo in your mouth. My eyes could only stare at the cock penetrating her tight wet hole. Screaming out in pleasure I felt a drop or two of cum hit my face, right next to my mouth.

Finding Travis Ch. 11

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-12-24

Mentally Travis said his goodbyes a hundred times that evening; just as he started practicing saying his "Hellos to Miss Rachel's". As Travis rode in the backseat of the taxi, using the last of Katie's money he studied the familiar roads, buildings and places he knew so well. Travis was about to answer but when he saw Rachel walking toward them he held his thought. Her desire for money was her Achilles heel and it felt good thinking she might start worrying when he didn't show up at her doorstep bright and early; especially because he knew she had already committed another recruit to The Farm. If you had gotten here in the morning you'd be at The Farm by night but since you wanted to be an asshole we're only going partway and do you know what that means?"

Secretarial Duties

fetish konstantine240 2017-12-24

"I'll tell you what...if you can stay extremely quiet while I finger you, I'll give you the best oral sex you've ever had," said Jake, reveling in the amount of control he had over her. Jessica was a very sexual person and loved to make noise, so staying perfectly quiet while her tight little pussy got finger fucked was extremely hard. However, she somehow managed to stay quiet and like Jake had promised, he slid his fingers out of her dripping wet cunt and lowered his warm moist mouth to her completely sopping pussy. Jessica stood up to put her clothes back on, and with a smile said, "Good, does this mean I get to keep my job?" He nodded enthusiastically as he watched her get dressed and leave his office.

The Visit Ch. 08

fetish stateofdenial 2017-12-24

He spent the rest of the night trying to keep from getting hard, but the more he thought about his device the more excited he got. Now would it have been nice to have gotten fucked half as good as I did you, but you weren't able to satisfy your bride like that were you? When I get back and if you've been good, we'll get that thing off you, but for now I think you need a reminder of what could happen if you are naughty." She mocked him with a condescending tone. "Yes. I don't think he realized that all he'll ever be getting for a long, long time will be jerking himself off while I drill him good." Tweets replied.

Lessons From a Family Ch. 02

fetish butt2luv 2017-12-24

Susan turned to me, and after a quick kiss on the lips, said, "I have gotten everything ready, and gotten a good start on myself too." She took my hand a put it under her skirt at her pussy. She moved over my body, stopping to kiss the top of my hard dick, and each nipple. Just continue and enjoy." As I went back to stimulating her pussy and clit I felt a hand stroking my dick which had softened some. There I was, on my back, Susan enjoying giving me fur pie, and someone else kissing my nipples, stroking my cock, and fingering my ass. Susan moved down and began sucking my soft dick back to hardness.

Making Him a Panty-Boy Ch. 01

fetish NuPantyBoy 2017-12-24

And he looks so nice in those panties, I don't know why he doesn't like to wear them outside of my room. This is going to be a great day, my little Panty-Boy is getting a day he will never forget and I'm getting spoiled today, what could be better? I hand my Panty-Boy my bag and step into the car, he closes the door behind me. He goes to the cashier and the clerk is kinda cute but he was checking my Panty-Boy out the whole time. "First things first, before you get started, know that you are the slave, I am the master, you will obey every command I say, if not five smacks per fault, Do you understand Panty-Boy??"