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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Coming on Melanie

fetish SweetPrettyAss 2017-12-24

Although she was eager to get a second fresh coat of semen on her face, she was deriving a great deal of carnal pleasure from what was already there and the cock of the younger Hood brother felt fabulous as it plowed in and out of her pussy. As any man would, he felt great about having the hot redhead come while he was fucking her, The edge was somewhat off his horniness but he continued slowly plunging his cock into Melanie's wet pink hole, knowing she would climax again, as he would, but there was no hurry about bringing that about.

The Peewee Club

fetish helena2525 2017-12-24

Samantha was a compulsive masturbator and could enjoy at least six orgasms during the ninety-minute session and, by arriving with a full bladder and then drinking plenty of water while she was there, she was able to both start and finish the session with a pissing exhibition. The monthly 'Guest Night' doubled the number present as no girl had difficulty in finding a man who was turned on by watching women pissing and masturbating. As far as I, whose imagination spawned "The Peewee Club" in the first place, am concerned, I can only close my eyes, imagine I'm a member and just let myself go, soak my panties and enjoy the ensuing orgasm through the warm piss...

Submission 7

fetish subseeker 2017-12-24

Using her hands to gently pull my head toward hers, Beverly began a long and sensuous kiss, thrusting her talented tongue into my sucking maw. She gave her mom the most evil and lecherous glare as she proclaimed, "Mommy dearest, I'm so fucking hot that I want his cock in my pussy right now." She pulled me forward and launched her open mouth at mine, driving approximately one mile of tongue down my throat. Bev nodded her agreement, turned to her mom and said, "I've decided that you're going to be punished by Tim. There will be no discussion about this. "You're right, of course mom." She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry baby, your cock and my pussy will just have wait.

A Lesson From His Boss

fetish clarf 2017-12-24

Shawn reddened as he remembered the lewd comments Williams had made at Kate's photo, how he said she looked like she wasn't getting fucked properly and that she'd be much happier if she had a real man satisfying her. The interns had left long ago and Shawn had sat alone at the back table with their belongings watching his boss laugh with his girlfriend, taking any opportunity to touch her hair, face and back. Shawn was nervous again but Kate was looking forward to a fun evening chatting with Jim. When they heard the doorbell ring they went to the door together to greet him. Williams brushed past Shawn without taking his hand and walked to Kate, taking her by the waist as he bent low to kiss her cheek.

My second visit to a swingers club (true story)

fetish HisMeg 2017-12-24

I think he was surprised when he discovered how wet I was, or maybe it was the lack of panties, because he looked up at me with a huge grin and exclaimed “You’re a good little slut aren’t you!” I was embarrassed for a moment because I liked that a stranger had his hand on my pussy and was calling me a slut in public, but then I realized that he was only telling the truth so I smiled and nodded ‘yes’. “Well,” I thought, “at least that makes room for Mr. BC to put this perfect cock in my pussy!” I let the cock slip from my mouth and looked at Him. He turned to Mr. BC and said “Your turn.” You aren’t going to believe what happened next.

Steven Takes a Chance

fetish pinkpony2 2017-12-24

She pushed me to be more creative with the fantasies until I had been shaved and dressed before her friends only to be presented with a real cock and forced to beg to suck it as his friends were brought into the room; been made to beg for that cock on threat of being stripped of my wig in front of my ex-girlfriend; and then after begging being informed that instead of sucking the cock I was to let that guy fuck me in front of the group; and then being taken out with just Jennifer and my ex - and being forced to admit that the idea of sucking cock turned me on so much that I would suck more than one off if they let me suck one.

The Man From The Matrix pt.7

fetish 42Limey 2017-12-24

Within the reach of a second Gabe swung the door open, realized something was not right as the lights went on and got a bit of a shock when everybody yelled “SURPRISE!”. Gabriel didn’t understand and kinda worried about which secrets she meant, but then she continued with a sweet smile on her lips, “If I’d have know what a nice guy you really were, I’d have made sure you were treated better… more personally.” It also didn’t look as good on her as it should; she was more of a jeans girl… Or naked girl… Gabriel quickly dismissed the thought and went to meet her at a table near the window, where she was drawing a lot of interested looks and one wolf-call.


fetish 2017-12-24

Part of my job as personal secretary is to do all of the personal correspondance for the Mr. and the Mrs. so I knew this was going to probably be a pretty big party, they sent out over 20 invitations, so if everyone showed up, over 40 people. The Mrs. wanted to know if I thought that I could actually walk around among the guests and fill glasses, since we were going to be outside, it didn't matter if I dribbled a little. She was carrying a carafe with her and just announced to the people near us that I was going to do my best to fill it, there was a little bit of laughter and a small audience watched as the Mrs. held the carafe under my pussy and I finally emptied my bladder.

Ann's Art Project Ch. 04

fetish qexiqex 2017-12-24

Ann was still a bit miffed by how Sue took advantage of her, how her friend used those hurting boobs for her own project instead of helping with that mold. Soon, Ann had to strip naked and climb into her column again, with Sue happily assisting her to get everything in place. "Finally I get to see how those rollers work," grinned Sue as Ann pressed her large breasts against the tight holes. Sue took special care to squeeze some of the stuff between Ann's tits and the rims of the openings, so that the replicas would be big enough to be fixed into the holes.

Trish s first gloryhole visit

fetish cummm_junkie 2017-12-24

I kissed her mouth, her neck, her shoulders and worked my way to her wonderful tits as she stroked my straining cock. I gripped her hips and now I slid my throbbing cock into her, churning the cum inside her as I fucked her hard and deep with need. She drank deep of the cum from the cock in the wall before I came, then she held it like a handle, not letting it go while I continued to fuck her. On entering our room I tore her coat off her, threw her to the bed and began licking the spilled cum from her face and tits as we both worked off my clothes and proceeded to end the exciting night wonderfully together.

You're Going to Eat My Load Today Gay

fetish 425olds 2017-12-24

Matt leans in very close to me, his lips right next to my ear, and he says in a very low growly voice, "I'm here to make my final claim, boy. "Fuck yeah, look at that little ass, crawling on the floor, my boy, for his man. Fuck yeah, your bubble butt looks so good pushed up in the air like that." Matt keeps up a string of verbal commentary as I crawl up the stairs. Part of my groan is that I haven't been able to touch him at all and the need is burning inside me to feel him against me, to kiss him, to please us both pressing our bodies together.

Living With My Plug: First Week

fetish margaret_jenkins 2017-12-24

"Hold your buttocks apart now, Mom. I'm going to ease your butt-plug out from you and I want you to try to close your sphincter as I take it out." Each morning she took a sample of my stool and put it in a container and then wiped me clean and gave me in a fresh, new pair of my panties, putting he worn ones in a ziplock poly bag and labelled with the date. For the next minute she teased my labia and then, having felt the first new secretion, pressed my middle finger hard on my clitoris and then plunged two fingers of her other hand deep inside my slimy, wet love canal.

Some Like it Rough

fetish Da_Klown 2017-12-24

"Not this load bitch!" I said roughly, "this load is for your pussy, if you are good I'll let you swallow the next load" She didn't seem to mind and she again closed her eyes all the while moaning and still stroking Robs half hard cock with one hand. She reached under and began to rub her clit while Rob fucked her in the standing position, she was moaning loud, and the humming her moan was producing felt quite good, I could feel my cock slowly coming back to life again and I think Krystal could sense that too because she began to suck a little harder.

Carol & Jen's Goodbye

fetish Kessler 2017-12-24

She looked at me and said, "I can smell you're cum and I want it all over my face." Carol lowered her face pressing her right cheek against my swollen head as Jen used her hands to guide it along her skin. Carol's tan skin felt smooth and supple against the head of my cock as Jen guided it down the side of Carol's face and across her pouting full her lips. I moaned uncontrollably each time Jen stroked my shaft and pressed the head of my cock into Carol's face. I look like one of those porno women." Jen finished off what little cum I had left in me by rubbing the head of my shrinking cock against her beautiful shapely calf.

Leak Ch. 04

fetish NastyPierre 2017-12-24

"Miss Paines," Thelma said in a somewhat calmer voice, as Laura took and held the frame in both hands. Am I making myself clear?" Thelma moved her face closer to Laura's and raised her voice again. "Rule number three: I may never..." Laura's words broke in mid-sentence, her mouth falling open, eyes darting to Thelma's. "Miss Paines," Thelma bellowed in a voice Laura would come to fear. Note this well young lady, I mean business!" Thelma caught Laura stealing a quick glance and continued the assault. Miss Paines!" Laura found Thelma yelling in her face, the words hitting her as gusts of hot wind. Thelma moved quickly to stand over the cowering figure, as Laura's hands touched the warm cheek.

I'm Not Dead Yet

fetish Tony155 2017-12-24

The first fireman took out his rescue blade and slashed the straps of the seatbelt away from Kim. Her limp, mangled body fell into his arms and he gently began to pull her out. The doctor handed the chart to one of the nurses and began to examine Kim in much the same way as the medics had by checking her carotid artery and her wrist. Kim walked with them and without thinking, tried to stop them by placing her hand on the shoulder of the older nurse. Not able to bear looking at them, Kim closed her eyes during the time they were there, but it broke her heart to hear and feel the grief and sorrow pouring from their souls.

Good Girl

fetish missperception 2017-12-24

He then took his index finger from her clit and proceeded to push it inside her, pumping it in and out, feeling all of her wetness drip down on his hand. He took the opportunity to look at what he was experiencing….the sight of his very shaved wife in her knee high socks and shiny black shoes, her pony tail still swishing behind her was enough to drive him crazy. Her hands reached up to grab the arm of the couch behind her head and she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she came on him, squeezing his dick so incredibly hard, which was enough to send him off.


fetish YankyPanky 2017-12-24

this guy instantly starts acting like a monster just surprised him, with exaggerated face responses, backing up, waiving his hands saying "NO no NOOO your cars fine man fine fine i promise. Standing in a tomb of parking structure having this wild ride the last 4 minutes, this "oh wow" moment had my head swimming - i replied "I dont know, i like a certain type of women. With authority i simply raised my hand near my face and made a spinning motion with one finger and raised my eyebrows as i dipped my head from looking at her man to looking at her.

Cara On the Couch

fetish Madabouthair 2017-12-24

"Oh," therapist Latisha Baker said as she looked over her horn-rimmed glasses at the visibly angry woman. "As best I could but I still couldn't resist myself sometimes, especially when she was wearing a blouse with short or baggy sleeves," Cara detailed, and when the therapist looked confused she went on. "Would you like to see it?" Cara eagerly offered, and after Latisha shrugged the librarian wasted no time in removing her blazer, and after setting it aside unbuttoned her long sleeved blouse, her fingers a little shaky as they went down the row. It must be so uncomfortable," Latisha noted, pointing at the way the band dug into her skin near the fold of Cara's arms.

Used By A Couple

fetish 2017-12-24

We got to know each other on a first name basis, Tina Michaels, and myself, Paul. As if sensing my acceptance, she opened her mouth wide, and slowly swallowed me, all the way to the base of my dick, with my dick going down her throat.I tilted my head back, and she looked up at me, "You enjoying yourself?" I nodded, "Oh fuck yes". "Paul, if you are going to fuck my wife, I want you to treat her like a dirty whore, a cum dumpster. I heard Mr. Michaels grunting, so I looked over and saw him jerking his cock. Tina noticed this and yelled to him, "Does it turn you on to see your wife's pussy filled with another mans cock?

The Animal Trainer Ch. 03

fetish Paris Waterman 2017-12-24

Jenning's and his Black assistant, Tiger, whose real name was Educe Nagoya, walked into the production meeting exactly on time. Jennings raised his arm again and brought the flogger down against her pussy, and then a third, each harder than the last, each driving her further, lifting her higher, until her body betrayed her; the intensity of the pain tripped some subconscious mechanism and after one last pathetic scream Aggie passed out, slumping to the floor like an abandoned rag-doll. She was also highly aroused, for watching her daughter demand lash after lash had put her in a spot she never thought she would be; she wanted to hold the flogger; to administer at least one lash across her daughter's ass; and she also wanted Jenning's and his friend to fuck her senseless.

Changing It Up

fetish Gudzinya 2017-12-24

She walked behind me and released the cuffs from my wrists, leaving my feet bound.  I pulled her panties out and she sat back on my lap and I put my hands on her waist, pulling her in and kissing her lips, still hard.  I pulled her close, sliding my cock into her pussy once more.  My motion was still inhibited, I let her thrust against me, my cock still throbbing.  I did my best to push inside of her, and I felt her release another orgasm and I let my cum flow out once more, deep into her body.

A Letter to My Mistress

fetish poboy789 2017-12-24

Pain shoots though my nipples, cock and balls. The slightest move, sends pain from all parts of my cock and balls. Now I take the white candle, again dribbling the wax on my chest, nipples, down my stomach and onto my cock and balls. My chest, stomach, pubic area and cock and balls are painted with red and white stripes of wax. Alone, naked, painted with wax, impaled by the plug I ask aloud: "Please mistress, please let me suck your cock." Then, I open my mouth, stretching wide, slide my tongue out and bring your cock to my mouth. Then I began stroking my own penis, as I increased the tempo of your cock in my ass.

Hot Armpits

fetish revol 2017-12-24

Stacey groped below, felt and held him, he held her shoulder tight, and buried his face in her smelly armpit...mmmmmmmmmm...what a strong and pungent smell...As her fingers were playing with him, he bit on her armpit hair, and pulled them hard, then released. Their bodies were being held tight by each other, lips locked, Stacey playing with him, and Jack putting his fingers in both her armpits and pulling the jet black hairs in her armpits. Tight body squeeze and swaying went on along with armpit kissing, sniffing, licking, nibbling, biting and spitting-in-armpits.... Then he brought out his tongue, and gave each of her smelly armpits big long licks for hours on..wetting them with saliva, and savouring the smell of sweat plus saliva.