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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Suzy; poodle

fetish dustybit 2018-10-02

His face hardened somewhat as She sashayed over around the large desk to sit daintily on his lap and She raised Her skirt just a little to reveal just an inch of black stocking tops He blushed ever so slightly and She become aware only too soon that he was rising within his trousers at Her closeness. "I am sure You are aware how much You mean to me and the extent to which I care for You, and as such I have given Your last request a great deal of thought, but before I give You my decision I would like You to explain Yourself and Your question Suzy." As he spoke he rose from the chair and ran his hand over his bald shaved scalp.

Blackmailing the Queen Bitch

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2018-10-02

They swanned into their large, swanky offices in the late morning, making calls, seeing people and calling all the shots, the admin and support staff worked away downstairs in cramped grubby offices, only going upstairs to answer a help call or when summoned; every time I met one of these women if was damn awful - they were so superior and arrogant, treating me like I was nothing and yet they were so beautiful and desirable I wanted to crawl and grovel before them for their favour, the upstairs office was like a fantasy sexual dream world, they wore the most expensive clothes, the sound of their killer heels even drifted downstairs, making me thicken with lust and lose my concentration.

Ass on the Menu

fetish Buttsmoocher2002 2018-10-02

It wasn't much in the way of plot, but a nice jiggly fat lady was sunning herself in her back year when the peeping neighbor came over and pretty soon he was pulling her thong aside and pushing his face between her fleshy ass cheeks. "Hmmm, someone seems to like the sight of a young man licking a big lady's ass, eh?" Taking a hint from one of her other DVD titles, I asked, "Does mommy want a tongue up her butt too?" I licked closer and closer to Sandy's lovely asshole and when my tongue grazed it for the first time, she shivered and pushed back against my face.

Park Life

fetish muckyboy 2018-10-02

As he pulled his panties back up, trapping the load of warm, sticky come in with his cock and balls, he heard the cistern flush and the door open in quick succession. Alan stood proudly before his new lover, cock stuck out hot and hard from the sexy, shiny satin panties, the black holdups gripping his thighs, his balls sticky and wet from the earlier load of stranger's come. He lifted the waistband of the panties up high so that all of Alan's cock was inside and his balls were tightly encased in the soft satin then started to lick along the length through the cloth, stroking his hands up and down the stockings and onto his pantied arse cheeks.

That's What Neighbors Are For

fetish MoJoeJuice 2018-10-02

it was three years ago Sean and Karel Burns moved in the neighborhood next to the newly married couple, Jerry and Susan Evans. Susan told Karel all about the promotion while Jerry was the more quiet type just so that he can enjoy being in the moment with his friend and neighbor, Sean. As Susan crouched down on the side of the couch to use her mouth for Sean's cock, Karel was sensually stroking Jerry's cock and said to him While Karel had her legs pressed up against Jerry, Susan was working her magic, pressing her wet tongue as she slide it up Sean's shaft and gently kissing the tip of the head while gently sucking up his pre-cum.

My Little Secret

fetish jeffrey123 2018-10-02

I use my wife's clean silk pantie to jerk off with while smelling a pair of her soiled panties . It becomes a challenge to see how many times I can get her to wear the same cum stained [ by me ] soiled [ by her ] pantie . In the middle of the night I sometimes get up - go to the bathroom - put on her soiled pair over my head so that I can smell her soiled crotch & jerk off in the crotch of the the clean pantie . I rotate the stock [ I have a reserve of hidden soiled panties that I have stollen from her hiding spot ] on top of the clean ones .

Giving What She Needed

fetish thick9 2018-10-02

As we kissed, played and worked our way into what I thought would be a great sexual encounter she warned me if I made her cum she would make a lot of noise and wake her mother who was asleep upstairs. With tear filled eyes she laid me back on the sofa, climbed over me, sat her cum drenched pussy on my face and while devouring my dick promised to make me cum real good only, just not to spank her too hard. My girls butt was red and very hot from my whacking when she took all of me down her throat, hollered bloody murder around it and came again as I whacked her as hard as I could on her now beet red ass cheeks.

A Bondage Story

fetish spice16 2018-10-02

Once implanted, I wrap a very long piece of rope around the top of her waist, then knot it behind her and pull the ends over the wide circles of plastic where the two openings used to be, the middle of her triangle of trim fur, and finally over the top of the waist line. From there, the ends travel their separate ways in a V to her ankles, which are bound so her legs are bent at a slight angle, then they are tied to the brass posts at the foot of the bed, leaving her pinned and spread in just enough discomfort to pass the coming hours productively.


fetish WFEATHER 2018-10-02

Valiantly, she struggled beneath him, her face reddening, her breath raspy, her eyes trying to roll back in her head, her chest heaving futilely, yet being chained to the bedposts, all she could do was writhe between his clamping legs and try to maintain her focus upon his gentle, enraptured smile as he dipped his head downward to kiss her painted lips while maintaining the constant pressure on the ribbon encircling her vulnerable neck. I could almost see myself again straddling this woman with the piercing green eyes and the bleach-blonde hair, her alabaster chest a stark contrast to my well-tanned thighs and her reddening face, the ends of the wide black ribbon curled around my fists, her lips moving almost futilely.


fetish thejanus 2018-10-02

Eventually she got used to the lifestyle of a vampire and didn’t think twice about jumping on any man, woman or c***d to suck their precious liquid, taking their lives to prolong hers. Felix advanced toward the bed, put one knee on it and he was about to pull away her hands to reveal his woman’s quasi naked body when, in a flash, Victoria emerged from behind the curtain, grabbed the sabre and severed Felix’s head which fell to the floor with a thump while his body collapsed forward onto the bed, spewing its bl**d all over the linens and the young woman who let out a scream at the sight of her husband’s decapitated body falling towards her.

All My Christmases at Once Ch. 02

fetish HenryWilcox 2018-10-02

"Hold on," Emma shouted, "we'll get to them in good time..." And with that, she reached under the bed, pulled out a cream pie and hurled it at me from across the room. As the filing started to slide from her face, it dripped onto her dress, and continued the work begun by the custard. I came up with a bottle of strawberry syrup, a dozen eggs, and an erection that was more than visible to Emma across the room. Emma was delighted, she had her eyes closed, a huge grin on her face, and I could see that her nipples were starting to stiffen against her dress.

In the Dark: Darleen's Revenge

fetish Scalia 2018-10-02

December 1, 2010: Gave a lecture at "Women's Empowerment: Women Helping Women in the Work-Place." Met Ms. Alicia Keys, Attorney at Law. At the coffee and Danish meet and greet afterwards, she asked, "Well Darleen, if your husband set this whole thing up to punish you, where did he get the money? Part of the plea agreement included no criminal charges against his wife, Louise Ingalls." My lawyer tells me that Ken will serve the entire 15-years since there is no parole in the Federal system. January 15, 2014: BPI News Report: " Former local businessman, Ken Ingalls who last year plead guilty to criminal tax evasion and drug trafficking was killed today during a riot in the yard at Scottsboro Federal Penitentiary.

Linda Ch. 02

fetish ableoneable 2018-10-02

When he saw the movie I was going to rent he said; "Your mom already picked that one." He then gestured at Linda, who was still looking at other titles but clearly had my movie in her hand. As we walked out of the store I asked, "Okay Linda, what the fuck was that about?" She just smiled and continued to her car where she placed everything in the trunk. You're thinking about me fucking my aunt Linda, aren't you?" I said smiling at her embarrassment. Linda looked up at me, gently took my hand and placed it in the crack of her ass, all the while continuing to blow me. "I know you have wanted to fuck me since you were in high school." Linda said, playing the role well.

Pamela the flat chested- time to think about her

fetish mrnaglee 2018-10-02

She thought back 25 years ago when she finally got a 15-year-old guy to ask her out for the first time in Pamela was already thinking this might be a mistake, letting Dave drive her parent’s car, but she was That night, fifteen minutes into the movie, Dave began to “make-out” with her and his hands started to As his two friends in the back seat watched, Dave started to feel Pamela’s ass and tried to mouth as his friends laughed encouraged Dave's behavior. "I told you I would let you guys have some fun with her," said Ricky. "Yeah, Ricky, I remember her from high school," said a voice. "Ok guys, time for some fun," said Ricky.

Life Of A Submissive Male Slutwhore

fetish Anal Slave 2018-10-02

Shela works as a drag queen down at the club, Sheila looks like Pamala Sue Anderson big tits nice ass or I should say nice ass-pussy, but Shela has something Pamala doesn’t she has a nice 12 inch cock, she calls it her long clit it is very functional and gets real hard, my wife loves to make me and Sheila have sex, she will make Sheila lie on her back with her legs in the air then she will insert my cock into her she-male asshole I will then bent over and suck Sheila’s 12 inch she-cock into my mouth easily.

Why be Yellow

fetish MSTarot 2018-10-02

And then, not caring that his friends heard, I dropped the bomb, and asked if he would like to maybe have sex with me afterwards. By the time I turned the car into the driveway I was painfully hard just from thinking about what was coming. When my shorts dropped to the floor I know he was looking at my cock, judging if I was going to hurt him. Kevin forgive me please, I had to." Looking down at the hole I had just made I felt the tip of my cock twitch and then a thick drop of precum feel to land on the sheets. Despite my hard-use of him, he gave no protest when I cuddled up next to his gorgeous yellow head, and fell into a sexually exhausted sleep.

A Company Man

fetish John41inTX 2018-10-02

A note in front of the Champagne said, "Thank you for attending, good luck in the year to come!" I laughed, opened the bottle, poured it into the glass, toasted the company, and drank the contents. I felt a hand press the back of my head and my mouth was moved to his cock. A voice behind me said with some humor, "Now suck it, Jackie" I started to refuse by not opening my mouth. As I did, I picked up the cloth napkin and was going to wipe some of the jism off my face and body, when the CEO told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to remove it.

My Sex Doll Came to Life

fetish AndyPanter001 2018-10-02

At the time I was working a pretty menial job and didn't have much of a social life, and so my nights were typically spent alone, watching tv, playing video games, eating junk food, and, of course, masturbating. I just hoped to god that it didn't come in some big box that said "Bill's Sex Doll Emporium" or something like that. The whole day just seemed like it was building up to that night when I would fuck my doll again. I felt like a beautiful girl was in my room wanting to cuddle up with me and go to sleep after a night of intercourse. I realized that I needed to take a long, hard look at myself and reevaluate my situation, and so, sadly, I broke the news to Samantha.

A Friend in Need Ch. 03

fetish theprince 2018-10-02

Prince held Kalie's hands tight and thrust his hard cock into her wet pussy. I WANT TO PUNCHFUCK THAT CUNT TILL YOU SPEW CUM AND PISS", he screamed leaning over her body and fucking her like a horse. The loud wet hard fucking sounds drowning the muffled screams of Lisa screaming "BREED ME" into Kalie's cunt. Lisa could feel Prince's cock slide deep inside her cunt. The sight of her husband pumping her friend's cunt like he didn't care and the feel of her cunt rubbed all over Lisa's face made her horny and desperate to cum. Prince pushed his cock in deep inside Lisa's cunt and held it in there, pushing his body deeper into his wife's best friend.

My boyfriend (story)

fetish Extreme_Insertions 2018-10-02

The one man came over and took my hand and pulled me behind the counter. All of a sudden he stopped and grabbed my hair and pulled me over to a desk and said bend over and spread your legs. I asked him to stop but he said you need to try a little harder and it will fit. With my hands secured I couldn’t hold the bottle in and he said in a stern voice if that falls out you will regret it. He said to open my mouth wide and he put a huge rubber cock gag in me and buckled it in tight. I got off the table but was having a real hard time trying to walk.

Over Night

fetish potpie 2018-10-02

Monti knew that i would still do him on the side so he and i started kissing then touching then i took off his shirt and had him sit then i took off his shoes and started playing with his feet they were nice and ripe and made me hard monti then gave me a hicky and i massaged his black undies for a bit then went to town on his dick he started moaning and told me go faster and i did and bamm that load was mine so i thaught we were done so i can get to work on the boys but monti started to blow me this shocke rick,lucas and nic but turned then on so then monti started to jerk me off then i said i was close so he put his but near my dick and opend it and i shot right in it.

Beg For It

fetish 2018-10-02

your hot mouth and slick tongue feel good. I pull away, and ask, “you like that?” “You want more?” A ‘yes’ escapes your lips. “That’s better, yes, fuck my dick with your mouth” “you want my cumm?” I hear you murmur incoherently. you moan loudly, but hear me ask: “do you?!” you mutter: “yes!, please!” I nod and allow you to continue to worship my throbbing fuck stick. “Does my little slut need some attention?” Then you feel my tongue dart in between your swollen lips. After you come back to earth, and stop whimpering, I tell you that you were a bad girl for cumming without permission and you’re going to have to pay.

Slut life increases

fetish neilmc123 2018-10-02

The finger slid deep inside my tight pussy and began to fuck me slowly. Dave didn't need asking twice, joining me on the bed as he lay beside me, resting on his elbow as he took hold of the vibrator and began to work the plastic cock in and out of my hairless pussy. "Right now I want to suck your cock, lick your balls and tongue your ass while you come all over my tits!" Dave lay down on top of me and thrust his cock in and out of my pussy, as I placed my thigh length booted legs around his waist, resting my heels on his thrusting buttocks. Dave pushed me forward and took his cock from my ass and pushed it inside my pussy.

More Than Expected (M2M)

fetish Billgh01 2018-10-02

Strong sucking pushed my strangers tongue hard onto the underside of my cock as he bobbed up an down. I was sucking for about 20 seconds and started to lick the head when I was surprised by a spurt of warm cum on the side of my mouth. I kept sucking right through his orgasm and when the flow started to subside, I grabbed his base squeezing the last drops into my mouth. I alternated between stretching my jaw to suck him in my mouth and then licking his head, shaft and balls. As his orgasm started to swell, he pulled his dick from my mouth and announced he was going to cum on my face.