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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Panty Fetish (Part 1)

fetish wolfeye666 2017-12-24

So the first sexual experience I had involving panties was actually with a pair of my cousin Linda's bikini bottoms. I started stroking it up and down, staring at Linda's bikini bottoms, remembering how sexy she had looked earlier. I put the bikini bottoms back on the shower curtain and went into my s****r's room where Linda's belongings were. That night after everyone had gone to sl**p I lay in my bed naked, my hard cock in my hand, Linda's panties on my face. She gave me a knowing smile as she pulled away and I have often wondered if it was because of her teasing me in the kitchen or if it was because of the panties that she surely must have noticed were gone...

Merry Fucking Christmas

fetish PeckerGravy 2017-12-24

My hand reached up under her dress and began to rub her pussy to a frenzy through her black nylons. As I held her with my left hand, my right hand went under her velvet dress, and slid up and inside her nylons and into her satin panties. With my right hand, I pulled my hard cock from my pants and slid it into her with ease and began to rock in and out of her as she grabbed my ass with her right hand. "I'm...I'm gonna cum!" I let out, and she pulled out, taking my cock with her right hand and pulled and let me explode all over her lips.

Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

fetish rotn2 2017-12-24

Mary's pussy started to spasm and she said "Oh god, I'm cumming" and came in a huge wave, I pulled out of her once she calmed down and slid my cock into Vicky and reached over to finger Mary's ass. Vicky was saying "fuck her hard, the whore needs to cum on your cock." Mary pushed back on me harder and faster until she exploded with orgasm. I told Mary to get down and suck my cum out of Vicky's pussy after she cleaned my cock. I brought Mary onto her back, spread her legs as Vicky and I licked and sucked on her pussy and clit causing her to orgasm at least four times.

Husbands revenge part1

fetish 2017-12-23

she got upset that my friend Jimmy and I were going to I had worked with Jimmy about three years at the time I then asked if he liked how my wife looked. Jimmy started rubbing it lightly and since Sharon Jimmy left her panties hanging half off her butt and nipples causing Sharon started to moan lightly, a moan Her moans became louder as Jimmy continued finger- He took his fingers out of my wife and started sliding By now, Jimmy's fingers were covered in her pussy juice surprise, Sharon started sucking on his fingers. Wanting more than a finger-job, Jimmy stood next to my again and with his right hand and mouth he started to

Natural Insemination Ch. 05

fetish Jenny_C 2017-12-23

Specifically, I wondered if Richard's large size might have changed me down there, opened me up, stretched me down there so that sex with any normal-sized male would never feel as intense. "So that's your husband?" Richard looks past me to take a glance at the man sitting on the couch. "Good question," She admits he has a good point, but then goes on to explain how she prefers to give her patients the best possible chance of getting pregnant, and the only way to do that is with repeated treatments. "Don't you want your wife to get the best possible treatment?" The Doctor concludes her point by throwing the question back in his lap.

Nylon Temptation

fetish Bacomicfan 2017-12-23

She then bent down further and ran her hand up one leg, tracing the stocking seam from the back of her heel up her calf and thigh all the way to the support band, agonizingly, erotically slowly. "Since you seem to enjoy my stockings so much, I want you to do something for me," that honey-dipped voice seared into my brain, "I want to feel your lips and tongue caressing their way up the entire length of my stocking seam, starting right there at my toes and kissing and licking their way all the way up to here," she again traced a path up the seam, her finger finally stopping at the support band.

Like a rocket man

fetish incognito77 2017-12-23

Two large double beds lay close together..Dawny wondered if they would even be slept in..The door opened and Dawny turned on her heels...Al was standing there with a big smile...both of them were nervous on their first meet, Dawny approached Al and kissed him straight on the lips...He was taller than she expected, his face was just like his profile pictures, handsome and clean with a glint of danger about him, They held each other for a minute before reading each others thoughts...they went to the lounge area to have a cheeky pick me up...The conversation flowed, Dawny was at ease which was a rarity these days..although she wondered in her private thoughts if Al found her attractive..The afternoon quickly turned into evening and it was time to hit the speed dating night.

Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 05

fetish jpb209 2017-12-23

The burn and stretch was at its maximum and she whimpered in pain and desperation until I finally pulled it clean out and a huge mass of soft stinking shit dropped straight onto Susan's chest, splattering out over her tits and leaving drops and bits on her face and in her hair. Debbie started to sigh and moan as Susan expertly tongues her clit, gasping, coming and licking the shit from her own face as she did so. The two of them looked at each other with lust filled eyes and Debbie put her knee up between Susan's defiled thighs so she could hump her cunt and clit on it and they began to kiss and lick the shit off each others' faces.

Fucking Louise

fetish M_Sirk 2017-12-23

(I remember in particular a cream-coloured, short-sleeved blouse of thin, rough/smooth material, probably silk, which she sometimes wore without a bra, and the specific sensation of stroking her nipples through this material until they grew hard.) At night I'd lie in bed holding her from behind, her breasts cupped in my hands. I can remember feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of menstruation (as I suppose is fairly common) when I first started going out with her, but I soon came to positively enjoy fucking her while she was having her period - the sight of my cock covered in thick, dark-red menstrual blood pumping into her bloody brown-haired pussy; the peculiar, slightly cloying smell of it and the dark, sticky stains left on our thighs and genitals after we had finished.

Feminization Training - Brat Perversions

fetish littlemissbrat 2017-12-23

Miss Brat is the right girl for this mission, to train a crossdressing sissy. Starting this fetish session with a walk, yes, Miss Brat told her to walk around the room like a woman. That’s right, Miss Brat put on her favorite strapon dildo, a big one in pink color. She when down on Sissy’s ass and made her feel the pain of a real cock! Miss Brat is becoming happy about this sissy, at least a little bit happy, so now is time for some face sitting. Miss Brat is merciless now and stops the face sitting, for now, it is time to give a hand to the sissy’s dick. Miss Brat jerks that cock with very strong moves, so strong that it becomes also painful.

From Cradle to Crave

fetish clipperdreams 2017-12-23

I don't really remember the style, if I even had one, but it was short and I had enough wispy ends showing, that she used a man's electric razor to shave them away. I had blondish hair on my arms and legs so I didn't start shaving my legs until close to 20 years old when it turned darker. It was an erotic feeling, and I did enjoy the shaving as well as they sex afterwards, but it didn't turn me on as much as thinking about clippers. So from one day as a kid in a barbershop, to shaving my pussy, to videos and stories on the internet, my fetish evolved into what I write about today.

Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 02

fetish revol 2017-12-23

Ted kissed, licked, sniffed and tasted Valencia's hairy and smelly armpits for a long time. Shoulder licking with long strokes of the tongue, fierce underarm sniffing, biting and kissing soon led to cozy and snug oneness, each tasting and licking the other's armpits, enjoying the tightness and the slow rub. Ted sniffed their fleshy smelly armpits for a long time, then tongued their armpits in turn, kissed and sucked the armpits, and licked their shoulders. Their tongues were dancing in the joint cavity formed by their kissing mouths lustily engaged in a slippery lip-lock, with cheeks hollowed in, while their bodies entwined in a tight embrace.. Then he made them raise their arms, and enjoyed for a long time sniffing, sucking, tasting, licking, kissing their hairy and smelly armpits.

The Visit Ch. 05

fetish stateofdenial 2017-12-23

"It's time to prove to your bride you are committed to my happiness." She put her hands on the sides of his head and pulled him in. Kneel before your bride and take in her cock." She started pumping his head onto her, taking in a bit more each time. Get it nice and hard for your bride." He moved one hand down between his legs and began to lube his anus. Your bride fucking your ass on the first night of your honeymoon." He moaned softly as the dildo brushed across his prostate. "Not knowing who was really getting fucked." His eyes moved from her to the dark balconies looking back at them as he buried her cock within him.

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 05

fetish scatwoman 2017-12-23

"That's it, bitch, suck my cock, I'm going to shoot my thick nigger seed in your faggot whiteboy mouth" he said to me as he looked at her. I looked over at Marcus, whose cock, still a foot long as it hung flaccid between his legs, was completely coated in Chastity's shit, as were her ass cheeks. When Marcus had finally lowered his entire length into me, causing obscene bulging in mt neck, his kinky black pubic hairs tickling my white boy nostrils, I closed and sealed my lips tightly around Marcus's cock and sucked hard, repeatedly, working my tongue around the huge tool. Then, slowly, Marcus pulled his long, huge, thick, rock-hard black cock from my tightly sealed lips, sparkling clean.

Pantyhose modeling part 1 & 2

fetish 2017-12-23

As my legs stopped bucking she let go of me and stood up, helping me pull the sheer tights all the way up and slip on the bra. At the end was a small set of steps, so I climbed up and stood in the centre of the table in front of 6 impeccably dressed men, wearing only sheer tights a bra and my patent heels. “Would you like to come to me flat and have a rest?” she asked rubbing my cum soaked nylon leg, “you can drive home later or tomorrow”, she added with a wink. Sue had slid under my legs and was kissing the crotch of my tights; I could not hold back any more and let the feeling flow.

Tropical Vacation Ch. 01

fetish Drakon66 2017-12-23

At first Jeff thought this is going to be fun, taking the boss up on his offer of an all expenses paid vacation to a tropical singles resort called Fantasies, but as he watched the plane fill up with young single people about half his age, he began feeling mighty old. "Great...Well here we are," Jeff announced as he opened the door to his bungalow, "Ladies first." Motioning Chloe in, he tossed the keys on the table by the door, Randy following closely behind. Randy opened the champaign and poured three glasses, handing one to Chloe and one to Jeff when he returned. Chloe felt Jeff move close to her right side, holding her leg in his hands and gliding his fingers up and down its length.


fetish MonetAA 2017-12-23

I would have loved to have a controlling handful of his stiff meat, but all I needed right then was to know he was getting good and hot. Like every boy I knew, he was more interested in sinking his shaft into my body and violently stabbing me over and over with his cock in various angles until he came, but I wanted to play with him a bit. I know men always think about what a woman's ass will feel like in their hands. To him, I am sure, he was on the verge of finding a woman who liked it in the ass, and realized he had one in his hands.

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 05

fetish TConcord18 2017-12-23

Tiffany was going to be tough, but if I really wanted to win training with Clark was the answer. "Rob, do you know what it is going to be like going against an undefeated champion?" Clark said to me as I climbed into the ring. Clark stood next to me and said, "These are some of the guys Tiffany has defeated. Each one wants to wish you good luck tonight Rob." One by one, each guy came up to me and shook my hand saying "Good Luck" or "Kick her ass, man". Finger fuck my pussy faster Rob!" Tiffany moaned out. I was about to push my dick deep inside Tiffany, when I looked up and made eye contact with Ashley.

A shiny unexpected encounter

fetish lycralatex 2017-12-23

Yes, good day for a swim up here" I manage to get out, trying hard to sound suave. You open the door and I see that you are dressed in a robe - but I also see that on your hands are long black latex gloves - and you are still wearing the kinky heels, but now with black shiny latex stockings. "Does that feel good slave?" you ask as you grind on my face and I can feel things getting even more wet between your legs. You rub on my face faster and faster, you are starting to moan yourself and soon you've got one hand around my cock and the other gloved hand rubbing your hard breasts inside your suit.

Study Abroad Bisexual Threesome Ch. 02

fetish faneuilwrites 2017-12-23

I wasn't attracted to Jack in the way that I was attracted to Jessica, but sucking his cock felt amazing. What Jessica could not have known was that I secretly loved wearing panties since I first noticed girls wearing sexy thongs and bikinis in high school. Jessica eventually slipped my cock out of the side of my panties and started gently stroking as we continued kissing. "Mmm, what a talented tongue you have my sexy little lover girl." I could tell she was getting off on being dominate as much as I was on being submissive. "That's it, baby," she whispered, "now open your mouth and stick out your tongue like a good girl."

My Sister's Panties

fetish MarvinS 2017-12-23

It was a pair of black Terramar high-cut four way stretch panties! Mary even knew about my secret pretend fucks with panties on the pillow. "No, Joe, we are not going to go all the way, but we will give each other pleasure," said Mary as she stopped my hand movement. This time she did not resist when I moved my fingers to push aside her red Terramar four-way stretch high cut panties. On Sunday afternoon, while Mom and Dad were at the golf course, Mary said, "Wanna play the black and red game again?' "Tee hee, Rachel, one of the sorority sisters said 'if your brother is more than eight inches, I want him.' Well, Joe, I measured eight and a half."

Put What? Where?

fetish RonnyJane 2017-12-23

He lets her adjust to the four fingers inside of her pussy for a few minutes, then starts pushing inward, pushing his hand against the resistance of her tight pussy, tucking his thumb underneath his palm when he feels her opening up to receive him. “Oh my fucking God,” she breaths out the words and gets up on her hands and stares down at her pussy. Her body is twisting and moving and arching, with her hands reaching down and gently caressing his arm, then back up to pinch her nipples, and all the way up to her face, then to her side grabbing the gold satin bedspread in balls and her screeching into the room.

Just The Top

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-12-23

He did as he was told with minimal struggling and I realized in my pity he just wanted to touch what I was making him lick and suck, so I finally undid the manacles and moaned my approval as he used those big strong hands to maul my breasts, stroking them and pushing gently together as he worked his head to kiss and gently bite them all over, each motion of his mouth sending another jolt to my supremely sopping pussy. I slid back to my knees and wrapped those now-slick monsters around his sloppy monolith of cock, loving how only he was man enough to protrude from my massive cleavage, loving the feel of his hotness and girth between my oiled tits, loving the tortured groan that escaped his lips as I began the slowest possible boob-fuck imaginable.

My new toy, day 4

fetish ray_zhor 2017-12-23

She replies with bad news, "not happy, my car needs to go in the shop today." Damn, that's not good news. If she is not in a good mood then I don't like my chances of getting release from my cage today. Time to hurry home, I need to fuck my key-holder. If I wanted to get that key off her neck, I'll need to make her cum. She continued to ride my strap-on and rub my dick against her clit as she said, "just leave that ring on, your cage is going back on after you cum." She had complete control over me and my penis, but at that moment I was just relieved to be free from my cage and about to cum.