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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Nasty Slut Ch. 02

fetish theprince 2017-12-23

Lola’s throat goes crazy around Princes cock, spasming like crazy as she howls in pain when Jenna starts to stretch her pisshole open with the wires. For a moment looking like they’re going to kiss, then suddenly a rush of puke sprays out of Jenna’s mouth, covering the sick Mexican slut's face with the mixture of piss, cum, bile, pussy juice and ass filth. As Lola screams from her nipples being ripped apart and her ass being torn open, Jenna grabs Prince’s cock and starts to jerk him off as he continues to rape-fuck her. The total disgusting nastiness of the situation makes her cum so fucking hard that she starts to piss right in Lola's face as she sucks her anal filth from her fingers.

My Sister's Panties

fetish beenthere2 2017-12-23

I also recall many times, after she had left either for school or out with her friends, going thru her hamper in her bedroom, searching for her worn panties. I couldn't swear to it at the time, but it even looked like she had placed one finger inside her panties next to her thigh. Lisa said that my additions to her panties had aroused her so much that she would usually put the dirtied still damp panties back on and finger herself into a shattering orgasm, mixing her pussy juices with my deposits. I came so much that my cum not only covered the small crotch area but ran down around the leg cutouts into the back of the panties.

The Scent Factory Ch. 03

fetish Seabug 2017-12-23

Jack's entire being felt as though it was on fire: the most incredible girl in the world had given him a pair of her worn panties to sample, and then wanted him to fuck the living daylights out of her. "Oh God..." she moaned softly as Jack replaced her panties across her pussy, allowing the soft cotton to soak up her wetness – though he'd have loved to lick her little vagina clean himself, he was a professional now – he had to ensure that Katie's panties were up to the standard. Jack groaned himself as he felt the heated wetness of the exquisite high school girl's pussy against his cock through the saturated cotton of her underwear.

Different Male Milking Techniques for More Control

fetish 425olds 2017-12-23

I have written this guide from personal experience to give keyholders, an insight into how it’s possible to vary the pleasure levels from a shakingly earth-shattering orgasm which will probably be the most intense he will experience, to a hugely frustrating anti-climax without any orgasmic contractions and almost no pleasure at all for the male in question. When I’m being milked, the ‘hollow pleasure’ of prostate stimulation is almost psychologically like a promise of a lot more pleasure to come (if you’ll pardon the pun!), it is utterly delicious in an orgasm denial scenario to be denied any pleasure but to have my prostate drained anyway, thus preventing any chance or orgasm in the next while (probably about 6 hours minimum for me).

Crust Lust

fetish bigsick 2017-12-23

Lying on the sidewalk, torn palms pulsing like sandpapered stigmata, nose and throat burning, vision going in and out as his pulse pumped a deep house beat, Darryl spat and dribbled. Darryl's nausea swelled again just seeing it, and he looked away, towards the two figures watching him. He hadn't thought about high school in a very, very long time, and was astonished to find himself saying "I mean, after you blocked me on Facebook, I kind of..." He gagged and raised his hand to cover his nose and mouth against the overwhelming stench, but she just said "No," in the firm tone with which one orders a dog. Roughly round and surrounded by crust, it looked, he thought, kind of like a fried egg.

Class Reunion

fetish carlyle2 2017-12-23

Even as she giggled aloud with a big smile her right hand was on his cock, gently wrapping her thumb and 2 fingers around it, softly stroking the tiny 3 inch stub of a penis. "I always wanted to try this with a little tiny cock like yours." And she lowered her head and slid her soft lips over the length of his shaft. She never took it all in, but only played with his little cock, licking the base, sliding her mouth up and down the length of it in kisses, then looked up into his face with a big grin. Tom almost had to lean forward to reach with his pelvis, but in a second his cock was inside Kelly's warm pussy.

Alternative Relief Strategies (A 'Story'

fetish DickLover59 2017-12-23

Sighing out loud suddenly, Dennis says: "I knew going into this cuckold lifestyle thing, that I'd likely pretty much out of the picture, with my wife, that is, when it came to sex; and, at first, I really didn't think that would all that difficult to deal with; but..!" That conversation had taken place almost thirty days prior to his current visit, and now, thanks to his wife who had given her consent for Dennis to undergo this prostate massage 'therapy' technique, he was in the exam room, wearing nothing but one of those flimsy exam gowns, and he was laying on his back on an exam table complete with foot supports, or stirrups, as they were also called, and waiting for the ther****t to do for him what had been discussed.

My Sweet Clairette

fetish MrNiceguy777 2017-12-23

That led me to also telling Claire about the last woman I met from the line and how she was into sucking my cock and trying to drink my piss. I reached over and grabbed a small handful of piss saturated snow and said to her, "Now that I'm fucking you I want you to have the taste of my piss." Responding, Claire opened her mouth and I fed her some infused snow. I asked how she liked her first experience with piss and she said that she felt so dirty doing it and that she didn't want it going to my head, but that was one of the best fucks she ever had.

Cuckold Dinner

fetish rocket32 2017-12-23

About that time Jeff commented on Vanessa not having any panties on and how I must feel to know that a stranger was rubbing her bald pussy. Vanessa told Jeff that she was afraid that he would come to quickly tonight and that she wanted it to last a long time. Before she went about her duties, Vanessa told her that she would be fucking all night long with Jeff, and asked her if she knew of anybody that could fill that void for me. She asked if we needed another shot glass but Vanessa told her that I didn't mind drinking out of the one that we had used for Jeff's deposit. As she and Jeff left, she turned back to Carl and told him "he really loves to eat cum".

Female Postie gets a good mouthful

fetish 2017-12-23

When he came I lent out of the van window, intent on spitting my mouthful of his cum onto the street, 'Wait' he asked me, and he reached onto my lap and took the paper bag with the cake still inside it, opening the cake up by tearing it in half, he presented half of it too me to spit his cum into, which I did, flooding it with semen and saliva, then he brought both halves together and said to me, 'Eat it'.

dogging in hawaii

fetish allthewayupinya 2017-12-23

What the fuck, don't get thrown into an alley where there is a horny goth chick, sitting there showing her panties everyday. I shoved my cock back into her throat and started to pump the full length all the way out, then all the way in. The goth girl pulled her head back, looked for her purse and procured a condom. She started to collapse and I pulled my cock out. I looked down at this sex pot, on her hands and knees, panties down around her knees, gasping for breath. I put my cock in my pants and zipped it up right as my friends piled out of the club.

Leather Lusts Ch. 06

fetish candy_2691 2017-12-23

Unless you like being snow bound for a week?" Jack smiled at her. "Jack, how you doin'?" Said the petite brunette waitress, who was built a bit curvy for Breezy to like. After Nora left, she looked across at Jack. "Jack, did you date that waitress?" Breezy asked. "Then don't act like your ashamed of her, and next time tell me when I might meet somebody I'm going to have to put in their place." She got up and walked to the swing doors and went through, Nora was talking to the cook about some blond slut. Jack asked me to marry him, if he wanted little whore like you.

Helena and Bella - Holidays at Helen

fetish clem59285 2017-12-23

All the while they were constantly drinking, Bella knowing that Helena would let her relieve at midnight, and being a bit daredevil with her bladder capacity. Helena put her head dangerously close to Bella bladder, as if she wanted to use it as a pillow, and Bella was already contracting her muscles to the maximum to prevent any leak. Immediately, Bella felt like there was as twice as much liquid in her bladder, an immense wave of desperation pushed her muscles to their maximum capacities to hold her pee inside. While Helena wanted nothing but control a bladder filled with gallons of liquid, Bella wanted nothing but having to handle that same bladder, and possibly "helped" by a friend.

Driven to Distraction

fetish Hobblenock 2017-12-23

A smile grew on his face and he realised that he could even be home earlier than expected if the presentation was done quickly enough.He checked his rear-view mirror while concealing his delight and remembered that he had to convince his clients without making efficiency look like impatience. Her flat chest and short plastered hair made her look like a boy and it made Glen wonder if it was her choice or Nadia's to look that way. Catalina picked one of the alien-looking flowers and began to smile in a slightly disturbed way at Glen while smelling its aroma. She quickly scuttled towards Glen and forced the glass of wine into his hand then began to tastefully arrange the strange purple flower in the chest pocket of his jacket.

Candy Ass

fetish jacktherimmer 2017-12-23

She knows my lust is intense when her anus is slick and slightly moist, the musky taste and scent incredibly arousing after a long day. The tight ring of her anus relaxes as I lick and suck, and she admits me, surrendering to the kinky thrill of my tasting her there. It was somewhat thicker than a pencil and I rubbed it slowly against her anus, the chocolate melting and smearing on the web of delicate wrinkles. Feeling my tongue swirl on her anus, she flexed her pucker and pushed the rest of the candy out into my waiting mouth. Within a minute, we both came intensely, her asshole spasming and clenching my tongue as my warm, sticky cream filled her mouth.

New Doctor

fetish purplepanther25 2017-12-23

However this year, after I turned 18, the insurance said that I needed a new doctor that worked on adults. "I see your sensors are working just fine here." She took her gloves off and pulled the foreskin back again, this time, she used her other finger to rub the tip of my cock, wet with pre cum, and placed the finger in her mouth. I was dazed, my new doctor was topless, my fully erect 9-inch cock in her bare hand and she was asking to suck it. I felt the doctor stand up and when I looked up, she was now between my legs on the table and bending over, my cock was disappearing between her lips again.

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 02

fetish ElRoylk 2017-12-23

Anyway, I think this little situation is different -- Chester is going to be part of the house for the next week, and some of us on the Council prefer to bathe without the presence of a man in the bathroom. "But, I suggest that when Chester wants to use the bathroom, he makes sure to hang his robe on the outside of the door so others will know he's in here. He watched her the whole time, her naked back and beautiful tight behind would look so nice in a few of the ensembles he had in his room...if she were a little larger, and then on her return, her small breasts pointing out from her chest.

Milk Does The Body Good

fetish dakotagirl0 2017-12-23

Steve continued to massage Jennifer’s breasts and doing so her milk started to run. Jennifer could smell his cologne and she could feel the rhythm his hands were making on her breast and she started to feel a tingle between her legs and this surprised her enough she opened up her eyes. When he finally reached the lips of her wet pussy Jennifer moaned and she pushed down on his hand, his fingers easily slid inside of her. Jennifer could hear Steve moaning and could feel his hips and cock thrusting in and out of her hand, sucking harder on her breasts. Steve grabbed her left breast in his hand, lifts up his head and began sucking.

Jamaican Desert

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2017-12-23

The Jamaican woman pressed her warm, fat body against Theresa's back and reached under her arms, cupping the married woman's pale breasts with her soft ebony hands. Theresa moaned long and low as the other woman's thick black fingers parted her swollen labia and rubbed her hard, needy clit. Theresa's wide hips wiggled from side to side, enticing the black woman's fingers into her dripping wet hole and she eased the man's big cock into her hungry mouth. He stopped moving and let his cock deflate inside her as Theresa lapped hungrily at the black woman's pussy. Jeremy pushed his tongue deep inside his pretty wife and sucked a big glob of cum into his mouth.

knocked up

fetish vinney 2017-12-23

I didn't feel nauseous, my breasts got even bigger and about ten times more sensitive, and most of the guys in my school didn't seem to mind screwing a pregnant chick. I knew there was no way I could possibly go without sex, so I decided to go with the kind that couldn't make me pregnant. As it turned out, they wanted to have a baby of their own, only Julia couldn't get pregnant. Apparently, there were countless horny guys out willing to pay a few bucks to watch horny pregnant sluts like yours truly get drilled. I wasn't completely successful, but even though a couple of guys at the club tried their best to knock me up again, I remained baby-free for a while.

Annie & June Ch. 04

fetish writerotica 2017-12-23

And yes, I'm a 36D," June said as Sandy turned from Annie to glance back at June, a perplexed look across her face. "I don't think there are any here, but I might have some in the back," Sandy replied seemingly flustered from Annie's remark on June's breast size. Annie saw the direction of June's stare and turned, meeting Sandy's eyes momentarily. June was getting annoyed, but turned to Sandy and decided to play along, replying, "Good, good, cuz I need it to also allow me to nurse my little one, you know?" She ignored Annie's half-cough, half-laughter fit again and with a sparkle in her eye, smiled at Sandy. Annie and June said thank you simultaneously as they looked back one final time at Sandy.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 04 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-12-23

Absentmindedly, as they chatted away about who-knows-what to the Information Desk receptionist and other colleagues, these female Air Line staff -- most of them wearing hose, and low or medium-heeled uniform pumps -- as if footsore, would perhaps ease a tired and achy foot from their shoe and, slowly and gently, rub the entire length of the sensitive sole of their foot along the top of the heel of their shoe, back and forth, repeatedly. Danny saw that, at the Sunshine Holidays Information Desk, as well as his three former school pals, also standing there was an air hostess. I am Chief Stewardess Julie Davies -- 'Miss Julie', to you, Dawson -- of Sunshine Holidays," said the senior air hostess by way of an introduction.

Christy Ch. 04

fetish zaaz 2017-12-22

“The Empress of Rome challenged the Empress of Whores to see who could wear out the most men,” Doc said affecting a scholarly tone. “If I’m going to suck cock, I want to taste cum,” Christy said. Liz took the tray with the speculum and other devices to Doc. Neils came over to the front of the table, lifted his skirt and said, “Please put this under your tongue for three minutes, and no biting please.” Wanting to be a good patient, Christy took Neils cock in her mouth and ran her tongue over the head. “I’m going to give you a little bit of preparation and then you can give me your urine sample whenever you’re ready,” Neils said.

Wet Punishment: His Perspective

fetish Cyberguy 2017-12-22

I know you are ready to fuck now, and I tease you, pressing my stiff cock against your ass while my arms wrap around you and my fingers slide beneath your black mini to probe your slick cunt. I smile as I see you resort to holding your hand to your pussy through your pee-drenched skirt as we exit the crowd, knowing your actions are drawing the eyes of every guy we pass by. I yank your skirt up to expose your sweet sexy ass and bring my hand down on it hard, spanking you for your loss of control. I quickly spread your legs and slam my cock hard into your still-peeing pussy.