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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Leak Ch. 03

fetish NastyPierre 2017-12-22

Like all 'Paines', Reele's aunt Thelma was provided a magnificent penthouse somewhere in the upper levels of the manor. From some distant place only Reele could hear, the starting gun went off and someone yelled, "place your bets please." So eagerly blinded by selfish desires was Mr. Paines, he didn't take notice of Thelma's twin sons standing in the shadows. As Reele made some last minute preparations, Thelma Rottenbutski, her two boys, along with Fifi and a very saddened Laura, strolled off to Laura's room. After exiting the lift, Thelma found a room for her boys and Fifi, just down the hall from Laura's. Much to Laura's sadness, Thelma decided to occupy Betsey's old room, which adjoined both hers and the boys'.

Tables Turned Ch. 09

fetish mw0212 2017-12-22

Standing in his bedroom, naked except for Miss Sharp's knee high black leather 5 inch stiletto boots & her wrist length black leather gloves that only a few hours ago she was wearing, laying in her office touching herself at his command. An hour had passed & Miss Sharp was reading e-mails, almost unbeknown to herself, she had been lightly stroking the top of her leather boot & tracing a nail up her thigh when her phone vibrated. As they started going through the papers, Jack could see that Miss Sharp kept reaching down under the desk with one of her hands. 'You like my little gift for you then Miss Sharp, or should I say my new Bootslave?' he said, looking down into her big blue eyes.

Desperate Measures

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2017-12-22

So of course she was going to seduce him, if she could worm her way into his life she might be able to keep some, if not all, of her old lifestyle, but she had her back to the wall and wasn't used to being in this sort of situation, however she took comfort from the fact that she'd never failed with a man yet so had high hopes of salvaging something from this disaster. As she ground herself hard against his mouth she put her head back and groaned and moaned in ecstasy as her new slave licked and sucked her; everything was back as it should be, her position and power restored, and her new slave was much younger than the old one had been, she was going to enjoy breaking him to her will and using him to satisfy her needs!

Cindy's House-Sit Surprise

fetish trevorm 2017-12-22

And of course there was the swimming pool, which on a sweltering hot day like today was an absolute godsend after the housework. I don't know what made me do it - intrigue and fascination I suppose, and perhaps the fact that I'm just downright nosey at the best of times, but I pulled all the stuff out and scattered it on the bed and had a really good look. While I'm no expert on the subject, I know bondage gear when I see it - velvet-lined handcuffs, blindfolds, spankers, ticklers - it was all here, including a thing that looked like a leather table-tennis bat. And I'm not so naïve to know that the cylindrical white plastic thing that looked like an electric toothbrush, wasn't actually for tickling the molars.

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 01

fetish LegsAndFeet123 2017-12-22

My feet are killing me!" Janice yelled as she took of her shoes. Janice sat next to me on the couch and put her feet just a few inches away from my right leg. "You said that your feet were killing you in the car, you want me to massage them for you?" I asked. Well, I don't really do anything to them except get pedicures." Janice said watching me massage her feet. "Show me what you would do to my feet, I'm really curious about stuff like this." Janice said, slowly lifting her feet to my face. "Wow, that's hot." Janice said, moving her saliva covered feet from my lips. I stroked my socked cock, thinking off Janice's legs and feet.

Pammy Submits Ch. 04

fetish lawn 2017-12-22

It still looked tailored enough as she lay on her side, head back, legs at an angle and knees together trailing off the couch to the floor, her plump feet pressing against my coffee table. I ran my hand up her thigh loving the smoothness, loving the warmth beneath, loving the look I got of Pammy's flawless skin. Holding my hand on her pussy, I looked again at Pammy's sleeping face. I looked at her up and down, her sleeping face, tits showing from the open shirt, belly, skirt, legs. I pushed her legs apart and, like a supplicant, shuffled up between them to awkwardly lift her skirt and shove my hand under her pantyhose.

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 4

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-22

My wife has been licking on my ass and biting my ball sack but she wants me to save my cum for the sex party. She said stand up and walk, I couldn’t stand up straight with that big butt-plug in my ass so my wife told me to get on my hands and knees and she hooked a dog leash to my collar. My wife scooped up a big glob of Aboline and started working it into my asshole, hell she had her four fingers in my ass in about five minutes I was use to this kind of treatment my wife fist-fucked me a couple times a week my only problem was I can’t cum right now or I will lose.

Nikki's Shoes Ch. 02

fetish DreamerIncolore 2017-12-22

I turned around and walked to the small bench off the asphalt path leading to my dead wife's grave, and I sat down heavily in the heat and humidity of a late August afternoon. I wanted to hear Katherine's laugh again as I gave them to her; the pleasure in her eyes as she opened the box was like that of a child with an unexpected treasure. Thank God she didn't smell like Katherine, because I would surely have lost my mind on the spot. A strangled gasp tore from my throat as I sank into the flowerbed directly in front of the gravestone, and I took her foot in my hands, delicately tracing the straps of her shoes, marveling at how warm her feet felt.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 02

fetish Alfamann 2017-12-22

"Kym," Ben spoke softly but firmly while looking me directly in the eye, "We want you to go into the lounge, undress so that you are totally naked, and stand in the corner you are now familiar with until we are ready to administer your punishment." Quickly I reopened the blind and walked to the corner of the room where I had stood naked for my Mother in Law after receiving a severe spanking. I briefly thought of informing my Mother in Law that I had plans for Saturday night and could we arrange another time, but I think I was wise to keep silent on the matter and instead reschedule my commitments.

Tribute to JerseyBean

fetish 42gary 2017-12-22

You smile an evil smile and tell me I have been good not to scream and that your gift to me will be the release that I desire, you climb on top of me grasp my cock and guide it towards your velvet pussy and slide down my shaft until I am deep I side you rising and falling so I go from fully in you until just the tip is touching g your outer lip you only do this ten times before I explode like a volcano huge great spurts of my hot seed hitting your curvix it is running down my shaft covering my now empty balls you whip your finger over you pussy and get a handful of my cum and slip your fingers into my open mouth and tell me I'm a good slave.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 03

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-12-22

Placing one end at the base and barely pressing into the flesh where it joined his pubis she stretched it, letting it slide through her fingers until she aligned her eye with the tip of his head and read enthusiastically, "Eight and one quarter inches!" Hey I knew you were way above the five and a half inch average. Considering it all, she knew she had to start things off right and determined this would be her position of choice; and it felt so good sitting on him. Delighting in seeing his eyes take in her body lustfully, knowing she hadn't given him permission to touch what he wanted so bad felt good.

The Black Trousers

fetish Mister_Bates 2017-12-22

Imagining it was Jamie's hands rather than her own, she'd reach inside her panties, seek out her pussy with her fingers, and rub her clit hard against her pubic bone for the few fast strokes it would take to make her come. Emily closed her eyes as Jamie's unoccupied hand moved down across her arse and between her legs, insinuating his fingertips along the slit of her pussy, searching out her rock-hard clit. Given what they did to Jamie, it was probable her black trousers would end up spattered in his cum one day soon, but Emily wanted to keep them pristine for as long as she could.

Milking my ex-wife Angelique's huge tits

fetish UNDERTAKER01 2017-12-22

Rick said, yea I was kinda wondering how yall got her to just go along with all this, especially with 4 complete strangers watching it all being done to her, and the way she looks so fuckin spaced out kinda told me she was d**gged up pretty damn good too he laughed! Now I wanted some real money if they wanted to see how we really use and abuse Angelique every damn time we d**g her like this, cause me and Calvin both really enjoy the hell out of abusing my fat ass whore the way we do it to her and the unbelieveable things we f***e her to do for hours and hours....

To Lunambra Pt. 02

fetish Candy19837463 2017-12-22

Marina grasped Baeden's hand and moved it between her legs, letting him feel her moist, warm lips. Baeden stared at her, her small but perfect breasts sitting on her thin chest, her legs squeezed together with a slight bend, one hand pressed between them. Sabina watched, still desperately holding on, as Baeden lifted Marina onto his lap and began rubbing her belly under a loose corset. She bit down hard on her undercoat, silently moaning into the cloth, tears of pleasure sitting in the corners of her eyes, containing a squeal as Baeden pushed Marina off of him, and something white flew from his manhood and landed just inches away from her.

The Unsuspecting Candidate Ch. 02

fetish missvicky53 2017-12-22

First, matching hot pink satin lingerie with white lace trim, the kind a woman wears when she wants to attract attention. At least your clit seems to relish being trapped in slippery satin." Once again, I took some pictures as I continued to document his transformation into a swishy sissy maid. "A proper sissy maid has to have very full petticoats under her uniform." I pulled the petticoats up over the panties and turned again to the closet. "Come here pantyslave and open your mouth, Mistress has a special treat for you." I pushed the panties firmly into his mouth and tied the stocking around his head trapping my pungent undies in his mouth. It's time your were rewarded," I cooed as his sissy clit grew inside the satin panties.

Shopping Spree Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2017-12-22

Plus, no matter what I say or ask of you you are only to want to jack off, this is the only way I'll let you cum and get that pesky disk." You don't want to stick your cock in my steamy hot pussy?" She brought her hand up to her mouth and began sucking on her fingers. Perhaps I'll let you have some one day." she said and then bent over put one hand on her hip and started wagging her finger in front of my face. Once in the house and feeling safe I started to relax, poured a drink and sat down to think things through.

Cassandra's Cum Party

fetish geronimo_appleby 2017-12-22

After the initial shock had worn off - at least his wife wasn't entertaining another man while he was at work - Martin experienced first hand, the dividends of Cassandra's liking for porn. She tried to concentrate on the cocks that were pushed between her lips, but such was the intensity of the sensations that Neil was bringing to her sex with his fast, agile tongue that Cassandra simply let the two men fuck her mouth while she surrendered herself to a quick, sharp climax. Martin groaned when his wife's warm mouth enveloped the tip of his cock and he pushed his fingers through her long hair and pulled the remaining strands loose from where they'd been pinned only a quarter of an hour earlier.

Morning dominance

fetish volleballen77 2017-12-22

Anne got on the bed and I gave her a surprised look, she only pointed at the corner and said 'Crawl!', I got on my knees and crawled to the corner and turned around, she lay on her side, spreading her legs a bit and rubbing her pussy, 'Do you like to watch me do that?' she asked while a finger slipped inside her, I answered with an eager 'Yes!', 'Yes what?' she asked, 'Yes ... But not for long, she sat up quickly and beckoned me to come 'Come here!', I tried getting up but immediately heard 'Uhuh!', a chastising finger put me in my place, 'You may only crawl!' she said, I got on my knees and slowly slided my way towards her but she immediately got up from the bed before I even was a couple of inches closer, she walked towards me and slapped me in the face.

sitting on my son's lap

fetish momandboys 2017-12-22

Since I would be sitting on my sons lap for five hours, I wanted to wear something real comfortable. "Here try this to see if it feels better," I said as I took a hold of both of his hands and placed them on my bare thighs. I kept moving his hand down until I could feel his finger tips just barely touch the top of my pussy lips. "Mike?" my husband asked my son," How are you doing with your mom on your lap?" Mike placed his hands on each side of my hips." If you would mom, raise up some so I can position myself better." I understood what my son was saying.

My newest encounter

fetish 2017-12-22

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’m intrigued to know if you’re wearing stockings,” he said with a smile. Decidedly good looking and clearly very self confident, the guy after introducing himself as Brian, was now asking what type of panties I favour! Then, as I sucked his cock into my mouth I simultaneously eased a finger inside Brian’s bum hole. With his hands on my thighs, fingers entwined in the suspenders, Brian pressed his mouth to my cunt. Brian quickly mounted me, his cock sliding easily inside my very wet cunt. Eventually though, his grunts and groans almost lost in my own excited yells, he came, emptying his balls for a second time but deep inside my cunt rather than my mouth this time.

Sleeping Beauty

fetish Nomean_feet 2017-12-22

In my head I was playing a fantasy where I'd arrived home just 10 minutes later and caught Jenny sat on my sofa, finger fucking her sweet little pussy. If I just ease that top up a little more, I'll be able to see my sis's tits, I thought Feeling oh so naughty I reached down and began to tease the fabric up, my cock stiffened instantly as her huge, rock hard nipples were revealed. I stepped back and slid my trousers all the way down and off, naked from the waist down now I moved in close to Jenny again and began to gently work her body round so that she sat slumped in the middle of the sofa, her bare feet flat on the carpeted floor.

A chance encounter on a walk leads to a ganbang.

fetish DirkDastardly 2017-12-22

Zoe’s skills with tongue and lips aided by a fingering of my bum hole and a final act of her polished nails across my taught stomach muscles tipped me over the edge with such ferocity that a string of cum hit her on the cheek and made her head flinch backwards with its f***e. Now driven by lust Zoe eagerly hand pumped my cock hard and fast taking more cum onto her out stretched tongue. She moved close to me took hold of my hands and commenced to use them to massage the abundance of cum on her body over her tummy and breasts. Beneath us her hands were actively rubbing my cock on her body and breasts squeezing the last remaining droplets of cum from my sac

Cop Fantasy

fetish Justmethinkingofyou 2017-12-22

As you are eating Sara's sweet, trimmed pussy, I go to her and start undressing her, freeing her round, soft tits and begin pinching and teasing her nipples. Sara moves over to me and straddles my head, lowering herself onto my mouth and you start sucking and biting her tits. You begin cumming as she sucks on your clit while slipping a finger into your pussy with my cock. She pauses and takes your clit into her mouth as I push into your ass slowly, letting you adjust to my cock opening you up. We are brought back to the moment as you feel Sara's fingers sliding into you pussy and searching for your G Spot while her other hand starts playing with my balls.

A Second Night

fetish Phased13 2017-12-22

You sit up, bringing me close to you as we both as now naked, and you grab my cock in your hands and bring it close to your mouth, extending your tongue and licking the tip in a nice slow motion, you cup my balls with your other hand, sliding your fingers slowly back toward my anus. As you feel the tip of my finger slip into your anus, you sit up and close your eyes, taking in the sensation of having your clit and anus stimulated at the same time. The pleasure of the tip of my thumb slipping in and out of your anus, the thrusting of my cock deep inside of you, and you rubbing your clit are too much to take.