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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish 2017-12-22

I pushed it into her head on, and sank in a bit, but the shorts were tight, so the gap wasnt as deep as i hoped..I satisfied myself with wanking and prodding her with the head of my cock, and holding it right in her warm cooch gap, then holding it straight up and humping her intermittantly..her round buns felt lovely on my crotch area and i remember wishing she had been in soffe shorts or lycra because with a bum like that i would've even passed up monica if the crack had been truly diggable..

Fantasy Cum True Ch. 2

fetish panty_slut_boy 2017-12-22

You let your head go back down as you cum - I look down to see her smile as she gets up - your juices on her lips. She then comes around and pushes me back a bit and just stands there - her pussy just inches from your mouth and tells you to return the favor. She walks away and asks you how you like the taste - You smile and say it is very nice. She leans over to you and whispers in your ear(ever done a woman with a strap-on) you shake your head no but your eyes light up. You smile and say this feels nice:-) She again whispers to you and you walk over to me and shove it in my face.

Time for a Kit Kat Ch. 04

fetish cashcrunch 2017-12-22

No condom needed because you're going to lick the cum right out of me just like you did for Sharon." Damn it, thought Evan. Fucking Evan ever harder, thrusting her cock into his ass the way she knew he wanted to do to her. Or should I say, good girl." Kat joked as she pulled the dildo slowly from Evan's ass. Kat locked me out here, she's got a bad temper..." Evan's mind was racing, but this sounded good, he might just get out of this okay in Katrina's eyes. Returning what seemed like an eternity later with a pair of track pants and an old t-shirt, Katrina handed them across the short distance to Evan's balcony.

What Sarah Seeks

fetish FizzEd 2017-12-22

The weight training program I'm on raises my testosterone level and my recovery time between ejaculations has dropped down to that of a teenager's, but I've never come that hard or that much." I kissed my way up her lovely body until I found her lips. It makes me so hot, and you won't believe how wonderful we taste together," she said, licking my cock in long strokes and then taking it all into her mouth. She seemed content and satisfied as she lay there, apparently realizing she had finally found what she'd long sought: a pair of strong arms to keep her safe, warm, loved, and free from humiliation over feelings she couldn't control even if she'd wanted to.

94 Julie`s second mistake

fetish alibodge 2017-12-22

So the fourth day when we worked together again after my shift I slipped into his flat on the way home after shopping with a girlfriend, it was the second mistake, as I didn’t ask John my hubby yet again, bravado, perhaps, one sin breeds another, perhaps I was just flattered by the attentions of this virile young man, who knows, it may even just been the shear excitement of illicit sex, I don’t know, but it was what I did. Now I just wish I had told John so he could have appreciated his wife's loose, stretched and very wet cunt full of mine and his cum, but sadly I didn`t it was a great fuck and I got myself off the next morning thinking of it again.

How You Find Out

fetish Spar 2017-12-22

I want Cici to watch you eat your cum for the first time." Melanie looked over, caught Cici's eye and beckoned her over. "So, my Melanie, I can see you've got yourself a new Cum-Boy." Cici slid in next to Hunter, look into his lap and sighed. I want you to shoot big." Cici looked at Melanie and really worked at Hunter's tit. Melanie didn't look but whispered, "Good Little Slut, let it run for me." Dee dropped her hands to the tabletop; spread her own legs and her knees buckled slightly. "Now, share your cum with my baby, Cici." Hunter turned, breaking eye-contact with Mistress Melanie for the first time since this event began.

Corporate Assets (Chapter 5)

fetish wastedaway 2017-12-22

She heard Maria say, "You better relax, chiquita, 'cause if you fight this take-over, it might rip your corporate asset in two." Sandra felt something warm being poured between her ass cheeks. "I think after today, you will think assholes are something to be fucked, not something you call people." Maria went up and down the throbbing cock until its entire length was slick with oil. With that Swarthy began to withdraw his cock from Sandra's ass. Someone held Sandra's head up as Maria turned around to expose her large brown ass. Finally there was a loud wet sucking sound as Swarthy pulled his cock from her cum-filled ass. Another showed her licking Maria's pussy as a huge cock was being shoved up Sandra's ass.

The White Menu Ch. 03

fetish ExtraAqua 2017-12-22

Anne watched in horny fascination as the waiter suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth and shot wad after wad of thick white spunk all over the bride's face. Anne once again felt a warm wetness between her legs watching all those men standing around jacking off their cocks and waiting to deposit their spunk on the bachelorette's face. Anne pictured herself there on the floor waiting for those men to jerk off on her face, and while she doubted that she could actually go through with something like that, she found herself again fingering her wet snatch at the fantasy.


fetish sexy_mama_09 2017-12-22

His dick started to harden at the thought of Chelsea's nipples. I don't have to meet up with my friend until her shift is over, so I thought maybe after work you'd like to chill?" She smiled at him. He'd like a little time to chill. A cigarette between her lips, she took a long drag before smiling at him. When Chelsea finally got out of the truck, he saw she had changed. Chelsea's lips traveled down his chest, over his stomach and to the top of his pants. Chelsea's lips kissed down over his length before flickering her tongue over the head. Soon she was bobbing her head down the length of his hard cock. Smoking hot Chelsea was giving him a blow job.

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 05

fetish k4d0h1 2017-12-22

"I don't know maybe like a year ago," she smiled and asked, "Truth or dare?" "God you are so obsessed," she laughed, "okay maybe like to here." She pointed at the nine inch mark. "Well, I like hearing about your past and when you told me every last guy you ever slept with was bigger than me it has always stayed in the back of my mind." "I mean when was the last time you had a big dick in your pussy?" I smiled. I think you just wanted to hear it again," she laughed watching me play with my little dick. "Hmm..." She put her two finger back inside her pussy and seductively said, "It was REAL big." Is it okay that his big dick fucked me?" she asked.

Diary of a Super Slutty Slut Ch. 01

fetish ThatGirl13 2017-12-22

Working my way deeper I felt his thick head at my throat and began to push him down it, slightly, before coming back up. I pushed back, taking a little more of him this time, but before I could come up I felt his hands in my hair holding my head still. He pushes into me again and starts taking short hard strokes, staying deep inside me, as he reaches my hair and pulls it back. Still assaulting my ass I pull my fingers out of my cunt and a gush of fluid flows out behind them as I cum again. I'm going to cum, turn around and open your mouth, he told me as he pushed me off of his cock.

Surprised after 10 Years Ch. 01

fetish boris8921 2017-12-22

As he turned the corner there laid back on the sink ledge was Alex, dress rolled up to her tummy, breasts hanging out, one of her stockings laddered with Wonder Woman knelt between her legs face buried into her pussy. Adrian fired away a few more shots and then Alex spun around pulling the costume of that athletic 17 year old over her head, thus tying the young woman's arms and blindfolding her. Alex smoothed back down her dress and amazingly despite the toys found a spare pair of stockings which she slipped on, adjusted her, re applied her lippy and stepped out of the toilets, passing to Adrian her cum and saliva covered crotchless panties as she exited.

Dirty Weekend

fetish PRINCESSPERFECT 2017-12-22

I licked and sucked his toes as he groaned before kissing my way up his body, avoiding his cock and balls completely. He started licking my clit and sucking my pussy lips; I moaned and grabbed his hair so I could grind against his tongue. He slid the vibrator inside my tight hole and started furiously licking my pussy. I screamed loudly, my boyfriend still pumping his huge cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy. He spanked my ass and pounded me hard, I could feel his cock flexing and throbbing inside me so I tightened my pussy around his cock before he moaned loudly, pulled out and spurted his cum all over my ass.

Lies: Introduction

fetish fiestyfeast 2017-12-22

My fetish, you see, is what I now recognize to be an insatiable lust for lies, and it is also the basis of my committed relationship with my short, extremely cute, busty, big-assed brunette wife Hannah. She approached me waiting patiently at the table and asked me to order her a drink, and I told her, "I thought I saw you over at the bar taking a shot." As the barman took his sweet time getting the drinks, I looked back at Hannah to find her joined by the stranger. Then she gave me a handjob; she looked into my eyes as she was stroking my cock and told me, "you're the only man I'll ever love." I came immediately and I had to make her cum again.

She's the Boss

fetish Nomean_feet 2017-12-22

'So he has no set workplace?' Nicola's right foot moved up from my throat now to my face, she pressed it against my cheek and gently pushed so that the side of my head was pressed up against the desk; probably inches away from my wife's legs, separated only by the desk. Despite the fact that I heard the door opening and closing, Nicola kept me pinned against the back of the desk, continuing to toy with me; I couldn't speak, she still had her foot in my mouth, but once I knew that Kat had left the room I began to squirm and struggle under the desk in an attempt to get out.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 09

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-12-22

Bobby knew Mistress loved coming home and seeing him excited, not that he needed the blue pill to make that any more evident but there was no harm in making his emotions all but obnoxiously obvious. "Yes. Deb designated Lisa to serve as your mistress in the event of something like this happening." She handed him a copy of the document. On this 2nd Day of August, 2015, I Debra Ashby of xxxx Skyline Drive hereby grant Lisa Thompson of Westlake Texas sole and exclusive rights to Robert 'Bobby' Ashby, my personal and bound slave, in the event of my incarceration, death, or compromised mental health that renders me incapable of reasonably caring for both myself and my said property.

To Russia (filled) With (my) Love

fetish billstew 2017-12-22

& I got to know her a bit as the store is a regular stop for us. Whenever I was in the store without my wife, she (I'll call her "Sasha") got a Sasha blushed a bit, and didn't say a thing for what seemed like an eternity. Sasha is quite a bit taller than my wife - lithe, Sasha took ond deep breath, and she fairly well ripped my swimsuit off. then I nibbled my way down from her rock-hard nipples to her hot, wet pussy to my way back up, gave her a long, hard kiss of my own, and we looked each other No way for me to know if I got her pregnant, but I surely did gave it my best

Suzi's Bitch

fetish urhappyface10 2017-12-22

She parts her lips and f***es my mouth onto her clit and says “suck on it and slide your tongue inside me and suck it some more till I come all over your face little girl”. Suzi looks me in the eyes as she again grabs me by the hair, tilts my head back and slaps my face with her beautiful cock. With one quick tug she pulls it out, grabs my hips and stuffs her strapon deep into my tight ass with one huge thrust, holding it there for a little while as I tense up from the sudden pressure, She says “so bitch you like my cock” I tell her yes as she starts with small short thrusts till I get used to the size of her huge cock.

Her New Voice

fetish 2True4you 2017-12-21

Why does she smile and say "Shhhhhh, baby, it's Ok." when she makes me cum with her hand while I'm begging to be inside her? It's burned into my memory, the countless times she was spread out beneath me with her legs wrapped around me, gripping my ass cheeks and screaming "Harder, HARDER!" "Fuck me! Her hand begins stroking my cock again while she hums a tuneless happy song, like a person performing a simple chore. One night after we left a party I wanted her so bad I sped my truck down old familiar gravel roads, fishtailing wildly around curves, laughing at her screams, begging me to slow down. "Do not look away from my eyes" she commanded and began grinding her pussy on my cock.

Olga's Girdle Ordeal

fetish GabbyLez 2017-12-21

Olga looked over the variety she could chose from- among others, there was a Playtex long-leg panty-girdle, a Ragu open-bottom (with extra garters to prevent riding up), and a sensuous cream-colored Va Bien. She gulped with a "Glug!" With her eyes crossing, her teeth clenching, and a sweat breaking out on her caramel colored flesh, Olga tugged and pulled, first on one hip, then the other. Olga admired the jutting breasts and the smooth belly of her girdled body, noting the counterbalance of her fat rump. The sequence of moans increased and as hard spasms convulsed her body, Olga tore her bound wrists apart and struggled in a rush to unclip the ball-gag behind her head.

tanya rewarded

fetish tanyacd65 2017-12-21

Various videos recorded the slurping, sucking, cum d***k twat Tanya as man after man stepped up to deposit another load of creamy gooey cum over the sissy cunts nose to dribble down her face, her neck, her chest, soaking into her pretty pink bra. A collective groan went up from the gathered crowd of men anxiously awaiting their turn as Tanya's tongue swirled about the black mans massive knob before her slick lips engulfed it sucking him into the back of her mouth. After a couple of gagging thrusts he impaled the now distressed little sissy cock whore on his massive black dick while it gushed an equally massive load of cum into the sluts throat.

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 05

fetish NiceNastyMann 2017-12-21

Alice turns to look over her shoulder, licks her lips and tells Dan "Shit sugar your cock feels good. He looks down at Joe as he pulls his cock out of Alice's pussy. Joe turns towards Alice, getting ready to clean her pussy but she also walks away. "Officially your husband Joe started work with our company a few months ago." She sets her cup down onto a saucer, picks up a folder from a small stack in front of her and passes it over to Alice. "And of course we wish to settle any possible aspect of negligence on our company's part -- please sign this form" Elise pulls out another file from the same folder, "and accept this settlement check from us for an additional seven hundred fifty thousand." Alice is reduced to staring at Elise -- and almost trance like takes up a pen and signs the form.

Silk and Steel

fetish sinnersedge 2017-12-21

With that thought, she lifted her mouth away, raised her hands to his and allowed him to pull her from the floor, standing on shaking legs, she whispered huskily that she thought the bedroom was a wonderful idea, but first, she needed her things from the car, and since she was more presentable than him, she would slip out and do just that, she didn't wait for his protest, she dashed out the door and retrieved her bag, long dark locks mussed, her dress in disarray and yet, she still was more together than him, with his shirt torn; how "did" that happen, and his jeans open and baring a very aroused member.

Fun Contest

fetish SlutAurore 2017-12-21

We exchange our phone number, and I tell them I go to their flat one night this week ... I prepare a little game to do with guys : A little contest between guys to determine which can fuck me. I prepare myself, with just the red swimsuit from the pool, and a coat (above knees) (weather has cool down so need more outfit), heels and my balls. I tell them I'm not here to talk, but to fuck. Sit on the sofa, I suck them hard, then handjob them. So the first guy get 2 point (no need a third game). So I return home, naked under my coat, by night, with balls working in my pussy, and my red ass.