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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Spanked on the way home from Vegas part 1

fetish barebottomboy 2017-12-21

I admitted I did well, she said naughty boys aren’t suppose to enjoy being spanked keep stroking you’re little penis till I get back. She came back from the cab of the truck with her little penis whip in hand and said stop masturbating. She then started using the penis whip on my exposed anus it stung but again was very erotic I would move and she would tell me to stay still finally she stopped and said don’t move. But maam nothing as she released her grip on my hard on and spanked my bare bottom with her hand several times while saying you promised anything I want and I want you plugged and bare for the rest of the way is that understood.


fetish Janebabe 2017-12-21

I was to sit on it facing the room, with my legs open for people to see my shaved lips and my tag, while the direct view on my cunt was even more faciliated for everyone since I was sitting elevated on a bar stool. There were two gay men in leather outfits with chains and bare chests who dripped hot wax on each other's bodies, exchanged deep kisses, and in the end one of them took the other one's cock in his mouth after having taken one good sip from a champagne glass. My chain moved and I looked into the face of the tall guy who had bought the little slave girl who was sold first.

My wife and her s****r

fetish tripnmike 2017-12-21

As I made my way up kissing her belly stopping to run my tongue in her bellybutton then licking and kissing all the way up to her breast as I took her left boob in my mouth I reached down and slid my cock into her she let out a moan as she cummed right then so I started kissing her neck and ears . Just like they had planned so me and dawn start fucking when I noticed my wife had come in the room she had sat in my chair opposite of the sofa she just had her night shirt on she was rubbing her boobs as she slid her hand down and was rubbing her pussy as she was watching me fuck her s****r.

Obsession Ch. 02

fetish Amyfriend 2017-12-21

"Well it certainly is preferable that you keep your obsession private, I'm not judging you but if you got caught or charged with Public Indecency again, it would be very serious, you do understand that Judy?" I also tried to talk some sense into him, I asked him what it would take for him to stop crying out for attention and after our marathon hotel session that day he felt that he no longer needed to Flash himself for at least a week or more. Our long discussions eventually shifted to more personal things and I met him several times for coffee then one day he invited me to his apartment for supper. "I do strive for perfection, if the man doesn't cum then the evening was a complete waste of time."

Belle stumbles across a dungeon. (Part2)

fetish flynn888 2017-12-21

"Belle come here I've got a gift for you" belle stood up and moved closer to Ben. He reached down to his left and picked a thick black leather collar. "It's time for you to thank me for your gift belle" Ben pulled belle down to her knees with the metal ring on the front of her collar, he then turned round with his back to her, he bent over and reached between his legs and pulled belles face into his arse. Belle felt her pleasure increase she knew she was close to cumming as her pleasure reached a crescendo belle began to gush covering both men in large squirts of her juices.

Guess ...about who is this story???

fetish 2017-12-21

I can see my hands wanting to explore all of your sexy body as you lay next to me...the visions of my hands pushing slowly up your our lips are still locked in a lover's embrace... I get locked in trance as I watch your hips rise and down on your soaked finger-tips...while you suck on me...letting your soft round lips put on a show...for my hard cock to desire... I'll look down as you watch lustfully as your wet pussy lips open up for me...gently tracing and coating my hard veined shaft with soaking juices that are sensually squirting with desire to saturate me...

Favourite Fantasies #10

fetish hard_for_yu 2017-12-21

I stare; I can’t take my eyes off that deli-cious cunt, for covering it is my come, not the white, milky substance I’m accustomed to seeing, but thick, golden fluid. As I lie there, I feel her lips and tongue moving over me, sucking, kissing, licking – it’s marvelous) After teasing my nipples, she slowly kisses her way down my chest and stom-ach to my crotch. After many days and nights of loving, my wife tells me that when she swallows my come it creates a fantastic urge to fuck or suck me about a day later. 3. After kissing her tits, she drops to her knees and pulls out my prick and makes love to it till I come all over her face and tits.

By the Light of the Moon

fetish sylvialamb 2017-12-21

Leaving my right hand tickling the side of her left breast, I scootched down and laid on my side, my face level with her belly. Then, without warning, I stopped using my nails, and just let my fingers rub her softly, my right hand on her breast, my left on her abdomen. Suddenly I changed my mode again, and with my left hand still in her panties, I began to tickle her breasts and ribs with my right hand, all the while keeping my tongue dancing deep in her belly button. To encourager her, I slipped a finger inside her as moved my right hand downwards, mercilessly tickling her belly as my tonque quickened its pace.

The Modest Submissive

fetish ChandraFudge 2017-12-21

Everyone knew she belonged to him, she was his precious little doll, dressed in a low cut button up blouse, with a lacey bra peaking out the top, a short skirt that revealed a naked bottom with every bend, sheer black thigh high stockings held up by garters and a pair of heels that added just the right amount of height to her small frame. As he thrust his hand into her, he felt her whole body go rigid, she glanced around at the people nearby watching her being ravaged by her Master, a small look of fear flashed across her face. Finishing up he slowly pulled his cock out of her ass as he came, spilling his cum out of her ass and onto her legs, watching it drip down her body.


fetish 2017-12-21

Sub already knew what to expect as Mistress noticed his usual submissive crawl towards her. Mistress swatted Sub's ass and he knew that she wanted him to assist her in getting it in. Mistress grabbed one from the brief case then she turned off the vibrator and just left all twelve inches of that thick plastic stuck inside Sub's ass. Mistress got up and noticed the submissive fear in sub's eyes. Mistress then pushed Sub onto the tattered bed and the dildo went further up his ass and would now require some work to be removed. "I will eat it later, if its okay with you, my Mistress, but what about the vibrator?" Sub asked her.

Pan's Labyrinth Pt. 02

fetish LawrenceLover 2017-12-21

She found it extremely sexy to gag on his cock, and he seemed to love it too; a delicious, guttural moan escaped him as she swirled her wet tongue around his balls before she finally jerked her head away and gasped for air. Damien was squirming and moaning in delirious heat and Alyssa's body felt like it was on fire as she heard him whisper her name over and over as more pre-cum dripped out of his beautiful cock and he ground his hips in cadence to the hungry lapping of her loving tongue. Alyssa moaned and brought her A-cup breasts to his mouth; Damien quickly latched onto her right taut nipple with his full lips and flickered his wet, luscious tongue against the hardened nub, lavishing her sensitive skin in exquisite warm heat.


The Cuckold Life

fetish cuckytoher 2017-12-21

I'm sitting outside a restaurant wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose and a cb3000 chastity device waiting to pick my wife and her lover up after their dinner date. PJ my wife and I were on a cruise and relaxing in the hot tub when we first met her lover Les. He wasn't your typical bull like you read about in stories or see in videos. PJ said she was going back to the room to get ready for dinner and Les asked if we'd like to come to his suite for a drink before dinner. Les got out of the hot tub and said he was going back to his suite to get ready for dinner and make sure the place looked presentable for us.

My BDSM awakening

fetish misterdaytime 2017-12-21

It started with a long passionate kiss standing next to the bed, the kind where you hold each other tightly to feel as close as you can while you French kiss, only pausing to stroke her hair, which in the last stroke of her hair, I reached behind her head and took control of her by grabbing some of it, not in a rough, violent or painful way and most certainly not in a meek or uncertain fashion, but in a certain, smooth and controlled way that made her know I was taking charge. When she was good and secure, I started to touch her randomly, taunting her with my words, "did you learn your lesson", "you want to taste my cock, don't you", "oh, the good little slut likes me to pinch her nipples", all the time teasing her as I said them.

Heather Left Me in the Bathroom

fetish twiddershins 2017-12-21

I was drunk and totally turned on, even though I just came all over myself, so after cleaning the semen out of my underwear and my pubic hair there in the stall, I waited, noticed no-one else was in the bathroom, and started jerking off as quietly as I thought I could. She was like a sentinel, sticking her butt out in tight jean shorts, pouty lips and cocked pinky finger awaiting to show me my full shame. And Heather shouted into the bathroom door, "Have fun jerking it with two fingers, little boy!" I groaned in surprise as I came again at the realization-- totally sudden and unexpected, almost instantly on hearing her say "two fingers" and "little." A fresh peal of laughter headed out the bar.

Coincidental Encounter

fetish rrspence2002 2017-12-21

Conversation at the table was hectic for awhile but George was able to determine that Alana was a published writer whose publishing earnings along with a sizeable payout 10 years ago, recompense for the death of her husband and the loss of her right leg just above the knee, today earns her a respectable income. That seemed to work for about 4 months but then I started having problems and in the end, about 6 years ago, I had to have a re-amputation here," she illustrated by pulling up her skirt fully exposing her long shiny loaf-like-thigh of a left leg.

Taking Care of Business Ch. 01

fetish CheriSM 2017-12-21

Mr. Gibson plopped her onto his desk and continued to run his hands over her legs. She felt his hot, most mouth through the hose as his tongue worked her toes just as if they were her clit. He wanted Marcy to get under his desk and give him a blow job during the meeting. Mr. Gibson stood and shook his hand, taking care to hide his throbbing cock pressing against his pants. She swallowed the full length of him, pulling back slowly, leaving just the tip of his cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the width. The two men were done with their meeting and out of instinct, Mr. Gibson rose to shake hands with Mr. Lewis. Marcy tried to act professional and shake Mr. Lewis' hand.

step s****r

fetish pcarter 2017-12-21

So we know you like to wear my panties and bras and mom's baby dolls, but we need you to get your own so we don't have three girls looking for two sets of clothes. I looked at Beth as she took my hand and gave me a confident smile, lets pay the bill and then go somewhere to talk We are not going home because we are buying new panties today, so get ready. Beth went on with I don't have a problem with you wearing my soiled panties, actually I love the idea like a lot of girls do, but you had to lose the body hair.

Election Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-12-21

They'd originally intended to vote two hours earlier, upon returning from work, but had taken one look at the queue outside the polling station and thought better of it. Although they were slowly getting closer to the polling station, the queue remained a long one and Barnaby glanced anxiously at Adam, slipping his hand down to his crotch, as he did so. Not waiting to get his ballot paper, Barnaby shot off to the gents toilets, unzipped his cock which had quit all attempts at holding back the tide, and peed hard for a good two minutes into the long metal urinal. "No. I'm sorry sir but it's just gone ten o'clock and by law you've got to have the ballot paper before ten if you're to vote."

What's Another Week?

fetish stateofdenial 2017-12-21

She would stroke him and tease him right up until the edge and then let him cum, but that wasn't good enough for him. "I don't like to be bothered with your inability to hold back your cum and since you've ruined a pleasant evening for me I think it's only fair to add an unknown amount of time to your denial period." If you move; we stop and you'll have to wait some more." Before he could respond she started rubbing her clit with his cock. Your cock feels so good." He bit his lip as she continued to pleasure herself with his shaft. I bet it's even harder when I do this!" She started to wriggle her hips as her vibrating fingers found the base of his cock.

Taylor, Gabi, Creampies, and Me!

fetish sharingissogood 2017-12-21

Taylor was asking me all sorts of questions about the things I would do, and Gabi was reading the emails, getting hotter and hotter thinking about all the things she might be trying for the first time. I was in a hotel room, naked from the waist down, still dripping wet from a shower, watching this man fuck his wife like a porn star. In a move that I figure they must have pre-planned (and maybe practiced!), Gabi swings her leg and waist over me in such a way that she is over my mouth before Taylor's cock has had a chance to slip out of her body. Taylor was laying on the bed, clearly enjoying the sight of another man eating the fluid he just pumped from his own balls, eating it from his wife's well fucked hole.

Slut For My Wife

fetish Glenda100 2017-12-21

Ok, I had to wear pink panties and other female clothing and had to endure hours of ball stretching just to keep her amused but that was fine. That first time he came to the flat he laughed at me in my little apron and pink panties. He pulled me onto his lap, held my legs apart and closed his hand around my cock and balls. "He'll give you a blow job if you like Rob," came Karen's voice from the bathroom, "I'll be a while yet." Karen then emerged looking sexy and available and he pushed me away, shoved his cock back into his trousers and stood up. They left together, Rob's hand on Karen's arse.

Financially Dominated and Cuckolded

fetish johan26 2017-12-21

Brad gave me a big, shit-eating grin and said "hey buddy, long time no see." It turns out Kristin's "friends" were Brad and his guy buddies. Kristin had a glow about her face like she had been freshly fucked and the smell of sex filled the room. I simply nodded yes, humiliated that Kristin knew I had a small penis, and devastated that she made it clear I would never be fucking her. I tossed and turned all night - my thoughts alternated between dreaming of Kristin getting fucked by someone else and going down on her afterwards. The money I had spent on Kristin wasn't going to change my life but I knew I was on a slippery slope and resolved to stop.

A Sissy Shopping Trip Ch. 01

fetish cwsissy 2017-12-21

My wife, Cindy, and I were in the bedroom getting dressed for a party at Tim and Karen's place. Dreams of shopping, parading around in my new purchases, trying on everything in sight with salespeople helping find just the right thing and Cindy encouraging them the whole time. "Nice," she said, "But you're going the wrong way." At my look of confusion she pointed out that Tim and Karen had borrowed our car for party preparations while their was in the shop. I bent to pick them up and felt his hand on my ass lightly rubbing back and forth, "Looks like sexy panties you're wearing.

Sweet Love Male Multiple Orgams

fetish 425olds 2017-12-21

I turn my head to give you more access and arch my back against you, feeling my nipples harden against your chest. Turning my head side to side allows my hair to caress you softly while I kiss and lick my way down your neck to your nipples. I kiss and tease each nipple, biting them gently and flicking my tongue across them until you moan and arch your back, grabbing my hips and thrusting up into me spontaneously as you pull me down tighter around you.  I feel how close you are so I pull all the way up and crash down over you, clenching uncontrollably around you, feeling your penis grow to incredible proportions just before you explode inside me over and over!