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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Sarah Ann Ch. 08

fetish Volock 2017-12-21

Her pussy gripping my cock in orgasmic fury set me off, I pumped cum into her while grunting in her ear. "Yeah, that was a good start bitch." I pulled my cock out, spilling cum down her pussy lips. Pinning her down with my body, I slid my cock back into her cum-soaked pussy. I could tell when I saw you, you're a fucking whore." I pumped my cock in her as I grunted my words in her ear with a breathy cadence. Our bodies slammed together in manic passion, I felt my balls tighten up and I buried my cock all the way into her quivering pussy. I felt my cock swell and explode, the feeling of my cum spreading through her pussy set her off.

Texas Heat: Temperatures Rising

fetish Sabrina Leigh 2017-12-21

In the living room, I stood before him with my eyes lowered in submission and he took the proffered paddle, scooting out to the edge of the sofa so that his long-muscled thighs provided a perfect platform for my punishment. So with my long dark hair hanging down like a curtain around my face, my hands flat on the floor, my legs spread wide, my gorgeous round derriere pointed up in the air, and my throbbing mound pressed against his hard thigh, I braced myself for my punishment. Still over his knee in my most vulnerable state, the breeze through the bay window doing little to cool my blazing ass, I said, “Thank you for my spanking, sir.”

A Fantasy Night Exposed Ch. 01

fetish tfrah 2017-12-21

I had agreed to dress up in my wife's clothes and let her tie me to our bed and leave me alone, bound and helpless in our bedroom while she went next door to entertain one of her new girlfriends from work. With my arms tied to each bed post I could do nothing to hide how embarrassingly aroused I was - nothing to hide how much I really did love being dressed up as a girl nor how excited I was by the possibility that at any moment my wife might open that door and let some unknown girl walk in and see what a dirty kinky sissy slut her husband really was!

We're Creampie Cumsluts

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-21

I love to get down and suck the cum out of Carol's asshole and pussy after she has been well fucked by a group of men. I love to insert my cock in her cunt after she has been well fucked, and to add my cum to her already wet cum filled pussy. I love to eat anal creampies I am an ass-licking slut I never can lick enough smooth shaven assholes of both men and women. Right when he starts to shoot his load of cum Carol puts her sweet lips around the head of his cock and I jack the cum into her mouth, she loves the taste of cum.

I've Gotta Go!

fetish Mhaile 2017-12-21

"Wait," I gasp, placing my hands on his bare chest, slowing my movements to his thrusts. "Pee?" Geoff chuckles, slowing his movement. "Just relax," he says, his fingers sliding inside me, massaging gently, making my eyes flutter closed. His fingers glide in and out, nudge past my clit, knead my taut bladder, causing intense pleasure and pain as they move. Then with shocking embarrassment I realize Geoff's fingers are still buried inside me and I am pissing all over his hand. He makes no attempt to pull his hand away, continuing to massage and caress me with his fingers instead, ignoring or (ohmigod!) enjoying my squirt! His hand between my legs holds me up, fingers pushing deep.

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 23

fetish sarahloveitt 2017-12-21

Emily licked the shaft with her tongue and wiped her lips along its entire length until the cock was completely empty, rolling the tacky juice round her cheeks, savoring the sweet taste. And, feeling sorry for him, rather flirty, and distinctly horny, she put her arm round his neck, took his right hand and gently guided it into the top of her blouse, pushing it against the warm of her body and pressing the softness of her breast, bending over to kiss him on the lips at the same time. With his hands now grasping both her young breasts, squeezing and caressing, John was concentrating his mind on the heavenly feeling of a soft, hot mouth paying homage to his cock, assisted by a small hand slowly jerking the lower end of the shaft.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 03: Conflicted

fetish Absweat 2017-12-21

Eugene, the same nerdy young man who would feign a belly ache to get out of playing in a shirts vs skins basketball game for the fear of being seen shirtless in his wimpy days, suddenly developed a love for gym class. His testosterone was raging, and he loved, no he LUSTED for taking chances and putting his body on the line physically, in fact just thinking about it gave him a raging hardon, just like he got when he put his abs through merciless sets of weighted crunches. He loved fantasizing about girls, and he longed for that right time in his life to have a hot girl to make love to like any straight male his age does, but he now found himself interested in guys as well.

Another Night of Wrestling

fetish Fred1177 2017-12-21

A woman named Sue that I worked with offered to get me in the next time they had wrestling set up and that maybe I could get my rematch that way. Two women from work, Marie and Ashley, were going to go at it. Marie is a stout-looking woman with short dark hair. Marie punched her in the face several times and Ashley's nose and mouth were bleeding. Marie pulled out several handfuls of Ashley's hair and literally kicked her ass. Rebecca ran up behind him again and this time she reached up under his ass and grabbed his low-hanging scrotum. Marie grabbed a handful of blonde hair and just punched her repeatedly in the face.

The Weekend Ch. 07

fetish jsg1966 2017-12-21

I obeyed and you immediately pushed my head down, the strap-on going deep into my mouth and into my throat. I gagged a bit for a few seconds before you released my head from your grasp and I pulled back. I took the strap-on back in my mouth and started slowly moving up and down the shaft. I started licking just the head, then sucked on it a bit. "Be sure to get it all over my cock -- I want to see it all glistening." I had been paying attention to the shaft, but moved up to the head and rolled my hand all around it too. And then I felt the head of the freshly-lubed strap-on pressing against my asshole.


Just a lil something

fetish ieatpussy96 2017-12-21

Tongues entwined with one another as her hands slid down my arms and her fingers locked around mine. She closed her eyes as I slid my hand up and down her body from her shoulders to her ankles. Her legs started squirming to escape the intense pleasure, but would only cause her to open her legs wider then close my hand between her legs making that attempt a failure. Her fingers wrapped around the bars of my bed as her legs wrapped firmly around my shoulders to fulfill her need to grab a grip on something. I kissed her gently to comfort the insecurities that she pushed out bit by bit with each breath and breathing in a new sense of freedom and confidence.

Nocturnal Anal Stimulation. A Study

fetish suppleWriter 2017-12-21

Nocturnal Anal Stimulation in Orgasm-Denial Relationships - A Study The purpose of this study is to investigate nocturnal stimulation of males in relationships where their orgasms are controlled. For example, substantial time (and privacy) may be required for prostate milking, and for the repeated stimulation of the male to the point of orgasm (but not beyond). anus, anal, denial, tease, chastity, prostate, milking, sleep, unconscious, nocturnal, emission In addition, the control aspect is often supplemented by 'tease and denial', in which the male is stimulated close to orgasm, but is prevented from obtaining relief. For those who employ tease-and-denial techniques, unconscious anal self-stimulation can be used to increase sexual tension, and change male behavior.

Cowgirl Ch. 06

fetish ZotDragon 2017-12-21

What she had drawn on my butt was a stylized version of my husband's initials, set up to look like an old style western ranch brand. I never saw myself as the type of person who got tattoos done, but then again I never expected to hop into bed with my husband and another woman or to be nursing both of them for their and my sexual needs. Which is how I wound up back at Marie's tattoo parlor once again, my skirt on the floor and my bare butt exposed to the discriminating eye of Ian the tattoo artist. "Calm down," Ian said, trying to relax me, but I was in too much pain to hear him. She wanted her tattoo to look like a brand."

Cuckold couple Discovers

fetish Subscurious 2017-12-21

“ Well, that s not really see I was afraid you wake up so I went to the living room with your laptop and I wanted to watch more porn on your website But when I opened I saw on the top of the screen under video a tap “Recommendations” so I clicked on it.” At this moment Marc didn t really know how to react, he was also a very jealous men in real life, so it was really hard for him to listen to his loving girlfriend talking about cuckolding, but at the same time it was the fantasy he masturbated about for the past 2 years almost everyday several times a day..

Guilty Pleasures

fetish 2017-12-20

I said "fuck this I'm going to have my cake and eat it to" I pulled the blankets away from Jenny and turned the light on beside the bed and just looked at her young body for what seemed an hour but it was more like 2 minutes. My fingers were working over-time at this point on my own clit as my licks became more agressive and deeper A half hour must have passed with my head between Jenny's thighs and one orgasm for me but I wasnt done yet! Well any way, I had to see what Jenny's feet looked like so I lifted her leg just a bit to remove a pink sock from her right foot.

Pammy Submits Ch. 03

fetish lawn 2017-12-20

Pammy rummaged through the sacks pulling out the flouncy white, gauzy, button up shirt with long sleeves and a high collar and a black business suit. Pammy stood and drew them up both thighs one at a time pulling the nylons into the right place. You just want to look at my legs,' she said but there was mischief in her eyes. She laughed out a good belly laugh while I was remembering Pammy and I naked under one blanket and the other couple under theirs both couples trying to fuck and calling it an orgy. She started to rock her legs back and forth, as she watched the effect on my face as I looked at how that motion exposed the back of her thighs and showed a bit of ass.

The changing

fetish andygone 2017-12-20

Cleverly, she had done this over the course of a few months, reducing my ability to cope without her, having us masturbate together, then having me cum first on her tits, and having to suck on her tits whilst she came from her vibrator, too varying my humiliation by fingering my arse, too slapping and squeezing my balls as I came, till it had become a nightly ritual were she donned her strapon and fucked me whilst I came in her hand, having me lick it from her palm, or smear it on my face, or suck it off her cock, or eat it from her pussy. Now I have a question sissy: Do you want to eat the cum or fuck my pussy with your little clit...I mean cock?'

Got Milk? - Delilah & Mac Ch. 04

fetish Little_Mac 2017-12-20

With a last giggle, Mac makes his way to the last seat on the far left the back of the room, with Delilah taking the second-to-last seat in front of him. Delilah quietly sighs, and slowly (but definitely surely) slides her right foot out of her flat completely, exposing her pantyhose-covered toes. Mac can only sigh with satisfaction as Delilah finally crosses her right leg over her left. She allows it to relax itself and gives Mac a clear view of her crossed leg, the arch of her foot tucked into her white flat. Delilah's flat begins to slip off her toes slowly, her leg bouncing away in a now calm manner.

Roster 2 of USL Female Wrestlers

fetish USLMAN 2017-12-20

While Mira went to college, Anna stayed in the wrestling league, enjoying every match she had brought forth. Yami is rather kind and wishes to have both her and her opponent enjoy a match, Naomi looks solely to dominate her opponent, enjoying every second in control. Not long into Yami's semester however, the sisters received a letter from the USL, asking for them to participate in their league. The two hastily signed up and went to prepare for the league's start, having a delay as they trained in different types of wrestling styles. But when Naomi is working, Yami doesn't wish to participate, enjoying the bonding time with her sister.

Vicky is a Handful

fetish clark_kent 2017-12-20

He ordered one and then asked, "and for you miss?" Vicky slowly licked her lips and said in a heavy voice, "I'll have a slo comfortable screw." As she ordered, Vicky placed her hand on Jake's leg and squeezed his thigh. As soon as Jake got onto the main road, Vicky turned to him and said, "I have to return the favor." With that her head shot down and she whipped Jake's cock out of his pants. Let me see you fuck me with your fist." Jake just kept pumping as Vicky met each of his thrusts. "I'm gonna cuuumm Vicky." She pushed back hard and squeezed her ass around Jake's cock so he couldn't move it.

Married Lady Visits Father

fetish leggykathy 2017-12-20

"I love you Kathy, and I also love your sexy long legs, same way like your mother's, or even more, because I seen yours as you grew. As soon as the full length of my long legs were exposed to my Dad, I noticed his hand was moving under his sheets. Look what you have done by just exposing your sexy long legs to me." He said. I had my leg lifted up, fully exposed for my dad to enjoy up close, while I continued to gently stroke his cock. I tried to ignore Roger and started a conversation with Dad. I couldn't help but notice that his cock was too soft, and yet he stroked it continuously while staring at me.

Legal brothel

fetish badboy4320 2017-12-20

To start with, I wanted a big girl, in sheer black pantyhose to give me a show, and then sit her clad ass on my face. She quickly turned around on top of me and started grinding her pussy against my cock, thru a layer of nylon, of course, and smothered my face with her huge tits. Pantyhose barrier or not, her pussy lips and clit rubbing against my throbbing cock made me want to fuck her right then and there. She grabbed me by the dick and pulled me back to the bed, laid me down, and mashed her big wet pussy in my face. Humping away at her felt pretty good but I still wasn't sure if I'd be able to cum from her huge, wet, stretched out pussy.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 14

fetish Thorilla 2017-12-20

It was clear however that the 'night was still young' as far as these long legged beauties were concerned and it took little time before Eloise moved up the bed and swung a leg over my head, so that my face was pushed firmly into her derriere. No one seemed to be awake, and next to me I felt the heavy breath of the two sleeping girls, their faces and long hair in my neck and over my chest. Another pair of legs appeared over my upturned face, up came a pale blue nylon nightdress and another derriere was firmly lowered onto my mouth and nose.

Piss Holding, Gay and Lesbian

fetish richfun 2017-12-20

Roge can usually last longer than me, maybe the whole atmosphere of suspense and excitement go to him; although I think at that moment he just wanted to be watched peeing himself when fully clothed. I was getting desperate and felt myself getting hot and my breath coming in gasps I wanted and needed to pee; but I also wanted to prolong the delicious feeling of holding. A little rashly I felt sure I was going to win, Liz was holding her crotch with one hand and gripping Max with the other, her face red , showing tension, concentration and pain. Soon the girls were swapping piss from mouth to mouth, while I took Roge's hard cock lovingly into my mouth...........

One for the Road

fetish alcyon1977 2017-12-20

"Not till I'm done." "She slid slowly up and down my rod, moaning and telling me how good my cock felt in her. With a shout her body tensed, and I felt her pussy spray around my cock, soaking me. I gave her several minutes of a good licking, and then I pulled back and began working her panties slowly down her ass. I pounded her ass as hard as I could, thrusting my rod deep into her body, while my thighs slammed the twelve inch dildo in and out of her. We just stayed like that, me pulling her onto my cock by her hair, my hand on her tits, ball deep in her twitching ass and a twelve inch silicon cock buried in her pussy.