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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish hotRobertXX 2017-12-20


Not So Gentle Way - Kagami Biraki

fetish grgy56 2017-12-20

Her hand squeezed my balls tightly, not enough to hurt, but firm enough to let me know how close she was to coming. Marc, Mona's husband raises his hand. I slipped a hand under the table and between Mona's knees. I looked at Mona as I stroked her naked pussy lips. "Yes, he thinks no one will know and makes him hot to think that I'm dressed like this in public and that he'll get to fuck me when we get home." Mona explained. When the music stopped, Mona tried to go to the ladies but I made her return to her seat and sit in the wet mess dripping from inside her.

Bad Girl Ch. 03

fetish meridith 2017-12-20

"You wouldn't have minded if I did that in public?" Marty asked Walt, a surprised look on her face. I did notice that Mark paid almost no attention to the fact that Marty was baring her breasts, just like he never really reacted to me doing that. The gym was fun, Marty worked like a dog trying to get rid of her tiny little pot belly, but she was also addicted to ice cream cones so that was a losing battle. I will wear a very short little dress, I will let the good Doctor look right up between my legs as he sits in his chair and I lie back on the couch.

married my young son

fetish starlight8998 2017-12-20

I turned my head and so my son smiling as he jerked of the big veiny black cock, he puts the dick back into his mouth once it was nice, long and wet, and sucks on it hard, his long shiny blonde straight hair moving around, the pink hair grip on the side of his hair letting it go to the back of his ear making his whole face visible to the face fucker. I watched my son...well, husband...actually, wife...getting a hard cock into her mouth...that's when I knew, I have to let him go...I can't keep him with me....he have to go and suck people off.

my short shorts

fetish divedog1960 2017-12-20

this was a normal way of acting around me cuz the girls did not want me to know that I had been the highlight of their working day and all the windows were smoked so it was hard to see in from outside.. there was one near us and she would come into work and be talking to the girls and mention who was working last night and I would some times hear her say "I wish I could get him to strip for us .. thinking back now I am sure their husbands enjoyed and if I were working inside I would always catch them looking at my junk.

Carol's Kid Sister

fetish Madabouthair 2017-12-20

These fantasies focused primarily on Carol's armpits, and during the times we got together during that summer of 1969, there wasn't a thing she didn't let me do to those gentle hollows and the delightful strawberry blonde sprays of hair that grew there unshorn. "I'll be here at 6 then," I said, and Becky nodded, making a face when a couple of kids came up to the counter to get what would also be 38 cent banana splits. Even though our school wasn't really big, there were some of the 60 or so kids in our class of 69 that hardly ever saw each other, because they went to BOCES or Cosmetology, like Becky did. "Yes, but I'm way too - well, I mean Carol only has a little hair under her arms," Becky explained.

Where Are You Going? part 3

fetish Johnnytames69 2017-12-20

The village chieftain of Gaestadvia had graciously lent Brigida Calista and Diana Aureliana the use of his lodge while they hammered out the details of forming an alliance with Vartorix and his warriors. After minimal discussion, the Arverni chieftain had enthusiastically agreed to the terms; he hated the Romans as much as Brigida and Diana. Diana and Brigida pulled up off him as he exploded, catching as much of his voluminous orgasm in their mouths as they could, letting the rest splash over their hair and face and breasts. “I’m glad we’ve managed to recruit Vartorix and his troops to our cause,” Brigida said. Then she pulled the bed furs up over Brigida and the slumbering Vartorix and kissed her lover.

Step daughter

fetish MountainMan66 2017-12-20

Just as you start to pass out, I pull back and begin fucking your mouth, deep and hard, I have a hold of your hair with both hands and you are pushing as hard as you can on my thighs to stop me or at least slow me down from abusing your face. When I'm finished, I pull my cock out and stick two of my fingers just inside your pussy, getting my cum on my fingers and rubbing around and around your ass hole, rubbing it in, then I come back around to your face and tell you to open your mouth, I stick my fingers in your mouth and make you lick my cum off of them.

Tickle Torture

fetish shynticklish 2017-12-20

She felt his belly quiver and heard a low, deep chuckle emanate from him, which, as she continued to tickle his belly, grew into a full blown laugh. Twisting around so she was facing him, Amy rested her hands on his belly and looked directly into his eyes. She felt Joe's cock hard against her lower belly and ground herself against him, causing him to moan in ecstasy. Amy began to tickle Joe's cock, all around the tip, but as it throbbed and she knew he was about to cum, she would stop, eliciting a groan from him as he gasped, begging her to let him inside her. They lay there, spent, and Amy gently trailed her fingers over Joe's belly, unable to help herself.

New Beginning as a Foot Cuckold

fetish pet_dog_of_isha 2017-12-20

I love ISHA, my cuckolding queen, even more now, but I would rather not let ISHA know about my acceptance of life as a cuckold, otherwise the turn on she gets by humiliating me would gradually fade away, propelling her to probably kick me out of her life. When we are not in action of cuckolding, he allows me to sit right next to ISHA'S feet, and massage and lick her feet till they both doze off to sleep while ISHA held on to the leash of the dog collar she made me wear permanently in the house. She said, "RAHUL; I think it's time for your treat, why don't you go under the table for the surprise?" As I got under the table, I saw ISHA giving a foot job to ATUL right in front of my eyes!!

Is This CFNM?

fetish 2017-12-20

A couple of other girls came over and asked if I was having a good time, I said yes, she smiled and said she was too, then she put her arms around my neck and started to grind her pussy, through her shorts onto my cock. Two groups of girls got around us and started kissing us all over, sucking our cocks, licking our balls, all the normal stuff when the girl in the white skirt came back over to me, grinned broadly, said she knew what to do and told me to put on a condom and sit on a chair she was carrying.

One Kink At A Time Ch. 1

fetish Tyjord 2017-12-20

I smile again and, telling you that you are a good boy, put the blindfold over your head, covering your eyes completely. You try to say something as I help you sit up, leaning back against the sofa, but I quickly shush you, telling you that there is no need for you to talk. Once you relax your jaw and start thrusting your tongue out to meet mine, I quickly lock my fingers and with my free hand, thrust one of your rolled up socks into your mouth. In this doubled up position, you have no leverage and cannot move Telling you to stay put, I walk over to the sink area and, picking up some items, bring them back to the shower stall.

Ashley the Escort Ch. 03

fetish BrysonCooke 2017-12-20

He hurried to the table and lay on it face down, his arms dangling below off the sides, "Yes mistress." He asked me to cuff him to the table leg above his head and raised his hands up to it. I ran my hands from his cheeks down his chest to his belly and then repeated the motion with the whip, slowly running the tails down his body. I gave him the lightest whip on the chest and asked, "Have you been a good boy for Mistress?" He spoke up, "I'm so close Mistress!" I thought I could feel him get harder and maybe a little bigger and I used both hands on him.


fetish Lucky102001 2017-12-20

I definitely did, but though I wanted to watch everything, I wasn't sure if I was ready to be seen by her. First, the thrill of getting her to fuck my husband with me right in the house and all of their coworkers downstairs enjoying a party. I worked my husband up like only I know how and told him that if he went to fuck her, I would suck him clean when he got home. Like, they all feel badly that no one has told me, but they don't want to be the one either. The last time we fucked, he told me how much he wanted me to be there with my mouth open just as he pulled out of her.

Role Reversal

fetish History Nut 2017-12-20

Early in our relationship, Luanne commented that she often wondered what a man felt when he put his penis inside a woman. I almost told her to stop, but I knew that while my patients complained about the pain catheterization caused them just as the tip of the catheter entered the meatus, they said it really didn't hurt after it was past there and was well into the urethra. Wonder filled Luanne's eyes as she slowly slid her clit almost all the way out of my penis and then slid it back in. The flow of my pre-come increased, and my urethra seemed to dilate making the reaming of my penis by Luanne's clitoris not just comfortable, but delightful.

The Black Femdom Society Pt. 01

fetish Dunn81 2017-12-20

One day at the grocery a black woman around 47 years who were kind of short with a huge ass but such a great looking light summer robe all black was trying to buy chips and I kneel down behind her without her knowing. I told her yes right away without thinking almost screaming it at one point she toss my panty and put her finger in my pussy and damn it was so good I came almost instantly... Clean that black ass white girl its probably the only thing you good for.

Panty Husband’s Nipples are Only for Pleasure

fetish DrLit 2017-12-20

Then my wife said, "Tonight, when we get home, I want to pleasure your nipples. We got home and my wife told me to get undressed except for the panties I was wearing that night and wait for her in the bedroom. If I wasn't totally focused on your nipples I'd want to get out the strapon and fuck you wearing these panties." Just be patient and your nipples are going to feel on fire soon." She focused on my panty covered cock for a while and then kept one hand on my cock and reach up to tease my right nipple. Just likeme wearing panties, my nipple pleasure is at least a part of every time we fuck now.

Descent Into Animus

fetish TheProfessor_2 2017-12-20

She is a great looking 40-year-old woman, stuck in a lousy marriage, so when my weekly Tuesday night poker gang broke up, I just kept going out to play. I told Domi how Marcy and I had met at school, and how we got together for my weekly Tuesday night Poker Game (lol). Someone said, "Gawd he's old!" but Domi continued, "I know they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but he was headed for the dog pound when I rescued him. Yvette was signalling for an anus reaming, all the while teasing me by pulling her cunt lips open so the pink flesh looked like the mouth of a Lamprey eel, and I almost could almost see little sharp teeth waiting to suck the blood from my dead corpse.

Smoking TV tart. Part 2.

fetish HonorAnneDObey2 2017-12-20

The knock on the hotel door meant he'd arrived, and as I slipped on my cool plastic mac, being careful not to dislodge my long talons, it helped to conceal the stiffening bulge under my tight plastic skirt. I opened the door, to a tall dark stranger, enveloped in a long shiny, double-breasted rubber mac. "Keep smoking, you slut." I withdrew my hand and inhaled again, replacing it on the rubber bulge, but rubbing with my palm in gentle circles. "We're going to meet some friends of mine, and you WILL do EVERYTHING I ask of you." My next inhale was followed my a long lingering exhale all over his ever burgeoning, throbbing rubber crotch.

Khristen and the Pack

fetish drew1207 2017-12-20

pussy stuffed full of doggy cock, and his hot cum bubbling in my womb, I giggled doing all the thinking, and it wanted more dog cum shot deep into its silky pink with each jolt, another inch or so of hot dog cock was punched up my virgin ass. taking every inch of red hot dog cock that Gray had to offer. felt good, and I imagined it was a huge load of hot sticky dog cum, shot all of hot dog cum either deep in my twitching pussy or up my dark and clutching idea how many times I serviced each of those dog cocks that night in the cage, little girl on her hands and knees in a kennel, repeatedly pleasuring a pack of

Reformatory Girls Ch. 05

fetish escalus 2017-12-20

When the girls were left unsupervised, when Donna and Ruth and Abi and the others were rubbing themselves off - Kelly couldn't cum. So when it seems there is a lack of all-round enthusiasm for punishing Abi Morgan, Kelly speak up vociferously, adds her voice to the voices of Donna May and Ruth Bowers, talks round a couple of waverers, and argues for a date sooner rather than later. Yes still it flows, still Kelly is squatting over her face, and it is getting more and more difficult to swallow, and when at last the stream runs dry Abi feels that if she turns her head on its side all the piss will run out of her mouth onto her pillow.

Steve & Stephane

fetish archer_p 2017-12-20

“One of the first things that women learn is that men (for some reason) don’t like hair, we’ve got a lot of hair to remove down here.” She said gently grabbing his still hard dick. As her pussy quivered on his dick and her warm juice flowed onto his panties she slid a finger into his ass and said “you can cum now”. She moaned as he pulled his dick out of her ass, she did not like the feeling of not in there, but her need was soon replaced with her 4th orgasm as his hot cum hit her tits.

Schoolgirl Seductions Ch. 2

fetish PrincessKatie 2017-12-20

"Look at your tiny body you pathetic little girl," said Susan grabbing her head and thrusting her giant tits towards her, "You are nothing to this body." Susan sat back down on the toilet and bent Alison over double forcing her head in between her tits while Kevin got behind her and inserted his monster into her vagina. Alison groaned and gasped breathlessly as his cock grew to its full giant size ripping her vagina apart and making it bleed rather badly. The small uniform proved no match for Susan's gigantic body structure-the bra tore at the front and the blouse gave way making her huge breasts look even sexier than normal.


fetish wvn3 2017-12-20

I removed her skirt and lowered her tights and panties to her knees, I knelt in front of her and took the dildo in my mouth and worked it back and forth, and the dirty little cunt started to fuck it hard so I pulled it out of her. I then moved back completely but told her to keep licking, moving to the side what a sight to see, Carol on her knees licking and pushing her head into Claire’s pussy, Claire had her hands on the back of her mothers head and was riding her face hard, Claire’s tights and panties were around her knees.