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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Bitter Sweet 01

fetish Beatnic_jazzman 2017-12-20

"He'll do splendidly," Angla said when Dafne turned the pad back. "He's too big I think, Mistress," Dafne said, looking up at her. Dafne put the pad down as Angla started looking through the cupboard. A smile lit up Dafne's face and she swivelled on the chair to stand and retrieve the bag Angla had brought. "You're not licking me, don't you want to taste me, big boy?" chided Dafne wriggling her pussy on my face. The response of Dafne's delicious pussy and Angla's stroking was bringing my throbbing cock stiffly upright I felt Angla's feet slip up into my crotch, the silky soft fabric stiffening my cock further as her toes curled around to grip my shaft.

Corset Adventure

fetish Learningfast 2017-12-20

Instead of ignoring the strange man, as she had been taught by all the women in the family, she looked at the items he pointed out and saw such beautiful clothes that she never owned in her life and couldn't imagine wearing. She reached down and felt the stocking tops in her thighs, held tightly in place and pressing onto her skin like an embrace. She moved her legs a little and saw the effect of the corselette around her thighs and the firmness of the stocking tops. She lay on the couch and he caressed her breasts through the firm fabric of the corset, and ran his hands up and down the smooth flat front of her shaped figure.

College Clinic Doctor

fetish escriterra 2017-12-20

I wanted to surprise Eric with a little in-home medical consultation that included a very thorough exam to check him out "just to be sure all your sexual equipment is in good working order." "Well, Dr. Greene," she began, looking up at the ceiling in the little examination room, her arms folded across her stomach and lying on top of the gown she had donned for the procedure, "I like to stick my finger up inside of him when I give him BJs," she said, squirming a bit as I tried to make things as comfortable as possible for her.

When Gwubô Met Guadalupe

fetish soupwarsproject 2017-12-20

Dressed in a lab coat, she introduced herself as Lupe to the “freaky Chinese doctor.” All the other workers at Taverna Adelina, dressed in their frilly negligees and teddies, made a concerted effort to avoid his glances. Lupe liked what she saw outside of the business suit and the body condom. “I enjoy being smooth and clean.” Lupe poured a bit of lubricant on her gloves when the doctor asked, “You don’t think it looks ridiculous do you?” She said nothing and grabbed his erection. He discharged his fluids into a specimen cup when she whispered, “I wish you could do that to my vagina.” Lupe knew exactly what he wanted.

Turned Into A Sissy Boi

fetish subjaye 2017-12-20

During that enema, Jenny played with my cock and balls and I came dangerously close to having an orgasm several times. Shoot like a good boy!” Jenny repeated this over and over and started smack my ass cheeks while thrusting the strap-on in and out of my willing butt. Jenny ordered me to turn around and pick it up, which gave the woman a bird’s eye view of my recently spanked ass. Jenny told Richard to start fucking her, and warned me not to cum. I don’t get to fuck Jenny anymore, but I service them both orally, and love the feeling of Richard’s cock pounding in and out of my well-spanked ass whenever Jenny has her period.

Furthering My Education

fetish jimmysub 2017-12-20

Debbie even offered Denise an opportunity to "baby sit" me when she and Steve head out of town for the weekend. If you want to eat some pussey in a couple of hours you better get busy." So I went to work and got started on getting her place sparkling clean. Julie said why don't you give nanny a whipping and then I'll bring him to his room to change and I'll leave the two of you alone unless you want me to stay. While Denise was giving me a spanking Julie slipped out of the room returning in this nylon sleeping gown. Julie explained how are day would involve spending the morning doing some more cleaning at her apartment followed by an afternoon of pool time.

Ex's fulfill a fantasy for each other

fetish XXXNoBounds 2017-12-19

Tracy stroked my dick with her right hand as she "fucked" my ass with the dildo in her left. "Baby, you have no idea how badly I want to stick my dick in you" said Tracy as she fingered my ass again. Steve put his ass right at the edge of the bed, which was the perfect height for Tracy's cock. She reached out with one hand rubbed the head of Steve's cock, coating her hand with his pre-cum, then began stroking him up and down in time with her thrusts. He's nice and hard and I bet he'll fuck you if you'll let him." She pushed two fingers into my ass as she said it, pumping me slowly.

Dr. Office Pregnancy Ch. 2

fetish pregnantlover2001 2017-12-19

Brett laid his head on the back of the couch and shut his eyes as Amber worked on his cock. Brett’s cock was still hard as a rock and he started to kiss Amber as they walked down to the beach. She closed her eyes again just as Brett’s cock started to swell and he sent a hot shot of his young cum deep inside his Amber‘s cunt. He walked over to Amber and pushed her down on the sofa and got on top of her and once again drove his rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy. Brett pulled his limp cock out of Amber’s cunt and she went in and got the baby up from his nap.


fetish cuckedlife 2017-12-19

Maria is 40 years old and built like a sex goddess with a big round ass and c-cup tits on her thick, curvy frame. I started thrusting as Maria watched with a sly smile on her face, her other hand lightly tickling my swollen balls with her fingertips. With her ass and pussy in my face and her facing my cock, I would likely shoot all over her belly and tits, possibly even hitting her face. Maria hopped off the bed and took a soft, pink fleece sock out of her dresser and pulled it over my cock. "Ooooo that is nice baby!" Maria cooed as she gently moved the soft fabric of the sock up and down my penis and ground her pussy over my face.

Horny Santa

fetish rodma 2017-12-19

I got up and dressed saying that santa had punished her now and had made her a very good girl again as I spanked her bare ass saying if she was naughty again I would have to put her across my knee to make it all better, as she heard this she re opened her legs and rubbed her pussy saying she was ever so naughty, I sat down and told her to come over, I bent her over my knee and spanked her bottom as she begged for more until she orgasmed squirting jucies from her pussy, she thanked me as I left with a nice cheque in my pocket and a satisfied cock that had pleased a sweet pussy.

Making Kristy Ch. 7

fetish Royal_Prince 2017-12-19

"I do love you Loraine and in a way I guess I will always love you." I said as I gently took her hand. When we were in the living room she reached around and took my enlarged 5-inch clit in her hand and started to slowly jerk it under my panties. At first I wasn't sure if this would ruin our brief but intense encounter but when Loraine pressed my face tighter against her dripping pussy I took it as a sign that what we started WOULD be finished. I stood there a moment before I smiled- "Looks like you are going to be a daddy." I said and then helped Loraine to her feet.

Early Bird

fetish hardnose 2017-12-19

Being at least one and a half to two hours before the occupant of this office usually arrives, I felt safe in pushing the lock button on the door knob, sitting in the desk chair, and stroking my cock through my Frederick's panties. While running one hand over her sexy bra covered tit and the other over my panty covered cock, Anne looked me in the eye and asked me, "Jack, will you be my boy-girl and let me fuck you anytime I want, submitting to my direction and desires?" As I moaned with new found pleasure, Anne began whispering in my ear "I'm fucking you Jack, I'm fucking your ass while you wear a pair of black girlie panties.

Nigel's Pet Ch. 05

fetish SDcowboy 2017-12-19

Ali had moved back as Jen widened the angle so she could get the expression on Jims face as Bob worked his cock deeper inside brother's ass. Ali reached down with both hands to open her pussy wide so Jen could plunge her hot tongue inside deep and clean out all of the cum that might have been left behind. Jen was close to Cumming when Nigel withdrew his hands from her and replaced his fingers in her up turned ass with his hard cock. Ali put both hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide so Jen's tongue could clean out all of Jims cum that was still trapped inside .


Thank Heavens for the Maid

fetish sexual_indian 2017-12-19

I then poured warm oil over her breasts, she gave out a sharp cry, then I slowly started massaging her breasts first at the nipples then from the sides, I could feel the breasts swelling and now she had got excited, I was stimulating the nipples to become erect and now bend over to use my tongue on them, she squirmed in delight as I nibbled at the nipples. I started exploring her thighs with my other hand, then made her part her thighs and poured warm oil on her belly and it dripped down between her thighs, and she gave out a moan of delight. I grabbed her thighs, lifted them slightly in the air and started shoving in and out vigorously and at the same time massaging her breasts.

my mom turned me into her sissy

fetish nicoleinberlin 2017-12-19

I wasn't sure if mom was k**ding or serious about making me dress completely as a girl for dinner on Saturday, but since I now found myself entering the mall while wearing a mini-skirt, I kind of thought she probably wasn't k**ding. When we got back to the car I really began to believe that she planned to do what she said and that I would be wearing one of those dresses and those stupid white pantyhose at dinner on Saturday! When I complained that it was so early, mom just smiled and said "Now honey, you know it takes us girls a lot longer to get dressed and I know you want to look extra pretty for your birthday." Pretty!

The Podiatrist

fetish anaflowerchild 2017-12-19

His wife Carly knowing his sexual attachment to feet made him solemnly swear he would never fool around at work, but she knew he did and that was the way it was, as long as he loved her feet in boots and fishnet stockings. It drove him crazy when the patient's feet were exposed, wiggling their toes around, it didn't matter that they weren't wearing boots with five inch heels like his sexy wife who would feed his addiction whenever he wanted it. Backing her into the bedroom he threw her onto the bed, kissing her wildly and nibbling at her breasts, which were cradled in a black bustier, took his wife's left foot and licked the black leather from head to toe.

His Desire

fetish superfetish101 2017-12-19

Kyle glanced at her size 14 feet. He's always had a major foot fetish, but he only liked Olivia's feet in particular. She said her feet were sore and asked him for a foot massage. They went on the couch and she placed her big size 8 and a half feet on his lap. She didn't notice that he had cummed because of her feet, but she did some research and found out he has a foot fetish. "Mmm, do you like my big feet stroking your cock?" He let out a huge moan and orgasmed all over her feet. The moaning got more rapid and so did her foot pressing against his crotch.

Eleanor's Lustful Spell

fetish TentaclesFTW 2017-12-19

Eleanor bit her lip as the warm wetness of Bekka's mouth surrounded her cock head, and her soft hand stroked her shaft. Moaning and cooing, Eleanor wrapped her legs around Bekka's head, her soft thighs rubbing against it, and her feet sliding up and down her back. Bekka felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat, so she slowed down her sucking, stroking and fingering to let Eleanor finish her load inside of Bekka's mouth. Her blue eyes slowly moved from her new, huge cock towards Bekka, who was now looking directly at Eleanor, filled with fear. Eleanor started to get frustrated, so she put her hands onto Bekka's shoulders, and pushed her down hard, forcing her cock to stretch open her womb opening.

Bound for Fun Ch. 02

fetish DocAutomata 2017-12-19

I moved my hands to one of my breasts in order to squeeze some milk into their mouths, but they both began to lower their heads toward my nipples. Little waning jets of milk continued to spray on their faces for a second, until the flow settled down to a constant leak that ran down the bottom of my breasts. "I said, 'Try some'." He lifted my breast, maneuvering my nipple toward my mouth and resumed sucking. "I made your milk have the power to grow breasts," Master explained, "and a few other things." He guided my hand back to his cock and resumed drinking from my other tit.

Jill vs Chuck

fetish cdupuy 2017-12-19

She started the conversation by stating that this would be her first match that she had done that had submissions as well as organisms. Jill was a full c cup, with a flat stomach and what looked like every strong legs. Jill wasted no time getting started as she charged me low and before I knew it I was flat in the ring with her on top straddling my waist. This totally took me by surprise and before I knew what happened she had another forced organism the score was Jill 13, Chuck 0 Jill had a vagina that was even stronger than Debra's and as she met my thrusts she milked my dick by squeezing with unbelievable power.


David's French Tutor Ch. 03

fetish Thorilla 2017-12-19

Beneath these Sarah's loose legged bloomers ended above the knee in a deep flounced 'volante,' edged with several layers of broderie and eyelet lace trim. I knelt forward and, because my hands were behind my back, landed on Sarah's lap more forcibly than I would have liked, the weight of my head pushed her legs apart. "Sarah, you may cover David's head now, put your skirts down over him, all of them if you please." Clearly Miss Marie was in complete control of the situation and was evidently enjoying it. I felt Sarah squirm; presumably still experiencing embarrassment at having a nineteen year old boy's head up her dress. As I removed my head rapidly from between Sarah's legs Charlotte appeared at the door curtsied to Miss Marie and asked her what madam wanted.

The Dancer Ch. 01

fetish Rodneytool 2017-12-19

Pleased with his reply, Ashley dripped a creamy white ball of her snot a few inches above his open mouth, making Rodney strain his head up to suck the marble sized ball as the tail end of her wad was stuck on her tongue piercing. Rodney puts his finger to his mouth enjoying her soft anal sent whispering to Ashley for her consent, she tells him to "suck my ass sweetie" Ashley closed the phone and told Rodney: The little fucker will be here soon, so straighten up the room while I take a quick rinse and get my strap-on, he likes me to dominate him, I fuck him up the ass while he jerks himself off, it takes 15 minutes tops, sorry Rodney there won't be any cream-pie from this guy!

sold into sissyhood

fetish momandboys 2017-12-19

I quickly handed over the little red satin purse and the thin-faced black man tore it open, not bothering to work the little silver angel clasp. I'd never seen the document the black man was reading: it looked like some kind of contract. The black man looked up from the paper and pointed with his chin. This bitch is money." He took the paper from the lanky man's hands and read it over quickly. The others started laughing and trash-talking among themselves and the big black man took my jacket and put his muscular arm around my trembling naked shoulders. I wanted to break away from the black man's grasp, but I couldn't make myself do anything but follow him deeper into the park.

The Japanese Exchange Student Ch. 02

fetish greenfieldsaburning 2017-12-19

"I told her I would, although I knew it was probably not the right thing to do, but I thought it might be another cultural difference, you know, like the one we had before. Images of my wife and Yuki flooded into my mind, limbs twisted together, shining wet fingers, tangles of pubic hair, tongues slithering, pinched tight little apertures. I was in a daze, some kind of trance like state between her legs, my face saturated and my eyes open, not wanting to miss a second of the lovely pink colour my world had turned. I flicked my tongue against her clitoris, wanting to be back up inside her where it was more wet and tasty, but knowing this was the area that really gave her pleasure.