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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Good Doggie Ch. 1

fetish AmourousOne 2017-12-19

Nothing was ever mentioned again about our lunch, but in time Emma did leave her husband, and would show up at work with dark circles under her eyes, obviously suffering. After about 10 minutes of sitting on the edge of her bed and wondering what was going to happen next, I heard Emma call out for me to come on out to the living room. As I kept dusting the same spot over and over, Joyce began slowly stroking Emma's bare thigh, lifting her dress a little higher with each stroke. "Right!" I said as I pushed away the coffee table and lowered myself to the floor, the head of my straining prick pointing my way towards Emma.

Red Night

fetish MrVid 2017-12-19

"You look even more beautiful than I expected." My voice startles you and you spin quickly to face me, your nipples jutting out at me through the top of your new outfit. As your orgasm subsides, I watch your sweet nectar ooze from your delicious pussy and trickle down the inside of your thighs over your latex 'cell.' Your stomach moves quickly to draw shallow breaths. Outside of your view, I reach for my new "toy." Placing it at the opening of your sweet pussy, I reach with my other hand and the vibrator begins its low "hummmm." What started as a low moan erupts into screams of orgasm as I again pull the trigger and gently, carefully insert and extract the vibrator from your beautiful ass.

All in the Name of Science

fetish Suzann 2017-12-19

Turning to the side she ran a hand over the flat of her stomach and down along her mound, fingers teasing between her legs over silk encased, freshly shaven, skin. Pressing harder with the heel of her hand she worked her clit furiously, fingers pumping deeper, hips bucking till her whole body tensed and she heard her own soft cry of release. Slapping the tender nub she cried out, so close to orgasm her legs were shaking, breath coming in ragged pants as her body tightened around shaft of the vibrator, its familiar heat building along with her pleasure till the teasing vibration sent her over the edge.

sold part 3 THE AUCTION

fetish 2017-12-19

captain ordered Gina to offer herself and she quickly did. shoved his cock into her open mouth and roughly used it like They wanted to buy Gina on the spot, but the captain Finally, the auction began and Gina could hear the slaves were taken to the area behind the auction block. of his hard cock at the opening of her wet virgin cunt. her up completely, facing the audience with his new slave "Crawl for us bitch, dangle those tits." And Gina mounted the stage and Gina saw his face, set in hard lines. Gina watched as he unshackled another female slave, took Gina, he told her, "Don't worry, cunt, your turn will come

Home Care

fetish damilklover 2017-12-19

"Ooooohhh, don't worry, baby...this is going to feel so nice." With that she slipped one hand below my head and lowered her breast to my face, at first brushing her skin across my lips, my nose and eyes, and then pressing her nipple into my mouth firmly. Drink mommy's milk from her big, soft boobie." I started to whine and moan, playing my role as her baby, playing into her hands. "Baby, you're getting so small," she said with concern, "soon you won't be able to do anything at all by yourself." I tried with earnest to look her in the face, acutely aware of her huge, beckoning cleavage.


fetish hardnose 2017-12-19

Heather's gaze lowered to Jimmy's hairless chest partially covered by her pink silk, his nipples forming tiny bumps in the slip. From the top of her dresser, Heather grabbed her sewing scissors and while Jimmy wriggled and sobbed, she cut the scarves holding his hands. "I'm sorry Heather, I didn't mean for you ever to see this, or know about me like this." He stood with his hands in front of his crotch, eyes downcast, unable to look into her face. "All right Heather, it'll take me a few minutes, I kinda have stuff all over the place," Jimmy muttered sheepishly. A minute later he stood in front of her again, this time with a small silver vibrator in his outstretched hand.

Financial Domination-HS Crush Part 3

fetish beg4ignore 2017-12-19

Tom was going on a date with Jaime next Friday and she wanted to wear it for him. Jaime was down the hall with a group of her friends, but as I walked by, she didn't even glance in my direction. I tried not to stare too long, but she and her friends looked so sexy, and I had the deepest hope that she might, even for a second, glance my way, so I couldn't help staring as long as I did at her and her friends. And didn't that night either, but I could think of nothing else that night, knowing they were going out, and wondering what they were doing, as Tom I'm sure got to eventually enjoy being with Jaime.

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 02

fetish storyfella 2017-12-19

Dee's pussy was wet with the thoughts running through her head and with the thought of her fresh juices mingling with Sara's and her own from the night before. "It turns me on just hearing you say that," said Sara, "I don't know Dee, what would people think of us if they knew. Dee was soon in her own room and after stripping off her clothes, except for her panties, pulled on her nightie and got comfy on her bed. "I have a little confession, I've been wearing them all day," said Dee smiling back at Sara. A little later as Dee relaxed in her room, reflected on what Sara had said.

Bad Babygirl's Saturday Evening

fetish flash87 2017-12-19

Inside Daddy had given her the punishment plug tearing her tiny little butt cheeks wide open... She was sure Daddy had been joking when he said he was going out with the guys for the evening after he'd spanked her over his knee, tied her up in bed and told her she wasn't to cum before he got home... Daddy soon started to punish her for her everyday actions and began to remind her that when she was acting like a spoiled little girl she'd be treated like one. Janie writhed with her arms and legs tied as she felt the flush of embarrassment in her cheeks , the relief in her bladder and the uncomfortable warmth of the pee leaving her already we pussy.

Leo's Unusual Hairy Love Pt. 02

fetish 5A4nxL32 2017-12-19

Sadie whispers "Happy Birthday, Leo" as Amanda removes her top and raises her arms to expose the hairiest pits Leo had ever witnessed on a woman; even hairier than those of his old flatmate, whose were pretty hairy. Sadie was loving the reactions of Leo to Amanda's furry gams and instructed him to have a feel, running his hands down them and then persuaded by Amanda to remove the other sock exposing both long, hairy legs. This was too much for Leo's excitement and he placed his by now huge dick in the rear end of Sadie's hairy crotch while holding and licking Amanda's hair free shins while getting off on the wonderful natural spectacle of Amanda's hirsute pits which she exposed with her hands behind her head.


Wedding Bondage Ch. 01

fetish oggbashan 2017-12-19

"Yes." I was too excited by the vision of Jane wearing her wedding dress to think clearly. It couldn't be too bad to be tied up or to wear Jane's wedding dress. "But Brian won't wear her wedding dress," said Jane. Chloe's bridesmaids were wearing simplified shepherdess dresses, an overdress in powder blue, fitted above and flaring over a wide white underskirt below. Jane had spread her wedding dress and all the petticoats across the bed. Jane swung a mass of her skirts and petticoats over my head and pushed them into my face. She hitched up her massive skirt and petticoats and edged up the bed until her pussy was inches from my face. Tomorrow night I'll be wearing that wedding dress, and bound by Jane.

Masterbation Chronicles: Anal Puke Whores - PART

fetish 2017-12-19

Ali was wearing some khaki shorts with a long sleeve ocean blue shirt tucked in to her shorts which Sam really liked girls to wear for some suited his preppy likes....and v, well, she....was dressed as a complete prostitute and made no attempt at looking like anything but that. Those watching the game took a double look as Ali was a pretty hot girl taking off her bra in the middle of beer pong. Sam - I just figured since u have been letting me take nude pictures of you and talk to you about pornography, you would be fine with me treating you like my little whore. He scribbles on a piece of paper in his wallet and hands it to dawn "If Ali keeps chugging like that she is totally going to throw up!!!"

I Call on Jill & Mary

fetish Boxlicker101 2017-12-19

Jill's cock would stay hard in Mary's mouth but Jill wouldn't cum until she and I started fucking. Mary was humping her pussy even harder into my face, almost lifting her ass off the bed, in time with my tongue caressing her clit. Mary continued to cum for several minutes, and then climaxed with one last big thrust of her pussy against my mouth and a squeeze of Jill's ass. I continued the deep, slow strokes and Jill resumed thrusting her ass back to meet my cock and fucking her cock into Mary's mouth. I licked the bounty of delicious pussy juices out of her love hole and clamped my lips on her clit and started to suck on it, while probing that adorable love button with my tongue.

Sister Aquinata: A Nasty Bitch Ch. 03

fetish Haunting 2017-12-19

Gwen tightened her grip on the sister's tits and held her tongue deep inside fighting for air through her flared nostrils as Aquinata's thighs clamped onto the sides of her head. When those powerful tanned thighs finally released her Gwen slowly withdrew her tongue allowing a flood of pungent cunt juice to run down Aquinata's ass and onto the bench. Aquinata slid her salivating mouth to Gwen's runny cunt and lowered her own drippy pussy to her sexy assistant's searching lips and tongue. Finally satisfied with her work, Sister Aquinata went back to the confessional and reached for the puddle inside intending to spread it thinly as well but then stopped, thinking deeper about her new client.


fetish shoeslayer 2017-12-19

"You are right Ilene, It happened when I saw you reading your book with those half- glasses down your nose, I don't know why but it just turned me on and I hope it did not upset you." My mind was on screwing her breasts, I think I spent fifteen minutes just feeling her bra and with Ilene looking at me through or over the tops of her small gold glasses I was getting quite hard down there. "Cum all over my tits Raymond or my cleavage or my nipples, whatever makes you feel good will be good for me too, I love when you come over and we talk a bit and I think it's so nice my half-glasses turn you on and where did you learn about the neck chain against my nipples?"

Lara Defucco's Examination Ch. 03

fetish SplendidSpunk 2017-12-19

I looked back when I heard the door close and saw my doctor she was dressed in a long white lab coat just like all the others in the room. I was trying so hard to ignore my doctor's fingers in my pussy that I answered the questions without thought or care. I was stunned and ready to object but I knew I would not and it mattered little as the man stepped between my legs and as all the doctors watched he slipped his old hard cock into my wet pussy. When all had left me, the cock removed the hands leaving me I felt nothing but shame and buried my head in the torn cover of the exam table.

I Helped My Husband

fetish yesplease8 2017-12-19

I slap the latex cock against my husband's face and lips and say, "If you want this cock, you need to beg for it, you want to be my cocksucker don't you, honey, tell me!" Michael moans and says, "Please, Kim, please let me suck your beautiful cock, feed it to me mistress!" That caused my pussy to twitch hearing my husband beg to suck my cock and calling me mistress. Bruce is holding Michael's head and then..."UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!" he begins cumming in my husband's sucking mouth. The night of gay sex ended for my husband as Bruce pulled out Michael's ass and cum in his mouth again.

Chinese wife has black lover!!

fetish lennod34 2017-12-19

I told her I understood, I spun the chair around she was sitting in and pulled down her pants and panties, "she said, what are you doing?" I asked her what kind of question is that, I'm getting ready to fuck you so hard you will feel me in your throat! She told me it wasn't safe because she was ovulating, I said no problem I put on the XL size rubber "which is still to small," and I pulled her legs up into the air so her pussy was even with my dick, and by the time I got my dick close to her pussy she was dripping wet.

Mary Gets to Meet Sandy

fetish sevpeq 2017-12-19

Following Sandy's muddy footsteps, Mary walked into her own room. "And then there's the kitchen, large and sunny, with a dining table..." Mary's voice trailed off as she watched Sandy tear a page out of the novel, wrap her gum inside, and toss the package on the floor. Mary suddenly realised that she had to get Sandy to leave right now, if there was going to be any hope for her. She was looking from Sandy's large round breasts to the dirt on the sheets and back, feeling like a very small rabbit falling in love with a snake. Mary went back to her old bedroom, got down on her knees, and started cleaning after Sandy.

Pippa's Story Ch. 6

fetish Pippa 2017-12-19

It was Mistress Lisa's voice that I heard, she continued speaking to me as she ordered me to dress, in the neatly folded clothes that I had previously worn. Each of my stockings was removed and, one leg at a time, the stylist completed her task. Remove the unwanted hair by electrolysis too, okay?" asked Mistress Tracy. I heard my two Mistress' promise to return with me the following day so as, to complete the removal of my bodily hair and, so as to colour and dye my head of hair, which was to be shaped into a more feminine cut and style.

Hotel Part 4

fetish brunettechubbybabe91 2017-12-19

“You want me to make your slutty little pussy cum, baby?” You whisper, darting your tongue against my ear and breathing heavy - making me shudder in pleasure. Seconds later I feel you press your mouth firmly against my pussy as you flick your tongue against my soaking wet fuck hole making me shriek loudly. Rolling my clit around, you start to tongue fuck me hard and within seconds you feel my whole body tighten up before letting out the most a****listic scream as I cum all over your mouth. I spray the fruity smelling cream all over your balls as I use my other hand to rub it in good - you can’t help but let out little moans of pleasure as I touch you softly.

Cum-mania at the Gloryhole

fetish jptune 2017-12-19

Just as this guys dick pulled out of the gloryhole a huge black dick took its place and another one came through the other gloryhole.Turning her face to me, she opened her mouth so I could see the whole load of cum swirling around her tongue. Then she stood up and dribbled a little cum from her mouth into mine and wanted me to start to suck on that black cock instead of jerk it off. She got down and started to suck on my dick again, but this time she had a load of cum in her mouth. When I'm close, she stops sucking on my cock and positions herself so she can see my mouth full of cum and she can at the same time start to jerk me off into my own mouth.

Cum Sluts Anonymous 4: Mike

fetish Just Plain Bob 2017-12-19

True, I did love the taste of cum delivered directly from my wife's pussy to my mouth and yes, I did encourage her to go out with other guys and let herself be filled to the brim so she could bring it home to me, but so what? I know it sounds like a clich‚, but I found out the way most husbands do; an unexpected trip home during the day, a strange car in the drive, sounds of passion from the upstairs bedroom, a stranger scrambling to get his pants on and a confrontation with the naked, sweating wife. Brenda and I reached an accommodation; she could fuck whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted, as long as she called me and let me know so I could rush home and eat her pussy.



fetish aprilatnite 2017-12-19

Jerry felt himself get more excited looking up at April in her green lace bra and panties, feeling her weight on top of him, and her smooth, stockinged legs pressing against his chest, and being controlled by her. No one had ever teased him like April had; no one had ever humiliated him--and he wanted to please her, to wear her panties, to do whatever she wanted; and she was a woman--not a girl--mature, and larger than the girls he had slept with before--and, she was Julie Ann's mother! "And I want you to, but I don't want you to cum now." April sat up, and looked at Jerry's cock sticking out of his panties. "You'll cum when I want you to." April pulled Jerry's panties back up and stood.