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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish Sensual_Lady43 2017-12-19

In the candle light he knelt between her legs, she arched her back and proudly opened herself as her own piss began to flow and arch and cover his cock as he stroked slowly looking deeply into her eyes. They kissed, tongues penetrating and sliding and exploring with lust and hunger as their bodies joined all impotence issues of the past long forgotten as finally their minds stopped and allowed their bodies and souls to fly free. Neither knew where they began and the other ended, their lips together yet not kissing, just sharing the same breath as their bodies danced the primal dance.

85% scat

Directing Bo and Tarzan Ch. 02

fetish TediumsShadow 2017-12-19

Tarzan grabbed a web that was around her legs, brought up it's end, and tied it around her nipple! Tarzan lustily ran his hands over her purple tits, across her firm tight belly, along her sexy legs. Jon opened his mouth to say something, but then Tarzan wrapped his powerful arms around his wife's back, pulling her into a tight embrace. The beast of a man often seemed to look outward, at about where he imagined Jon to be standing, before his shadow did something naughty like lick her tits or run a hand between her sexy legs. Two minutes into her screams and body spasms, with no indication she would (or could) stop cumming, Tarzan grunted beastily.

My First Submissive

fetish MistressMtoyou 2017-12-19

I'd ask him a question and he'd start off meeting my eyes but soon his gaze would drift down my crossed leg to my shoe. I purposely arrived about fifteen minutes late and knew things were going to head in the right direction when he deflected my lame apology by profusely thanking me for even taking the time to meet him and then him offering to buy my drink (which I declined). He played along diligently for about fifteen minutes as I asked him double edged questions about "What positions have you enjoyed in the past," "What do you think you can do in this role that no other candidate can?" and "Are you willing to work long and hard to help me meet my objectives?"


fetish wastedaway 2017-12-19

[The stroke seems to fall in slow motion as my arm sweeps downward, the tails flying comet-like off the end of the flogger's handle. "Yes. I remember it and I still want it and I want you to hurt me but I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared..." Your voice keeps ramping up in pitch, and I'm afraid that soon it will be out of my range of hearing, so I cover your mouth with my hand to stop you. As you shriek and rise up on your tiptoes, I drop the small whip, and use the leather and cord monster to give you a strong two-handed strike down your back, then across your ass again, before you can catch your breath.

How I Became A Witches Foot Slave

fetish femdomwriter 2017-12-19

I couldn't believe it, but the next thing I did was crawl to where her foot was pointed at me and stuck her big toe in my mouth and started sucking! "Because of the potion, or does my toe just taste that good?" Diedra said giggling. I spend most of my time in her room, either sucking the dirt off her toes, licking her filthy heels, or washing her dirty socks with my mouth. I am now nothing but a toe sucking slave to a young, red headed witch who hates men and is also my princess, with the constant taste of her dirty feet in my mouth.

Proposed Special Pain and Humiliation Training

fetish questionmark1 2017-12-19

(Receptionist: Please read these instructions loudly and slowly to slave (preferably with other staff members present to observe and overhear) and then hand the bag (containing a saucer, a large buttplug, a large dildo gag, clover clamps, medium size binder clips, thong panties, a bra, and the slave document) to slave. Refer to my well-trained anus, nipples, and slutty mouth, and to the large buttplug, clover clamps, binder clips, thong panties, bra, and dildo gag by precisely whatever humiliating names are chosen for them; wait for Goddess at strict motionless attention (shoulders back, chest forward, stomach in) still wearing only the clover clamps, thong panties, and bra, with my well-trained anus plugged by the large buttplug and my slutty mouth plugged by the large dildo gag.

Right Where I Want Him

fetish MistyMorgan 2017-12-19

"You've gotta let them know where their place is in this world!" my sister, Martha told me when I mentioned that I had met this wonder guy in my Stats class and we had started dating. When I asked Martha, she said, "He's a friend of Mom and Dad's! Martha said, "Mom groomed Ronnie to be the man she wanted him to be. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I don't want you or Martha to go through what I did with your father," she explained" He was a good man, but he didn't understand me; mostly he just tolerated me. "But I talked to Ronnie and he said he and Mom had sex before they got married and he was really happy to be married.

Anne's Second Gyn Exam

fetish scute2 2017-12-19

He stepped out from behind the table and looked at me, at my face not my breasts, he said Anne, "Everything feels fine there." He hesitated a few seconds and asked me with a tentative voice, "Anne, you know this is a teaching institution, so sometimes I have students assigned to me, would you mind if they participate in your exam? He must have noticed but he said nothing, he just nodded and walked out leaving me alone in the small exam room virtually naked - my breasts sticking out and the gown bunched up around my waist just waiting for company. Now Dr. Gregory told me that they were going to complete the balance of the exam and would I be so kind as to remove my hose so they could properly examine my legs and feet.

An Unexpected Scoop Ch. 02

fetish Banishame 2017-12-19

I had no idea what was going though her mind, except that it certainly wasn’t “wow, that was my first sexual experience with a woman.” I didn’t even know whether she had come. After a few seconds, as my pent-up flow was at full strength, she stopped drinking it, instead letting it splash all over her face, in and around her mouth, in her hair, in her eyes, everywhere. As the flow slowed, she placed her open mouth right over my pee hole, and took the last few seconds’ worth straight down her throat, then licking me again, until another even bigger orgasmic wave crashed over me, leaving me barely conscious.

Jessica The Pissmop Ch. 02

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-12-19

She really was a dirty bitch in this film, then again most of Max's were, the big difference being that Jessica was at least pretty good looking, Max tended to attract some real fucking ugly girls for his type of porn. I was getting a raging hard on watching the action on screen, Jessica's face was getting the full treatment from these guys, their cocks seemed to be everywhere -- in her hair, poking at her nostrils, her eyes and most especially deep in her big mouth. Max had obviously been holding it in for some time because he pissed like a horse, spraying over her face too, hosing the cum from her and also into the bowl below -- and I just knew the bitch was going to have to drink it too!

My Story how I've come to marrying a Pinay

fetish azncrazy78 2017-12-19

she got naked for me on cam to please me while at same time knowing i had her i would continue on the site to chat with other girls and be more perverted and ask them things like i wanna share you with my friends sometime and/or let me give you sl**ping pills atleast once a month (with my intention if i can knock her out willingly i can share her with people just to see her get fucked) I even decided to become bold and tell my pinay girl this and after some arguing she agreed to let me fuck her ass and share her with other men once a month but long story short her s****r and f****y found out and took away her lines of communication away from us.

Ambers Daddy and his need for me

fetish 2017-12-19

I stared hard into his face, now contorted with lust, as he alternated between my angelic face and my swelling cunt, I knew what I was doing, it had gone past the point where I was a friend of his daughter, 'I heard you last night', I blurted out uncontrollably, lifting my small bum of the grass as if to emphasize my growing needs and his desire to sample what I appeared to offer in my inexperienced and eager manner. He stood up, adjusting himself and tucking away all the bits exposed, 'Right girls', he barked, 'Time for breakfast and no more talk about what just happened', Amber laughed, 'We promise daddy', she spoke as she looked seriously into my face, I smiled and added, 'Sure, no problem' and we all made our way back to the tents.

Tie Me Up and Eat Me

fetish ladyadonia30 2017-12-19

I looked back at the curtained rooms and watched a few people going in, coming out, some women were wearing next to nothing but leather straps around their breasts and groin, toting their love slaves on a short chain leash. "Have a few more drinks sweetie," Tim said as he touched my hand, "Then we can discuss the 'back rooms'," his eyes grew large as though he was speaking of a scary monster. Hell, I've never seen your face and just knowing you through the emails and chats, I want you," He was still holding my hand and at this point, he moved it from the table to his groin.

A Step Too Far

fetish TongaFrank 2017-12-19

"Oh, my orgasm slave, that felt so good!" she said, kissing my mouth passionately, then licking the remaining whipped cream, cherry juice, and her own female secretions from my cheeks and chin. I was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss just tasting her flavorful delights every night while she rode my face and mouth like a bicycle seat on a bumpy road, but nothing turned me on more than searching, with my hands tied behind my back, for the other half of that banana! That day while I was at work, trying in vain to concentrate on the job I was being paid to do but feeling extremely aroused just imagining the evening my Mistress had planned for my final lesson, I received a text message asking me to meet her at the gym.

The Bet reLoaded Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2017-12-19

I pinched and twisted my nipples and felt that sweet pleasure as she pressed my prostate and an image flashed though my mind of a pretty girl dressed in lingerie spreading her legs for Lilla's cock and I moaned as she sucked me and jacked me and her tongue swirled and I grabbed her hair and thrust and came in her mouth. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled then her mouth formed an 'O' as I entered her ass, her eyes finally closed and she let her head drop and as I fucked her I couldn't help imagine it was me bent over and taking it, taking it, taking it.

Orgasm Control and the Sissy

fetish klammer 2017-12-18

Orgasm control, also known as "edging," "peaking," and "surfing", is used to keep your partner sexually aroused for an extended period of time without reaching orgasm. The key holder of the chastity device will often tease the sissy to heighten the sexual tension and this teasing can often include such things as having the sissy perform oral sex, penetrating the sissy anally, milking the sissy’s prostate (the “Sissy G Spot”), watch her partner masturbate or engage in other sexual activities – anything the arouse the sissy. When the dominant senses that the sissy is getting close to an orgasm, they will often do things to lessen the arousal of the sissy. If the sissy does not reach orgasm after an extended period of arousal, it is called “erotic sexual denial.”

Tit for Tat Ch. 03

fetish D_rwc 2017-12-18

"Of course if you'd rather not..." she said as she cupped her breast and slid her hand along her side, over her hip and down one of her perfect ass cheeks. I've never been turned on by the idea of having a cock inside me (even a rubber one), but I had wondered what it felt like for her. Her hand slid down her body over her belly and came to rest on a dildo that was securely tucked into a strap on harness she wore over her sex. I held the dildo firmly and pushed it to her, using it like a handle to rub that little vibrator against her pussy. I could feel the cool rubber dildo and its vibrating harness against my cock.

Something Strange

fetish The_Ride 2017-12-18

It took all of Jeff's strength to stay faithful to Alex, but Christina didn't make it easy when she showed up to work every day with a shirt that accentuated her enormous GG Cup breasts, or a dress that showed off her 50 inch ass. Normally, this would do nothing to Alex, but since she was getting Jeff's second-hand smoke, she was also getting very high also, and then, the tingly sensation came back. Jeff and pulled Alex in and immediately started to fondle her new boobs with his left hand while lighting up a Joint with the other. Alex's ass had grown so much that she had to squeeze herself through the doorway to show Jeff her new body.

Light Bondage before Christmas

fetish geekerotica 2017-12-18

My left hand strokes down your arm, while I plant kisses over your neck and shoulders, alternating with bites that have you yelping with excitement each time. My hand moves up, feeling your naked breast and your hardened nipple. Meanwhile I've moved my left hand down, stroking your waist and then your thighs, around the back to your shapely ass, and then back forward to your groin. You feel something cold on your breasts, you realize I've got an ice-cube that I'm teasing your nipples with, sliding it around, between and underneath. My hand moves back to your groin, massaging the moist patch on your red silky panties. I stick my middle finger into your mouth and feel your tongue tasting your juices.

Blond Filth

fetish Byronnnn 2017-12-18

What a piss-ant!" With her face close mine again, she began chanting, "Eat my shit! Athena set the edge of the fork atop that log approximately two inches from the end and she pushed downward and began to divide her shit which revealed the inside which was composed of disgusting fibrous grains and particles of who-knew-what. All along, my fate was to eat shit from Athena and smell her daughter's farts. She will know that I had sometimes kissed her mouth right after eating Athena's shit and other times when we had made out, it was right after a precocious and bratty girl had just let 100 smelly farts all over my face!

Open - Vikki f***es her new cuckold slave boy to

fetish germanboi4bbc 2017-12-18

Then Josh's mouth opens to suck in lungfuls of air and then Dan shoves his cock in his mouth and Josh gags on the spot, trying to turn his head or move it to get this fucking thing out but Vikki has his head pinned still and Dan's fucking his mouth and Josh keeps gagging and choking and his eyes well up and Dan moans and oh god Josh tastes precum. He squeezes his eyes shut tight as Vikki starts bobbing his head on Dan's cock and Dan moans and Josh lets out this weak sob, eyes leaking tears as he looks up at Dan. He won't close his mouth properly around him, just enough to cover his teeth.

Making a slut.

fetish FatChickFister 2017-12-18

I bent her naked over on the bed and told her, "Describe to him what I do to you so he can hear his wife being a slut." She tried to cover her mouth in the bed but I pulled her up by her hair, "Let your husband hear his wife being used like a slut." I'm going to fill this sluts ass with my cum and send her back home to you. Each time I had her tell her husband how much she loved being MY slut. As I got close to finishing, I had her tell him how much she wanted me to fill her ass with my cum.

The story of how i began crossdressing

fetish CutiePie89 2017-12-18

The next day, it was still in the early weeks of summer break back then, my Mistress back then told me to get ready and open my cam, and that i should wait quietly and fully naked until her 2 friends arrive… After accepting it, i saw the 3 ladies sitting by atable, another room than the day before, wearing lovely summer dresses, watching me on their tv, as they told me. The three ladies then suddenly stood up, starting to open the zippers on the back of their dressed on each other, revealing latex, pvc and leather bras, panties, stockings and garterbelts under them.

The older woman

fetish flamingdice 2017-12-18

Eventually she sensed I wasn’t going to hold on anymore and grasped me firmly, wanking me hard she looked at me and said, ‘cum all over my tits, I want every drop on my big soft tits!’ Within seconds that was it, I felt that familiar feeling of cum rising and I knew this time there was no stopping, a small amount of cum hot her neck, her aim was a little off, the next 3 however were big ropes of thick white cum and hot her nipples and her right breast, a couple more powerful ones hit her left and she grabbed them to make sure the cum stayed, as she milked the last onto her lips she stood up and laid on the bed, now.....