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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 7

fetish Jayson23 2018-10-02

I was soon introduced to the lass, one of Steve's friends, a cute looking tawny-haired girl called Chloe. you guessed it, a crumpled purple dress complete with cute tassels lying over the edge of a black suitcase. As you know one's desires tend to take over at this point, I could hear my friends laughing outside through the bedroom window as I bent down and crept in, no one around, and went over to the dress. I lifted them up, and examined the sweaty looking gusset before taking a long, sumptuous smell of her pussy, a pussy that'd been sweating and juicing it's little heart out all – night – long.


Some Fun ;)

fetish strella 2018-10-02

I'm a nice guy,looking for a female or female Hermaphrodite for sex or relationship! I'm also looking for friends in or around east cost of australia and would like to have friendly gathers to watch porn with that's mainly females --Oral sex receiving/giving to females and female hermaphrodites --Cum-shots giving and receiving from females and female Hermaphrodites --BDSM giving and limited recieving from females and female hermaphrodites --Receiving oral sex and fucking through a Gloryhole --Receiving handjobs and giving to female hermaphrodites --Masturbation receiving/giving to female hermaphrodites --Machine Fucking Machines and sex toys giving and recieving from females and female hermaphrodites --Prostate massage receiving from females, female hermaphrodites and giving only to female hermaphrodites --Fisting (giving) to females and female hermaphrodites --receiving rimjobs/Ball licking and giving to female hermaphrodites and females

My Neighbor is a Whore

fetish 2018-10-02

Anne moaned while I started rubbing the crotch of her jeans. Anne moaned while I ran my hand down to her pussy. I loved the feeling of Anne's warm mouth over my cock. "Mmmm," Anne moaned as her reply with a mouth full of my cock. I love having my pussy licked," Anne moaned out Feels fucking good," Anne moaned while I licked her asshole. I placed my hands on the side of her head and started fucking her mouth. Another load of cum spurted out of my cock into Anne's warm mouth. I ran my tongue all over her asshole with her moaning and moving her ass "Ah, yes," Anne moaned while I slowly fucked her ass.

The Bet

fetish ssnatch 2018-10-02

I walked over to help her with the bag, and was about to ask why we were parked way out in this section when she spoke, "sweetie, before we get going, I have something for you to wear. I immediately looked back down, hoping my face wasn't too clearly framed on the camera, grabbed the bags, and followed Sarah as quickly as the plug would allow. As we finally reached the main terminal, I was hoping that I had mastered walking as I kept telling myself that busy travelers were not going to pay attention to a guy who looked like he had a stick up his ass — which I immediately realized was a more than accurate assessment of my situation.

Sweet Delights

fetish CherryLicker 2018-10-02

Raspberry sauce, cinnamon, sugar, frosting, chocolate, cherries, ice cream, and SO much more! I looked at her breasts, her smoking hot ass, and her tuft of hair just above her moist awaiting pussy. I put the cherry into her pussy as I continued to lick her body slowly up around her breasts. "I'm going to suck the cream out of your enormous churro you fucking hot stud!" She licked my rod slowly up the bottom and shoved it deep in her beautiful red lips. "Yeah baby it is!" I said, "I'm going to make your ass cum deep!" She clutched her pillow and enjoyed my tongue licking every inch inside her ass.

Go Get Me One

fetish Darkinside 2018-10-02

The thought of her lips, wet and fresh, pressing his with the urgency of her desire, fresh from blowing another man in front of him, slick with saliva and tasting like another man's flesh, hot and needy...He stood still and closed his eyes now, uncaring of the image it created, the stares and odd looks. And then he looked at Reggie, took in the bulk of him, the mass of his body, his eyes travelling from the giant feet, up his legs, his torso, his billboard chest, to his face, a full head above his own, and he was inspired. Then to see the wonder and awe in her eyes as Reggie pulled the massive fuck stick out, to see her glance his way as she kneeled, naked in front of his gift to her, and wrapped her small hand around the shaft; he nearly swooned, light-headed.

Daddy cured my Nymphomania

fetish Fridagirl 2018-10-02

I am still feeling empty, and I know I want that last fuck, and as I led him by his reluctant hand to the bare brick wall ahead, I turn when we arrive, 'Kiss me like you mean it', I say, as my mouth opens crazily, and swallows half his face, and I lick his cheeks and eyes, plastering him with saliva, his hands groping between my semen soaked cunt and ass. Now I reply, trying to justify my humping against this red brick wall, 'I'm cumming', I say, but an arm goes around me and I am pulled of this boy's cock, 'He's too young for you', the voice says, 'he's still in school', it continues, as the light in my eyes gets brighter, until a door opens and pushes me inside down onto the back seat.

A Perfect Night

fetish Nikki 2018-10-02

"Shhhhh" He said, and began to kiss and nibble on the back of my neck as he slipped my shirt up off my head. I began to moan softly as he returned his mouth to my neck, and gently pinched and pulled at my nipples. Braiden slowly moved his hands down my body, unbuttoning my jeans. He pulled my pants and underwear off the rest of the way, and ran his hands up the length of my body. Then he moved down my body, and removed the cloth as he pushed his way into my pussy. Just as I went over the edge, and began to scream in climax, I felt his body go stiff, and hot cum shoot deep inside me.

The Anniversary Gift

fetish 2018-10-02

The blonde began to work in earnest, teasing and tickling Jeannie from head to toe, running light fingers or harsh nails over every inch of her beautiful skin, with special attention to her nipples, pussy, and ass. The blonde used the clenching of Jeannie's ass around her thumb to gauge when to back off with the vibrator, bringing my wife right to the very edge of an earth-shattering orgasm over and over again, but expertly denying her the final push. The blonde stopped with the Hitachi, put a ring gag in Jeannie's mouth, buzzed her clit for ten more seconds, and then turned to me and said "She's ready, Sir."

Calista's Beach Vacation

fetish JamesLacy 2018-10-02

Each time Shannel's tongue swirled across her clit, Calista would shudder and cum as her asshole tightly closed around the wonderful finger with each cum spasm. Calista to kissed and licked Shannel's neck, slowly trailing her lips and tongue down her body, between her breasts, kissing each nipple, then down to lick her navel and on to her shaved pussy. "Oh wow, you are so good…I am sooo close to cumming." Calista licked it for several moments then returned to her lover's sweet cunnie to suck her pussy and clit once more. Calista sucked her clit as though it were a nipple again and slowly pushed a finger into her lover's sweet little asshole while suckling her succulent cunt.

The Man Who Fucked His Way Across... Ch. 02

fetish Hugopossetposset 2018-10-02

She was wearing dark blue leather knee high boots by Sergio Rossi with stiletto heels, pointy toes and silver zips up the front. 'Sooooo Hugo, how much money do you want?' Liza said, cross-legged, working my big cock like a piston. 'OK, if that's the way it's done, let me know' I said trying to release my cock out of her boot zip ring. 'It's not an ideal situation, these boots are a fucking limited edition in the finest Italian leather known to man and I promised Sergio I would wear them in Front Row.' Liza was glaring, so was Charleston.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 05

fetish Demospider 2018-10-02

A boy that was just coming out of the washrooms named George and a girl named Sally who was looking irritated as she stared at an "Out of order" sign on the girl's washroom while hopping back and forth in obvious desperation. Ashley knew that George's tongue must have started at its job on Sally's clit and knew just how good that can feel, especially when you are peeing at the same time. Ashley quickly whispered to George "If she asks to do this with you again, or commands you, you will tell her yes and you will do it." before standing in front of the controls and turning off the emergency stop behind her back.

Black Nation Ch. 01

fetish tunnel00vision 2018-10-01

A cord locked to his chastity cage ensured that he wouldn't be able to unhook himself until his owner wanted, so he was forced to sit there and keep his eyes on the screen to avoid the punishment shocks. She managed to convince the school board to let her keep this slave—it was uncommon, but not rare, for whitegirls to have whiteboy slaves to make their lives comfortable and help in their life goals of pleasing superior blacks—so they set him aside for her on graduation day (though part of the deal was that she had to lend him to them periodically for personal help, cleaning and maintenance around the school, and as a bottom for torture demonstrations).

Hmong s****r in Law Sex

fetish angeal91 2018-10-01

When they all went away, she turn her head back and look the guy's penis again. Which the guy see her naked body and quickly went in like a crazy person, he started groping her tits, pussy, and ass. And then I was about to head home til Kia told me to stop and wait. Kia had saw my penis all rock hard and red like bl**d on the dickhead the girth. So I decided to grab Kia's right hand and let her touch and stroke my penis. Then I aim my penis for her mouth and used my left hand to grab and hold her head down for a blowjob. Till Kia told me to stop and went straight to my bed and fell asl**p.

The Fanncy **Dress** Party

fetish 2018-10-01

The girls made space and I sat next to Sam. We had more drinks and talked and no one once asked why I was dressed up as a woman, I just joined in the girlie chat. I was sat on another sofa when Sam came and sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg above my knee placed her finger on my lips to silence me and then started to kiss me. The girls continued to kiss and cuddle for a moment and then took off my dress to reveal matching bra, suspender belt holding up my stockings and a lacy black sheer G string.

The Promotion

fetish juniysa 2018-10-01

“At Ford Motors, we have a culture of loyalty, commitment and dedication.” Greg nodded mindlessly at his boss's words; his thoughts were preoccupied with Sylvia-if there was a way he could get her alone, slide his hands up her skirt and grab her soft, smooth skin. The President remained emotionless and solemn; Sylvia on the other hand looked excited and was eying Greg's body through her glasses. Greg kept his hands on Sylvia's ass as she bopped up and down his cock; he couldn't believe he was fucking a woman right in front his boss but he was enjoying it too much to care.

Complimentary Desires

fetish MarthaD 2018-10-01

I explained to him that this would make him a better and nicer person and that paying women compliments is a good way to demonstrate your appreciation and respect for them. He said, "When you told me that paying a compliment to another woman was a way of showing my respect for you, it made me want to do it since I'm always happy to do something that will show my love and commitment to you." Maybe more accurately, she wanted to make sure that she had in fact gotten inside my head and that my desire and motivation to extend compliments to women and make them feel good was a manifestation of my desire to please my wife.

Sexual Healing

fetish Brownvanilla 2018-10-01

The rocking was almost in time with the train and Adam began wandering what the story was with the girl until finally it dawned on him. Shifting still in the doorway, the train continued its long slow progress to the final stop of Frankston, and it occurred to Adam that the girl might be continuing to his stop also. The train pulls away yet again, and as it does the girl walks towards Adams seat. She immediately turns her head sharply to look at him, her eyes are slitted, her face is like a mad woman and she hisses at him, "Fuck me in my arse, hard." Again his cock jumps with the words he has heard.

Ashtray Slave

fetish chatbug 2018-10-01

Nikki takes a puff of her cigarette and blows the smoke in Gilbert's face. Nikki takes a puff of her cigarette and blows the smoke in Gilbert's face. Nikki picks up her cigarette, takes a puff, and blows smoke in Gilbert's face. Leah lights a cigarette, takes a puff, and blows smoke in Gilbert's face. Leah laughs, takes a puff of her cigarette, and blows smoke in Gilbert's face. Leah commands, "Hop back to the sofa." Gilbert puts the vibrator and ashtray on the bed and gets up. After Nikki puts out her third cigarette, Leah takes the ashtray from Gilbert's hands. Gilbert cleans the ashtray, moves the coffee table back in front of the sofa, puts the water jugs and rope away, gets dressed, and leaves.

Dream Red

fetish Selene 2018-10-01

Then she lifted the lipstick to her lips once more, going over the contours of her lips, creaming on more of the bright red waxy stuff, over and around her lipline till, panting and hot with unfamiliar emotions, she stopped and looked at the painted whore in the mirror. Jenny felt the blush once more invade her body, the heat of it mantling her cheeks and spreading down her chest towards her painted nipples. She could feel it clinging to her naked body, knew it was getting ever more transparent, that her reddened nipples were blazing through the bodice and that when she stood up, doubtless there'd be red stains too on the skirt from her lavishly-painted cunt.

Repossessed: COD Chapter 2

fetish yoursecrettemptation 2018-10-01

Releasing your ass, he trails his hands back across your waist, moving slowly down to toy with the metal cage enclosing your cock. I will make you hate orgasms when I am through with you." Looking to Kayla, he says, "Unhook his ankle chains." She moves behind you, and after a moment, you feel the chain holding your feet up release. As he does, you can feel Kayla's hands working at your cock cage. Let's spend some time enjoying each other's company before I go to initiate the other new slaves." He lifts her like a doll, and she wraps her long, lithe legs around his waist, eagerly taking his throbbing cock deep inside her, moaning in ecstasy and need.

Revolutionary Love: A Milky Fuck

fetish TrotskysGirl 2018-10-01

He automatically reached for his penis and started to stroke, watching her as she kneaded and squeezed her breasts, then she began pulling on and stroking her big teats in front of him, making him crazy. With rapid flicks he began to trigger her pleasure contractions, and when he sensed she was letting go and close to the edge, he took his hands and cupped each swollen breast, bouncing them with abandon so she could feel how wonderfully full they were, as they tingled with milk starting to make it's way into the teats. Instantly he let out a muffled cry and began to ejaculate, his body unable to control itself, his cock again squirting out seed that shot over her stomach as he shook and moaned with a mouth overflowing with milk.



fetish 2018-10-01

I wanted my lips around it but the wife does'nt know about that side of She stroked the cock, not doing a very good job of it and I was like... she reached back and started fingering herself and she fucking squirted everywhere moaning and sucking that cock hard....I was so fucking turned on I was about to blow myself! She stopped sucking started jerking the cock hard and said "CUM YOU MUTHER FUCKER... I WANT YOU TO CUM" I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it on that cock and she gagged and kept going hard then I heard her little laugh so I knew the man just busted it in her mouth...

Bi-Fun: DP

fetish latexcd69 2018-10-01

To my surprise, my cousin pulled out his dick and started rubbing it, while watching her deeply inhale the tobacco. She rubbed her gloved fingers over my tongue and made me suck them before proceeding to put them in her ass. "Brian, put your fucking dick inside of my ass! The feeling of being inside of her hot pussy was amazing, but feeling his cock rubbing against mine, knowing he was in her ass, drove me crazy. Brian pulled out and ran his dick between her chicks before shoving it back in, deep into her anus. His hard deep thrust into her ass hole let me know that he was also having an orgasm. Brian pulled her closer and kissed her, massaging his cum covered tongue with hers.