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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Power of Scent

fetish Killozap 2017-12-18

She rolled on bed, presenting her giant ass to him, moaning: "Now, come one, take me, fuck me, take me hard!" But Andrew did not want to fuck at this moment, he was still addicted to lick her, and of course he could reach her cunt easily with his tongue, and her gigantic belly was visibled to him, ready to be fondled by his tender hands. It was such a lovely view, her asshole showing a slimy crust of her sweat and manure, really not looking dirty, it looked marvellous to him, and he could not stop to advance his nose nearer to that stinky hole.

Parent Teacher Association

fetish blu3rthanu 2017-12-18

One day, our teacher told us to bring our parents for a PTA meeting next week. My friends and I skipped school since teachers were busy trying to impress our parents. And as soon as I felt a little freedom for my hand to move, I started to jack off in front of the sl**ping girl. Teacher's are going to come back soon you know." She said. She moved her legs, making it look like she's teasing her camel toes but she was actually teasing me. She got one leg up and opened the lips of her pussy. I placed my hands on her legs and pulled myself to her. I took a hand off her leg and placed it on her breast.

Mensroom Slut

fetish davidhtm 2017-12-18

She then handed me an envelope and said, "Right slut I want you to mince across this car park in the most sluttish way you can and then go into the men's toilets, once in there go to one of the stalls and then open this envelope. A large black guy stepped out of the crowd and said, "Right slut, we is all gonna fuck your pretty little ass and mouth so get up and lie over the table" Knowing what Mistress would expect of me I quickly let the cock I was sucking out of my mouth and the turned my head to face the guy.

The Harem Slave Ch. 10

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-12-18

Sophie watched in horror mingled with fascination as the man unzipped his tux pants and pulled out a decent-sized cock. "Aha, what have we here?" The man had his hand on the plug in her ass, and was about it pull it out, when the Master's voice rang out. By the time all of the pre-paid customers had been satisfied, Sophie's hair had come down, her dress ripped to shreds, her shoes pulled off her feet, and her body covered in cum. "Let's go get something to drink," said Sabrina eagerly, taking Sophie by the hand and pulling her out of the pool. Sabrina smiled coyly at a passing waiter as she selected a drink from his tray, making sure to turn her body so that he couldn't possibly miss her enormous tits.

A Financial Decision Ch. 01

fetish LuvsPreggers 2017-12-18

As he did so, Donna couldn't help but notice the almost hungry stares she was getting from Brendan and Patrick – the other two members. As Patrick and Brendan continued to work her big breasts, tugging and nibbling on them, Tom walked around and sat on the table in front of her. Her mouth and hands worked Tom's cock, as he sat on the boardroom table with his eyes closed and head thrown back in ecstasy. As Brendan sucked her tits and Tom fucked her mouth, Patrick went to work on her pussy. Donna couldn't believe the satisfaction she felt at having all three holes filled with hard cocks at once.

The Disconsolation of Anita

fetish intimate270 2017-12-18

Robert took her hand and sucked the juice from it and then gave Anita a deep, deep kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth and she totally surrendered to him. As he pushed his finger in and out of her rectum Anita squirmed at the pain and the pleasure but felt deep joy that Robert had invaded her last bastion of privacy and that now she was totally and utterly his. Robert pressed a button on the remote and Anita felt a mild burning sensation around her pussy and realised that pulses of electricity were being applied to her pussy lips and clitoris. There was a noise and Anita looked up and saw Robert, fully dressed, moving towards her, she instinctively put her hand up as she got closer.

Quick visit

fetish Strapontaken 2017-12-18

Still sucking on his spent cock, I told him I needed him to eat my wet pussy that had three fingers in it. "Finger my ass while you eat my fucking pussy! While he was cleaning my cum from me, I said, "I NEED your cock! When he stopped, I turned and saw how much cum was on his cock, and I cleaned off every drop. After a few strokes like that, I slipped his head into my wet pussy, "I need your cum inside me. Now let me eat that fucking pussy". He watched me shower, dried me off and layed me on the bed and began eating my pussy to start things off...

Bob's sweet, sweet cock

fetish 2017-12-18

Route 30 between Tupper Lake and Long Lake has to be the most boring drive in the park, and even though we made love before we left the hotel a couple hours ago, Bob's horny again. He leans down and begins to lap at me, kissing my head and glans, running his tongue along the base of my shaft. Bob is working me hard as we come down a hill and into the town of Long Lake. A little ways out of town I've relaxed some and Bob's hard work is about to pay off. He spits on his cock, rubs the saliva over his shaft, spits in his hand and works it across my ass.

Office fuck--true story!

fetish oldies4u 2017-12-18

from my back to my crouch and she began to feel my rock-hard dick through my me and gave me the deepest kiss yet and began unbuckling my pants! and now, instead of feeling my dick through my pants, she reached under my underwear and pulled my swollen dick out and began gently stroking it "Pat, you're so much bigger than Ken!" She then began sucking on my dick...ever stuck her tongue into my mouth for more deep kisses and said..."Oh, Pat, you able to use her pussy to squeeze my dick while it was rammed deep into her... continued to pump away at my dick in a squeezing motion with her pussy until In the days that followed Jaime and I fucked several more times...

New employee pays for her mistakes

fetish easydescent 2017-12-18

So on Monday I expect to see you in a tight short black dress and nice classy looking high heels and I expect you to do as I say." I said firmly, Natasha bit her lip and looked so hot I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there. I grabbed Natasha by her long dark hair wrapping my fingers in it as I dragged her to lie on her back on the couch as I lowered myself down to fuck her mouth, sliding my cock slowly as her lips closed round my hardness.

BDSM At The Office

fetish spice16 2017-12-18

One is a good looking woman named Susan, another is Leah, (a real babe) and Janet, our cute little secretary. We came back to my place, strip out cloths, got some wine and went back to bed. She wares unconventional cloths to work like tight leather pants, very short skirts, body hugging dresses and low cut blouses. After blowing a large wad of come down her throat, I took her to the bedroom, stripped her cloths off (except for those heels), tied her to the bed spread eagle and spent the next hour exploring her body. This time, I bound her hands behind her back, tied her legs together and placed other ropes on her.

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 03

fetish asianspankee 2017-12-18

Afterwards you let me stay over your lap for a while before standing me up and giving me a surprise order, "before your corner time, Ling, you are to lubricate your buttplug and then come back over my knee." Shame-faced, I hop over to the desk and open the tube of KY jelly, squeeze out a small drop of clear liquid gel, and coat the flesh-colored plastic buttplug with my trembling hands. Finally facing the corner, I rub my inflamed nether skin for the allotted one minute and then stand quietly to reflect on what has taken place during my second punishment session today. After my corner time is over, you let me dress but I have to "retain" the buttplug inside my body for the walk home.

A Pet Named Kari

fetish seat542 2017-12-18

One of my stories, "The Coffee Shop," turned her on with the thought of Barbara and Russ taking her. He wasn't lying when he said Kari looked lovely. Kari blushed, got just a tiny bit flustered, but smiled saying, "Sure, I'd like that." This was not the same cold bitch that just took the office Romeo out at the knees. It may seem a bit odd, but the understanding comes in my statement of being attracted to women versus craving and needing cock. This caused Kari to give me an inquisitive look while asking, "I take it you love men then?" I love women too." I made sure I was looking into Kari's eyes as I spoke.


fetish 2017-12-18

We spent two hours in the first store as Emi flogged the staff, trying on at least fifteen different styles of shoes that all basically looked the same to me – at first I was game but after the eighth or ninth pair I told her that, and she ignored me afterward. I slapped her on the ass, not hard for a sturdy American girl, but it knocked little Emi-chan halfway across the elevator card. At last the pilot told me to fasten my seatbelt, Emi-chan had called form the house phone in the back of the plane and said to go. all over your chin.” She couldn’t completely hide the distaste of rubbing that gaijin cock all over her perfect Japanese skin, leaving little streaks of precum that would surely give her a rash the next morning.

Lusting My Sister-in-law...Secretly

fetish Crotchhound 2017-12-18

Many times, over the years and since we moved out, I've found myself lying on her bed with a soiled pair of her panties over my nose as I stroke my cock with a clean pair, making sure I get plenty of my precum on her panties for her to wear later. Anyway, I'd always use a paper towel to catch the largest part of my cum, but I'd always leave precum droplets on the inside of the panties I was wearing and make sure I wiped the remnants of my ejaculate on the gusset in hopes it would eventually find its way to be in contact with Roxanne's luscious pussy.

Cheating With the One That Got Away

fetish LordBendtner 2017-12-18

Kiki, the first girl, noticed me as I got on the bus, and sat right next to me: She stopped blowing me and sat straight, riding right on my face with all of her weight, and I was definitely enjoying it. With an arrogant stare she placed her hands behind her head, and started moving her lower body with my rock hard cock inside. The provoking look in her eyes turned me on just as much as her feet, as I grabbed them, licked them, kissed them, sucked on them, just a little bit more. She sat back straight, turned to me, with the same devilish look as usual, and rested her feet on my cock, still wiggling her toes and moving them just a little bit.

Our Dirty Secret Ch. 02

fetish mwbg777 2017-12-18

I've been horny as a dog for weeks now." Cara put her head back on my shoulder and said softly, "I want you back." I looked around to make sure we were alone in our spot in the woods, took Cara's hand and placed it against my crotch. Cara stopped squirming, looked me in the eyes, and said, "I want to try eating Tony's shit." Cara smiled sexily and said, "What a fucked-up conversation we're having right now, huh?" After thinking about it a bit, I said, "And when he tells us he wants to marry Angela, it will give us an excuse to grill him a bit about his health history." "I want you to come back down here looking like a whore," I said to my wife.

T is for Twirl

fetish Many Feathers 2017-12-18

Janice immediately began massaging in Stan's spunk into her friends breasts as Christy sat, finger-fucking herself, eyes closed enjoying the incredible sensation. Taking Christy's breast in hand while Candy all but floated in mid-air at this point with Bob's help, Ned began rubbing his wife's tit up and down, back and forth against Candy's cunt as she spread her pussy lips as wide a part as possible with her hands. Ever the Ox, Bob continued to effortlessly hold Candy mid-air as Janice continued stroking his massive prick which had grown to even harder proportions of that was possible while her husband Ted continued fucking her cunt with the half-peeled banana.

Pulling a Felicia

fetish YDB95 2017-12-18

Allie and Corri, Craig and Eddie -- best friends ever since Allie and her family had moved down from Long Island when she was nine years old, and yet every time she'd come home from college over the previous four years, she'd felt more and more different from the others while they all remained as tight as ever. When the time came to part ways -- Eddie had to work that evening and Corri was expected at home for dinner -- Allie was feeling nothing but randy contentment over what was to come. Allie didn't recall much else about Felicia, not even her last name; but thanks to Corri, she and Eddie and Craig would remember Felicia's first name -- and her very full bush -- for all time.

Ann's Art Project Ch. 02

fetish qexiqex 2017-12-18

Once the resin was wet and shiny, and Ann giggling with joy, she wrapped the whole thing around her torso so her breasts and back were all covered with the squishy material. She thought about making a wooden plate with holes and use that to shape her breasts before wrapping them up, but in the end she decided to simply put some rubber bands around the base of each tit while they're wrapped, so she wouldn't have to toss away the resin and start over again. Ann was fascinated about the effect the bands had on her breasts, about the way her flesh was formed and compressed by the wrap that still neatly covered everything with resin and kept the material well protected.

The Quest For An Orgasm Of Epic

fetish HoneyRose 2017-12-18

He slid a finger inside my pussy, still tight despite it's earlier pounding at the mercy of his good-sized dick. Sensing my growing need he slid his finger down again, but only long enough for it to emerge covered in my slick pussy juices. "Rub it lightly," I advised him, "Just stroke it gently in time with your tongue on my hard little clit..." I began to melt as he applied this technique, my pussy starting to quiver slightly. I could feel it building, a tension in every muscle of my body as he continued to push his erection in and out of my sopping wet pussy, fingering the depths of my ass....then....he came with a savage cry.

Naked Greed

fetish shandal 2017-12-18

Giggling as the bubbling fluid spilled out down the side of her cheek and into her hair, she went to wipe her face with her hand but Will shook his head, deliberately pouring a little of the ice cold liquid onto the bare skin between her breasts so that the champagne flowed down towards her neck and pooled in the crevice at the base of her throat as she lay back on the dishevelled bed. Tipping up the bottle so that the cold champagne poured into the small indent and ran down her sides it made her laugh as it tickled her, and he bobbed his head down, and then with his long tongue lapped at her wet belly button, slurping loudly as he moved it in and out, then swirling it around causing Becky to writhe, which in turn sent the fluid running down her skin, soaking the sheets below her.

The Conference

fetish Cicero6 2017-12-18

Three weeks ago my eight year old daughter came home from school and right away I knew something wasn’t quite right. I was about to fall asleep when my wife came in and told me everything was okay but she had been in trouble at school. I approached the classroom where Sister Paula was sitting at her desk. “You are asking for a punishment yourself if you don’t stop that foul tongue of yours,” she said as she stood from her desk. She walked briskly around her big desk but instead of opening the door for me as I expected, she pulled me out of the chair by my collar. Then she walked around her desk and said, “Drop your pants.”

This pussy belongs to ME!.....’She said she

fetish 2017-12-18

I slide my hand under her pussy and grab the slippery clit, hard So hard I can hear her pussy getting wetter and wetter… like water I went down on that juicy pussy trying to slurp up every ounce left of that sweet cum I took my right hand to keep her clit protruded so that I could free my left to finger her pussy Once I put 3 fingers in, she was back to those sexy, loud deep breath orgasmic pants that I liked to hear I fingered her pussy fast and hard so that she could cum directly in my mouth…. and then let’s out an orgasmic yell while squirting a stream of her pussy juices into my mouth at the same time….