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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

shannon kelly Ever Notice?

fetish ioanna 2017-12-17

My s****r had really turned into a woman in the last couple years: she had gone from being an awkward, gawky adolescent to a tall, good looking college girl. “Would it help if I took off my shirt?” Stephanie didn’t wait for an answer, but pulled off her t-shirt and reached behind her back, unsnapping her bra, letting her sizeable breasts swing free. “That’s right” Steph said, her hands resuming their work on my aching cock, “Pretend I’m her. Pretend I’m that horny little high school girl who just wants to make your big cock squirt.” Her tits shook as she jerked me off. “This will be our little secret.” Steph said, snuggling up against me to watch the last minutes of the movie.

Halloween Costume Party

fetish smally 2017-12-17

Jen took my hard cock in her hand and told me that "she knew all night that I had a cute one". Jen let me out from under the dress and gave me a sweet kiss and excused herself for a few minutes to the bedroom. She sat next to me and began caressing me, she climbed on top of me and held my hard cock against her pussy and started to grind. I was kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts as she was fucking that big cock, soon she had her first of three orgasms. After a few minutes she came again and pulled his cock out, removed the condom, and stroked it a few times before he exploded and shot a huge load on her stomach and breasts.

A Period of Time

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-12-17

I thought of the times we would walk in the park and without warning, she would reach inside the waistband of her jeans to dip her fingers into her wetness and feed the sweet slickness to me, or in her apartment as she would take me in her mouth and massage me with her tongue. I remembered the feeling as she sat upon me, my cock buried deep inside her, as she released her urine, washing me with her warmth...I don't know how long I stood in place, but it must have been more than a few seconds. "I need your cum somewhere else." She turned around to offer me an amazing view of her firm ass and tight pussy as she went down on her forearms.

The Fountain Ch. 1

fetish Hullo_nurse 2017-12-17

I can faintly hear the "master" say to the dog-woman "suck his cock." I watch her as she gets the 2nd guy's pants unbuttoned & his fly unzipped with her mouth, pulling his pants down a bit with her teeth. Paul is the one who lets a moan escape this time, as I start to caress him, my hands moving down his chest to his stomach & sides & back up. As Paul starts to tell me all about his meetings and the boring lunch presentation he had to sit through I slowly push his boxers down, an inch at a time, licking & kissing my way lower.

Jenny Become A Porn Star

fetish rollhigh 2017-12-17

Tim moved his cock inside my mouth slowly at first and started gaining speed as his desire to face fuck this sperm covered MILF whore kneeling in front of him begin to build. Jimmy came and sat in the chair across from me and for a few moments watched silently as my left hand was still playing with my pussy and my right hand was now busy pushing Tim’s sperm from my face and into my mouth. Right after Jimmy covered my face with his load of hot sperm Steven shouted it was his turn and had his pants down and his cock standing up ready for my mouth.

The Chill of Ice

fetish matthais 2017-12-17

With a push of his two fingers, the door glided to a close as the sucking sound of the magnets taking hold of the metal framework filled the air. Never letting the kiss go between them, she barely noticed the cloth slip knot gliding over her left hand and resting on her wrist. A giggle escaped her lips as she tried to pull her left hand up to push him away. He positioned the ice at the top of her pussy, letting the warmth of her body continue the melting process. She felt the walls of her pussy gripping hard onto his cock as she continued to push and pull him from her.

Tied and teased on a chair...

fetish weetoby68 2017-12-17

I moved my hands down, started stroking her thighs, I love the feel of nylon stockings, I reached up and found the top of her thong and pulled it down over her thighs and boots, I could see her pussy was all nice and wet already. I started rubbing my dick over her clit and entrance to her pussy, just pushing the tip in and no more, pulling it out again, covered in her sticky cunt juices. She told me that her pussy had now recovered and was ready for my tongue again, she was standing above me, I could see her pussy was still running with her juices, down her thighs and soaking the top of her stockings.

30 Days or Bust: Day 11

fetish l8bloom 2017-12-17

Although I couldn't think of a particular reason why I should have an office, especially one with a desk instead of a bed, that was the way Leo Jantzen wanted it. The stable was a sort of coffee table book, except it was filled with photographs and text about the goods available at Wish. Nakita's features looked like his. "Come on in, Mark," said Leo. The way he said it gave me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. With a jerk of his head, the big man directed Nakita to wait outside. "Mr. Clarke, I'd like you to meet Mark Goodbody. "Mr. Goodbody, I would like to clear up a few things," Clarke rumbled.

Email Cuckold Ch. 01

fetish illicit_writer 2017-12-17

"Hey Ken, I'm home!" His wife Karen called from downstairs. "The girls and I were out at Barleycorn's dancing up a storm and I felt someone dance up behind me." Karen avoided her husband's eyes, but her hips moved faster. riding my cock." Ken didn't normally talk dirty but his wife moved faster and her head tilted back. "He'd probably come up behind you and start playing with your beautiful tits." Ken's hands snaked up and kneaded her breasts and his wife moaned in pleasure. "Oh baby, I know you've already came inside of me..." Karen hesitated and closed her eyes and breathed. The following month, Ken eagerly looked forward to Karen's next girl's night out.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. 4

fetish Scotsdude 2017-12-17

And watching the videos made me actually start to feel like I really was a piss drinking, bi-sexual whore. "Tada!" Said Natalia, as she brought Claire into the sitting room. The tape’s generally telling him he’s a bi-sexual tart, who likes to drink piss. "Hey girls, I’m all in favour of trying something new, but I’m not like that, y’know." Claire’s voice trembled. Now Natalia was stroking Claire’s right leg and was kissing her cheek, while Sara was doing the same on her left. Claire’s hands started to massage Natalia’s head and push it harder against her cunt, while Natalia licked and sucked. Natalia got her strap on dick and fucked Claire up the ass while Sara got hers and fucked Claire’s twat.


fetish Aislinn_Cain 2017-12-17

"Oh come on, Madison, I'll teach you." Olivia smiled, pulling me towards the dance floor. My frown deepened, "do you want me to go talk to them for Sophie or for myself?" No one knew about Gavrel. It only took a moment for Gavrel to grab my hand and pull me from the violence in the middle. "I'm Madison, this is Leslie, Olivia and Sophie," I shook hands with all of them. I could feel Gavrel's hands on my body as he walked slowly to the bedroom. Quickly I called Olivia back, my hands making circles on Gavrel's chest. "Gavrel," I moaned his name, my hands working their way to the fly of his boxers.

The neighbour's wife

fetish 2017-12-17

Look, I am very sorry for this but it appears you have parked your car in front of mine, and I need to go find my husband at a business event, could you please come to the parking lot and move your car - since she never took her car I would usually park my car in front of hers, given I was going to go out again later I did not think I would cause any problem.. She would look to me in the eyes as I was standing and could not believe what was going on… and started licking my balls… I love your balls, they are so big and looked at me… Come on lets go to the couch she said..

me with mum

fetish 2017-12-17

when my single mum got home from a long day at work i went down stairs with here panties in my hand for the wash i forgot wat i was holding. my dicked started to bleed, she then got her whip and dildo out and she said to me lay down and she sed every time u dont allow my dildo to go in ur ass im gunna whip you a few times i got whipped buh in the end she was pounding me with her dildo. she started wanking me off and i shouted im gunna cum she said on my face so i shot 8 spurts of cum on her face.

Julie earning Syl's tranny(?) cum with suckin

fetish noin007 2017-12-17

*She presses her face lightly up against the underside of your cock, deeply purring, letting your precum smear on her cheeks and over her nose as she opens her mouth wide, reaching out with her tongue, giving your balls a rough lick* of course not love *She pants out as you let her pre smear across your face and roughly against her heavy balls with your tongue, her veins swelling, pulsing, her precum dripping readily down the underside of her cock as her hands tighten on yours, her thighs squeezing tight around your waist as her body slightly tenses, biting hard on her lip to restrain herself*

30 Days or Bust: Day 08

fetish l8bloom 2017-12-17

It had been my intention to kiss the backs of her thighs and knees, to lick her inner thighs and tease her on my way back north. I could not resist, at this time, dipping my tongue in her sweet little honey pot. I ate her until I couldn't breathe any more, slurping in the girl-juice she sent my way, and lastly wiped my face on one velvety cheek. "DAHH-ling!" Doris flounced down the winding staircase and held out her hand for me to kiss. With a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, she commanded me to get on my knees and lick her pussy. I forgot all about Doris Perkins, her money and her vultures, and made love to my woman.

Professor Li's Pantyhose Ch. 01

fetish fanofpantyhose 2017-12-17

She received me in her office, which I could only admire later, because she sat on her desk chair with her legs crossed towards me, shiny silky white tights and black high heels with a small strap above the ankle. We came to an agreement, and she put on her highly seductive smile and offered me her small hands which I shook gently, not without spending a couple more seconds looking at her gorgeous Asian legs encased in those stunning white tights. I noticed that she had chosen light blue fashion tights today, slightly patterned with darker lines, and her heels were less high than usual and did not have a strap either.

A Perfect Pussy

fetish SSobotkaJr 2017-12-17

Koneko slowly climbed off the futon, her fingers curled into her palms so as to make her hands look like paws. Koneko stretched forward and rubbed against the back of my fingers, her tiny lips feeling like warm, liquid flesh. Eventually, Koneko-chan's progression reached my lower body; her tongue dipping into the small well of my navel playfully before she mewed softly, continuing down to the waistband of my cotton boxers. At the end of each one, a small curved nail - shaped like a tiny cat's claw - rested against my skin, barely touching with ten little points of pressure.

"Fisting the pub"

fetish ski999 2017-12-17

Looking up into my fixed eyes she gently rolled onto her side , she took the cucumber from her dripping pussy , and started inserting it into her arse , with four soft strokes it was buried all the way into the soft folds of her puffy shitter with just enough cucumber left for her fingers to hold onto , as she skillfully worked the green monster in and out of her shit hole noiselessly , i could feel my cock making a bid for freedom from lt's beer soaked confines , i slid my zip down realeasing the engorged member to beat and twitch in time to my throbbing head as it became fully erect ,i grabbed it in my left hand and pulled the foreskin back down over the throbbing helmet , as she saw my cock i heard her gasp as she removed the green b**st from her damaged arse all puffy and extended into a mild prolapse.

Double Elimination

fetish eightballbum 2017-12-17

Karen smiles at me, glances to the right to confirm the green light is on and takes another drag on her Slim. Steve excused himself to tend to some business, Karen moved to the other side of the table, and reaching down into her waist apron, pulled out a package of Virginia Slims and a lighter. In less than two hours, we had a dozen or so winners, and while Karen had to dash off to work, I spent the evening on the computer using photo software to fine-tune the shots. I have a little bit of this cigarette left, and I don't want any witnesses for this part." With her half spent Virginia Slim in her right hand holding my cheek, she nuzzled her face into my neck.

My first steady girlfriend

fetish jaimie49 2017-12-17

Alice and I grew up in the same neighborhood.We were in the same classes in school but we traveled with different crowds.I was 16 at the time when I heard that Alice was a whore.She would let 4 to 5 guys take turns fucking her at her house. When it was my turn I went upstairs and Alice was laying naked on her parents bed.As I entered the room she said "Jaimie Hi.You finally got to me.I have always wondered why I never saw you here." Let me put the rubber on." She slipped it on driving me crazy then laid on her back spreading her legs.I slid my cock in slowly like Lois taught me.Alice's mouth and eyes went wide open as I entered her young tight pussy.When I was all the way in she said " is amazing oooooooh."

The Next Day

fetish TongaFrank 2017-12-17

Even so, I could not help but recall her words to me the night before about saving my orgasm for the biggest creampie ever, and I made a conscious effort, as she brought me ecstatic pleasure with her skilled lips and tongue, not to allow her final reward. I continued licking and sucking my wife's succulent prize even after she reached her first orgasm, until she pulled my face up to hers and rubbed her nose back and forth against mine. "Share it with me?" I asked quietly when I was finally able to speak, to which my wife replied non-verbally by shaking her head back and forth in the negative response without even taking me out of her talented mouth.

The One Handed Harlot

fetish NicoliEstovich 2017-12-17

Stephen took to them, lips curling about one nipple, then the other, teeth going every-so-slightly to work, urged on by the approving moans of the one-handed girl. Stephen had one hand on the table-top, the other gripping her rump as he thrusted, his ass moving forward and back as his cock plumbed her, thighs slapping against thighs, the room silent but for the sounds of panting and wet, smacking flesh. Sweat ran down Stephen's face, burning his eyes as he pounded, breathing through his teeth as he tried to shove his cock in deeper, harder, faster with every thrust of his hips. Flicking it away, she brought her right arm up, her nub against the edge of his face, and Stephen swore, he could feel fingers caress his cheeks.

I Earn Her Tiny White Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2017-12-17

My wife is curvaceous in a Jennifer Lopez way (her measurements are 34-22-40 on a 5'2" frame) and the bra made her modestly sized breasts look very sexy although it is her full, thick ass that usually gets my attention. The view of her lacy bra barely holding in her tits and her tiny white panties made my cock stir inside my boxers. Jennifer turned her eyes to mine and asked, "Do you like the panties I'm wearing? I spit into the palm of my right hand and began to stroke my cock slowly, pointing it right at Jennifer's face. My wife's stroking of my prostate gland contributed to the enormous load of cum I had sprayed all over Jennifer's tits.

Hotel Sex

fetish stephyoung2 2017-12-17

You then reach down and cup your hand over my pussy feeling the wetness soaking through my panties and shorts. We quickly speed up our walking as you pull my hand harder onto your cock feeling me as I rub faster wanting so badly to get that cock inside me. We start French kissing as you bring your hands up to my tits tweaking the clothespins feeling my nipples being tweaked at the same time. We kiss some more then you pull away letting your tongue run over to my ear and then down my neck your hands slowing moving downwards towards my pussy. Your tongue is like magic on my pussy and I can feel my orgasm coming on so fast.