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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Teacher Made Me into Sissy

fetish johntamilandrea 2017-12-17

The story happened when I was 19 years old I loved showing off my feminine body to strangers and allowed them to abuse me. She asked me to lube up my ass and start fingering it. When I reached her room, she was sitting there with my class teacher Karunya. Karunya told me that if I don't obey them, they will put this video on the school's website. Karunya got up and gave me a hard slap in my face. Narmada got up and took out a pair of stockings from her purse and gave me. Karunya told me to open my mouth and she spat all the cum in my mouth. Then Narmada asked to swap the cum with her.

My Cousin's Neighbor's Wife

fetish Merob 2017-12-17

I worked nearby, and for months Paul’s wife, Jen, and I had sucked and fucked at their home almost every weekend. I worked nearby, and for months Paul’s wife, Jen, and I had sucked and fucked at their home almost every weekend. I also like to eat pussy and have my prick sucked. I also like to eat pussy and have my prick sucked. The one time I put my mouth around his prick, he pulled away and told me that’s where his pee comes from. The one time I put my mouth around his prick, he pulled away and told me that’s where his pee comes from. I’m pretty sure you’re fucking Jen because she’s had a smug satisfied look ever since that first weekend you were here.

Couple's New Toilet

fetish womensToilet 2017-12-17

Alessio went to the toilet right after her, his hard-on was killing him and he had to jerk off, when he was inside he found the panties on the damper and picked them, he quickly took them close to his nose and smelled them, he could clearly smell the mix of Long's cum and her piss and pussy juice. She didn't lose time, she rushed to Alessio's room, naked, walked on his bed and stood on his chest suddenly, waking him up, as soon as she was over him she released her hand from her pussy letting Long's cum drip on Alessio's shirt, face and pillow, she then lowered herself and order him to clean-up her cumfilled cunt.

The Harem Girl

fetish Leilacake 2017-12-16

She had watched with wide eyes, hands clenched in her lap, a little fearful but ever excited at the sight of his powerful body. She ran the damp towel over his calves, up to his thighs and with shaking hands she lightly brushed it over his cock and under to his balls. He held a thick black scarf in his hands which he swiftly wound around her head several times, covering her eyes . With his cock buried deep inside her Shayla again began to weep, only this time from joy and pleasure. The sight of his hard cock, shining with her juice, his head still inside her luscious red lips was almost more than he could bear.

Panty: Secret Orgy Party

fetish pantyrehab 2017-12-16

Even though they're my buddies' sisters and also my roommates, I've gotta check out their panties and know what they each smell like!" Hank dropped Jenny's bra and went into their walk-in closet. When he felt safe she wasn't going to wake, he looked into her shorts and saw she was wearing a lacey pair of red panties which set off her tanned skin. The nice sweet and musky smell of Jenny's panties and the tangy wet juices of Ellie was a great combination along with the silky strokes of Andrea's panties. His cock started to stir again thinking that their hot wet pussies will come into contact with his cum when they wear these panties.

pervert flasher

fetish blkhog 2017-12-16

She leaned up to my passenger window as i was stroking my big black uncut 8.5 inch dick...and a she went to ask me,"oh my god you pervert",she said immediately followed by let me in."Come on lets ride five-0 is in the back to a domestic dispute and they were dispatching more out so come on lets get outta here!" I pulled out the parking lot and headed to another a few miles down the road, she grabbed on to my dick and asked me if i had any coke. "Fuck me",she said i gave her a rubber from out my console and told her to put it on my dick.She took the condom out the wrapper and stretched it over,around,and then onto my big uncut dick and then she climbed on top and started riding.

Hirsute Rebecca

fetish MisterNatural 2017-12-16

Being this close to Rebecca for the first time, I noticed that the teen had a bit of a light down above her lip, certainly nothing like a moustache but probably just enough to cause her embarrassment, and she also had a little fuzz around the front of her ears. My eyes then went to Rebecca's arms as they held the bike upright for me to work on, and I was pleased to see that her slender forearms, lightly tanned to the elbows, had a rich coating of fine and long dark hairs that fluttered a bit in the breeze. "Thank you," Rebecca said, and it almost looked like the water on her cheeks wasn't rain.

A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster Pt.8

fetish shmoe13 2017-12-16

She arched her back at the sudden invasion, the pain taking away from the pleasure for only a bit as Daddy’s cum served to let them slide in easily, causing her belly to rise a good deal as they made their way into her much more quickly than the ones still lodged in her daughter’s behind and stomach had. So I just kept thrusting with everything, feeling a very familiar tingling in my belly build to a long denied peak while the tentacles pierced into our wombs simultaneously, the girl succeeding in pulling the tentacle from around Daddy’s penis and initiating a massive four way orgasm that shook me to my core.

Transsexual Son / Daughter

fetish cumgurl40 2017-12-16

Some hours later we rested I was so exhausted from all of this I had to get some rest we chatted some more then round 2 this time she wanted me to take her putting on one of her varied large strapons and fucking her wet pink pussy she was so tight as I pumped her for all my love I had in me and then turning her over as we continued watching more of her Movies one after the other we partially did the Karma sutra all over the house even to the point in the loo then came the point I knew what we had to do I moved in to her apartment and sold my house raising more cash to help her out in her filming we now do movies together and staring in them as s****rs well that’s my secret and well we did more I got to be introduced to the black guy that id seen on the movie and boy was he huge larger than my daughter and did he break me in too

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 03

fetish MaryGrangerx 2017-12-16

Actually when my husband had explained to me later, that the special shape I had felt was young Brian's knob at the end of his penis I did pant and when I questioned Bruce about it, my voice did squeak a bit. The rest of the day had followed uneventfully until Mrs Miller had knocked politely at my office door and asked me if I could ring my husband to tell Brian she was ready to leave. In a couple of minutes Bruce came into the kitchen looking a little puzzled saying "Mrs Miller told me she was going down to the village for most of the day and said you would probably want Brian to come into the house this morning to collect it?" I could see he was looking at my short skirt.

The Smothering of Sasha

fetish netzero26 2017-12-16

She explained that despite how things may look for the victim, the smothering and grinding usually puts them in a state of absolute relaxation and euphoria, and the victims usually passed out peacefully or literally fall asl**p before expiring; many a young victim had gone out with a pleasant smile on their face and the Mistress was hoping Sasha would too, whenever that might be, as she wanted her to be a rather long term victim “Only because you are just so darn cute”, she said with a comforting smile. The smothering would go on and on, and the only sound Sasha heard was the occasional sigh and soft moan from the Mistress, along with a rhythmic “mmph mmph mmph” coming from within the victim, and of course the ever present sounds of her very wet vagina rubbing against the boy’s face.

Naked Thirst Ch. 06

fetish maxxxwilde 2017-12-16

"About fifteen minutes, sometimes closer to twenty, depending on how my supply is that day." As they talked, Keiko held the cones to her breasts, one in each hand, and Sam realized that the other woman really couldn't do anything else until she was finished. Keiko smiled and said, "Thanks." She paused, took a long swallow of water from a big bottle on the counter, and scooped the vegetables into a bowl. Keiko came in with the rice and vegetables, she had shed her apron, and Sam relaxed a little more. Sam thought of the shoot by the pool and wondered what kind of modeling Keiko did, but before she could ask any more questions Angela said, "Did I hear that you were going shopping with Keiko this afternoon?"

The Story of N Day 03

fetish shortonreality 2017-12-16

"See, she loves being tormented," N said smiling as her new partner finished undressing, "now get over here and let's put on a nice show for my slut slave – make her jealous of the fucking my pussy is going to get!" "Oooh, that is such a nice cock – fuck me nice and hard with it while I rub my slave's pussy and we can listen to her moan and try to beg for an orgasm," N said. N felt him getting close, so she looked back at him and pushed him out of her, saying "Mmmm, that feels so great in my pussy, but my ass needs some attention to babe – would you mind fucking me a little in there before you cum in my pussy and I let it drip out onto my slave?"

Leak Ch. 05

fetish NastyPierre 2017-12-16

Trembling with anticipation, Laura stood facing the door to her room as Thelma had instructed. Thelma cast a cold unsympathetic eye upon Laura and with a snap of her fingers, motioned the teen to come stand before her. It will be for your own good." Thelma looked up at Laura expecting a proper answer and wiggled her embedded finger to ensure it. "I hope you come to appreciate all the time and effort I am about to spend on your education." Laura stared at the floor completely bewildered, her head spinning, body flashing both hot and cold, and barely caught a bit of drool that seeped from the corner of her mouth. Thelma watched Laura's face contort to the submission and her own hand coat with warm cream.

Adult nursing - sharing the milk with friends

fetish 2017-12-16

He said, loudly, “relax – you’ll get used to it, If you weren’t pregnant I’d be fucking you in the ass girl and that really would hurt!” To which Mark laughingly replied “next time b*o, next time!” Gary then started to move in and out, gently – presumably because of my condition – all the while holding onto my swollen belly. When I mentioned to Mark that night that I thought the baby was close, he decided that he wanted Gary to fuck me one more time wilst still heavily pregnant and knew the next day might be too late.


fetish tomthumper 2017-12-16

"Mmm, you running around braless with your nipples poking through your shirt would be the best advertisement Meyer's Milk has ever had." He leaned forward, letting his cock sway between his legs. Her boobs pressed into Steve's face as his large cock head tunneled into her surprisingly tight pussy. Steve swept Suzie off her feet and with a strength he didn't know he possessed, he grasped her firm little ass and rocked her up and down his cock, faster and faster, as she writhed and cried out for him to fuck her even faster. Suzie cried out softly, her own orgasm pounding against her soft pussy walls, and slowly stroking Steve's head as they rode their bliss into sticky silence.

Stepmom and Me Ch. 02

fetish JhMcKn 2017-12-16

She opened her eyes and looked at me saying "You are a big stepmotherfucker and I am going to enjoy having your big fucking cock around me for the next few days until your daddy gets home from Cincinnati and his whore girlfriend. Now let me have that wet fucking pussy of yours so I can suck your big clit and make you climax, then we must get back for dinner." said Jewel. It didn't take me five seconds to realize that the lady Velma was sitting on had a cock and not a cunt under her dress and that she was actually being fucked by him right at our table as she sat there.

20 Girls, one silly boy

fetish 2017-12-16

A few hands shot up, and he pointed to a big girl, Sandra, 5'10", athletic, wearing her customary tracksuit, 'I will kick your fucking balls, and I will bet you wont cum'. It looked as though she had had enough of his bull and she looked more than capable of castrating him in one kick, she was laughing as she said it, in fact she was getting turned-on at the prospect, and the smile he had on his face disappeared. We all watched in silence as she went deeper with her fingers, deep-throating him, then she inserted another two finger on her other hand, and holding him open, let a hot stream of piss shoot from her cunt right into his mouth, pissing until it flowed over, running down his cheeks, holding him in a vice-like lock, not allowing him to turn his head, forcing him to swallow, and continuing to empty her bladder on him.

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 01

fetish jawanaut 2017-12-16

"Are you saying you're considering fucking around, and telling me about it" I asked her, noticing my increased excitement; she gave out a little giggle. "At the beginning" I said very eager to hear how her 'fucking amazing' night of sex with another man went. then I thought they would not even start fucking until just a little after eight when she texted me to ask, and they are going this hot and heavy already. before I called you he continued to eat me out, I sucked his dick till he came in my mouth and we sat naked on the couch and talked and kissed, until I realized I just had to fuck him."

Bisexual Awakening

fetish bimale_35 2017-12-16

When I was finished and Kat was satisfied that she was cleaned up, she told me that we were all going out that night and to go and get ready; I was in the spare room now until Mike left; as Kat spoke I got more and more turned on, listening intently as she told me that her and her new lover, Mike, were going to fuck all weekend in our marital bed and that I would not get to touch her, except with my tongue. Once Kat was satisfied that I had cleaned up all of her two lover's cum she said goodnight, untied me and went back to them in our bed, I heard Rob leave shortly after.

Girl's Night Pt. 13

fetish DifferentBreed 2017-12-16

"I know you can't," Eve answered, licking her finger after dragging it across her left breast, "you're nothing but a pathetic cocksucking, cum loving sissy, aren't you?" "Fuhhhk yes Candi, you have a very talented mouth," Eve cried, slipping herself from her panties, her thick jet black cock curled into her slender fingers, it's folds of loose skin slowly disappearing as she stroked it. Fisher looked toward the camera, drooling over the cock stuffed in his mouth, moaning happily every time the flash went off, moving with Eve as she posed him. Eve smiled down at him and took Fisher's face in her hands guiding him back onto her, moaning in unison with him, letting him work his mouth from side to side on her sensitive head.

Triangular Ch. 02

fetish Agent86 2017-12-16

He stood up and threw her playfully onto the couch, and rammed his rock hard cock into her sloppy pussy, pumping her even harder and faster than I had, making her cum hard almost immediately, a long drawn out orgasm as his continued thrusting kept her over the edge until he too came, I could hear Kathy's pussy get even wetter as another load of cum filled it. "Sure," I said and took Sven's place as he stood and sat by Kathy's head, where she lapped at his cum coated cock like an ice-cream. Kathy came with a final deep thrust, holding her crotch hard against my arse, as my own cum spurted out with such force that it coated her neck and tits as well her tummy.

Paying off your husband's debt

fetish darksmeister 2017-12-16

I told him that I had been looking at her a lot, and I KNEW that men would pay good money to watch her....and it would not cost him a penny!! It took me no time to set up the laptop, plug the webcam in (I preferred this over the built in one, because it could be moved about, and also helped keep faces hidden, when needed). Like a skilled porn actress (and wannabe "Relief Nurse"???) you give the performance of your life, milking my precum before lapping it in stringy, gooey strands with your tongue and lips, spitting on my cock and watching your saliva run down, before lapping it all up, again. And hubby, one hand on his cock, the other keeping the action in full frame, watches as his debt is quickly, and pleasurably, written off!!!

Milk Nurse Ch. 02

fetish evilbread666 2017-12-16

Not thinking, she pushed Trish's face harder than normal into her left breast. Never better." Rachel pushed her back in, and Trish complied, sucking more and more milk. Trish was now elbow to elbow with Jim, but Rachel moved her knee in a way that slid her to her left side, outside of her legs. "I've been waiting all morning for you Jim. Nobody sucks milk out of me like you do," she said softly, her hand now stroking the back of his head. Trish was now on her back on Rachel's left thigh, her massive tit now completely covering her face. If your wife saw you sucking milk out of a giant breast like a little baby, do you think she would get upset?