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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Couples Room

fetish Babefiend 2017-12-16

Undeterred by rumours of it being little more than a cold dark corridor, we risk it to have each other -- now -- and are pleasantly surprised to find a light open space with play equipment, plentiful room and a handful of hot couples enjoying themselves, enjoying each other. A beautiful girl and her male friend sit beside him on the bench, fully clothed and not playing but engaging with him as he makes me come undone. Post-ravaged and with the biggest beaming smiles we have a chance to catch with her and her friend "You two are really hot," she tells us, much to my delight, " How long have you been together?" They look suitably impressed to find out we've been married for nearly 10 years, happily smug married.

Natalie's Games Ch. 01

fetish steven91 2017-12-16

"Oh no you don't, I want this to last" says Chad, as he twists underneath her, trying to push the last few inches of his cock up into her. Chad's superior cock is long enough to reach deep inside Nat, to massage her A-spot on demand. Nat smiles at Chad, then looks over at me again. Nat yells, "Good job, Sean!" and slowly drops back down before rising back up, her legs nearly fully extended, Chad's cock-head just partially encased by her pussy. I look over at Chad who has his eyes closed. Nat looks over at me, "Sean, that's not how the game is played. His monstrous cock, deep inside of the woman I love, is releasing its seed, while I sit here in my corner, blue balled, staring at the wall.

Lady Ann's Brothel

fetish satinlvr_mwf 2017-12-16

I might have been able to get some time off, and we could have gone somewhere together!” With that, Ben went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready for the day, and Suzi dropped back onto the bed, her heart racing as she left out a long sigh of relief. As her attacker realized his advantage, he began to reach around for something to restrain his captive, and after brief searching, his fingers grasped the soft and supple leather restraints Suzi would use with a client, either tying him up, or being tied up by him. In this case, they worked as the latter, and in short order, Suzi was tied, her arms down and away from her body, and her ankles firmly apart, her knees bent and wide apart, causing Suzi’s skirt to fall gently back onto her stomach.

Office Remodel and Piss Sex

fetish curvy93 2017-12-16

I start to pee, and you pull away, allowing yourself to have a look at the sight before you: the piss falling from my pussy, tickling my legs and falling on the plastic rug below, pooling at my feet. Then, you ask me to turn around and you pee onto my ass cheeks, allowing the underwear to saturate further. As you continue working, I begin to taste less like piss and more like pussy juice, as excitement takes over my pussy. You give me a golden shower and eventually you stick your peeing cock inside of me and finish the job inside my pussy. I piss a little more myself, loving the heat of the wet carpet under my pussy.

Foot Servant to Walmart Cait

fetish Brutus3412 2017-12-16

"Alright Ryan, it's time for your review," Cait said. I tried to back away from the smell, but Cait shoved her shoes into my face. "This picture will make a great meme!" "Just picture it: Associate Ryan, Department Foot Sniffer!" Cait wailed in laughter as she took more pictures of me sniffing her shoes. After what seemed like an eternity, Cait removed her foot from my mouth. "Don't just stare at it, lick it!" Cait said, pointing to her feet. Cait ignored my protest and placed her sweaty feet on my face. "Open your fucking mouth bitch!" Cait said. "Ryan, crawl to me on your knees, like a pathetic little piggy, and kiss my feet goodbye!" she said.

Allison's Life Changing Experience Part 1

fetish shmoe13 2017-12-16

With no curves or tits at all, acne spread out over her body, and hideous frizzy red hair, Allison had never had anything close to a boyfriend. The massive cock slammed into Allison's ass, as she screamed at the top of her lungs, and the tentacle shot up. Allison's screams turned to moans, as pleasure erupted from both her pussy and ass. Allison felt her womb stretch even more, and the ass cum reaching her stomach. Allison erupted in orgasm after orgasm, as the tentacles released gallons of cum into her body. This tentacle didn't take too long to cum, but right before it did, it pulled out, and jizzed all over Allison's face, hair, and body.

Ugly chubby wheelchair woman.

fetish nory011 2017-12-16

She said ex guys that had played her body never kissed or just touched on her lips at the best. It was usual torture time that came soon after sex with ugly girl. Of course, I could call motel staff for asking for one more condom, but I did not want to stop the course of our second round. "I will give you my telephone number, Miho." I said while I cleaned her slimy pussy with my white liquid. But once I marry a girl whom I don't love, just because responsibility, still I can take care of her and finally I can love her while living together, even with very ugly woman.

Cyber Sissy Ch. 03

fetish missvicky53 2017-12-16

"I want you to be reminded of me while you sleep tonight,"she said pulling the black panties over my head. After taking more pictures of me, she turned and walked to the door, calling over her shoulder as she went, "Sweet dreams little sissy, I'm tired and have to get some rest. I awoke in the morning to the sound of Mistress's voice, "Come on, sleepy head, it's time for you to get up." I opened my eyes and through the thin nylon of my panty hood, I saw Megan standing next to the bed. From behind me I heard Mistress Megan issue yet another order, "Go to the closet my pet, there's a dress that will be perfect.

Senator's "Daughter"

fetish drew1207 2017-12-16

"You like sucking on my big hard cock do you slave?" I taunted, I knew that however much this was turning him on, this submissive behaviour was equally humiliating to him, and it embarrassed him even more that the public humiliation was excited him so much, "That's right, you want to feel my cum in your throat, you want my cum all over my face don't you daddy?" He didn't seem to register what my calling him daddy meant and this pleased me too, I knew now that I was close to the climax of the show, so to speak, and began to take control again.

Microkini Fan Bikinis Ch. 02

fetish MicrokiniFan 2017-12-16

(Usually these comments came from larger girls that probably could never wear such an erotic suit, so I think that they were really just jealous.) We plunked down a few dollars to reserve our own domain name and began to design a retail website to advertise and hopefully sell our bikinis. Erin discreetly pulled off her bikini and put on the sling, adjusting the tiny patches of fabric over each breast and over her pussy lips. Erin was grabbing Keyla's breasts and started to over-act with fake pleasure like in a cheap porno film. I raised the camera and started taking pictures of my sister getting her pussy licked by this girl we had only met the day before.

The Land of Milk & Semen (POV: He)

fetish dicko9point5 2017-12-16

I immediately "prairie-dogged" over the cubicle wall and looked down at Lauri, when she said: "Steve, did you feel that?" What was, without question, the most terrifyingly surreal sight we both witnessed, was the building buckling and swaying so severely that the windows along the walkway, right across from Lauri's office were deforming and bowing so much that they looked like liquid. With the little light left and glow from the phone, I could see Lauri sitting straight back in her chair, her legs crossed, her huge magnificent breasts spread wide enough that they were resting on her biceps. "All this talk seems to be getting you excited." she said, looking down at my dick with a lusty grin.

Her Lips Were Not Sealed

fetish Lovepotion69 2017-12-16

David knew Heather loved when he performed oral sex on her. Heather let out a sigh, when feeling David’s finger trace her stiff nipple through the silk fabric. “I must be the luckiest man alive!” David gave Heather a loving smile, before diving down into her pink folds. As Heather seemed to get more and more impatient, David let his tongue very lightly start to play with her slit. While Heather was bucking her hips against David’s face in attempts to get more of his tongue, he brought the tip of his index finger to her pouting pussy lips. While David worked his fingers in and out of Heather, she was now frantically rubbing at her clit.

Total Submission

fetish Aman22 2017-12-16

But Adam quickly got up and said "may I?," and before getting the nod from John, proceeded to wipe him dry. "Monica needs her ass cleaned, Adam," John told him, pushing the plug deeper. "Sorry," said Monica and continued to lick and kiss the cock she so desperately wanted only from above the fabric. Monica quickly got in between his legs and started licking the sweat from his crack. As Monica started licking the huge cock, John got Adam on all fours and sat down on a chair next to his. Whenever Monica's rhythm broke or she took even a second's rest, John would spank Adam hard on the butt plug, making her moan.

The Landlady's New Pet-Part nine

fetish midsummerman 2017-12-16

I do hope she chooses to leave your cage key with me; there are so many denial techniques to try out, and equally as many exquisite punishments for males who disgrace themselves without permission.” The two laughed as I was led away from the stage; I was in heaven as I watched my mistress strut before me, knowing I would be allowed to cum following the excitement she had got from watching the castration. The guests now all relaxing in the lounge, the two women, now joined by the ample figure of Hortense, made it clear to me that they were very hot and sticky after the performance and would require intimate refreshment from me and they led me away up a grandiose flight of stairs.

Boy Brides Ch. 1

fetish yano 2017-12-16

Then, with a few passers-by in the darkened distance, Darren accepted David's dare and stepped beyond the corner to be pictured for the first time in front of a potential audience who were making their way to the night-club further down the precinct. In the fitting room I was ordered to strip naked and slip on stockings and a suspender belt, abundant in lace frills, and then walk into the front shop and welcome 'my guests' Laura and Claire. "We want to thank you for your kindness in helping select our bridal gowns," said Laura as Claire dropped to her knees and began to fondle my penis. "I was instructed to help dress each girl, firstly with a petticoat which they stepped into and I raised around their waist to fasten the Velcro.

The Primrose Case Files Ch. 02

fetish AnonymousPerv 2017-12-16

"Okay, why don't you start from the beginning," said Mark, as Amanda positioned herself across from the victim's mother. that played no role in Lance's decision to leave his entire fortune to his fiance?" Mark began stroking faster as he asked the question and shifted his direction even closer towards the grieving mother. Amanda thought Madam Weston was starting the day as best one could considering the circumstances. "Looks like we'll need to find this girlfriend of his," said Mark, as he began beating even faster. Amanda sat up in her chair, eager to watch the display and just as expected, seconds later, Mark groaned loudly as he ejected a thick wad of liquid directly into the heiress' mouth.

Sissy's New Toy Ch. 01

fetish sissyfemme 2017-12-16

"I like to touch my cock too." She traced her fingers up and down the shaft before slipping it into her grip and beginning to stroke it. I got myself settled so I could lean down to the whole cock easily and began to kiss and lick the whole thing, from the fat head down to the hairless but moveable balls. After only a couple minutes, she came, her ass clenching down on my finger and her hand reaching out to my hair to hold my head as she ground against the base, getting the real peak out of the orgasm.

Bloody Good Boy

fetish SmallPond84 2017-12-16

Blake took his thick cock in his hand and ran the head around the wet mess he had made of my pussy. Placing his hands on my waist, wiping blood on my smooth, brown skin, he got ready to push the rest of his body into me. Biting harder on the toothbrush that Blake would not allow me to remove, the length of his dick pushed apart the flexing muscles inside my body. He drank me in; long, tan, my flat stomach folding just slightly at the waist, my full breasts bouncing with every thrust, my hair falling back behind me, soft tendrils tickling my shoulders and framing my pretty, animalistic face, my strong, lean legs parted and marked up with my own cum and blood.

Return Visit Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2017-12-16

"And the napkin had a dark smear in the middle, I knew at once, you nasty thing, how could you?" she stammered unbelievingly, "I ran to my office, locked the door, and sucked the flavor out until the paper began dissolving. I began mouthing and gum-biting her button as I felt her orgasm begin, the small quivers that meet the tongue's rhythm. "No, love, that is," she responded, moving her eyes to the spot below her ass, where a small fresh brown bullet lay. Her husband went away and they met the following weekend for a frenzied night of girl-on-girl shit-eating cunt-sucking fucking and the woman had actually fisted Carla in her ass.

A(r)mbush Ch. 1

fetish belab 2017-12-16

When I go back home I told Steve what Tom had told me and he didn't seem too bothered in any case I was going to Florida for three weeks ad I guess he had other things in mind so when I met Tom he next day I agreed that I would stay natural and when I returned I would be the "hairy one" in the show. I rang up Tom and I told him that I needed another month to settle my mom in which he agreed he asked me how bushy I had become and I said that I had become so hairy that I resembled an ape.

Surrender Ch. 1

fetish Dartagnan 2017-12-16

As you awaken, you sense that you are in a warm place, without opening your eyes you feel that your clothes have changed, you feel the softness of silk, this causes your breath to catch slightly, as you begin to move, you feel as if you have been drugged, your body does not seem to answer to you, then you realize that you are tied down, your arms and legs will not move. Very slowly, almost painfully so, you begin to open your is very dark in the room which helps your eyes adjust quickly, you remember how dark it was in the forest and wonder how long you have been asleep, you see lots of shadows caused by the fireplace somewhere behind you, they move across the ceiling and walls, spirits dancing, watching you and you feel fear for the very first time.

The Honeymoon

fetish 2017-12-16

" I love you and I want you to never forget this night." Jess said. She licked my half hard cock and balls with her hands on both ass cheeks. "Can I put a finger inside?" "You can do anything you want to me my love." I said. She stroked my hard cock and finger fucked me. My new lovely wife began working the head into my ass. She demanded "tell me what a fucking slut you are!" She got a hand full of hair and pulled. Fucking my ass hard, fast and deep Jess scratched at my back and slapped my ass. Laughing Jess kept fucking me. Still panting I said "Fuck yes!" I kissed her.

Smother Me

fetish Denise Rae 2017-12-16

My legs are spread wide and up on the counter for your viewing pleasure (or are you now realizing what my flesh will look like as I slowly lower myself onto your face?). As the first waves of my climax hits, I stop my progression over your face and just bear down on you, grinding my pussy into the area just above your mouth allowing your nose to press into my clit and bring me greater pleasure. Feeling the building and driving strength of my climax, I grab hold of your forehead and sides of your head with both hands, and strive to keep you stationary while I drive my orgasm to its full intensity by rocking back and forth over your face.

Jamie's Story

fetish Michael142 2017-12-16

I would never have thought so until a recent chain of events, which started with my girlfriend Anna and her best friend Rebecca (Becky) showing me the way. You have long blonde hair, and a slight build, slender, nicely shaped legs, and with a tuck-under of your cute little junk, you could be a very popular girl!" I tried to interject, I love Anna and I know she really does love me, but as I said, we are not married so her body is her own to do whatever she wishes when she goes out with Becky. The boys are going to go crazy for you honey!" Becky said, with Anna's agreement. Becky looked over at us smiling, but she missed my little interchange with Anna.