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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jessica & Her Socks

fetish dirkpitt 2017-12-16

Jon stood up in his in-laws' living room, and padded down the hall in his socked feet to Jessica's bedroom, which was empty with her and the rest of the family out of town. Jon took a moment to picture Jessica at the locker room of her school after hours, stripped nearly naked except for a pair of white athletic socks and a baseball cap, kneeling on a bench as some hot jock took her from behind. This time, he found a pair of low-cut white ankle socks that Jessica had worn the other night when Jon was over for dinner. This time he pictured Jessica laying in front of him wearing nothing but these ankle socks, rubbing his cock with one foot and pressing the other foot to his nose.

Practice Dummy

fetish pifan 2017-12-16

If he is big, then it is OK to look directly at the cock, in a way he notices, and show appreciation, maybe a small smile. Plus, some clients cum too quickly and if you jump on his cock right away, the massage will be finished at half hour point, they will feel cheated and complain. Ruby says "OK remember, do not wind him too much too fast Massage his chest till he is a bit cooled down" Jennifer massages my chest, stealing glances at my cock till I am half-mast again. Jennifer continues to spread oil on my cock with her finger and asks while giggling. A bit shaken, Jennifer starts stroking me again while Ruby starts plays with my balls.

Turning to Another - Vampire Pt 3

fetish 2017-12-16

He gets on top of me the full length of his body pressed against mine I feel my hardened nipples rubbing against his chest as he pulls me into a deep kiss. "Damn it, I need you in me now!" I feel him push into me until our bodies met again, moaning I enjoy every inch of him. I feel an orgasm starting, it begins in my heels and spreads quickly throughout my body but keeps building my breath so short, my moans high, he leans over me and bites into my neck and sends me into the highest of the high. Getting closer to my orgasm I lean down again and give him a passion kiss and kiss down his neck, feeling the tingling spreading in my body, I bite into him.

Red Wings

fetish scarlet_letter87 2017-12-16

We kissed like two high schoolers who were stealing a moment away from watchful eyes. After spending what seemed like forever worshipping my soft, full tits, Harry continued downwards. I'd only just met the man, I was in no position to ask him to stick his tongue in my scarlet cunt, no matter how wet and achy it was. He sucked my clit, flicked it with my tongue until I knew I was going to explode. By the time we'd finished and I looked at him, his face was a mess, I felt the slightest twinge of guilt and apologized. I reached back and spread my ass apart for him so he could watch his cock going all the way in and out of me.

Cat Burglar - the Finale

fetish mrstask 2017-12-15

"And then think that you can walk away with no consequences." Soft noises escape from her whenever he delves deeper, but always he returns to the gentle stroking and circling, never ceasing to touch and warm her sensitive skin. I think that's taught you a lesson." He bows his head and kisses her fervently, rubbing his face against her velvety ass and breathing in her intoxicating scent. Her lips are wet and open, she is not fighting him, but still he gasps at the resistance, feeling her tight pussy stretch around his cock head as he guides the solid shaft into her. The bed is shaking as he fucks her powerfully, rearing up and slamming into her again and again, banging her head against the mattress and forcing a stream of passionate incoherent pleading from her.

Dancing Pleasures

fetish revol 2017-12-15

Janice pushed her armpit into his face, and took Harry in a lusty embrace after trapping his d**k in her soft and slippery hand, and nesting her nose and lips in his armpit, kissing and slurping with lots of saliva. Looking at their entwined arms resting on each other's shoulders and waists, heavy busts touching, bush of thick black hairs in their wide creamy armpits, and puckered lips near each other, about to be engaged in a sensuous kiss, Harry got a super hard on. They were grinding each other's body in the lusty tight embrace, nails digging into the glowing skins of their waist folds, fleshy upper arms, plump shoulders and wide open backs, and their hands finding each other's boobs and squeezing hard, and caressing their sweaty armpits, pulling the underarm hair.

He likes to watch me dance

fetish MoneMor 2017-12-15

He likes it when I turn on the music and kick off my shoes to stand in front of his wheel chair and when I close my eyes and start to sway, he leans back with a thankful smile on his lips. I let the head disappear half way behind his foreskin before pulling it back down again, watching a drop trickle down the shaft, across the wet area where I've had my mouth, down the dry area towards my hand where it finally comes to rest on my thumb. When I move my head fast back and forth and let my lips just embrace his head and maybe an inch of his shaft, his moans are like short little huffs and puffs, and when I just lick his cock, up and down and in circles, the moan is long and satisfied.

Me and my gentleman

fetish 2017-12-15

weeks before he had asked to get me an outfit from my wish list...I was surprised to find it popping through my door this morning - I didn't know he had bought it. I go into the shower, make myself relax and feel great, lots of body lotion and then the outfit. When i wake up he's not in bed, I turn over and I find a card, I open it to find a note saying I told you I would treat u well...2 tickets to amsterdam leaving the next morning and I think back to one of our last conversations on XHamster where I remember him saying he would love to take me there to get some fetish clothes and I smile...I cannot believe my wildest fantasies are coming true with this wonderful gentleman xx

Piss Games In Public

fetish geronimo_appleby 2017-12-15

She looked like a total slut as she stood upright, her skirt rucked up around her slim waist, her legs exquisitely shaped because of the shoes she was wearing, and her face and chin smeared with the sticky pre cum that she had painted across her features when she rubbed the head of my cock over her skin. Meanwhile the three men turned their attention to the young Katja, and very soon she was being fucked from behind alongside Anja on the front of the car while the other two guys took it in turn to feed her their cocks. Suddenly one of the guys groaned and shuffled forward, he pointed his cock at the girls and spunk spat from his prick, hitting the women on their faces as they looked up expectantly.

Humiliate Me

fetish onehellofasexybutler 2017-12-15

"Come on Alex, we're going to miss the movie if you keep stalling." James complained a little, heading over to wash his hands once he was finished. I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder and I was forced to turn around and look back at James. Now be a good little boy." I felt one of his hands on the back of my head, forcing me forward, while the other freed his cock from his pants. I let my eyes close as well, wrapping my other hand around the rest of his cock that wasn't in my mouth, a small moan passing my lips.

backseat banging

fetish 2017-12-15

i started sucking each of her nipples until they were rock hard, standing 1/2" tall and proud, then lowered myself between her legs, as i was heading down, i pulled out my knife and slit open her pantyhose, exposing her meaty pussy lips. i slipped my bareback cock into her soaking wet pussy, and started pumping again, nearly 45 minutes went by she finally asked me to stop, her pussy was so sore. 15 minutes had passed in silence, i got out to open the door for her, as she started to get out, i lifted her dress oone last time, spread her moist pussy lips, and kissed her on the clit.

Hypnotized and Sex in Public!!!

fetish sexy_tanya249 2017-12-15

I did not fuck anyone." and Kelli and several people laughed and hey pulled out a couple cameras and showed me fucking 5 guys, one after the other. A few women came up and lifted their skirts and I ate them thru orgasms and for about an hour on the street corner I gave sex to anyone that wanted it. I laid there thinking of all the people and the dog out in public and got really mad at Kelli and then suddenly I was kissing her and eating her pussy like crazy. Kelli came in and said, "Now, either you be good or I will have control over you to do anything I say." and she kissed me and left.

The Nudist Hideaway

fetish 2017-12-15

Everyone here stays happy because there are none of the rules associated with structured society,like stop lights and green lights telling you when to stop or go,no licenses or permits to purchase or ads telling you what are the latest clothes to buy so you can stay in whatever the current fashion style happens to be.Every one here gets along nicely with one another because we all share the same interest in the basic outdoor recreational activities on the roster,simple as that.I scratched my head saying to the guys it sounds like a utopian paradise,yes you could say so they retorted.There are singles and couples here but everyone gets along because the one simple rule is everyone shares amongst the group and once weekly we get together as a group to think of a fun new game to play to spice things up.

Juicy Lucy's Barbeque

fetish The Needler 2017-12-15

"Guess we need to speed this up a little then." The yardstick went into overdrive, smacking pearly flesh all over turning it red, until her big body started to shake and quiver. "Look what you did to your shorts, you slutty little cow," he said, ripping the tape off her face. Then he brought the wand closer and closer to her body, letting the sparks find their way to her flesh, making her skin light in the dark. The second one gave out, and he used it to light two red ones, which moved all the way up and down her body, paying attention to her thighs before coming up to circle her breasts again.

A More Happy Wife has a Cuckold

fetish Cuck81 2017-12-15

So one evening Jen returned home late from work and told me that if we wanted to remain a couple we needed to talk about how we will handle our sex life in the future. I was at first really shocked to be told in such a matter of fact kind of way that the woman that I was planning to spend the rest of my life with had just come home from being fucked by another man. These new rules I'm sure were made for Jen's amusement and as a display of dominance over my sex life and sexuality more than for any benefit to our relationship.

what are thoes things??

fetish 2017-12-15

She loves my ridges she knows how to touch them suck on them rub them the right way as a matter of fact my ridges being stimulated is the ony way I ca behavin on x hamster told me the way I cum is different and unique to me ...she hit the nail on the head with that I know I'm not the only male on this site that has them but I'm not embarresed by them..and males. Sites dedicated to treatment and removal but me I could imagine not havin my ridges remember they are pearly penile pauples not warts or an std andwhen I have the right female who knows how to stimualte them holy shit it feels good!!


fetish GulfCoastGuy84 2017-12-15

He was a real nice, interesting guy to talk to, and I loved how we could just shoot the shit and our age difference didn't matter, he didn't give me any crap for being so young, just sometimes he called me "kid" or "little buddy" in a joking way, and sometimes I called him "sir" equally jokingly, but in those occasions I secretly swooned a little in my mind and I think he knew it. All I had ever thought about it before was that I knew on the rare occasion I saw, in real life or on TV or in a picture somewhere, a guy I found attractive smoking a cigar, it increased the attraction even more.

Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #12

fetish SusanJillParker 2017-12-15

Never removing his eyes from one or the other, when he wasn't staring down her nightgown at her breasts, he was either staring between her legs at her panties or staring at her hand holding his sheet covered cock. "I'm looking forward to the panty, I mean, party," he said turning red with embarrassed nervousness while talking to her hand holding his cock through the sheet when not talking to her tits or her exposed panty. Seemingly this was his worst nightmare when she confronted him with his panty collection and his best dream that she was holding onto his sheet covered cock while slowly masturbating him.

After a Rough Night Out

fetish d4david 2017-12-15

I had not noticed that his cock was protruding from his pants, I felt his stiff member searching for my anal opening sliding along the crease of my butt. The fourth guy just walked up to me and saying not a word spun me around reaching his hands around my waist and taking hold of my cock and testicles, he lifted me slightly off the ground. I decided to keep my shorts off as I walked the paths, every few steps I was enjoying the feel of good stiff cocks invading my neither regions. My butt hole felt like it was raw as Mitchel pressed his un lubed cock head against my puckering anus.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 06

fetish ZotDragon 2017-12-15

"He has an early morning class," Kelly said as she unpacked her breast pump. "Careful," Kelly warned, "not so hard and fast." Helen half-nodded her understanding, not wanting to let go of the other woman's tit, and slowed her pace. There was no need for Helen to be so aggressive; Kelly gave her milk easily, practically flowing into the other girl's mouth like a slow faucet. Kelly smiled and brought Helen's mouth to her breast and relaxed as her left tit started draining. She cautiously laid her hand on the girl's side, gently stroking the skin covering her ribcage, then experimented with longer strokes until she was cupping Helen's bare breast. Helen had stopped suckling and had carefully removed Kelly's hand from her cunt.

Alexander's Resort Ch. 04

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-12-15

Her crutches rested gently under each arm, a short tee shirt covered her upper body to just below her otherwise bare breasts, and a small thong of a bikini bottom hid little, and the legless left hip was smoothly shaped as she had always dreamed it should be. Are you excited?" Sandra asked, as she looked over at the new stump in contrast to the way the other arm ended above the elbow. The woman walked towards the table where Julia and Sandra sat, her hands nervously brushing at her jeans. "What makes you think I wouldn't mind hearing this?" Julia turned more towards Emily and held her forearm stump to her lips, licking at the still dark red marks where the stitches had been.

April 1999 ( Victor from Cardiff)

fetish edwardtightslover 2017-12-15

Seeing the striped tie along with the wig with pigtails it became obvious that Victor wanted a bit of role play with me as the naughty schoolgirl. " What have I told you about wearing those tight panties and stockings you naughty slut" He said. " Oh Yes your hole is nice and tight you filthy little slut" He said Then with a sharp searing pain in my bum I felt the head of the dildo slip inside me. He said he wanted me to practice regularly with the dildo so that next time he visited I would be ready for him to fuck my tight virgin hole with his lovely big cock.....and that is another session to be revealed later in my diary.

Applebee Publishing

fetish dukemantee 2017-12-15

Mr. Applebee came up to Michael and asked him to step in his office for a minute. Michael took a little sip and the old man laughed. The old man's desk, which had been covered in photos, was empty except for a phone, a small gold box, a lighter, and the manuscript he was to work on. He felt the urge to go and started to leave and head for the employee men's room on the other side of the office. His hand moved down to his now fully hard cock and began to stroke it while he continued to sniff her panties. And don't forget to put on a new roll of toilet paper." When she got to the door she said "and don't forget that manuscript on my desk.

The Girl of My Dreams

fetish Stuntmuffin 2017-12-15

Why would she be wearing high heels for us to work on our project?" Those are the thoughts that ran through my head as Emily opened the door. It was Emily with her red hair falling over her shoulders in a skater dress with flower patterned skirt part that just seemed to hang loose at her thighs and the top looked like a white shirt, sheer black pantyhose, and shiny black four inch peeptoe heels. "And now saving the best for last!" When I started on her toes that got another sigh out of her and the foot on my hard on was working a little harder now.